Shut up and dribble
Norse hind
Let’s keep politics of sport discussions. Sports is where we go to escape from the day to day life. LeBron James is a jackass who didn’t finish high school. He thinks his money makes him smart or educated, it doesn’t. He’s a moron and always will be. Free Hong Kong. Reporters need to stop covering or expanding his words away. I know he generates money for you guys but democracy and freedom out weigh James own stupidity, and uninformed thinking.
Best sports podcast
Big dog 1101
Listening to these two on radio and is the absolutely best authentic sport’s show on. Rob Parker my boy is right on topic along with Chris. Keep up the great work guys. The best three hours of the evening by far. If missed any party of the show, thank you podcast.
Great show
Rob parker take on sports is awful
Great Podcast!
Really enjoy listening to these two! Please make this into a tv show!
Not 31 charachters
Rob Parker is a hater, can’t wait for him to admit he was wrong. Go Pats!
Funny and light
Roc Nation for the Nation
I love how Jonas gave his short sized opinion on Kaepernick’s statement and Roc Nation taking a NFL Check. If you don’t know ask but to speak on Kap’s well documented stance at this point, its a total cop out. Kaep need not to further explain anything. Just about everyone is on social media, so is Kaep7. Nothings changed paid public servants (Race Soldiers), continue to murder unarmed Black Americans. Making excuses and pretending to be misinformed is not only getting old, but ancient.
Thanks Rob Parker you are the True King of L.A
Rob Parker makes this show go! The only reason I listened to this show
Aussie Odd Couple Fan
The GREATEST! I'll say it again, THE GREATEST show on the airwaves! Props to Broussard and "ROB PARKER". Keep it up fellas
Great topics may be best dynamic duo on the air they feed off each other well great listen
A great podcast
Just found this show love it.
Love listening to Chris
Chris is a stud!!!!! Great analyst!!!
Rob Parker is the 🐐
The only reason I listen to this podcast is because of the GOAT Rob Parker. He always keeps it 100. Chris Broussard needs to take some notes and bow down to Rob Parker and be thankful he could be on a podcast with Rob.
Rob Parker is the worst
He has made a career off of hating LeBron and Brady. I’d rather listen to Skip Bayless
Salute to my 2 of my OG’s!!
Love the show y’all! I’m not always crazy about Rob’s take on a variety of topics but it’s cool to hear someone that doesn’t always c things the same way most in the industry c them... BUT... MAN, I could listen to Chris talk about basketball all day long... what a wealth of knowledge! In my personal top 5! For my taste, I typically go, (no particular order) Broussard, Sharpe, Rome, Simmons & Russillo... keep up the great work... salute fammo...
The only thing guys you need to stop yelling it comes over the radio all distorted that’s only thing .. other than that all good
One of the best sports podcasts
Broussard wasted with Parker
I actually think Chris is pretty good and has some real takes, even if they aren’t always popular they are mostly somewhat reasonable. Parker is just a waste and entirely focuses on making the most ridiculous hot takes possible in almost every debate. It’s shocking the guy still has a career to me but I guess if you follow the skip Bayliss model you can still make it.
Great Show
Emcee Moe
Love the Personalities
Ahhhh yeeeaahhhh
This show brings the energy! Always picks me up after a long day on the grind. Even the producer, Rob G, with the fillers is on point. Great show!
Love the show
ROB PARKER!! Chris make the show though!!! This show needs to be on tv
FS1 Please give them a TV show!
I need to be watching these guys on FS1. This has become my go to sports Podcast. Look forward to it everyday.
Chris rules
Love basketball 12 months a year ! And Chris has always been one of the 3 people I listened to religiously. Along with SaS and Brian W. Now listening to Rob - early returns seem good
The Odd Couple
Keyshawn Blakes
FS1 needs to put Chris and Rob on TV at the same time they have their radio show! Everyone would watch because it would be must see TV
What could be
mr heyzel
Fs1 need to put this show on tv, this show could be bigger than the best sports show ever rob and Chris are Passionate and hilarious
I love this show
One of the best
Lose Rob Parker
Besides Broussard yelling most of his takes this Pod is okay. The worst part is Rob Parker. He’s like the old man you’d see sitting with a bunch of other old men just yelling and saying stupid things that make no sense. His takes are pointless and never answers a question directly. Not sure how he got into Columbia, which he brings up on every show.
Mr paddio
Great Odd Couple
J4 Six
Lots of energy and lots of charisma. This show is very entertaining!ok Okine II
New fan
Satisfied gut
I enjoy this podcast especially when they invite celebrities
Peace to Chris Broussard!
Having to tolerate Rob Parker’s nonsensical straw man arguments on a daily basis seems like a constant headache. Much respect to Chris for maintaining his composure, staying on topic and singlehandedly making this show as good as it is!
Rob Parker is terrible! Broussard only reason show is good!
Parker makes the worst arguments and goes on tangents. He rarely answers the direct questions and bring in evidence to support random points. Just the worst. I only listen for Broussard but it’s so hard when Parker talks the other half of the time. Favorite shows are when someone fills in for Parker. Get a new partner please Chris!!!! I beg you!
Best radio show
shaun from Nola
The last 10 years I would listen to the herd everyday. This show has over taking that as the best sports podcast out there. I now listen to this show everyday instead. I never miss an episode. Chris is the most OBJECTIVE sportscaster in the industry and well Rob I just disagree with everything he says. But Chris does owe Rob a pair of Jordan’s.
BPOALT: the best podcast of all time
The title says it all. Truly the best podcast out there. Y’all deserve your own network of shows. Fox sports can’t contain the greatness!
5 Stars
These two are truly an odd couple and it works sooo well. Best duo sports podcast out. You say it’s someone else? NO WAY! NO HOW!
Odd Couple is the Best Couple
I’ve been listening to you guys for about a month. You guys have an Awesome show. I love the guests and the different topics you guys have. Great listen while at the gym or in the car.
Number one sports show
Best sports show in the world
Great duo
Love you guys, and I’m definitely supporting!! The only thing I ask is for Chris to either bag up from the mic when he’s screaming, or stop screaming all together. It sometimes sounds very weird on the mic and even a little muffled.. other than that, 5 mics to you gentlemen. And when you guys blow up, don’t forget abt your podcast community, we love y’all..
Entertaining Duo - my favorite podcast!
Love this show and podcast. Rob and Chris are a funny and entertaining combination. Real debates almost as if they were siblings. Sports knowledge and entertainment factor are top notch. Loved their segments on Undisputed and so glad they have a show now dedicated just to them. I listen every day!
Love the show
Spit Patrol
Great combo. Love the throwback references. Translates better on podcast than on TV. Keep it here and rock on.
Give them a show FS1!
Kamousosa Still
listen to them everyday they need a show
Great Chemistry!!
Rashad T.
Great Chemistry between these two!!! Is Rob Parker really that corny, is Chris really that Christian??? 😂
Amazing Podcast
Rob "IM A WOMAN" Parker 😂
Literally the best sports podcast. Chris & rob are perfect together. With all the sound bites and just chill vibes! You listen once and won’t miss one after
Surprisingly good
Tbh I don’t love these guys individually but the sum is greater than the parts
Love the show!
Great podcast! Never been a fan of talk radio but you guys are awesome keep up the great work!
Authentic and entertaining, perfect couple
I like listening to these guys as they have their own opinions and debate like two best friends. Feels like I am hanging out with friends discussing sports. They are not like other media guys constantly contradicting themselves or making hot takes for attention. Love these dudes!
The two guys I love listening to ( especially across from each other) the most. No duo in sports take right now has the back and forth chemistry that these too do. Please at some point become a daily show!
Love Rob and Chris
I’m so glad these guys got a show together! I can’t listen to your full show at night at work and I’m glad it’s here for me to grab the full show. You guys are awesome. You keep me laughing and have good takes on different sports issues. I agree with Rob most of the time but I relate with Chris more often because I’m closer to his age. Keep it up, this helps me get through my night.
For sheer passion-filled entertainment value nothing comes close to this pod.
Michael. H
I can finally listen to you guys. Sometimes I couldn’t listen because I had to work so now I can listen on my time. This is great
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