June 24, 2020
Blacksmith Signs, Birdhouses, and a Bow from 1969 Summary: The title says it all. Duration: 40 minutes
June 5, 2020
Luke Proctor Summary: We talk with Luke (@lukeproctorblacksmith on Instagram) about his business, his family, and his new shop and house build. Links: Duration: 57 minutes
June 3, 2020
Recurves & Belt Buckles Summary: Jesse visited Keith (@shipwrightskills) for some pro tips.  Rick bought some recurve bows.  Another great conversation… Duration: 42 minutes
May 26, 2020
EP 82 - Nails & Such Summary: The guys talk about nails and what they’ve been up doing recently. Duration: 27 minutes
May 22, 2020
EP 81 - Toby, Fire & Steel Summary: Toby from the Toby, Fire & Steel Podcast drops in for a chat. Links: @tobyfireandsteelpodcastyoutube on Instagram Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes
May 12, 2020
EP 80 - Jesse Gets Lathe Summary: Jesse got a new wood lathe and we have Keith Mitchell (@shipwrightskills) drop by to give us an education on wood and turning. Keith recommends the Chairmaker’s Notebook by Peter Galbert. He said, “It has excellent information and very good drawings of green woodworking and wood turning, etc.  It is published by Lost Art Press (; a true gem of a publisher.” Duration: 1 hour 7 minutes
May 8, 2020
EP 79 - Never Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story Summary: We were entertained in this episode by Matt Jenkins (@cloverdaleforge on Instagram.  Matt and his partner Karen “Rudy” Rudolph (@ruderock on Instagram run Cloverdale Forge in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  We had a great time with Matt and we think you will too. Links: Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns ( Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes
April 27, 2020
Quickie EP 5 - The Manger’s Special with Dave Kurdyla Summary: Dave Kurdyla’s taking the reins for this one and making sure we’re towing the company line.  We had a lot of problems connecting and had to wrap it up quick at the end when we hit more difficulties and couldn’t all get back on the phone.  Sorry.  But, we had so much fun, I’m sure we will do this again.  Let us know if you liked this episode.  If you did, give us some love on iTunes.  If you didn’t, we’ll refund your money.  LOL Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes
April 24, 2020
EP 78 - On The Road with Anna Koplik Summary: We are graced with the energy and enthusiasm of Anna Koplik.  She is a journeyman blacksmith, bladesmith, and teacher.  We caught up with her on her way to the Austin Forging Competition in Texas. Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns ( Duration: 49 minutes
April 21, 2020
Quickie EP 4 - Mr. Lucky, Alan Curboy @LuckyNailBlacksmith Summary: A full-fledged conversation with the one, the only, Lucky Nail Blacksmith! Duration: 1 hour
April 14, 2020
Quickie EP 3 - Wooden Hammers and Sound Effects Summary: Another slider episode to enlighten and make you shake your head. Duration: 39 minutes
April 10, 2020
EP 77 - Austin Handel from The Catskill Mountain Makers Camp Summary: Rick and Jesse visit with Austin (@themakerscamp on Instagram) to find out all about the 2020 Makers Camp on Oct 9th - 12th.  This is a quick one, but packed with good info! Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns ( Duration: 32 minutes
April 7, 2020
Quickie EP 2 - Spring is in the Air! Summary: Another quick episode to give those stuck at home a laugh or two. Duration: 25 minutes
March 27, 2020
EP76 - Patrick Quinn of Center for Metal Arts   Summary: Patrick Quinn comes on to share all that is happening at Center for Metal Arts.  LOTS of great content in this one.   Links: Pennsylvania Regional Meet at Center for Metal Arts   Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns (   Duration: 59 minutes
March 25, 2020
Quickie EP 1 - Don’t Panic! Summary: We are trying to keep it light and get some updated info out about previously recorded episodes and changes to events given the uncertainty happening in the community. Links: Donate to ABANA Duration: 46 minutes
March 13, 2020
EP75 - I’ve Seen Your Wife.  What Kind O’ Anvil You Got?   Summary: The guys talk melancholy, new tools, anvils, losing things, vice mounting strategies, and a bunch of other stuff.   *** Bonus points for anyone who can name the movie that inspired the title of this episode!  1st prize is a hug from Dave Kurdyla.  Last prize is a hug from Dave Kurdyla.  LOL DM your answers to @barter_rick on Instagram   Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns (   Duration: 59 minutes
February 28, 2020
EP74 - Chuck Faught from Flame Tech   Summary: Chuck Faught (@lucky_chuckie on Instagram) from Flame Tech (@flametech_scorpion on Instagram) comes on to discuss torch cutting and the types of things his company provides.  He is a wealth of knowledge in flame cutting and schools us pretty well.  We also get to hear about other cool projects of his.   Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns ( ABANA 2020 Conference (     Duration: 42 minutes
February 14, 2020
EP73 - Bob Menard for the ABANA 2020 Conference Summary: We catch up with Uncle Bob about the ABANA 2020 Conference which is swiftly approaching.  There was a TON of information discussed as well as some tips for the conference. Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns ( ABANA 2020 Conference ( Duration: 52 minutes
January 31, 2020
EP72 - Jeff Van de Walker   Summary: The guys talk with Jeff Van de Walker (@javosironworks on Instagram) about his work, inspiration, how he made his power hammer and hydraulic press, and all the different work he does.  And at the end Jesse goes intergalactic and turns into a robot!   Links:      Hydraulic Press Build      Tunnel Mill Crafts      DF in the Shop   Sponsor: Evenheat Kilns (   Duration: 49 minutes
January 17, 2020
Guest: Spencer from   Summary: The guys talk with Spencer from Evenheat Kiln (@evenheatkilns on Instagram) about their business and products.  Then the guys discuss Rick’s new anvil.   Sponsor: Evenheat Kilns (   Duration: 49 minutes
January 3, 2020
Summary: Jesse and Rick catch back up and talk about goals and plans for 2020.   Duration: 52 minutes
November 22, 2019
EP69 - The last hurrah before the holidays!   Guests: John Erianne (@sunsetforgenj on Instagram) Jordan Goodwin (@axe_and_anvil on Instagram) Joey Winkler (@caffiendsforge on Instagram) Eric Monasterio (@racerracks on Instagram) Geoff Feder (@federknives on Instagram)   Summary: Jesse and Rick talk with friends new and old before taking a break for the rest of the year.  It was a whirlwind with Jesse and John pulling overtime to reign Rick in.  Good conversation was had with all our guests and we thank them for spending their valuable time with us and sharing of themselves.  What a great evening.  Thank you all!   Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes
November 8, 2019
EP68 - Just Say No To Crack…   Names dropped: Chuck Faught (@lucky_chuckie on Instagram) Chemolene (@chemweld on Instagram)   Summary: Jesse and Rick talk for awhile about current events and then call Dave Kurdyla to see what he’s up to and take some time to thank our sticker peeps!  It was a good time.   Duration: 58 minutes
October 25, 2019
EP67 - The New England Vampire Panic   Names dropped: Anna Koplik (@arkoplic on Instagram) Roy Scott (@VintageAxeWorks on Instagram) Chris Cash (@mt_phillip_metal_works on Instagram) Legitimus Podcast (@legitimuspodcast on Instagram)   Summary: The boys talk about current and upcoming events before diving into some scary stuff that actually happened in New England from the late 1700s through the 1800s.  Happy Halloween!   Duration: 48 minutes
October 11, 2019
Summary: The guys chit-chat about the latest bottle opener class at CMA, the Modern Forge gang at the upcoming Maker Camp, and what they’ve been up to lately.  As usual there were some tangents.   Duration: 31 minutes
September 27, 2019
EP65 - Vampire Bunnies & Criminal Sheep   Guest: Willow Zietman @WillowTheWispMetalwork on Instagram   Summary: We had a lively chat with Willow about her work, teaching, her demo for the New England Blacksmiths, and her farm.   We had some connection issues and issues with wind, etc., but we didn’t want to sacrifice the flow and continuity of the conversation by chopping up the episode too much.  So, please bear with the slight imperfections in sound quality and enjoy our conversation with Willow in all its natural glory!   Duration: 53 minutes
September 13, 2019
Guest: Nick Downing @DowningArts on Instagram   Summary: We hung out with Nick and talked about his work, his teaching, and lots of other stuff.   Duration: 59 minutes
August 30, 2019
Guest: Geoff Feder @FederKnives on Instagram   Summary: Geoff Feder stops by to hang out, tell us what’s up in his world, and we talk about Jesse’s trip to England and Rick’s trip to Greece (Which we’re not even sure he went because he doesn’t remember very many details about it. Let’s face it. He can be a bit of a veg...)   Duration: 1 hour 11 minutes
August 16, 2019
EP62 - Sometimes the magic works: 40 Years a Smith with Steven Bronstein   Guest: Steven Bronstein @blackthorneforge on Instagram   Summary: We check in with Steven Bronstein and see what he’s up to and what’s going on in his world.   Names Dropped: John Switzer @blackbearforge on Instagram Mark Aspery Willow Zietman @willowthewispmetalwork #150mmchallenge on Instagram   Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
August 2, 2019
Guest: Brent Bailey @brentbaileyforge on Instagram Summary: Brent Bailey stops by to talk about his new show coming to Vimeo, The Iron Road. As usual, we take care of business and enjoy some twists and turns along the way. Names Dropped: Geoff Feder - @federknives on Instagram Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes
July 19, 2019
EP60 - Chris Cash - The man in black…smithing   Guest: Chris Cash @mt_phillip_metal_works on Instagram   Summary: We get to chat with Chris Cash about his metalworking journey and all the tools he buys/sells/trades.   Names Dropped: Andrew Alexander: @blacksmithtools on Instagram Brent Bailey @brentbaileyforge on Instagram Aaron Cergol @cergolforge on Instagram Jimmy Diresta @jimmydiresta on Instagram Cliff Dufton @cjdufton on Instagram John Erianne @sunsetforgenj on Instagram Matt Harris @matthew_harris_studio on Instagram Phil Kratz @philsanvilsandantiques on Instagram   Duration: 53 minutes
July 5, 2019
Summary: Sorry we’re late on this one.  It's my (Rick) fault, but what are you going to do?  Life is busy sometimes.  We talk about a bunch of stuff.  Enjoi!   Duration: 41 minutes
June 21, 2019
Guest: Fred Crist -   Summary: We talk with Fred Crist about his journey in sculpture, blacksmithing, and photography and his time in the shop of Samuel Yellin.   Duration: 56 minutes
June 7, 2019
Guest: Emmit Hoyl (@hammerhoyl on Instagram)   Summary: Emmit Hoyl is a single jack rock driller from Colorado.  We had a great conversation with him about his training at Hereford College of the Arts in the UK, his tool making, his rock drilling competitions, and life in general.   Links:   Sponsors: The letter “H”   Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
May 24, 2019
Guest: Ellen Durkan (@ironmaidenforge on Instagram)   Summary: We talk with Ellen about beer, her shop, her process, and her awesome fashion designs.   Sponsors: and   Duration: 48 minutes
May 10, 2019
Guest: Cliff Dufton (@cjdufton on Instagram)   Summary: We talk about The Blacksmith’s Pub Spoon Challenge and get the low down on Cliff Dufton and his marvelous machines.   Links: Steven Bronstein (@blackthorneforge on Instagram} Chris Cash (@mt_phillip_metal_works on Instagram)   Sponsor:   Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes
April 26, 2019
Guest: Leigh Morrell (@leighmorrell on Instagram)   Summary: We share some time with Leigh Morrell, President of ABANA.   Notes: To volunteer at the ABANA 2020 Conference, contact Dana Flanders at:   Links: @MorrellMetalsmiths on Instagram   Sponsor:   Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes
April 12, 2019
Summary: We talk about The Blacksmith’s Pub Podcast Spoon Challenge inspired by the 150mm Challenge at Hereford Arts College in the UK.   Correction: Ernst Schwarzkopf’s book is _Plain and Ornamental Forging_     Sponsor:   Duration: 42 minutes
March 29, 2019
Guest: Colleen du Pon (@cduponartist on Instagram)   Summary: We visit with Colleen from Dorset, UK.  We talk about how she got her start in smithing, her work and shop, and lots more.  We also find out how she terrorizes local charitable organizations when they come to her shop.  :)      Sponsor:   Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes
March 15, 2019
Guest: John Erianne aka Uncle Sunset (@sunsetforgenj on Instagram)   Summary: We bring John Erianne in for some more talk about finishes and find out he doesn’t like smells among other things.   We talk about the Thistle Rock Forge (@thistlerockforge on Instagram) yearly clinic in honor of @hammeredforge on March 22, 23, 24.   We talk about Rachel David’s (@__redmetal__ on instagram) show: Meta-Formation: Experiments and Rituals March 14 - July 19 at the Appalachian Center For Craft (@ttucraftcenter on Instagram).   And (spoiler alert) Rick did NOT make it to CMA because he pulled his back doing farm work and now everyone hates him and thinks he’s a liar.  Take a number motherf*ckers!    Sponsor:   Duration: 1 hour 13 minutes
March 1, 2019
Guest: Michael J Budd Summary: We had a very enjoyable and special visit with Michael Budd. Many topics were covered. Many things were said. Much fun was had by all. Get ready to hear about Johnny the Lip and Other Stories! Sponsor: Duration: 2 hours
February 15, 2019
Summary: We’re re-visiting finishes for ironwork.  We also call Dave Kurdyla and see what he uses for finishes.  As usual, Rick runs off all over the place and Jesse has to rein him in.   Sponsor:   Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes
February 1, 2019
Summary: We start off discussing our sponsor, then move to Rick’s phase converter and power hammer set up, and then onto wherever the conversation wanted to go.  Rick accidentally drops a spoiler near the end of the episode.  And we give @dkforgeworks some grief as usual.   Sponsor:   Duration: 44 minutes
January 18, 2019
Guest: None Summary: We’re back from our winter break! And we have a special surprise. So, keep listening past the end of the show! Sponsor:  Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes
January 11, 2019
December 7, 2018
Guest: Tom Fell ( and @tomfellblacksmith on Instagram) Summary: We talk with Tom Fell, a blacksmith from the UK about his work and about blacksmithing in general. As usual, we run the gamut of work and personal experience and discuss a lot with regards to blacksmithing in general. Notes: 1.) Drinks owed to Tom by Martin: 9 (10 if you count the spelling of the word. :D 2.) Tom mentioned he ran his gas burner at 30 psi, but it really gets run at 20 psi. Sponsor: Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes
November 24, 2018
Guest: None Summary: The guys read letters from listeners and jibber jabber about a lot of different things. Links: @mopotroyes on Instagram The vice and tool museum Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes
November 9, 2018
Guest: Patrick Quinn (@handforgedinvt on Instagram) Summary: There’s some big stuff going on at The Center For Metal Arts in 2019. Get a sneak peek in this episode. Duration: 1 hour 11 minutes
October 26, 2018
Guest: Jesse James (@thepopeofwelding on Instagram) Summary: We talk with Jesse James about his blacksmithing, guns, knives, damascus, and working with your hands. He was a wealth of information and had incredible stories about his work. We also find out we need better podcasting methods. Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes
October 12, 2018
Guest: John Erianne aka Uncle Sunset (@sunsetforgenj on Instagram) Summary: We talk to our good friend John about the New York City Maker Faire and all our friends that were there. We also have a discussion about the horrid blacksmith/welder amalgamation accounts on Instagram that try to sell you crappy t-shirts and use all your photos for click bait. Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
September 28, 2018
Guest: Ethan Harty (@ethan_harty_blacksmith on Instagram) Summary: Ethan Harty entertains us with his fiddle playing and we talk smithing. You’ll enjoy this one. We promise. Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes
September 14, 2018
Guest: Victoria Patti Summary: Jesse and Rick talk with their friend, Victoria Patti. She gets a good one in on Rick. Well played, Victoria. Well played! Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
August 31, 2018
Guest: None  Summary: Jesse and Rick do what Jesse and Rick do.  Duration: 53 minutes
August 17, 2018
Guest: Peter Braspenninx Summary: Pete answers questions from followers and listeners Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes
August 3, 2018
Title: We’re back! Guest: None Summary: The guys talk about what they’ve been up to while on break and run the gamut of topics. Duration: 44 minutes
June 29, 2018
Title: I may or may not be drunk… Guest: None Links:  Summary: We talk about the Sunset Forge Hammer-In, anvils, talk about what we’re up to, and say many thank you’s to our supporters. Duration: 50 minutes
June 15, 2018
Guest: Steven Bronstein (@blackthorneforge on Facebook and Instagram) Links:  Summary: We had a pleasant and interesting conversation with Steven Bronstein of Blackthorne Forge. Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes
June 1, 2018
Guest: Andrew Alexander (@blacksmithtools on Instagram) Summary: We had a fun visit with Andrew and discuss his purchase of Richard Postman’s Anvil Collection from the book, Anvils in America and lots of other stuff. Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
May 18, 2018
Summary: General chit-chat and some discussion about various upcoming USA-based events. Duration: 38 minutes
May 4, 2018
Guests: Keith Mitchell @shipwrightskills on Instagram Summary: Jesse and Rick start by catching up on current events and then talk to Keith Mitchell about his craft, his interest in blacksmithing and how he and Jesse sunk a stake anvil into a stump. Duration: 1 hour 28 minutes
April 20, 2018
Guests: Jakob Faram Summary: The guys spend some time with Jakob Faram. Duration: 58 minutes
April 6, 2018
Guests: Bob Menard Summary: Our heroes hang with the Bob Menard of Ball and Chain Forge and New England Blacksmiths Links:  Lucky Dragon’s Foot:    Duration: 1 hour 14 minutes
March 23, 2018
Guests: Evan Wilson of Mobile Loaves and Fishes Summary: Evan Wilson from Mobile Loaves and Fishes comes on to talk about the Austin Forging Competition then the boys discuss various topics before their A.D.D. kicks in and they start making spontaneous Skype calls. Once Snarky John picks up, the after-party begins. Links:  Info: Austin Forging Competition 2018 April 21, 2018 9 AM to 6 PM Duration: 1 hour 14 minutes
March 9, 2018
Summary: The guys talk about all sorts of stuff and have a few special guests to celebrate their one year anniversary of the podcast! Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
February 23, 2018
Summary: The guys talk to Slavo about his life and work in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There were some technical difficulties but c’est la guerre! Links:  Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes
February 9, 2018
Summary: The guys discuss the trace hook project inspired by Mark Aspery and much fun is had… Links: Buy the book from Astragal Press and support your blacksmithing community and publishers that have devoted time, energy, and money to keeping our craft alive and sharing information from the past:  Download the book for free from the Blacksmiths Association of Missouri (but seriously, if at all possible, buy your own copy at the link above: books/Plain_and_Ornamental_Forging.pdf  The next project we’re going to do is the Gate Hook on p. 58. Be sure to look at Calculating the Required Length of Stock on p 56. Duration: 53 minutes
January 26, 2018
Guest: Pat Quinn and Dan Neville Summary: Pat and Dan give everyone the low-down on their shop move from Florida, New York to Johnstown, Pennsylvania and the plans they have for growing the school Duration: 51 minutes
January 12, 2018
Guest: Mia Persson (@smia_konstsmide on Instagram) Summary: We’ve gone global and Mia is our first guest outside of America! We had a nice chat with Mia about her life and work in Sweden. Names Dropped: Roy and Sarah Crumrine (@beards_and_lace on Instagram) Duration: 34 minutes
December 8, 2017
Title: The Holiday Episode! Guest: None Summary: We talk about some recent fun, read some emails, answer some questions, thank everyone for an amazing year, and have a good time! Duration: 47 minutes  
November 24, 2017
Guest: Eric Stenzel (@stenzeliron on Instagram) Summary: We talk with Eric about how he got his start, his heroes, his process, and his life. Names Dropped: Todd Burton Dan Nauman Albert Paley Jesse James Jakob Faram Thomas Wilson Links: 076435180X  Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes
November 10, 2017
Guest: Pete Braspenninx ( and @phyreforge on Instagram) Summary: We talk with Pete about his approach and motivation for his work, classes he’s teaching, and just shoot the breeze. Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes
October 27, 2017
Guests: Brent Bailey Sponsors: None Summary: We talk with Brent about his travels, experiences, and his work. We had a great conversation! (We had some connection problems. So, please bear with us.) Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes
October 13, 2017
Title: Damascus Dave gets pranked called… Guests: Dave Kurdyla Sponsors: None Summary: We discuss finishing damascus, tooling, presses, etc. Here are some plans for coal forges, there are more pictures on Master Feed on The BuRn Network's website.  We mentioned them Bob Menard ( was kind enough to pass these on from some New England blacksmiths ( and from his own experience with a portable forge he uses.  It breaks down small enough to fit into a car!  So, as always, thanks for sharing of yourselves and with each other.  We hope you find these plans useful. Duration: 58 minutes     
September 29, 2017
Guests: None Sponsors: None Summary: Rick and Jesse give updates about current projects, share some blacksmith folklore, whine about missing Quad State, and Rick goes off-topic (big surprise). Duration: 37 minutes
September 15, 2017
Guests: Geoff Feder (@federknives and @geofffeder on Instagram) Sponsors: None Names Dropped: Too many to list. Listen with a pencil and paper. ;) Summary: Geoff Feder comes to chat and we all share what’s going on in our world. We barely edited this one and it has some colorful language. So, put your big girl pants on and have a laugh. Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes
September 1, 2017
Guests: Stuart Shirley (@smithinstu on Instagram) Sponsors: None Names Dropped: Rachel Davis (@__redmetal__ on Instagram) Monica Coyne (@mcoyneblacksmith on Instagram) John Winer, James Makely (@makelyjames on Instagram) Dakota Myers (@blackfeather_forge on Instagram) The Center for Metal Arts Crew John Erianne (@sunsetforge on Instagram) Cliff Dufton (@cjdufton on Instagram) Geoff Feder (@geofffeder on Instagram) Jim Poulmas (@jimpoulmas on Instagram) Hi-Five Doughnuts (@hifivedoughnuts on Instagram) Summary: Stu regales us with his adventures and exploits in the world of blacksmithing and metalworking. Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes
August 18, 2017
Guests: Jim Poulmas (@jimpoulmas on Instagram) Sponsors: None Names Dropped: Wendel Broussard, Peter Ross, Paul Zimmermann, Heiner Zimmermann, Doug Wilson, Dereck Glaser, Pat Quinn, Dave Kurdyla, Geoff Feder, John Erianne Summary: We talk to Jim Poulmas about his job as a blacksmith for New York City Parks and his own work as a blacksmith. Then, as usual, we just wind up yammering about all kinds of stuff. Duration: 52 minutes
August 4, 2017
Guests: no guests, just Rick and Jesse shootin' the breeze Summary: Damascus forging, Coal fuel costs vs gas, Stuart Shirley's visit to Rick's forge, anvil repairing, Quad State in Ohio, email suggestions and updates. Length: 1 hour
July 21, 2017
Guests: Kevin Stanford (@kevzb7 on Instagram)   Sponsors: New England Blacksmiths ( and Age of Iron at Hancock Shaker Village ( Summary: Jesse and Rick talk to Kevin Stanford about his art, his shop and tools, and we all have a few laughs. Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes 
July 7, 2017
Guests: Andrew Alexander (@blacksmithtools on Instagram) Sponsors: None Summary: Jesse and Rick talk to Andrew Alexander about buying and selling tools, what his favorite tools are, how he finds them, and more. Drinks: None. Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes
June 23, 2017
Guests: None Sponsors: Ball and Chain Forge ( Summary: Jesse and Rick talk to each other and make listeners feel uncomfortable.  ;) Drinks: Sierra Nevada River Rye IPA Corona Extra Duration: 43 minutes 
June 12, 2017
Title: Blacksmithing is awesome! Guests: Jake James ( Sponsors: Ball and Chain Forge ( Summary: We talk with Jake James about his blacksmithing and sculpture Drinks: You Brew Pale Ale Long Trail Citrus IPA West Sixth Amber Ale Duration: 58 minutes 
May 26, 2017
John Erianne from Sunset Forge has gifted the Blacksmith's Pub podcast a 3.25 rounding hammer to support the podcast by giving it away through a raffle on Instagram.  Go to @theblacksmithspubpodcast on Instagram for details of the hammer giveaway.   Guests: Eve McClanahan (@eve_mcclanahan on Instagram) Sponsors: None Summary: We talk with Eve McClanahan about her smithing, dance school, and chickens.  We also chat a little about the Jake James workshop where we all met. John Erianne (@sunsetforgenj) also popped in with some kind words for us and a donation. Drinks: Tea and Coffee Names dropped: Jake James ( Center for Metal Arts ( Luke Proctor ( Kevin Stanford (@kevzb7 on Instagram) Stuart Shirley (@smithinstu on Instagram) Victoria Patti ( and Links: None Duration: 50 minutes 
May 12, 2017
Title: Pigs and Priuses Guests: Geoff Feder ( Sponsors: None Summary: We talk with Geoff Feder about his work as a sculptor, artists, and knife maker. Drinks: Lawson’s Beer Coors Banquet Peekskill’s Finest (tap water) Names dropped: Fred Crist ( Uri Hofi Nick Rossi ( Nick Anger ( Mia Persson (@smia_konstsmide on Instagram) Rory May (@dirtysmith on Instagram) John Erianne (@sunsetforge on Instagram)   Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes 
April 28, 2017
  Guests: None Sponsors: None Summary: Shop talk, listener emails and feedback, sponsorship opportunities, and the general kookiness that always happens Beers: We forgot to keep track. Names dropped: Feder Knives ( Duration: 54 minutes 
April 14, 2017
Guests: Dave Kurdyla (@dkforgeworks on Instagram) Sponsors: Southeastern Blacksmithing Association ( ) Summary: We discuss damascus, or pattern welded steel. What it is, how it’s made, and canister damascus, etc. We also talk about the inventor of white out Beers: Westbrook Brewing - Gose Paradox Beer Company - Osa Frambuesa aka Skully #46 Fiddlehead Brewing Company - Second Fiddle Against The Grain Brewing Company - The Brown Note Names dropped: Anger Knives (@angerknives on Instagram) Wilburn Forge (@wilburnforge on Instagram) Alec Steele (@alecsteeleblacksmith on Instagram) New Jersey Steel Baron ( Kelly Cupples Steel Supply ( 2807 Butterfield Rd. Yakima Wa. 98901 509-949-5231) Links: Damascus gun barrel:  Duration: 1 hours 14 minutes
March 31, 2017
Guests: Pat Quinn (@handforgedinvt on Instagram) Sponsors: Southeastern Blacksmithing Association ( Summary: We discuss Center for Metal Arts, Jesse’s bottle opener classes at CMA (6/3/17, 7/15/17, 9/16/17), smithing, teaching, learning, and other stuff. Drinks: Cape Cod with a sand bar (salt on the glass) Dallas Point Brewing - Victory at Sea Names dropped: Center for Metal Arts ( Blacksmither Academy ( Duration: 57 minutes
March 17, 2017
In episode #4 Rick and Jesse are talking about their shops - how they are set up, the power, where they are, are they heated, etc. If you have an expert knowledge of a blacksmith technique or tool and would like to join Rick and Jesse on the podcast, send them an email about your idea! Jesse's email -  Rick's email -  Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at the blacksmith's pub podcast.
February 28, 2017
Guests: Colin Fung (@FungtionalForge on instagram and facebook) John Erianne (@sunsetforgenj on instagram and Facebook) Summary: We discuss flypresses and then somewhere in the middle the wheels fall off. But, we do come back to flypresses. Duration: 1 hour 24 minutes
February 26, 2017
Summary: John and Cliff discuss making hammers and specifically the 10 lb. hammer they made at Jesse’s place over the weekend. Hammers from 0:00 Anvils at 27:28 Duration: 41:48 Guest Links Jesse Savage (@jessesavageblacksmith) Rick Barter (@barter_rick) John Etianne (@sunsetforgenj on Instagram) Cliff Dufton (@cjdufton on Instagram)
February 26, 2017
Topics talked about: Introduction to this new podcast Tips on about finding and buying blacksmith tools on Craigslist Jesse has a high school friend who owns a local metal scrapyard and he frequents this place a lot for great finds. Jesse says to start building relationships with your local steel scrapyard and they will start to keep an eye out for good blacksmith tool scrap. Before you go to an auction or scrapyard, make sure you know the market value of what you are looking for. #littlerickbarter updates – Rick sends a little cardboard "selfie" and some goodies to smithy's around the globe, he is now at the Fire and Iron Gallery in Surrey England cheering up Lucy Quinnel. Carling and Will made the banjo intro music for this podcast and they are friends with Jesse. Will’s brother is a blacksmith and his father is a woodworker. Guest Links Carling and Will’s FB Banjo music - Band camp music for Carling and Will - Podcast website -
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