February 12, 2020
University of Illinois men's basketball coach Brad Underwood joins the show to talk about the program's resurgence. Before and after that we go heavy NBA All star weekend in Chicago. Heavy Bulls. Heavy Blackhawks and obviously baseball with spring training just starting up. NBA Jam Tournament is this weekend and we can't wait to see all you filthy animals out there. All Gas No Brakes Heyhowyadoin grab a GTLF.
February 6, 2020
World Series Champion and former Chicago Cub Matt Szczur joins us this week to go behind the scenes of his time as a Cub and big leaguer.
January 30, 2020
Get ready for the super bowl with an All Gas No Brakes episode of epic proportion. We go through the news of barstoool selling, how that impacts us, our new Sirius radio show (daily at 9am) and everything you need to know about how to have a good super bowl. Also included: Bears, Bulls, Hawks, Cubs, White Sox.
January 23, 2020
Presented by Great Tasting and Less Filling Miller Lite. WSD didn't vote for Jeter. The Super Bowl is almost here. January is an underrated ports month. The Illini are back. The Hawks are climbing. And Troll Sox Dave is at his all time finest. 
January 16, 2020
Paul Lo Duca joins the show to talking cheating scandal. Bears hire a new offensive coordinator. WSD learns more chords. Heyhowyadoin All Gas No Brakes. 
January 9, 2020
1st show of the year and we're happy to welcome 85 Bear and NFL Head Coaching legend Jeff Fisher. In and around that we get into WSD's new guitar, some heavy rain forest cafe chatter, Kyle Longs retirement and a bunch of other shit. Tune in to find out All Gas No Brakes. 
December 30, 2019
Happy New Year and thanks to everyone for your support. We put a bow on 2019 in this week's episode with heavy Bears and college football. Chief breaks down the Seabrook saga while White Sox Dave takes a victory lap (kinda) on all the new White Sox free agents. It's a miserable time to be a Chicago sports fan but we give it our best effort to make sense of it. Until then We're On To 2020. All Gas No Brakes. 
December 23, 2019
Bears lose. Mitch stinks. WSD is jacked up for Keuchel and the boys do their top 20 countdown of the year starting with numbers 20-16. All Gas No Brakes get us through this damn year. 
December 19, 2019
The boys are in NYC for the Barstool holiday party. We're still recovering from the Bears. Carl gets mad about something. Blah blah blah. Somebody win a goddamn championship. 
December 16, 2019
Season is over. Aaron Rodgers is a bitch. The refs screwed us. We try to have some fun about it in Carl's brother's garage in Lombard. Thanks to everyone for coming out for the Miller Lite watch party. 
December 12, 2019
It's all or nothing with the Bears headed up to Lambeau this Sunday. Biggest game of the season and the biggest game of our lives. Elsewhere, both baseball teams strike out at the winter meetings. Carl goes bananas twice and the Blackhawks are officially dead. All Gas No Breaks. 
December 6, 2019
The Bears are back. All Gas No Brakes. 
December 5, 2019
Bears play the Cowboys in the biggest game of the year and Steve Phillips joins the show to take us behind the scenes of the Winter Meetings. Will the White Sox risk it all? Will the Cubs trade Kris Bryant? Are the Bears going to the playoffs? Tune in to find out All Gas No Brakes. 
November 27, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. This week we're joined by one of the best football players in the world, Quenton Nelson to learn about why he's such a bad dude. Beforehand we get real deep on a grabbag including why there's no punt pass and kick this year, the White Sox epic start to free agency, the Blackhawks recent dip and why the Bears are still "In The Hunt." After Quenton we get into a hilarious development between Eddie and Chief that could lead to some phenomenal kitchen content with WSD as well as some college football/basketball ramblings into why the Bulls are killing us even though they suck. Huge episode for a huge guest but most importantly Happy Thanksgiving. Make it an All Gas No Brakes holiday. 
November 25, 2019
The Bears are back in the win column after beating the New York Football Giants 19-14. It's the Giants smallest margin of defeat of the year and their 7th loss in a row, but that won't stop the boys from finding some silver linings in this win. Maybe it's not the same old Mitch, and maybe Carl tries to convince the guys it's not completely over. There's swelling optimism looking at the Vikings last 5 games that we're not completely dead. But it doesn't look good. Thanks to Miller Lite for making the show happen. All Gas No Brakes. 
November 21, 2019
We are just a few days removed from the Bears season being (un)officially over and it absolutely blows. Naturally we spend the first part of the show talking root beer before getting into a huge Bears/Blackhawks crossover. Carl opens up about Theo's long-term strategy then the group gets deep on college football. Updated PointsBet standings and a bunch of other all gas no brakes shit. Heyhowyadoin. Thanks to Miller Lite for making it happen. 
November 18, 2019
Bears season is over and it sucks. A win in LA last night would have gone a long way but alas the 2019 Bears stay consistent and let us down again. We really do suck. Way more than you could have ever possibly imagined and there simply isn't enough blame to go around. We're all defeated and it sucks. Only thing left to do is tank for strength of schedule. 
November 14, 2019
The boys are back from Eastern Illinois after ending up in a ditch and going home without hot dogs. We get into EIU, an interesting article on Mitch Trubisky that might have some of us buying back in, an interview with 'Catching Hell' Producer Matt Liston, if we like or don't like the Astros scandal, the Blackhawks possibly leaking news, and what we're most excited to watch on Disney+.
November 11, 2019
Bears are undefeated when Susanna and Carl tailgate in her hot tub. Tune in this week to find out what that means and why the Bears might not be dead. We get to 5-5 Sunday night against the Rams and things officially get weird. Bear Down. All Gas No Brakes.
November 7, 2019
University of Illinois Men's Basketball Head Coach Brad Underwood joins the show to talk about his adjustments to Illinois and recruiting philosophy. Before and after that we discover why Eddie is in NYC and how he's recovering from the Bears disaster 4 game stretch. Chief points some fingers at a few gm's and the ammunition is phenomenal. There's an extended look at just how shitty the Blackhawks are, why they're that shitty and what they could do to fix it and a long discussion re: Chicago Head Coach Power Rankings + 1 awesome voicemail. Go Drink Some Responsible Miller Lite All Gas No Brakes. 
November 3, 2019
The boys give you an instant reaction to the Bears pathetic performance against the Eagles. Is another one of us out on Nagy? What are we going to do for the next 8 weeks? All this and more on another sad recap show.
October 31, 2019
Unofficial Bears field correspondent Olin Kreutz joins the boys to talk Matt Nagy and his perspective on the locker room. Before and after that we go heavy Blackhawks and recap Chief's night with the Wirtz family then build up our first real Illini conversation in RLR history. Cubs, Sox, Bulls follow before an awesome Halloween grabbag that's deep on candy preferences. Happy Halloween and as always All Gas No Brakes. 
October 28, 2019
Soul Crushing Week 8 loss to the Chargers. We're here trying to pick up the pieces but holy shit is it hard. The Bears should have blown the Chargers' doors off but instead it's a brutal loss. Matt Nagy had a head scratching presser after that the boys break down in detail. HUT HUT HIKE. 
October 24, 2019
Huge week of news with Cubs hiring David Ross. Bears get ready for the biggest game of the season and we have the #1 hockey podcast in the world join us for an extended look at the Chicago Blackhawks dynasty. All Gas No Brakes. 
October 21, 2019
The Bears got murdered by the Saints on Sunday and we're all pretty upset about it. Do the Bears suck? Is the season over? Tune in to find out. 
October 16, 2019
Is there more to the WSD saga than you already know? Pres and Big Cat join the show to recap WSD controversy of flying to NYC and getting sent back immediately. Go behind the curtain into one of the best Barstool Chicago sagas to date. 
October 10, 2019
Fred Hoiberg joins the show right before Chief ruins Carl's segment on why the Cubs should hire David Ross because OF COURSE everyone's asking "Is Theo Still Deserving Of Leadership?" Before Carl dies live on the podcast, the boys debate the merits of Mitch, whether Reinsdorf meant it when he said he prefers 2nd place, and participate in a really thorough discussion on the Blackhawks filled with camaraderie and professionalism. Must be nice. 
October 7, 2019
Bears lose 24-21 and there's a lot of finger pointing to go around. We try to keep it together in the midst of a 3-2 start. Everyone had this circled for a win and instead we're crushed going into the bye week. The schedule doesn't get any easier while the O-Line needs to get much better. Not a great recipe but if there's anyone who can bounce back it's Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears. Right? Let's hope so. Bear Down. 
October 3, 2019
Watch Party This Sunday 10/6 At Buffalo Wild Wings 531 W Taylor 12pm.The Bears head to London to take on the Raiders. First the guys recap some WSD Lightning Gate controversy with an update on Punt Pass and Kick for all you youngsters out there. Then the boys preview the game before handing out the first PointsBetUSA loss of the season to White Sox Dave meaning he has to sit in the 300 level for 2 Windy City Bulls game in the next month. After the boys get into deep baseball talk and what the Cubs should do with the managerial hunt. Mix in some CWS talk mixed with some Hawks and a few segments and we got ourselves a show. Watch Party This Sunday 10/6 At Buffalo Wild Wings 531 W Taylor 12pm.
September 30, 2019
BEARS WIN BEARS WIN BEARS WIN. Thank God. 3-1 feels soo good after everyone was ready to jump after Week 1's offense. Big items this week are no Roquan Smith. No Mitch. No Gabriel, Long, Hicks and on it goes but doesn't matter. The Monsters Of The Midway dominated the Vikings yesterday and that has the Red Line Radio boys dancing in the street. Is Chase good enough to keep defenses guessing? Or will Mitch be missed way more than we're already admitting? Is Kwaitkowski as good as White Sox Dave says? We do some schedule look ahead, announce our watch party for next week and of course take a great voicemail from Gas Money Bob about the 1985 Bears week 4 cruise over the R-Words. All Gas No Brakes. Thank you Miller Lite. 
September 26, 2019
This week on Red Line Radio we recap some of the controversy surrounding WSD's punt pass and kick contest before getting into some mean stories about mean coaches followed by a brief Bears breakdown. After that we get into the Cubs where it becomes very clear Carl won't be sleeping anytime soon. Sprinkled in there is some chatter about locker room dick situations before getting real deep on Blackhawks with the season starting next Friday. We have some new segments (Eddiquette, Public Enemy #1, This Week In Do You Remember With White Sox Dave) and an expanded grabbag on nicotine side effects. All Gas No Brakes. 
September 24, 2019
The boys break down the Bears vs. Redskins Monday Night Football game. Bears win 31-15. Go Bears.
September 19, 2019
Huge Episode as the boys look build off a huge week 2 win in Denver. First, we try to figure out if Dave sits too close to Ed and how bad Notre Dame is (or isn't) getting smoked by Georgia this weekend. After that we tease some Bears talk before having PFT join us to breakdown his hometown team. Fortunately he likes the Bears and spoiler alert he likes them A LOT. Carl and Dave follow with the next step in their ultimate rebuild team: Manager. Chief squeezes in some Blackhawks talk for the diehards around a grabbag designed to transition you from childhood summer in to childhood fall. No promises but keep your eyes open for a White Sox Dave punt pass and kick contest. All Gas No Brakes. 
September 16, 2019
The Bears are 1-1 after Eddy Dinero knocked down a 53 yarder to beat the Broncos. This is the 2nd installment of our Bears Recap show and honestly we're surprised we're alive for it. What a game. What a finish. This episode we break the game down inside out then look ahead to the Redskins next Monday. Thanks to Miller Lite and Eddy Dinero for an All Gas No Brakes week 2 finish. 
September 12, 2019
The boys are back from NYC and happy to report no one died. We break down our trip before Carl gets hot about how much the Cubs suck right now. Dave and Carl trade rebuild pitchers before welcoming Dan Pompei, senior NFL writer from The Atheltic to talk all things Bears including a deep dive on the Denver Broncos matchup. After, we got some more Bears because there's no such thing as Too Much Bears and then we give out some beefs before White Sox Dave's first grabbag. It's an all gas no brakes show because at this point, we don't have a choice. 
September 6, 2019
Week 1 of our new Bears Post Game show and they already suck. Fuck this. 
September 5, 2019
Opening week is here and thank fucking god. Seriously. Damn do we need football season around here and the boys are pumped. So much that Barstool brought the RLR boys out to HQ for a FanDuel electric chair viewing of Bears Packers for NFL week 1. Naturally we get into our Bears season preview with Big Cat but before that Carl recaps his trip to NYC last week where he built the largest single man cup snake with Rob Manfred while sitting 1st row with Marlins Man. Then we go heavy football with a new gambling segment that should bring us plenty of Saints, Texans, Niners and Rams fans through the first half of the season. Tune in this week to find out what the fuck is going on and why there's never been a better
August 27, 2019
Loaded show this week as we get into College Football season with Brandon Walker. But first the boys make arguably the biggest announcement in Red Line Radio history to open the show. After that we get into the WSD Challenge Controversy that plagued the office all weekend. Then we got Bears recap as we're less than 10 days out from the NFL opening night. Brandon Walker then joins before going deep on more shitty baseball rebuild players. It's an AGNB kind of week around here and we wouldn't have it any other way. 
August 20, 2019
Heyhowyadoin it's episode 116 and we're gearing up for football season hard with some extended preseason coverage including what helmet Eddie wore in high school. The boys spend A LOT of time with baseball this week going through the first edition of finding the worst players at each position across the Cubs' and White Sox rebuild. We also have the first edition of the White Sox Dave challenge coming along with some big time college football gambling analysis you won't want to miss. All Gas No Brakes
August 13, 2019
The boys are joined by a Black Sox Scandal expert to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the 1919 White Sox in honor of the recent announcement of the White Sox and Yankees game in Iowa. Before that the boys recap a hilarious weekend and call White Sox Dave out on his Club Dave bullshit. The boys then chop it up over the Bears first preseason game. After the interview the boys get into a v heated discussion about why the White Sox are going to Iowa next year and everything you need to know about Nick Castellabos and the Chicago Cubs down the stretch. It's an All Gas No Brake Show with a special to you Miller Lite, Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Rap, Roman and Postmates. 
August 6, 2019
Loaded show and we wouldn't want it any other way as the Bears start training camp and the Cubs get back to 1st place. To that, we're joined by 670's Bears beat writer, Chris Emma for early observations on the Bears training camp so far including Khalil Mack's first time preseason practicing as a Bear. And of course Carl gives the Cubs the love they deserve after a big Brewers sweep this weekend. But before all that, we have intern DC in studio to talk about his 14 hour assignment at Lollapalooza this weekend as well as the Barstool Chicago Putting contest and Eddie's first time at a club in over 10 years. DC sticks around to tell a classic WSD story before we really get into the big sports stories from this week. No voicemails which is your fault. 224. 544. 9194. All Gas No Brakes. 
July 30, 2019
Coach Pat Fitzgerald from Northwestern joins the show to talk about the upcoming season and where he's taking the program. Before that we welcome Eddie home from Wyoming including a deep review of the state and his time with Donnie. Eddie and Carl then recap their weekend covering the 16-inch softball national championship before Chief gets a hot taste of hate for John McDonough's 2-timing statements at the Hawks' convention this weekend. Is Stan on the hot seat Or Not? After that we bring on Coach to talk Wildcat football and then visit with Carl about how he thinks the Cubs are trying to get to him with all this shoddy bullpen play. After, WSD defends his stance on cupsnakes and why he's extra salty about Rick Hahn's offseason which has absolutely NOTHING to do with Machado. Hint: look at the Twins. After that we got a small grabbag and some delicious All Gas No Brakes Beefs to obviously be washed down responsibly with some ice cold Miller Lites. Heyhowyadoin.
July 23, 2019
The boys relive more of the controversy that rounded up last week into the weekend before saying Goodbye to Eddie as he embarks on a week-long rodeo trip with Barstool legend Donnie. After saying goodbye the boys welcome Lance Briggs to the show to relive the Glory Dayz with one of the Bears' all time greats including what he did with the Lambo that one night. After that Carl and Dave trade baseball blows, talk College Football previews with Chief before playing the 1-9 Challenge where we collectively fill out a baseball lineup with the active Chicago athletes that create the ideal social lineup. The show closes with a surprise appearance from Big Cat (SURPRISE) and his introduction of the newest channel of White Sox Dave content. Football season is 40 something days away. All Gas No Brakes. 
July 16, 2019
The most controversial Red Line Radio to date follows the aftermath of Wrigley Usher LigmaBallSack getting fired for talking Cup Snakes on Dog Walk. And spoiler alert - it's total bullshit. The boys recap the chaos then turn it over to a brief yet insightful interview with future Hall of Famer Kris Bryant. It remains to be seen if the Cubs fire KB for coming on our show much like they did to LigmaBallSack. In and around that, we get an update on the Humboldt Park Gator and a bunch of other shit but honestly does any of that matter with Ligma out of a job? Does Kris Bryant like to cuddle and eat pancakes with his wife? Tune in this week to find out. All Gas No Brakes. 
July 9, 2019
The boys are live from the last row in the building at Guaranteed Rate to cover the Crosstown Classic from the most common man seats in Chicago. In and around it we got some Aaron Rogers is a Bitch talk, Russell Westbrook to Bulls speculation and naturally a lot of baseball as it's All Star Week. We are exactly 58 days away from Bears Packers while the Cubs are in first place. In other words life could be a lot worse. All Gas No Brakes. 
July 2, 2019
Good morning afternoon and evening sports fans and far more importantly Happy 4th of July. This week we're joined by Big Cat to talk Bulls offseason moves and do our 6-month performance review process. In and around Big Cat = White Sox Dave hit 91mph AGAIN, Chief is happy with Stan Bowman and there are several reasons to buy the Chicago Bulls stock right now. After, Carl and Dave trade baseball blows in preparation of this week's Crosstown Classic before an abbreviated grabbag and of course awards. All Gas No Brakes. 
June 25, 2019
A loaded show today headlined by a 40 minute interview with White Sox ace Lucas Giolito. Whitesoxdave & Carl get into the meat of his hot start, his change up, and if Dave's theory of him hitting a growth spurt is true or not. We also talk to NASCAR driver Austin Dillon about his upcoming race in Joliet this weekend. Then we weave in and out of all of that talking about the Bulls and Blackhawks drafts on episode one hundred and something of Red Line Radio.
June 18, 2019
GMA&E Chicago Sports Fans - this week we're joined by Craig Button, the NHL's Mel Kiper to break down all things Blackhawks and NHL draft with our very own Chief and they do not disappoint starting at 39:20 to close out the show. It's a very deep conversation on all things NHL draft related and we really can't imagine a better conversation leading into Friday's big event. Before that, we open with light Bears updates before going into Bulls draft chatter with Eddie blowing Colby White's cover at 7 overall. After that Carl and Dave get into White Sox / Cubs Crosstown talk for a solid chunk including a mini Carl rant about why WSD is being a coward before he goes off the deep end and explains that it was a positive 2-5 road trip for the Cubs. WSD closes the show with his own grabbag that makes everyone uncomfortable especially Eddie. All Gas No Brakes. 
June 10, 2019
Good morning afternoon and evening Chicago Sports Fans. We've got an enthusiastic show this week starting with Chicago summer recaps from the weekend including some light UFC analysis from Ed. Then we get to Bears 100 (7:03) with a good checkpoint on all things Chicago Bears including a slightly hot discussion bout the 1985 Bears legacy. After, WSD (17:02) gives us the best White Sox talk we've heard in a long time and introduces the White Sox Dave playoff meter. Opposite that, Carl (33:10) talks Cubs/Cardinals sweep, Kimebrel and the Cubs bullpen, and why this team is a lot better than anyone else gives credit. Chief (48:50) gives his game 7 Stanley Cup preview and what's made the series so good and so bad at the same time. Why have the Bruins sustained a dynasty and the Hawks haven't? Here's a hint: Stan Bowman sucks. Then we get into possibly our best VM ever and an A+ round of beefs.  #AGNB 
June 3, 2019
Baseball heavy episode.  The Chicago Crew breaks down the new gambling laws in Illinois, the 2019 MLB Draft, and Lucas Giolito becoming one of the premier pitchers in all of baseball on one of the *spoiler* hottest teams in baseball, the Chicago White Sox.  Do they have a chance to make the playoffs?  Will they be buyers or sellers at the deadline?  Does Alex Colome fit their long term plans or will he be donning the Blue and Red on the North Side before the deadline? The Cubs just got swept by St. Louis but, as Carl says, "whatever".  Their bullpen is clearly the weak link and Eddie, Carl and Chief are waiting on pins and needles for Theo to start making moves to fortify it. The show wraps up with beefs and voicemails, and also the Crew ripping on Aaron Rodgers for chugging beer like a Sally.  All gas, no brakes
May 27, 2019
Happy Memorial Day from Barstool Chicago. This week has an awesome interview with DePaul legend and Chicago area classic Max Strss as he prepares for the NBA draft as a regular White Guy (his words). We get there after opening with a small grab bag about Memorial Day followed by some hard hitting baseball talk with White Sox Dave. He explains the 2019 Chicago White Sox in a way that should help you cope with the roller coaster ride they've put fans on since day one. After that, Carl rationalizes his way through the Cubs bullpen struggles and why he's baffled with the lack of a real closer. All around though it's very-okay because the Cubs are still in first place so Carl is happy. Ed - on the other hand - is very unhappy with the Bears releasing a Top 100 list and rightfully so. Why why why. Ed drops a classic rant before we introduce Max Strus to the world. One of Dave's games follows where we cut sit start the White Sox. Next week we do broadcasters. No beefs. No awards. No hockey (Sorry Chief). No brakes. All gas
May 21, 2019
Episode 102 opens with GoT bar bag reactions followed by a new grabbag segment featuring apartment hunting and bachelor parties as the opening topics. Following that, Carl gets real excited about Kyle Hendricks personally addressing his theory about Kyle's historical slow starts on ESPN. You would too. General Cubs talk follows with an emphasis on the Jake Arrieta / Yu Darvish storyline. Opposite that, WSD talks everyone into the White Sox being a playoff contender. Like actual, real playoffs. Carl & Eddie then briefly recap a trip to NYC's new HQ before going deep on what the Bulls can do at 7 while Chief considers a former UCLA standout against Eddie's wishes. Chief then makes a bold request - tapping into Eddie's black magic for the #3 pick in the NHL draft. After that WSD debuts the first ever Cut, Start, Statue segment that does better than expected if we're being honest. Naturally beefs follow but no voicemails. What the fuck? 224-544-9194. Thank you Miller Lite, Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Roman, Hello Fresh and SeatGeek. We love you. 
May 14, 2019
Carlos Zambrano joins Red Line Radio this week to talk about his comeback to professional baseball with the Chicago Dogs. We talk about his time with Chicago, why he feels so compelled to come back and why he's a changed man from what you remember. In and around that we talk GoT endings, Bulls lottery draft, Cubs momentum and Tim Anderson. We got a voicemail from a classic RLR guy and a surprise interview at the end with special guest Chicago Dogs owner Shawn Hunter. It's an All Gas No Brakes kind of week, always. 
May 6, 2019
Congratulations to us on making it this far. Here's an episode recapping our favorite parts of the show through 100 episodes including White Sox vs. Red Sox, Cubs in depth and a bunch of other shit you should listen to. Don't complicate things this week. It's 100 episodes. You owe us this one. All Gas No Brakes. 
April 29, 2019
Good morning afternoon and evening Chicago Sports Fans - we start this week's Sports podcast with an in depth look at the Battle of Winterfell because sometimes Sports need to take a back seat to the biggest television event in recorded human history. So we start there and obviously use it to talk about Chicago Sports because at the end of the day we're still Chicago sports degenerates. Eddie follows with remarkably accurate and insightful look at the new Chicago Bears draft picks and then he takes it one step further with creepy intel on the undrafted free agent signings that are coming in. Spoiler Alert it's all good stuff from the Bears no surprise. Opposite that Chief is borderline distressed with Stan Bowman's lies and he's here to take this man down or die trying. Or at the very least maybe just be honest one time Stan? Carl and Dave follow with some OG Red Line Radio baseball talk followed by very limited grabbag and a voicemail of our choosing. Thanks to SeatGeek, Roman, Urbal Activ and Miller Lite for making this week happen. All Gas No Brakes. 
April 23, 2019
The boys are here this week to go very deep on a number of topics per usual starting with a thorough breakdown of Game of Thrones. WSD and Chief are hot about something and here's a hint -  she too is extremely hot. Ed follows with his favorite moments before going into a brief recap of his travels across the state of Illinois last week to document the hidden gems at our state universities. No lunch ladies were hurt during his recording btw. After that, we go into some NFL draft talk with the sad understanding the Bears don't pick til Saturday. Mixed in is some great hockey chatter about the World's and why Patrick Kane is Captain America at some convenient timing. After that Carl and Dave go back and forth on baseball in Chicago because it's that time of the year. Grabbag, beefs and 1 voicemail follow. Thanks to Miller Lite for making it happen. All Gas NO Brakes. 
April 16, 2019
The Red Line boys are delighted to be back this week after the best Sunday in the history of recorded history. And rightfully so there's plenty to talk about: Tiger, Game of Thrones, White Sox Dave doing the Roman ad read... it's a loaded show. Elsewhere, Chief/Eddie/WSD tease their day with Pat Fitzgerald and Northwestern Football last week while rehashing their first taste of organized football drills in about 15 years. After that Carl and Dave bring on very good friend of the program and national baseball icon, Tracy Smith, head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devil Baseball Team. He rips on White Sox Dave while sharing some pretty cool stories. The interview ends with him calling out WSD to a homerun derby explicitly saying "I will crush you." Elsewhere Chief talks Carl and Dave out of going Russian with the #3 overall pick in the NHL draft but it's a hard sell. Now that it's baseball season they really want to play dirty. There's one voicemail, 3 beefs and your standard slate of good natured ad reads. Thanks to Miller Lite, SeatGeek, Roman, PolicyGenius and Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for making tonight's episode happen. AG... 
April 9, 2019
Good morning afternoon and evening sports fans. It's episode 96 in the Red Line Radio catalogue and it's baseball heavy featuring our first Cooperstown resident, Fergie Jenkins. The Hall of Famer joins us to talk about 50 year anniversary of the famous collapse of the 1969 Cubs as well as how Joe Maddon would put a lineup together to beat him. In and around the conversation the guys go deep on baseball with White Sox and Cubs home openers in the rear view mirror. WSD is particularly pumped for the notable development of Yoan Moncada and how crazy fans got for the home opener. On the other side of town Carl only wants to talk about the lineup. Don't ask him about the pitching staff. Lineup conversations only. Outside of that Chief gives a great primer on how to digest playoff hockey, what makes it so great and how the Hawks should attack free agency if they don't want to lie to everyone AGAIN. There's no beefs (sorry) but a light grabbag, a voicemail and some general lively banter around baseball that takes RLR back to its roots. Thank you to our great tasting, less filling partner Miller Lite for making the show happen along with SeatGeek, SimpliSafe, Postmates and Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. All Gas No Brakes. 
April 2, 2019
Good morning good afternoon and good evening sports fans. This is a big show for a lot of reasons. The boys are joined by college basketball legend Dee Brown to talk all things March Madness and he doesn't disappoint. Dee relives the best game ever while going in depth on what made the 2005 Illini basketball team one of the greatest teams ever. In and and around that interview the boys go into the Sweet 16 weekend, the end of the Hawks season, Jordan Howard trade emotions, opening day reactions and the first deep dive into baseball of the year. It's a tight show so no voicemails and limited grabbag but we find time for a beef because of course we do. Thanks to Miller Lite, Roman, Seat Geek, Casper Mattresses and Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for making this show happen. All Gas No Brakes I-L-L
March 26, 2019
The boys are finally recovered from the long stretch of St. Paddys and March Madness just in time for MLB Opening Day. Things begin with March Madness recap before going into a healthy conversation with White Sox #1 starting pitcher Carlos Rodon. He touches on everything from the honey mustard chicken to hunting deer to pumping fastballs by the Cleveland Indians. WSD follows with his expectations for the season while Carl gets extremely disappointed with Ian Happ but finds happiness with Jon Lester as his leader. Chief follows with some grim news about the Hawks: the season appears to be over but maybe not. We do not have voicemails or grabbags this week but there are a few beefs. Thanks to Miller Lite, LinkedIn, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, Hello Fresh, SeatGeek and Dollar Shave Club for making this a possibility. 
March 19, 2019
The boys are delighted to present Rick Hahn week, a sacred tradition at RLR where WSD does a face to face with his best friend and White Sox general manager Rick Hahn. In and around that amazing interview, the boys recap St. Paddy's, prep for a March Madness party in Wrigley, break down the Hawks late season resurgence and new Bears roster moves while undergoing the stark realization that Chicago is officially a Destination City for all professional athletes outside the NBA. After that Carl puts up some counter-logic on why the Cubs had a big offseason and they need to start playing baseball pronto. Afterwards there's a brief grabbag, voicemails, beefs and big shoulders. Special thanks to title sponsor Miller Lite as well as our Best Friend Rick Hahn for making this week a special one. ALL GAS. NO BRAKES. 
March 11, 2019
The boys are back for the two year anniversary special episode. It's fitting Dave & Carl bring it to you life from Spring Training and share the bulk of the show like the OG Red Line Radio days when it was a baseball only podcast. Carl and Dave relive some notable moments over their first two years before an interview with Carson Fulmer, Seby Zavala and Ryan Burr of the White Sox. Mike Kopech named Seby as a guy to keep an eye on and now we say the same thing but for different reasons. He may have a body or two in his freezer. Elsewhere, Eddie and Chief join the show remote from Chicago in the first every reverse podcast phone call. You'll have to hear it to believe it. Rick Hahn is coming next week to answer to White Sox Dave. We're trying to get that one set up in an octagon. No voicemails. No beefs. No grabbag or segments. For the first time in almost a year the RLR boys keep it under an hour. Thanks to Miller Lite, Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, SimpliSafe, SeatGeek, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball and Upstart for making it happen. 
March 5, 2019
The Red Line crew is back for Episode 92 and with them comes Top Chef champion/Chicago native Joe Flamm. Certainly the most unique interview the boys have had so far, arguably the most interesting. We get remarkable authority on some longstanding Beefs, not to mention a laundry list of phenomenal stories that one can only expect from a true South Side Man turned international cooking sensation. Joe was kind enough to bring us to his MICHELIN RATED restaurant, Spiaggia. In and around that, we bury the Blackhawks, convince ourselves that the Bulls are much better than what we saw in January and of course some Spring Training extended talk. White Sox Dave is ready to move on from an abyssmal offseason while Carl recaps his favorite nuggets of the last week in Arizona. Naturally a grabbag and some very good beefs follow including HEAVY St. Patrick's Day talk. Thank you to all 6 sponsors for making this show happen including and limited to: Miller Lite, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, Dollar Shave Club, Roman and Seat Geek. DM White Sox Dave on twitter for more details about the promo codes. 
February 26, 2019
It's Election Day in Chicago and the boys are certainly fired up as the show starts with some chatter recapping the weekend and the first installment of Chicago Mayoral Week on Eddies world famous show, Chicago Dog Walk. Opener includes: Chief's new dog (HI GEORGE), watch party recaps (we had 2 this weekend) and an extended review of our Top 10 Moments from interviewing 6 mayor candidates. Spoiler Alert: Willie Wilson steals the show as expected. After that, Chief pulls the curtain back on the NHL trade deadline and what it means for the Hawks moving forward. Naturally, the biggest pick up for the Hawks is a name you know all too well. After that, Carl goes into his first of many Cubs breakdowns 10 days into Spring Training and of course his Kris Bryant boner is harder than ever. WSD follows with a small serving of Scoop City after going into some really upsetting details about the Machado signing. Carl circles back with a light grabbag before handing out beefs and taking the single meanest voicemail in the history of voicemails. Special thank you to MILLER LITE, Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Roman, LinkedIn and Policy Genius. #AGNB
February 20, 2019
Emergency podcast time:  White Sox Dave and the Barstool Chicago crew go on an in depth journey on the worst day of WSD's entire life.  They break down WSD getting mousetrapped by Dente, the Machado signing, and how the two intertwined to mentally incapacitate him.  This episode of Red Line Radio is therapy for White Sox fans.  
February 19, 2019
The Red Line Radio crew is back in action to celebrate President's Day with unprecedented passion. Eddie kicks things off with a brief recap of his time in Mexico and of course it gets a little weird. Something about a bell hop and a wheelchair and yeah. Let's just say we're glad Eddie is home safe. After that Chief gives a real deep dive into why this is the biggest week for the Hawks all year. It's make or break time and that's putting it lightly. On the best end of things we could have a Panarin trade. At worse we dump Duncan Keith for a bucket of pucks. Like we said it's a big week. After that, WSD and Carl trade Spring Training headlines and what they mean to their respective clubs. Dave is getting antsy about Machado while Carl miraculously is holding out a sliver of hope Theo does more Theo things. Obviously we need baseball to start immediately before they explode. After that we got a couple beefs, some voicemails, a Robbie Gould rumor and some more beefs. It's an All Gas No Brakes President's Day and we thank you for tuning in. Sponsors: Miller Lite, Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Postmates, Simplisafe and SeatGeek. 
February 12, 2019
Good morning good afternoon and good evening ladies. And sports fans. But also ladies. It's Epsiode 89 aka the Mike Ditka Episode aka the HAWKS ARE BACK. Chief is so jacked up we had to give him some podcast sponsored Urbal Activ CBD to calm his nerves. He's that pumped up for his Hawks and rightfully so. Winners of 6 straight and on their way to playoff glory, right? Chief's not sure but we speculate the shit out of it and how the last couple week have changed the trajectory of the organization. Elsewhere, Michael Kopech from YOUR CHICAGO WHITE SOX (Gene Honda voice) join us for an awesome interview where he and WSD basically become best friends. And elsewhere Rick Hahn is v, v jealous. In addition to that wonderful must-listen interview, we've got our deepest bulls talk of the season as we actually break down the Otto Porter trade. Like actually and sincerely break it down. After that we enjoy a nice 6-point grabbag on all things from international travel with Eddie to Valentine's Day with White Sox Dave. This week we close with ad reads and a plea that you grab some ice cold responsible Miller Lites assuming your 21+. All Gas. 
February 5, 2019
GMGAGE Chicago Sports Fans the Red Line Radio gang is back this week to puke all over this horrendous Super Bowl, a game that undoubtedly could have belonged toyour 2018-19 Chicago Bears. Optimism is high that Nagy has the boys on track to get there. Patrick Mannelly joins the show to talk about offensive line play, long snapping in general and help us understand how he would have handled the Cody Parkey ordeal. It's a phenomenal interview and one of our favorites since starting the show over two years ago. Elsewhere, the Blackhawks are back for the 6th time this season, apparently, after winning 4 straight. But there's strong leaks that Duncan Keith could get traded and Chief's not sure what to make of it. After that Carl & Dave briefly recap the #BreakingNews that there are no mystery teams in on Bryce Harper. It's obvious that baseball season needs to start immediately because February Blows. We got voicemails, some beefs and a lot of all gas no brakes. Sponsor links: Roman = promo REDLINEUrbalActiv = promo REDLINE20DollarShaveClub = promo REDLINESeatGeek Promo = REDLINE 
January 29, 2019
BROUGHT TO YOU BY MILLER LITE - The gangs back for a brutal Super Bowl week in Chicago as temperatures fall into the minus 30's. Fuck this, right? Wrong. The Pro Bowl was scorching hot and Eddie is so excited to rehash his enjoyment. After that the boys chop up some Bears news and go heavy in the trenches with offensive line stuff. It's a big segment for our big listeners. Then we go to Super Bowl but really focus on the fan experience and what makes a good Super Bowl with our team out of it. Carl tells a story about winning a charity even beer pong tournament but then being disappointed to find out that part of the winning package was autorgraphed baseballs by Kris Bryant and Rizzo. He's not disppointed in getting the balls. Just disappointed that their actual signatures suck. After that, WSD goes heavy into his experiences this past weekend at Sox Fest including the time he became Adam Engel's professional hitting coach and no that's not a joke Dave has a new job. Kinda. That's followed with not so depressing Blackhawks talk because we're making a collective effort to give Chief a list of shit that he can do to occupy his free time like gardening and maybe learning Spanish as a 3rd language. Don't ask about his second btw. We also have an abbreviated grabbag and some weird beefs to give out. Notably, we would also like to apologize for 10 minutes of Ad Reads to start the show. Apparently people want a piece of Tony & Frankie's action. We're not going corporate though. That's our eternal promise. Thank you to sponsors Miller Lite, Roman, LinkedIn, UrBal Activ and Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (Napleton, Second To None Since 1931).
January 22, 2019
The Red Line boys are back after going through another weekend closer to normal life. The Conference Championships on Sunday were down right amazing and we're here to debate who lost the worst: Bears, Saints or Chiefs. We then follow it up with an outstanding interview with Bears' Captain, Kyle Long to give his first interview since the Bears lost. Spoiler Alert: he's moving on from the loss with a lot of anticipation towards starting the 2019 campaign. Naturally we left in shock and awe as we always do when talking to Chicago Bear greats. Kyle Long is no exception and NBD he invites us over for a pool party. After that, Carl goes through the Cubs convention festivities this weekend including a story about how he accidentally got hammered at Don Shula's steakhouse in the Sheraton Hotel. After that, Dave updates the crew on Manny Machado, virtually saying he is coming to the White Sox without the WSD scoop city stamp of approval. Chief follows to announce that the Hawks are officially dead but not really because there's a non-zero chance, whatever the fuck that means. There's some beefs, voicemails, and a very light grabbag to close out the show. We're still licking our wounds as we look to baseball season. Oh PS the Bulls suck.  
January 15, 2019
The boys are still picking up the pieces from the Bears Eagles game. Fortunately, Nagy and Pace had a joint press conference Monday that Eddie breaks down in full detail. There are some major observations regarding Cody Parkey's future, Chuck Pagano, long-term planning and what everything means for the 2019 Bears. Spoiler Alert: Eddie thinks 2019 is going to be a special season. From there, White Sox Dave goes full MLB Insider on the Manny Machado saga, even calling Barstool Hubbs in the mothership NYC office to get the Yankees' side of MLB Free Agency. It should be no surprise that Hubbs is as frustrated as all of us. Carl then gives his fastest 5 minutes on the Chicago Cubs including a weird obsession with new Cubs Front Office "strategist" Craig Breslow aka the smartest man in baseball. Chief follows with some unfortunate realities: the Hawks are sellers and everyone is available not wearing 88 or 19. In a strange twist, the guys follow that up with some extended Bulls talk after Carl took the weekend to watch back-to-back losses against the Warriors and Jazz. Things are ugly on Madison right now but Barstool Chicago is here to get through it all. Also included, Grab Bag and Beefs because it's Red Line Radio don't forget to have a couple beefs. 
January 8, 2019
The Barstool Chicago boys are absolutely devastated after a soul crushing defeat this weekend. No one saw it coming and there's loads of reaction packed into this week's episode. It's hard to pin blame on one player, so they say, but that doesn't stop us from going through each and every person who should be accountable for that devastating loss. At the same time, the boys do every they can to keep it together and stay big picture. This was the best season for Bears fans arguably in 12 years, arguably since 1985 because of how much fun we had along the way. After that, Carl and Dave do some baseball talk as they get ready for their seasons. Dave brings on good friend of the program AJ Pierzynski who basically injects a shot of life into everyone in the room. AJ is the fucking man as evidence by his 26 minutes with the boys this week. After that they do some mild grabbag, obviously voicemails, beefs, big shoulders before closing with the world debut on Red Line Radio of Imma Buy You A Beef. It's a big week even if it sucks. We're happy to be here with you, holding your proverbial hair as you puke your guts out over this defeat. Stay strong Chicago. We got this. 
January 2, 2019
Gooood morning good afternoon and good evening Chicago Sports Fans it is our distinct pleasure to present the first podcast we're releasing as Full Time Barstool employees. It's a whirlwind show for the guys as the go into some of the details on how it came together, what's to be expected and how Barstool Chicago is going to flourish under our leadership. It's loaded with emotion and rightfully so - we've worked out dicks off to get here for the better part of almost 6 years. After we're done blowing ourselves for being awesome, we get into the Bears Vikings beatdown, matchups against the Eagles and loads of other Bears Playoff considerations. After that Jeremy Roenick jumps on to talk about being the greatest video game athlete ever in Sega NHL '94. Then after THAT Eddie Olczyk comes on to talk all things Chicago Blackhwaks for what was an extremely sweet interview. There's a grab bag, some jokes and lots of shit talking along the way. Thanks for getting us here and expect nothing but the absolute best from us. We love you. All Gas NO BRAKES. 
December 25, 2018
It's an All Gas No Brakes Christmas at Red Line Radio HQ where the boys bring you this Holiday Special Edition podcast from Carl's family's party with Chief & Dave. Eddie is in Vegas but finds 30 minutes to join the boys in breaking down the Bears ugly win on Sunday against the 49ers. No one cares though because it's the Bears 11th of the season and Christmas is around the corner. Elsewhere, the guys hand out coal, talk Chicago sports wish lists and generally supply the Yule Tide cheer your holiday season so desperately needs. It's an All Gas No Brakes Christmas and we're delighted to celebrate with all you filthy animals. AGNB.
December 18, 2018
The Red Line Radio crew is All Gas No Brakes kind fired up over the Bears winning the NFC North Divsion. #12 looked like an absolute bitch in the process and the guys couldn't be more thrilled. Eddie is finally convinced and willing to admit this is a Super Bowl Bears team. The stars have aligned, and we call that the Red Line Radio difference. Elsewhere, the group celebrates Nagy's brilliance and offers him several beefs. Can the Bears close 12-4? Chief and Carl think so while Eddie has some interesting thoughts on the San Francisco game. WhiteSoxDave drops some knowledge bombs on the hot stove while Carl blames the Cubs bumps for a slow winter. Chief is - you guessed it - not happy with the Blackhawks leadership. There's a grabbag, a lot of beefs and big shoulders, 3 solid voicemails and a fuck load of happiness. We are champions. We are kings. We are coming for the Lombardi. ALL GAS NO BRAKES. 
December 14, 2018
The Red Line crew pulls off the improbable upset of selling out a bar at a Jewel Osco in honor of the single most premium Spirit brand on the planet, New Amsterdam Vodka. This is the full audio from the night's event, which we're turning over to you as a random bonus episode that was recorded, edited and produced from the bottom of our collective hearts. There's nothing related to Barstool Chicago that doesn't get covered in the live show including how Big Cat started the site, why Eddie really loves a Jewel-Osco, how long it would take to eat an aisle of cereal and the list goes on. Thanks to the filthy animals who showed up last Thursday, and thanks to those who are willing to retroactively consume this content. We love you, we love making this stuff and we hope you can visit us at our next live show on TBD at TBD. Most importantly, ALL GAS NO BRAKES. 
December 11, 2018
This week on Red Line Radio the boys absolutely lose their shit over how awesome the Bears defense is. Whitesoxdave leads the charge on what he's hearing the White Sox are doing at the Winter Meetings. Listen to all of this as well as Cubs hot stove, the debacle on Madison street, and more
December 4, 2018
***Live Show w/ Big Cat this Thursday 12/6 7pm @ the Jewel Osco on Clark & Division in Old Town*** The Red Line crew is back in action after the Bears dropped a heart breaker to the G Men. Eddie is understandably disappointed while Carl and Chief actively try to find silver linings for a deep Super Bowl Run. In other news, White Sox Dave declares War on KFC after a big, BIG weekend at the Big Ten Championships. The boys also nab Shams Charania to cover his breaking story from Monday that the Bulls fired Fred Hoiberg. Elsewhere, Chief isn't happy with Stan Bowman for a lot of reasons and the recent media tour isn't doing that ANY favors. Dave and Carl turn on the stove for a hot minute to talk some baseball before an extremely limited grab bag and abbreviated award session. Most importantly, this show is brought to you by Miller Lite. Please drink responsibly, but also please only drink Miller Lite from now on. Thanks. ***Live Show w/ Big Cat this Thursday 12/6 7pm @ the Jewel Osco on Clark & Division in Old Town*** 
November 27, 2018
***Live Show Next Thursday 12/6 7pm @ Clark & Division Jewel Osco*** The Red Line crew is joined by Chicago legend and former All Pro center, Olin Kreutz. He is a certified bad ass in every respect and an awesome interview to go behind the 2000's Bears while learning a shit load about the NFL in the process. Around the Kreutz interview, the crew breaks down all their 1st Place Bears excitement, Hawks trade, baseball offseason updates, etc. There's a grab bag, some butchered segments, lost voicemails and a few other things. ***+ Live Show Next Thursday 12/6 7pm @ Clark & Division Jewel Osco***
November 20, 2018
The Red Line crew is proud to present it's first Beefsgiving, a new holiday recognizing a beef sandwich meal before recording your Thanksgiving podcast in Chicago. Or something like that. Anyways we got some amazing behind the scenes stories from Eddie and WSD about their 4-hour beef/pizza/hot dog excursion this past Friday night in Chicago. Spoiler Alert: Eddie hates spoilers and Dave was full of them Friday. It's an argument/rant from Eddie for the ages. Next up is first place Bears talk about and why this team is ready to bury our insecurities as Bears fans once and for all. Cody Parkey obviously gets a few beefs. Carl then does some brain pretzeling on why the Cubs could land Harper, but likely sacrificing something major in the process that would leave Cubs fans shook. Next, Chief and WSD sit down with EDDIE OLCZYK, a certified living legend, to recap the state of the Blackhawks in Part 1 of a lengthy 2 part series with Edzo. It's an amazing interview loaded with the stuff we love to bring you: laughs, insight, familiarity. Per usual the boys close it down with a grab bag, some segments, a few beefs and of course voicemails.
November 13, 2018
The Red Line crew is absolutely FIRED UP about the Bears dominating performance against the Lions. Mitch looked awesome, Nagy is settling in, receivers are wide open, Khalil Mack murdered several people in a single play, and on and on and on it goes. The Bears are ROLLING and Red Line Radio is along for the ride. In the process Eddie explains why no matter how bad Cody Parkey kicks, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Chief gives a phenomenal update on Jeremy Colliton's debut on the Hawks and where his challenges will be over the remainder of his presumably brief time with the Hawks. WSD gives a behind the scenes look at Bryce Harper while Carl blows some wind on Buster Olney's clickbait report on the Cubs trading Kris Bryant. Elsewhere, the boys make some huge announcements regarding Italian Beef sponsors, the Winter Meetings, the Winter Classic and then Carl drops an extended grabbag on some Chicago delicacies. After that the crew is joined by active Marine and renowned baseball statistician Ryan Spaeder (must follow @theaceofspaeder) to talk AMAZING baseball statistics and old school WW2 baseball guys. Amazing interview with a big friend of the program. Overall 77 is a loaded show that ends with segments, awards and as usual, voicemails. Thank you to Scotty and Ray from Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for making Episode 77 happen. And a bigger thank you to all of our armed 
November 7, 2018
Not much else to say here. November 6, 2018 will go down in Blackhawks history for all the wrong reasons. Brent Sopel joins Chief and Carl to talk about what made playing for Q so different, why he was the best, always will be the best and got nothing but a good old fashioned fuck job on his way out of town. But like all good rememberances, we're not here to grieve. We're hear to celebrate. Sopes makes it so damn clear why Stan Bowman is a dead man walking, figuratively. Obviously. 
November 6, 2018
Episode 76 is as loaded as your Uncle at an Old Country Buffet baked potato bar. Spoiler Alert: very loaded. The Red Line crew spent some time in Evanston this past weekend watching Notre Dame continue its march to a perfect season against the Northwestern Wildcats and who would have guessed it Northwestern lost. Dave and Chief recount the game and tailgating at Northwestern. "Not Bad," says Chief, disappointedly. Elsewhere, Eddie is back from his week at the spa to explain why the Bears 41-9 victory was so damn sweet. Notably, Eddie got a good look despite a big blowout, and he thinks the boys are really starting to come together. In other words, the breakdowns are big and beefy, just how we like it. After that, Dave and Carl go back and forth in a hot debate about whether Machado or Harper fit into the Sox plans and what it would take to sign either. There's a noticeable difference the boys uncover later in the conversation. Chief then gives a passionate look at why the Hawks suck, why some heads need to roll and he even includes a great hypothesis included with a Thanksgiving Timeline. Elsewhere the Bulls suck big but Carl's convinced that clearly and convincingly means #1 overall pick. Finally, the boys take a lap around the block with a sealed Grab Bag from Carl that goes about 20 minutes longer than necessary but really no one gives a fuck because we'll see you next week. Segments: Beefs and Big Shoulders. 
October 30, 2018
The Red Line Boyz are back in action after watching the Bears dismantle the New York Jets. Eddie got laid up in the hospital after some bad car wash beef but is still able to come off IR for solid Bears talk as always. Carl's new dog, Scottie Puppen, is introduced (not really) as the official mascot of Red Line Radio, the first true mascot in Barstool Sports history, allegedly.Later, Chief and Dave go inside and out on Northwestern/ND this weekend with some piping hot takes and lots of arguing. Spoiler Alert: White Sox Dave loses the argument, but all signs point to a major Northwestern upset. So that's nice. Chief proceeds to solve the Blackhawks while Carl tells his Stan Bowman story for the 10th time in Red Line Radio recorded history. WSD then covers Chicago offseason baseball moves for what seems like an eternity, but only because there's so much juicy info. It's the first of many deep hot stove convos between WSD and Carl. Elsewhere, we have lots of beef sandwiches, segments (not really), voicemails, excitement and most importantly FIRST PLACE CHICAGO BEARS. 
October 23, 2018
The biggest episode in the history of Red Line Radio featuring the boys' collective childhood hero, Brian Urlacher. #54 joins the boys to talk retired life, getting juked by Tom Brady, winning without a quarterback and everything else the Red Line guys could throw at him. As always, Urlacher does not disappoint. Around the interview, the boys give their Bears/Patriots reactions lead by Eddie's staunch belief that the Bears are trending up. Also, Chief explains why the Hawks are back but far behind the Elite teams as evidenced by the Lightning beatdown. Carl and Dave chat up the World Series, Eddie explains why Zach Levine looks like the real deal (note: before Lavine went off in Dallas btw) and then Carl drops a new cornucopia of questions on the boys. They close with segments Buy Him A Beef and Big Shoulders per usual. Thank you sponsors: Tropical Bros, The Athletic and Mack Wheldon. PROMO CODES = REDLINE
October 16, 2018
Big Cat joins the Red Line boyz to breakdown the most disappointing loss Chicago Bears fans have suffered since week 1 of this year. Not a long time, but still remarkably soul crushing. We have first place expectations, and we will honor those expectations regardless of their validity. Eddie and Big Cat assign blame, talk through their issues and help us move on to New England because God knows the Bears need everyone's help. Big Cat also helps the boys get through some Bulls expectations for the year, and we can all agree a successful year includes a lottery pick, post play development and some flashes from Zach Lavine. In other words, it's very very bad. But not all teams in the UC are destined for misery. The Hawks look PHENOMENAL and Chief is going to explain why that does not apply to Brandon Saad and why he will not be buying him a beef. Carl and Dave round out playoff observations on Chris Sale sucking and the new Cubs hitting coach. Other segments include Carls Cornucopia (a grab bag of Carl questions for the guys), Big Shoulders, Buy him a Beef? and other stuff. Thank you TROPICAL BROS and THE ATHLETIC  for making this episode happen (PROMO = REDLINE).
October 9, 2018
The boys are back after a well deserved bye week and holy shit does Carl need it coming off the Cubs collapse. Before he explodes, the boys prepare you for your 1st Place Chicago Bears week 6 game against the overwhelmingly mediocre Miami Dolphins. Eddie has PTSD from the last time they came to town but is still confident this is a Bears beatdown and for good reason. White Sox Dave tries to jynx the season unintentionally but not really because he is a troll. And after done trolling the Bears, he turns his attention to Carl who finds a solid half hour of group therapy on this week's show to work through his Cubs related issues. Disclaimer: he does not mean any of the bad things he says about anyone this week. SPOILER ALERT LOTS OF BAD THINGS. White Sox Dave then plays a game of River Boat Gambler with Rick Hahn's checkbook as he pontificates the big swinging dick's moves this offseason. Chief explains why the Hawks are back including a remarkable profile on THE CAPTAIN. Voicemails, Gas Money Bob, Dope Ropes and then finally Super Bowl running back and Chicago Bear standout Thomas Jones joins the crew. NBD just the 25th all time rusher with 71 career rushing touchdowns called in while he was getting a goddamn lift in. Allow yourself to get the feels because they are there. TJ brings them, including a thorough explanation of why Green Bay sucks dong, the proverbial kind. Loaded show for a loaded audience. Bears are going to the Super Bowl ALL GAS NO BRAKES. 
October 2, 2018
The Redline Radio boys are STRUGGLING after Carl's wedding weekend. It's an All Gas No Brakes Podcast, but they are running on fumes. RLR pulls back the curtain and unveils a new segment called "White Sox Daze" to let the listeners in on all the eyeroll inducing instances that occur when you're working with White Sox Dave.  The ONLY thing giving them life this week was that Monster of the Midway Defense and Mitch Trubisky showing signs of life. Eddie is bringing the noise, the energy, and the analysis of the Bears' blow out of the Tampa Bay Bucs. With the offense now showing real signs of life heading into the bye week and the team in first place, the guys reset their expectations for the rest of the year and circle a few dates on the schedule including games with the Patriots and the Rams.  Carl breaks down what went wrong with the Cubs down the stretch and the pickle they're in now with the Brewers in Game 163 and looks ahead to a potential Wild Card showdown and NLDS matchup with Milwaukee.  Eddie introduces a new segment "would you buy him a beef" where the guys discuss Jimmy Butler and where his reputation is within the City of Chicago. "Buy A Beef" leads to Chief going on a rant about Brandon Saad and his lack of passion so far in his second stint with the Blackhawks. The RLR boys close the show with another editon of 'Big Shoulders of the Week" to determine who had the brightest moments in Chicago sports.  ALL GAS NO BRAKES
September 25, 2018
The Bears are alone in first place and the boys are here to rub the world's best defense in your face. Never mind the quarterback problems, this is Chicago Bears football of course the quarterback is the only question mark. Fortunately Eddie is here to be your spiritual guide as you manage your Mitch Trubisky expectations. On the north side of town, the Cubs are still in first place. Silvy from ESPN 1000 joins the boys to talk October expectations while Carl predicts a 16-inch softball style lineup for the October Cubs. Chief gets his first full Hawks monologue, and it's loaded with names no one else can pronounce or spell. But's he's all fuckin jacked up with optimism and that's GOOD NEWS for Red Line Radio. We close with a new yet monstrously important segment: Big Shoulders Of The Week, an award voted on by the listeners based on 4 submissions from Carl, Dave, Eddie and Chief and one listener submission Tuesday after the show drops. This week it's Hendricks, Hawk, McManus and Lauri in that order. Listen in and follow along on Twitter and of course Barstool Sports dot com to get a piece of the action #AllGasNoBrakes
September 18, 2018
The Red Line boyz have a little extra bounce in their step this week after watching the Bears DISMANTLE Russell Wilson and the once great Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. The Bears defense is back to its rightful Bad Boy status while Mitchy Dual Threat Trubisky proves all the Patrick Mahaolmes Enthusiasts that a Win is a Win is A Win. Eddie and Chief take you through all the Bears highlights before letting Carl and Dave drag their baseball ballz all over the Cubs playoff talk. Fortunately it's never too early to start talking White Sox B-side Free Agency so Dave covers that too. Chief glazes the episode with some in-person observations from the Hawks first official scrimmage, which is very nice. And of course, voicemails 224-544-9194. #AllGasNoBrakes
September 11, 2018
The boyz are here to face the music in the wake of getting tea bagged by Aaron Rodgers on national television. There's no time for crying though because Chicago is in the middle of a Super Bowl run (last time the Bears went 15-1? 1985) and soon to be a deep October run. Or something like that. White Sox Dave has PTSD following the Michael Kopech Tommy John surgery announcement, which is better than how Eddie is faring after Coach Nagy's disappearance in Sunday night's second half. Chief does his best to find a silver lining while Carl repeatedly reminds everyone at all times that the sun will rise tomorrow. Segments include: Red Line Radio official Matt Nagy press conference, White Sox Dave State of the Union, Cubs Counseling with Carl and of course VOICEMAILS 224-544-9194
September 4, 2018
The crew goes to HQ in NYC for the big announcement. We open with Big Apple observations followed by an exclusively non-exclusive interview with RLR Executive Producer Big Cat to break down the ins and outs of what to expect from Red Line Radio now that it's aboard the Barstool pirate ship. The crew then goes deep on all things Khalil Mack and why it might be the best trade, ever, of all time with serious implications on postseason expectations. Carl goes off on why Kyle Hendricks is back, Dave pumps/blows Northwestern football (again) while Chief and Eddie remind you that the best Bears talk from now and til forever will be right here on Red Line Radio. And last but not least, as always, voicemails 224-544-9194.  
August 7, 2018
Remember that time White Sox Dave crashed a Rick Hahn podcast party? Because that recently happened. Carl gives a full breakdown on all things Cubs shortly before Chief goes full meltdown and turns Stan Bowman into a legitimate meatball. Eddie dissects the Bears week in Canton, Ohio with some inside info on Bourbonnais performances from our good friend Dope Ropes. Segments include: This Week In Nice Things We (Dave) Don't Deserve, MeatBall Of The Week, Rick Hahn Meet The Press and Who's In My Mouth
July 31, 2018
The boys go to hockey camp with Jeremy Roenick, despite Dave and Carl not ever playing hockey before. Eddie from the OG Barstool Chicago crew joins to talk Urlacher legacy and early observations from his expert opinion. Take a bath in his velvet voice while your here. Dave unloads major Eloy demands before honoring the heroic and historic Peoria, IL native Jim Thome. Carl tries to tarnish his legacy with alleged speculation of allegations. Cubs talk predominantly revolves around why Hendricks is getting touched up early and why Cole Hamels might be a bigger pick-up than you think. Some new segments include This Week In Nice Things We Do Not Deserveand Blowin Wind. We're working on more, we promise. Also, Carl loses his goddamn mind on Rick Morrisey for a solid 7 minutes starting around 1:13. Then of course, as always, for now and forever so god help our souls, the boys close it down with voicemails. This special batch includes some peculiar propositions that will make you want to join the action. Call 224-544-9194
July 25, 2018
Gooey morning afternoon and evening Chicago sports fans. Episode 59 (we think it's 59) is stuffed with the kind of insight that makes you want to run through a brick wall Cubs - The boys went to a Cubs game. Carl reviews the 1914 Club (1:00) Cubs / Sox - WSD hates Cubs fans because they cheered for Rizzo when he pitched. The Cubs use too many position players on the mound and have too much fun, allegedly. (6:14) Sox - Dave reviews the time he peeked at Frank Thomas's penis in a men's room Sox/Cubs -  Trade Deadline including why the Sox should be quiet and why the Cubs should target deGrom and Cubs' trade bait power rankings (16:45) Bears - Camp has started and Roquan still sits out. Chief breaks down his concerns and how Roquan needs to fit into the scheme once he shows up (27:45) Bears - Chief and Dave are so HYPE(d) for the offense. Dave says he's kissing a lot of titties this year. (36:31) Blackhawks - The boys take on Jeremy Roenick's hockey camp this Friday. Neither of them can skate or play. Video to come. (43:20) Bulls - Put a pin in this: GarPax can sign Kyrie and Jimmy Butler next offseason if they don't extend Bobby Portis. This is very exciting (50:30) As always, Voicemails (52:30)
July 18, 2018
The boys take a big lap around Chicago Sports to combat what is unequivocally the slowest week in professional sports.Lots of Bulls and Hawks to open followed by the usual deep dive into all things Chicago Baseball. Then Whit Merrifield from the Kansas City Royals joins the show to discuss what it's like to get fucked out of the All Star Game, being an awesome big leaguer and a bunch more. And then finally, and as always, voicemails. 
July 10, 2018
EP 57 is a fully-loaded, double-sided pod just the way you like it after a long and steamy 4th of July. In the spirt of the show, Carl hands out 57 report cards while Dave gives a tour of his own personal academic achievements. PS because of Twitter the Bulls are back.  
July 3, 2018
Happy 4th of July to our extremely patriotic audience. On this episode, Chief joins the crew to make a massive announcement. Other items: 3:20 WhiteSoxDave goes to City Hall 8:05 No taxation without representation 10:50 White Sox Injuries / Prospects: Eloy (2-3 weeks) and Robert (6-10 weeks) 17:25 Cardinals Trash Dexter Fowler 27:35 Albert Almora vs. Javy Baez 28:45 Reactions to the Cubs recent dominance 30:30 Will the Players Union going on strike?  37:25 Barstool Chief is here to talk Blackhawks Offseason 50:35 Carl has beef with Stan Bowman (STORY) 55:25 Breaking Down The 4th of July: Movies, Cocktails & Activities 1:07:30 Voicemails
June 22, 2018
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