Really appreciate the casual conversation and deep dives into nuanced topics. Keep it up!
Credible Source
Hatson Sauniel
The most credible podcast I’ve found in regards to the Swift language. Every now and then a member from Apple’s Swift team is interviewed on the podcast. Keep the episodes coming, they’re great.
Best Source for Expert Swift Talk
This is my favorite source for getting a detailed, knowledgeable dissection of the latest Swift evolution proposals. There’s been many times where I’ve heard about a proposal that was difficult to wrap my head around, but that was only until I listened to the relevant Swift Unwrapped episode. The hosts have a gift for being able to deconstruct even the most complex topic.
These guys are awesome!
Rick Wolter
I emailed the hosts asking for advice and one of them(JP Simard ) replied with an incredibly thoughtful response. I realize this isn't a reason to listen to a podcast, however it does tell you how sincere and awesome these guys are. The show is amazing as well. It is jam packed with insight and utility. I definitely recommend this podcast for someone wanting to keep their knowledge of Swift current.--Rick Wolter
It's technical
Jerry Krinock
Most of the software podcasters who try to explain technical topics give up and move to the softer side after a while. These guys have kept it up. Sometimes I need to listen two or three times before I grok much of it, but if technical details were easy, everyone would be doing it :)
Not optional
This is currently my favorite Swift podcast. They go very in-depth and update frequently. Some tech podcasts can go off the rails and bloat the runtime with digressions, but these hosts stay pretty on track while still being friendly and entertaining. It's taught me a lot about the language and iOS.
I need this podcast.
Great work JP and Jesse!
great way to keep up with Swift changes
Nice coverage of Swift and the changes to the language done in a way appropriate for an audio podcast.
If you're serious about Swift, you'll love this podcast. :)
Finally a little more indepth podcast!
There are too many podcasts that cover all the generalities of the tech industry. I am glad to see this more focused podcast and have enjoied it so far. Only complaint is music in background while they are talking.
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