Awesome Podcast!!!
Clarisse Gomez
Jim, host of the Grant’s Current Yield Podcast, highlight all aspects of real estate, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
The one, the only
Curious Mayhem
The inimitable and witty Mr. Grant, strongly opining on the world of finance and especially credit markets, puncturing the silly and dangerous absurdities of the era that we're living through. Almost forty years of wisdom from Grant's Interest Rate Observer distilled in easy-to-consume form. (Sometimes Grant is a little too strong in expressing his views, and the sound quality does leave something to be desired at times. It has improved of late.)
Too much interruptions
I’ve been trying to listen for two years. He just interrupts too much. I am coming back to this review a second time and now I am unsubscribing. I can’t take the interrupting any more. I will have to stick to his written and edited word. I feel bad for Evan and the guests that he interrupts.
It’s okay
Joshua Yang Justin
It’s alright, but there are some lackluster guests and some groupthink about gold. Unfortunately things like calling “sunspots theory” a contrarian idea is just🤦🏼‍♀️
Great content, poor audio
Fantastic podcast that is filled with great insight. I only hope they can fix their audio as I told someone about their podcast and that was their first complaint. They even told me they would go back to the podcast once they fix the quality.
Poor Sound Quality
Poor sound quality outweighs quality of content.
I really enjoy these. They’re interesting and informative. Jim’s great and Eric asks great questions! Nice job guys
JC Finance
I have had a long career in financial services and only recently embraced podcasts as an information source. Out of the hundreds of podcasts I have auditioned, this is one of the best 2 or 3. I am a devoted listener. Excellent podcast. I enjoy the occasional subtle humor. The market perspective is 2nd to none.
Shut Up and Listen
Tried to listen to the repo podcast and had to turn it off after the creator incessantly interrupted the guest. What’s the point of having a guest if you’re simply going to interrupt to flex your knowledge?
Highly Recommend
Mr. Grant, though no question a supremely talented writer, seems to have been born to do podcasts. Everything from the opening jazz track, to his incredibly thoughtful and articulate commentary, is very well done. His insights into the credit markets, and ability to translate his guests’ technical jargon into “layspeech,” makes this podcast a no-brainer for professionals and non-professionals alike. One request for Mr. Grant: it would be much appreciated if you would offer a special promotion/discount to your Grant’s Interest Rate Observer periodical to podcast listeners!
Take every opportunity to hear Jim Grant
You can almost hear in his voice the exasperation at our current times, and almost hear echoes of Keynes chuckling at how markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Grant is a voice of reason in insane times, and he has a very smart crew with him.
Love it
Grant is the king. The market needs more Jim Grants. And Charley Grants.
Smart and droll
Intellectually engaging with above average observations. I feel smarter for listening to this podcast
Great content...BUT..
3 ads in a 25 or 30 minute podcast. C’mon. Zip Recruiter can’t be paying that much (and, it doesn’t work anyway). The ads are too much, Grant.
Love Jim Grant
This is a really informative podcast. It’s brief, but I look forward to it each week. Great insights from a legend in finance.
Awesome show!!
Brooke Craven
Jim Grant, host of Grant's Podcast, highlights all aspects of real estate investing and more in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful information and advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
George Louis Fontana
I don't know Mr. Grant, but I doubt he speaks without breathing, which is how this podcast plays out!! Can someone tell the producer to slow it down and stop clipping out the pauses and breaks? You are doing him and his brand a huge disservice and it is honestly impossible to listen to. I really love Mr. Grant's writing but can't stomach this poorly produced program.....too bad because if it were done correctly, it would be a great podcast.
Timely- Informative- Professional
I have really enjoyed the high-quality Journalism /chats. Mason Matschke
Love that I stumbled upon this new Grants podcast. Very helpful as an investor and a finance professional. Have always been a fan of Jim Grant. I like the bite size of these episodes as well. I think this will be extremely helpful over the next few years given market conditions.
a service to America
Odysseus Tied
Grant does the nation a service by making his and his team's perspicacious thinking and witty delivery readily available in this format. Frankly, I'd listen to the podcasts even if it was just to hear Grant read the advertisements. Come to think of it, the episode between Christmas and New Year's was essentially that.
Co Manager
Wish these were hr long episodes
Is China a Ponzi scheme?
The information presented by Jim Grant and his team is top notch. By far! But the editing of this particular podcast makes me suspect of the interview as published. The guest hardly ever takes a breath to speak. It's choppy and (to me) obviously edited. But again, the information is useful, top notch, and best of all... free. Thanks Mr. Grant.
The exception to the rule
Thank goodness Mr. Grant continues to be the exception to the rule when it comes to the musings of current finance (meaning worth listening/ reading to over long periods of time). Thank goodness.
The guy’s a prophet
Of course, to paraphrase him, “prophesies (unfortunately) are sometimes not all that useful.” He brings to my mind a quote from The Last of the Mohicans (the movie), “I would rather commit the gravest of errors than to surrender my own judgement (I hope I got that right).” In any case, his take on the way the world works resonates with with my own seventy-two years of life experiences. So, I guess, count me in as standing with him.
Wonderful way to get my Grant’s fix!
Paid up subscriber since 2006!
The best, short concise and witty.
bayou skydog
Great podcast I look forward to every episode.
It's Jim Grant!
This guy is peerless! One of the best market historians and all around sane and sensible voices you will ever come across. This podcast is a gift, take it!
From Murray: Great Show
Murray Alexander
Great show and insight. Felt more knowledgeable of the topic at hand and would recommend to anyone else interested.
Great length
Jacob Tobey
These podcasts are great because they are always to the point and are great in terms of time per podcast. Its enough time to put them on for a 20 minute drive to the store so you can get your daily fix in.
One of the best podcasts I've listened to, and certainly the best financial podcast I've ever come across.
Smart man. Great Podcast.
Grant knows what he is talking about. Great show for anyone looking to learn about finances and investing.
Great podcast!
Grant is superb. A must listen!
Great show, super informative!
Informative Podcast
C's Man 1986
Grant's perspective, whether it's investing or just life itself, always makes a good listen. Very informative and easily became a part of my regular podcast rotation. Couldn't recommend higher.
Very Informative
Mr. MikeNice
Learning more about investments, stocks, real estate and much more.
Nick Gelso
Absolutely thrilled to have Mr. Grant on the CLNS Media mobile app. Very honored to work w the Grant Team. Love the show. :)
Providing a Necessity
I've long-lamented the glaring hole in my knowledge of finance. In my opinion, Liberal Arts colleges should remove some antiquated core requirements and replace them with finance or tax courses. For those of us who have long-since matriculated and don't have the time to take on a graduate-level course, Grant and Evan are supplying a necessity in my mind. The way they are breaking down financial stories into long-form journalism and then here in an easy-listening audio format is a pleasure to consume. I have no doubt much of what they discuss will come in handy as my financial life continues to grow.
Finance Made Easy
I am by no means a savant when it comes to anything finance. I started listening to Jim's pod recently and with his wealth (no pun intended) of knowledge he makes it simple to understand. My portfolio won't be any better off tomorrow but at least I understand it a little better than yesterday! Highly recommended!
Top-notch insight
Great insight on the economy and money. The delivery of the hosts is a joy to listen to. Highly recommend!
Great podcast
J Smoker
As someone who doesn't know the first thing about finance, I found this podcast very useful and helpful to my learning. Great job guys!
Excellent Listen
Cory Prescott
After searching for financial podcasts, I stumbled upon Grant’s Podcast without realizing this was the same Jim Grant – a longtime respected journalist – who is also the founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. Jim and cohost Evan Lorenz bring insightful commentary to a niche market that I am trying to learn more on; and so far, I think they’re helping. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
Love the pod
Mike Alongi
As someone who doesn't know much about finance or investing, this is a perfect podcast to listen to and try to learn from. Love the way the hosts communicate with each other as well, they have great chemistry. Top-notch podcast to be sure.
Great Commentary
Jim Grant is considered to be one of the greatest investment analysts over the past few decades, and after listening to this podcast, it is easy to see why his smart financial commentary is so well-received. He breaks down business models, analyzes finance, etc. at a high level that is accessible to all -- not just investors. Subscribe to this podcast! You won't regret it.
A great change of pace!
Most podcast on iTunes are full of the same every day topics... so it's very refreshing to get some real finance talk for a change! You have a longtime listener here keep up the great work!
Long time follower of Jim Grant & Interest Rate Observer
I am a longtime follower of Mr. Grant and his legendary bi-weekly publication - Grant's Interest Rate Observer. This podcast is likewise one of the most valuable resources for not just investors but anyone with an interest in the markets in general. Mr. Grant and Evan Lorenz's delivery and knowledge is not just unmatched but it is unique and independent. I cannot suggest subscribing to this podcast enough.
Fantastic Podcast
Grants and Lorenz are tremendous as usual
Just subscribe already
Hugely enjoyable and informative - shot to the top of my favorite podcasts
Have been a fan of Jim's for 30 years. Great use of newish technology. Fascinating and rewarding to listen. Thank you!
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