Great podcast
Lawson Stancil
This podcast has been super helpful in thinking about the life of church in light of the Bible. Grateful for Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman and their love for Christ and his church.
Pastors Talk
Charlie in BG KY
Hey! How long do you guys take for summer break? When will Tuesday podcasts resume?
The best for the Church
These brothers have encouraged me so much. They also get me thinking a ton on biblical ecclesiology. I hope this podcast continues for years to come.
Brent Belford @ Colonial
Thank you Jonathan and Mark! I enjoy thinking through these important pastoral issues with you. Blessings!
A podcast for curious introverts!
I am a newly married 24 year old man, I am not a pastor, but I love pastors and am very interested in preaching and pastoral ministry. This is one of the best podcasts I have listened to and I listen to a bunch of great ones. I like how short it is, there’s a sense in which I’m in the room with them, just silent. Most of the time, it feels like they don’t know it’s recording and they’re just having a conversation. Mark and Jonathan have a really nice chemistry. Either I’m lame or they’re really funny sometimes.
Great podcast!
One of my favorites! Thankful for all the wisdom shared between these faithful Pastors!
Good Stuff
Alex C...
Much to learn from these pastor/elders talk about the church.
Read their books instead
The Fighting Squirrel
I love nine marks ministries. But the podcast is a little much. There’s not a lot of hard and fast teaching, but rather a lot of unnecessary banter. Also Mark doesn’t seem to interview well. I would suggest read their books Or listen to their sermons instead of listening to the podcast. They will be much more helpful.
Helpful Resource
As a man looking to go into full time ministry after seminary, this has been a great resource in helping think through shepherding the flock and all the challenges that come with it.
Hey congregants!
If you're not a pastor, you'll still find Pastor Talk edifying. Few things are more soothing to me than listening to Mark Dever speak, and being a fly on the wall to hear him talk orthopraxy is wonderful. Do your pastor a favor and recommend it to him. My pastor found it very helpful and encouraging.
Casual Edification
David Doran Jr.
Thankful for this wonderful supplement to my ministry week–this podcast gives a chance to think about ministry philophy and church life in a way that is engaging and thorough yet also casual enough to enjoy while you're cleaning or turning in reciepts at the church. Makes you look forward to some of the busy-work!
What They Said
I reiterate the other reviewers–this is an excellent resource that is immensely helpful. It is a brief, practical, informal conversation about biblical pastoring.
Thank You 9Marks
This podcast is excellent! Content and format are just what I enjoy to learn and grow as I maintain a pretty full schedule. I'm subscribed and I won't miss and episode! Thank you for investing your time and energy to help other pastors like me!
Keep them coming
This new podcast has been very helpful to me! I find it very edifying. Please keep them coming!
Really Enjoy Listening
J Gussler
This podcast has been a great addition to my weekly list of podcast. I always seem to learn so much about ministry.
Great Resource
For any pastor desiring to grow in their ministry this is the perfect help. Mark and Jonathan do a great job in addressing issues particular to the pastorate. I highly recommend it for those who are serious about doing ministry well!
Immensely Helpful
Pastor's talk is an excellent resource. Mark exudes pastoral wisdom and is able to address timely questions posed by Jonathan; such as addressing social media usage in the church. The podcast provides a helpful medium for hearing how Mark, Leeman, and CHBC practically apply what we have been reading for many years.
Excellent Resource
Called by God
Thankful for this resources. I've been a fan on the 9Marks books and article for a long time. Including a podcast in the mix is a great way to bring others into the conversation. I highly recommend you subscribe and make this part of your routine.
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