Sleepless Son
Thank you so much for sharing all the tips and knowledge on sleep anxiety. Not only does it make me feel better I am not alone, you have great advice to try and get everyone sleeping. My older son is just like your youngest and I will get us sleeping!! Thank you again
Been listening for over a year and have learned so much that has helped me parent my anxious child. This info has helped us more than going to therapy for years did!
Required listening!
I found Natasha’s website doing some late-night googling and haven’t been able to stop listening to her podcast! This is packed with amazing info and so much relatable stuff, it makes me laugh and cry, but mostly it gives me the tools to help my son while making a more peaceful home environment.
Great information for navigating life with a child with OCD
At 30 Years Old I Finally Understand Myself
I can’t thank you enough for the education I have gotten in the last 5 hours. My wife and I are on the way home from the beach and we have binge-listened and also bought one of your online classes. Our daughter has had “bad thoughts” for a little while and then this week had an episode after her first day of school.we can’t wait to get home and let you help us!
Amazon anxiety podcast
This podcast is so good. I have 2 kids with high anxiety. My 8 and 6 year old’s anxiety shows up related to doing new things, especially without me or my husband present. So going to school anxious, going to swim, anxious... and so on. BUT listening to this podcast has put anxiety in a new light and I am learning how to help empower my kids. My only wish was Natasha was my children’s actual counselor! She is so sweet and the things she advices are doable. This podcast is worth listening to!
Thank you!!
I have struggled so much to explain what it’s like to have anxiety and to have a child with anxiety. If others haven’t experienced it they don’t seem to truly understand. This podcast has made me feel like I’m not alone. Like other people know what I’m gong through and how to help. Thank you!!!
A great resource!!
I really appreciate all that Natasha does to educate and equip parents struggling with parenting kids with OCD and anxiety. I have found more helpful information and resourceful tools in her podcast than the piles of books I’ve poured through since beginning my old OCD parenting journey 3 years ago. She packs a ton of hands on and helpful information into her episodes and has a HUGE range of topics. She’s a tremendous resource and I’m so grateful for all that she shares!!
In my toolbox
Thank you Natasha! This podcasts gives me an outlet to “talk” about OCD since it feels like there is no one to talk to who understands. Also she has lots of great ideas that we add to our toolbox. My son has been doing OCD rituals since before he was 3. It took us another year to find help. Six months into ERP bravery practice, this podcast is a great addition for more ideas and a great emotional outlet for me as a parent
Natasha Daniels is my parenting whisperer
So insightful and great to have the constant reminder of how to be a better parent. Because it’s really hard to remember in the moment, having her wisdom and practicing it mindfully has been really helpful.
Extremely helpful & giving me hope!
These podcasts are saving me as a parent of 2 children with OCD and another with anxiety. I wish I would have had this info years ago! Thank you for all your work, Natasha!
Thank you!!!
Muffin Dragon
I cannot thank you enough for all the amazing information and support! I especially appreciate that you mention how you have missed seeing symptoms, in your kids, as you are so close and not as objective, as you are in sessions. Hearing that has provided such relief for me as I beat myself up for not seeing symptoms at home, when the same symptoms, in clients, are clear as daylight in sessions at work. Very grateful to have these podcasts and your dedication!!!
Binge worthy!
I love this podcast. I discovered Natasha’s website yesterday, then her YouTube channel and now her podcast. Her voice is soothing and she’s funny too. It’s nice to listen to in the car. I don’t get bored (as I have with some parenting podcasts) and she doesn’t go over my head with clinical terms. Even her scary topics (child predators, abduction, etc) she addresses in a way that I don’t get too freaked out and I’m able to ingest the information.
Real and Authentic
Natasha is super insightful on ways to interact with children and yet very honest about where she struggles and at time fails. This is helpful because so many of us want to be perfect parents and when we fail it can create shame. This podcast gives realistic goals for sure!
Great podcasts
I have learned so much from Natasha! I have two kids who struggle with anxiety and sensory issues and I have anxiety myself. Natasha has helped me so much in my parenting! Thank you!!!
Life saving information
Susan LKL
We have a daughter who has just been diagnosed with anxiety and OCD, and while she sees a great therapist this podcast has been saving my life with all Natasha’s knowledge, straight talk and ability to explain. Thank you soo much!
You NEED this podcast if your child has OCD and/or anxiety.
I came across Natasha Daniels on her FB page and quickly learned that I had only hit the top of the iceberg of her wisdom in the area of anxiety and OCD. I quickly found myself following her everywhere and of all of the things she does, these podcasts and her YouTube videos have been an actual lifesaver for my daughter and I. We’ve been searching and searching for the right therapist to get the beast that is OCD to loosen its grip on my daughters life; the struggle is REAL! I was feeling so frustrated and disappointed that I couldn’t help my daughter! Then I found this podcast and it has been like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’ve been listening to the podcasts and my daughter and I watch one or two of the YouTube videos and discuss them afterwards. Thanks to Natasha, we now have a language to use to communicate about the OCD- beforehand, my daughter just about refused to share anything with me. Thank you very much for everything you do, Natasha!
Concrete ideas to help
I like that Natasha uses personal examples to demonstrate how she has used what she recommends. She also talks about how to build skills throughout a child’s life so it doesn’t feel as if you’ve missed the boat in helping your child. Very informative, relevant and can easily be put into action.
Amazing & life changing!
I only found this podcast about a week ago...since then I have listened non-stop & I am so thankful that I found this podcast & grateful for Natasha Daniels for creating such a wonderful resource for parents & kids!! My six year old son has anxiety & ocd and the therapy services are not covered by insurance, so are very costly. I was losing hope that I would find the help we needed, & then I found Natasha! We are also utilizing the resources on FB, YouTube, & the website now, & I plan to take the online class as well. And I also want to say that today my son walked to his classroom alone for the first time this year (I have been walking him every day since August!), and that is because we started using the “challenge” system we started this week! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Natasha is the best
I love listening to this podcast because Natasha is real and admits to not doing things right. She doesn’t make me feel guilty for my mistakes as a parents and helps me to better understand and parent my son.
Life changing!
I discovered Natasha about a week ago and I have been non stop watching her YouTube videos and now listening to this podcast. Thank you for all you do to help us and our children Natasha!!
Love, love, love this podcast ❤️
So glad I found this podcast!!
My 9 year old daughter has been struggling with a fear of germs and excessive hand washing on and off for about a year. She saw a local therapist for a couple months and she seemed better, but is much worse now. The therapist never mentioned OCD. After binge listening to these podcasts and showing my daughter some of the YouTube videos, we are trying to get her in with someone who specializes in OCD.
So helpful!
Natasha’s podcast and videos have been so helpful in confronting and treating my 8 year old daughter’s moralistic ocd. We live in an area with no resources. When she was diagnosed, we were at a loss as to what to do. We pursued treatment from an ocd specialist because of Natasha’s information and now she has shown so much progress. Also, a parent, I find so much guidance from Natasha in dealing with being a parent to a child with ocd. There is so much that she explains about ocd and how it affects parenting that I find her information invaluable. Thanks so much!
Anxiety and Parenting
Wow!! Lately I’d been feeling so overwhelmed with my kids. I’ve always felt that I’ve had social anxiety and just hearing about how it can affect my parenting makes me want to look into working on my anxiety so that I can be a more patient and worry less. So glad I stumbled across this podcast.
This podcast, as well as Dr. Daniels’ YouTube channel are a gift to society. Thank you for what you do!
I’m grateful for Natasha sharing her work
My child recently got diagnosed with OCD and Anxiety. I felt completely unequipped to help my child. I was feeling really frustrated and depressed. Being the researcher that I am, I tried to find information on Anxiety/OCD for kids. Thankfully, I found Natasha. If it weren’t for this podcast and YouTube Channel, I don’t know how we would be doing. My child is in therapy and on medication. My next step is to address my Anxiety. Than you, Natasha.
So good! On so many fronts!!
I love Natasha's work! These podcasts are so so helpful and insightful and real and I find the perspectives around children and life, and really allowing children to already have healthy perspectives around life and some of these issues that they can confront. My kids don't actually have Anxiety or OCD and I still find these super super helpful for more typical children and the worries that they have around mean people or other things that come up
So helpful!
This podcast has helped to completely reshape how I was thinking about my child's needs. It has taken the shame out of his neurological diversity for my child. Characterizing the anxiety and OCD has helped open the lines of communication about it. Now I feel informed and like an advocate for my child. I can't thank you enough Natasha!
Thank you!!
Our youngest son (12) has been experiencing anxiety and it took us completely by surprise. Manifesting as anger, we thought he was just going to be our “difficult” child. Turns out we were missing (and denying) some pretty bright red flags. Thankfully he is safe and we are learning so much about anxiety and parenting an anxious child through your podcast!
Simply amazing
Just amazing in every way thank you
PLEASE send to every parent of a child with OCD!
Grateful Mom out of her zone
Natasha, I am near tears today after hearing your podcast! My 17 year old daughter has been struggling with OCD for at least 5 years. If only I had this information five years ago!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now I can finally say I understand what she has been going through and how to help her. There is nothing more excruciating for a mother than to see your child in pain and not be able to help. She is on meds (we reluctantly gave in a year ago) but that does not give her the skills to cope. She is graduating from HS in a couple of months and will go to the other side of the world (we live in Asia). Now she will go knowing that her mother understands her and perhaps with a few more tools to help manage her pain. You are an angel. Thank you. I will be making a contribution to your work today!!
I’m sure the host has great intentions and wants the absolute best for her children and her listeners. Unfortunately, the advice to hit something when you’re angry has been scientifically proven to increase aggression. Catharsis does not work. This has been known since the 90s, and unfortunately too many well-intentioned but poorly-researched therapists continue to recommend it. Is it any wonder why your child throws a seatbelt through the window of the car when you’ve been encouraging him to act violently when upset? That’s how he’s been trained.
Such valuable information!
I’m a child and family therapist who is still fairly new in the field, and am so thankful to have discovered this podcast! I’ve been searching for more easily consumable resources on mental health specific to kids and parenting approaches, and Natasha is a wealth of information in those areas. She is warm and very engaging, as well. Thank you for your work, Natasha!
A must listen podcast for parents of kids with anxiety or ocd.
So thankful for Natasha and her insight into children with anxiety and OCD. With her background as a therapist she brings in the knowledge of helping define the struggles we have with our kids and what to practically do but she does it all with the heart of a mom who understands the daily grind of parenting these unique kids.
Intrusive Thoughts
Thank you! Thank you! I needed this help.
Great Podcast!
Great content! Very real and practical. Has really helped bring me out of the feelings of isolation that parenting children with mental health challenges brings.
As a licensed professional mental health counselor—- this is amazing for resources for my practice.
Natasha Daniels has helped me reframe how I parent my anxious and sensory children! I highly recommend this podcast!
What an amazing resource!
I can’t get enough of these episodes! Natasha is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to parenting, parenting a child who has anxiety and parenting when YOU have anxiety. She has such a warm and engaging personality and offers realistic, practical parenting advice that you can actually put to use. I love how she combines her professional expertise with her real life parenting experiences. I always leave her episodes feeling empowered and supported.
OCD and Anxiety
I am just finding this podcast. Thank you so much for sharing all your expertise on OCD and anxiety. This greatly affects my teenage daughter. Please continue with any OCD advice you have for teens. Wonderful Podcast! Much Appreciated!! ~Shannon
Life-changing resource
Natasha, I can’t thank you enough for the information you share in this podcast! I have no idea how you find the time while working and being a mom to three kids with anxiety (and apparently medical issues as well!), or why you provide all this content for free, but I’m incredibly grateful. I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist so when my preschooler suddenly started having all of these anxiety/OCD symptoms and behavior problems, I of course started researching the heck out of it, but nothing else I’ve found has even come close to the in-depth and practical information that you provide. For just about every issue we’ve encountered (school refusal, oppositional/defiant behavior, compulsive urination, could it be PANDAS/PANS?) Natasha has a podcast or video that addresses that topic in-depth, and from her extensive personal and professional experience she clearly just GETS it, and is able to get to the heart of what’s going on and what to do about it, in a way that even all of my therapist friends and the therapist we’re taking my son to see (who specializes in working with preschoolers, but not specifically anxiety and OCD) don’t. When I started doing ERP exercises with my son it immediately had a huge impact on his overall anxiety level, and although it’s continued to be an up-and-down learning process since then, I know we’re headed in the right direction and it’s starting to feel like we have our kid back ❤️
Perfectionism episode
Ema of 2
This was very helpful for me as a mom of a perfectionist. The part about hanging perfect grades hit home. “Focus in effort, not outcome.”
Providing that light at the end of the tunnel
I and I’m sure many parents struggle with parenting trying to be perfect! All of your podcasts are so helpful but as a teacher I realize not everything works with every child. Just FYI, we are required by law to report sexual abuse. I just listened to an old podcast and it made me think of that! Keep it up!
Great resource for any parent
Ash RN mother of two
My son has been recently diagnosed with ADHD and definitely has anxiety. I also struggle with anxiety. Thank you for all your help! Can you address ADHD specifically and anxiety?
A lot of tears but so much smiles
Last week after a breakdown I was again wandering online looking for THE answers to my many questions.... I don’t know how but I found Nathasha... I cried the entire podcast about anger issue because it was exactly what I was hoping to find, empathy and advices .... but what made it even more amazing is that I sent the link to the podcast to my husband and, for the first time ever, he listened to the entire thing. Later that day I heard him said to our son exactly what Natasha advice to say on her podcast. It was magical ! I am still in the dark with my Son’s anxiety but I feel like I find a light to guide me through that tunnel... thank you !
A+ from this exhausted, discouraged mama!
I’m thankful, beyond belief, for finding your podcast. I struggle with anxiety, along with one of my kids, however, the resulting manifestation for each of us is completely different. It is such a struggle at times to identify or even understand the feelings and behavior of my anxious kiddo. I have been able to identify and relate to several of your episodes, which is such a relief in itself. Your practical tips and suggestions are amazing and so greatly appreciated. Listening has given me some comfort and hope, knowing that I’m not alone! Can’t thank you enough for what you do!
Katy Z.
Thank you so much for the great advice. So nice to find a helpful resorce. My little guys core fear are bad dreams. I feel at a lose on how to tackle this fear.
How to find the core fear of your child anxiety and ocd
My son’s therapist never mentioned about finding out my son’s core fear. When I asked him he did say the same. Listening to you opened my eyes. As a result I communicate better with my son. Your examples are very helpful. English is my second language and using the proper language to talk of his OCD has being a revelation for me and him. Thank you so much. My
Best podcast about anxiety in children
This podcast has change my life. I have been able to learn about anxiety and ways to help my child. She offers so much valuable information! The best podcast!
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