November 8, 2019
We’ve always wanted to do a comedy podcast. Over the summer, we tossed the idea around and decided to record a pilot episode to see if we were up to the challenge. This “pilot” is the result—consider it a rough draft. Let us know what you think: if we made more episodes, would you listen?
November 2, 2019
Robert the doll, in his glass case at the Fort East Martello Museum. In 1904, four-year-old Robert Otto received a large doll that immediately became his constant companion. However, his family soon noticed that strange and disturbing things were happening regularly around the house—and according to their son, the doll was to blame. Can a doll really be haunted?Resources:Timesuck with Dan Cummins - “BONUS 1 - Robert the Cursed Doll”Lore - episode 15, “Unboxed” to the Dark Tower by CinematicWavesTempting Fate by AudionautixBoat Floating by Puddle of InfinitySummer Heat by Tom SpanderMyths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by CinematicWavesAll songs used under the Creative Commons Liccense.
February 26, 2019
Bell Island, off the coast of Newfoundland Bell Island is a small rocky piece of land off the coast of Newfoundland, with a population of about 3,000. Yet it’s known to conspiracy theorists around the globe because of a mysterious event that happened in 1978: a massive explosion in the sky that destroyed electrical devices and wires across the island…and it only get weirder from there. Exploding TVs, men in black, secret government weapons tests, weather-altering technology, mind control…even aliens? OK, probably not aliens.Resources:History – Mystery Booms“This Great Laboratory”: The U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryConcorde - WikipediaSupersonic History: What Routes Did Concorde Fly?Nighttime Podcast Bell Island Boom The Bell Island Boom  -SkeptoidThe Mystery Bell Island Boom April 2, 1978 - YouTube -DocumentaryThe Bell Island Boom: What Were the Men in Black Investigating in 1978? - YouTubeTHE INVISIBLE MACHINE - ELECTROMAGNETIC WARFARE - YouTubeBell Island (Newfoundland and Labrador) - WikipediaBall lightning - Wikipedia Music:Blue Sizzle - Madness Paranoia by Kevin MacLeodAnguish by Kevin MacLeodThe Big Guns by Silent PartnerCreepin by MK2Myths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by CinematicWavesAll songs used under the Creative Commons License.
July 2, 2018
We're back after a long hiatus, with an episode about cursed Hollywood films; some that you've heard of, and some you may not know about. We discuss them and ask whether or not we believe in them, as well as whether or not we're the victims of a #PodCurse. Did you know there's a movie script that allegedly kills everyone who reads it? Find out what it is on this episode of Myths and Mysteries.Resources: You Should Know About PodcastUnsolved Mysteries of the World PodcastMusic:Ryno's Theme by Kevin MacLeodNot As It Seems by Kevin MacLeodSomething Wicked by Kevin MacLeodFall by Ross BugdenNew York, 1924 by Ross BugdenMyths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves. All songs are used under the Creative Commons License.
March 14, 2018
The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. In this minisode, we tell some stories of ghostly encounters that Major League Baseball players have had in haunted hotels.Music:Voyeur by Jingle PunksJazz In Paris by Media Right ProductionsThe Rover by S StrongMyths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves. All songs are used under the Creative Commons License.Beyond The Game radio program can be found at
February 21, 2018
In late 1991 and early 1992, newspaper reporter Linda Godfrey wrote about a rash of reported werewolf sightings along a small stretch of road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The story exploded nationwide, as tales of The Beast of Bray Road--a massive wolf that walked upright on its hind legs--captivated audiences across America. Linda soon discovered that sightings like these have occurred across the continent, and the globe, for a very long time. Encounters with Dogman--as the creature is often called--are terrifying, and although usually brief, they leave witnesses with a lifetime of questions. Join us as we discuss the Dogman phenomenon, and are joined by Linda Godfrey, who has written several books on the topic and is the foremost authority on Dogman, for an eye-opening interview.Resources:Witness stories told in the episode are from the books listed below:Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America by Linda GodfreyAmerican Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America by Linda GodfreyMonsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomenon by Linda Godfrey Underground PodcastNot Alone PodcastExpanded Perspectives PodcastDogman Encounters RadioMusic:Haunted Places by Alex LisiDark Tension Rising Music by Royalty Free ZoneHeavy by Huma-HumaDead Man's Secrets by SilencydeMyths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves. All songs are used under the Creative Commons License.  
February 7, 2018
A plaque left in honor of Rodney Marks. Australian astrophysicist Rodney Marks was stationed at the South Pole, where his friends and coworkers universally liked and respected him. So why did he suddenly die from poisoning?Resources:Mysterious Circumstances Podcast - "Rodney Marks" the Days Come by Letter BoxThe Dusty Attic by ErikMMusicI Can See You by ProwlerMusicImaginary by Broken Elegance & NomynQueen of the Skies by HookSounds.comThe Myths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves. All songs are used under the Creative Commons License.
January 23, 2018
Department of Defense photo of UFO seen by Navy F-18 pilots in 2004. In December of 2017, it was revealed that the Department of Defense had funded a secret program to study UFOs. What exactly was the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, where did it come from, and what did it uncover?Resources: by Cinematic WavesRunning Away by Cinematic WavesVisitors in the Night by Cinematic WavesShroud by SilencydeThe Myths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves. All songs are used under the Creative Commons License.
December 13, 2017
Black dog weather vane (photo from Black spectral dogs have been seen across the UK for hundreds of years. Some are terrifying monsters, while others are considered omens of impending death, and some are protectors of the weak. What are black dogs, and where do they come from? Join us as we explore the legends...and make Harry Potter references.Resources: Horrors by Kevin MacLeodSomething Wicked by Ross BugdenHaunted Places by Alex LisiHey Sailor by Letter BoxAll used under the Creative Commons License.Myths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves. 
November 28, 2017
Crop circle (photo by Lucy Pringle, Mysterious circular formations have been pressed into fields across England, and other places around the world, for years, with reports dating back as far as the 17th century. They appear overnight, seemingly without explanation. Who (or what) makes them, and why?Resources:UFOTV Presents Crop Circles Quest For TruthUFOTV Presents The Story Of Crop Circles Invasion by Cinematic WavesBig Eyes by Cinematic WavesSigns in the Fields by Cinematic WavesSea of Forgotten Tales by cinematic WavesBlank by DisfigureAll used under the Creative Commons License.Myths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves.
November 15, 2017
An alleged Orang Pendek track. Bigfoot's much smaller cousin, the Orang Pendek, is said to live deep within the remotest jungles of Indonesia. What is responsible for these sightings? Is it misidentified local primates, bears, an undiscovered race of ancient hobbits...or something else?Resources:Expanded Perspectives podcast "Orang Pendek"Monster Quest episode "The Orang Pendek" by SilencydeDragon Slayer by Ross BugdenHaunted Places by Alex LisiDhaka by Kevin MacLeodDead Man's Secrets by SilencydeAll used under the Creative Commons License.Myths and Mysteries theme music is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves.
October 31, 2017
It's Halloween! What better day (or night) of the year is there to tell some of our favorite creepy but true (or at least mostly true) stories? So in this special episode, we've done just that: we've got seven short stories locked and loaded for your listening pleasure. Light a candle and let's go!Monster Mash by Peter Pan RecordsThe Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels BandMusic:Circles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesLights by Cinematic WavesThird Gate by WydronMoments of Despair by Cinematic WavesBack At It by SilencydeBack of the Room Hang by Jingle PunksColossus by WydronAll used under the Creative Commons License.
October 16, 2017
A painting of the Mongolian Death Worm by Pieter Dirkx In the Gobi desert of Southern Mongolia, there allegedly lives an abnormally huge worm that can kill a man instantly in a few different ways. Is The Mongolian Death Worm real?Resources:Destination Truth - Season 2, Episode 2Beast Hunter - "Mongolian Death Worm"Monster Talk podcast - "The Mongolian Death Worm"Thinking Sideways podcast - "The Mongolian Death Worm" by PeriTuneCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesDesert Caravan by JHSoundtracksRun by Ross BugdenSummer Heat by Tom SpanderAll used under the Creative Commons License.
October 5, 2017
The boundaries of the Bridgewater Triangle In southeast Massachusetts, there's a 200-square-mile tract of land that is home to more cryptids, ghosts, UFOs, and other paranormal events than you can count. Does this activity date back to the bloody war that was fought on this soil between native Americans and colonists? Or is it even older?Resources:The Bridgewater Triangle (documentary available on Amazon Prime) Eyes by Cinematic WavesCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesMoments of Despair by Cinematic WavesBizznezz by JahzzarThe Dusty Attic by ErikMMusicMoldy Lotion by Light FootAll used under the Creative Commons License.
September 19, 2017
The FBI's composite sketches of D.B. Cooper. On Thanksgiving Eve, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper hijacked an airliner, collected $200,000 in ransom money, and parachuted out of the plane, never to be seen again. Who was D.B. Cooper, and did he survive his jump?*NOTE: We incorrectly state in the opening of the episode that the hijacking occurred in 1972. That was a typo in our notes; the incident actually took place in 1971.*Resources: Unsolved: The Strange Disappearance of D.B. CooperThe Skyjacker That Got Away (The History Channel)Music:Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeodCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesBrittle Rille by Kevin MacLeodKillers by Kevin MacLeodTwisted by Kevin MacLeodCold Funk by Kevin MacLeodAll used under the Creative Commons License.
August 22, 2017
Nearly anywhere across the globe, if you search your radio dial, you can find a bizarre broadcast of seemingly random number groups. Who is broadcasting these messages, and what do they mean?Resources: Russia With Love by Huma-HumaCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesSubliminal Messages by LOWERCASE nDragon Slayer by Ross BugdenAll used under the Creative Commons License.
August 6, 2017
Ed Gein Ed Gein was a quiet boy who grew up in a small, humble Wisconsin town. The townsfolk knew him as odd, but harmless...until his secrets were revealed. He went on to inspire some of the most enduring works of horror in Hollywood history. This is the story of the Butcher of Plainfield.Resources:"Deviant" by Harold Schechter"Serial Killer Ed Gein" by A&EMusic:Something Wicked by Ross BugdenCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesI Can See You by ProwlerMusicUnknown Fear by Darren CurtisHaunted Places by Alex LisiWelcome To Chaos by Ross BugdenFall by Ross BugdenAll used under the Creative Commons License.
July 23, 2017
A pterosaur skeleton We think of pterodactyls as ancient, extinct cousins of the dinosaurs who vanished long ago. But in the darkest parts of Africa, and other places around the globe, it seems that someone forgot to tell that to the pterosaurs.Resources: Bird - Primal Drive by Kevin MacLeodCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesConstance - The Descent by Kevin MacLeodBig Eyes by Cinematic WavesWe Are One by Vexento
July 9, 2017
One of the Monster's murder scenes. In the 1980s, a serial murdered terrorized the Florentine countryside, killing lovers in their parked cars and mutilating the females. Multiple men were charged and released, but the Monster was never caught. Who was the Monster of Florence...and is he still out there?Resources:The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston and Mario SpeziSerial Killers: Monster of Florence (2009)Music:Corelli - Conerto Grosso, Op6 no4 by Advent Chamber OrchestraCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesDark Tension Rising Music by Mattia CupelliBughici - Suite for Violin, 7 Lyric Song, lento by Advent Chamber OrchestraDark Choir Music by Mattia CupelliSeeking The Truth by RyokoGregorian Chant by Royalty Free ZoneCouperin - Pieces en Concert - Prelude, La Tromba, Air de Diable by Advent Chamber OrchestraAll used under the Creative Commons License.
June 26, 2017
The U.S.S. Eldridge According to legend, the Philadelphia Experiment was a secret naval test performed in 1943 to make a ship invisible, but what happened next is horrifying. Join us for a story that encompasses secret military experiments, teleportation, conspiracy, and, of course, UFOs.Resources:WikipediaHistory's Mysteries: The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (2002)"The Case For The UFO" Varo Edition by Morris K. JessupMusic:Prelude No. 18 by Chris ZabriskieCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesAftermath - Madness Paranoia by Kevin MacLeodHookah Bar by Silent PartnerThe Big Guns by Silent PartnerAll used under the Creative Commons License.
June 12, 2017
"Defense Against Kappa" by Yoshitoshi Japan is home to a mythical turtle-like creature called the Kappa, whose favorite foods include children, human souls, and cucumbers. They're well-known for their politeness, as well as their love of flatulence (only their own, of course). Join us as we explore the Kappa legend.Resources: Ambience 1 by AudioBringerCircles In The Sky by Cinematic WavesTea Ceremony by Brandon FiechterLost In Japan by Long XAdventures by A HimitsuAll used under the Creative Commons License.
May 29, 2017
The limousine carrying President and Mrs. Kennedy, along with Governor and Mrs. Connally. On November 22, 1963, three gunshots echoed in Dallas, Texas, and changed the world forever. What really happened that afternoon in Dealey Plaza? Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone, or was there a larger, more sinister plot to kill the President?Resources:"Mortal Error" by Bonar Menninger"They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK" by Jesse VenturaJFK: The Smoking Gun (2013)Frame 313: The JFK Assassination Theories (2008)NOVA: Cold Case JFK (2013)Music:Time Stops by Silent PartnerCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesThe Woods by Silent PartnerPark Bench by Gunnar OlsenHeavy by Huma-HumaAll used under the Creative Commons License. 
May 14, 2017
Tales of the Bermuda Triangle have been told for decades. Strange events have happened within its boundaries dating back to Christopher Columbus, but what is causing the strange sightings and mysterious vanishings?Resources:WikipediaWorld's Greatest Mysteries episode "Bermuda Triangle"The Truth Behind: The Bermuda Triangle (National Geographic) song is Bermuda Triangle by Barry ManilowMusic:Bachata by Vodovoz Music ProductionsCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesInner Sanctum by Kevin MacLeodAnguish by Kevin MacLeodBroken Reality by Kevin MacLeodThe Wrong Time by Silent PartnerAll used under the Creative Commons License,
May 8, 2017
We've been away for a while, but we've got some fun episodes planned. Check out what's coming soon!Music: Hookah Bar by Silent Partner
April 8, 2017
Illustration from Algernon Blackwood's classic horror tale "The Wendigo" in the June, 1944 edition of Famous Fantastic Mysteries. The Algonquian tribes of Canada believed that a creature called the Wendigo could convince a person to become a cannibal. Others believed that committing the act of cannibalism would turn a person into a Wendigo, doomed to a long lifetime of unquenchable hunger for human flesh. This episode tells two true stories of the Wendigo, and the deadly effects that these beliefs had on Native American communities.Resources: by Kevin MacLeodCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesTempting Fate by AudionautixPachabelly by Huma-HumaDhaka by Kevin MacLeodEagle Rock by Wes HutchinsonAll used under the Creative Commons License.
March 27, 2017
Spring-heeled Jack surprises three victims with his signature leap. In late 1837, a figure appeared in the outskirts of London who was unlike anything ever witnessed before or since: Spring-heeled Jack, a specter who appeared out of nowhere to breathe blue flames at his terrified victims and tear at them with his metallic claws before bounding away with tremendous leaps. He was said to jump over carriages, walls, and even houses. He assaulted women, children, and men, including armed soldiers. Who was this leaping devil?Resources: Plan - Silent Film Dark by Kevin MacLeodCircles in the Sky by CMystery by GoSoundtrackGhost Processional by Kevin MacLeodSubliminal Messages by LOWERCASE nAll used under the Creative Commons License. 
March 10, 2017
Today, we think of wolves as wild cousins of our pet dogs; we go to the zoo and see scrawny canines snoozing in the sun or jogging laps around their enclosures. But just a few hundred years ago, wolf attacks on humans were commonplace, and the mythical Big Bad Wolf has more roots in reality than you may realize. In this 3-in-1 episode, you'll hear about The Beast of Gevaudan, The Werewolf of Bedburg, and Jean Grenier, the teenage werewolf: three true stories in which monstrous wolves--and men who claimed to be wolves--slaughtered men, women, and children, and terrorized entire towns. CAUTION: this episode contains descriptions of graphic violence and gore. Use discretion if you are listening with children.Resources: Book of Werewolves by Sabine Baring-GouldMusic:Voyeur by Jingle PunksCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesDouble Horizon by LittleLightDeep Horrors by Kevin MacLeodTime Stops by Silent PartnerAll used under the Creative Commons License.
February 25, 2017
Sketch of the chupacabra witnessed by Madelyne Tolentino, drawn by author Jorge Martin. In 1995, a vampiric creature burst onto the scene in Puerto Rico. Goats, chickens, and other livestock were being found dead all across the island, their blood missing and small punctures found on their carcasses. The chupacabra has been linked to UFOs and secret lab experiments, but where did it really come from? And is it even real?Resources:Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore by Benjamin RadfordChupacabras and Other Mysteries by Scott CorralesAmerican Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America by Linda S. GodfreyMusic:Son Montuno by Vodovoz Music ProductionsCircles in the Sky by Cinematic WavesBack of the Room Hang by Jingle PunksBody Talk by VodovozGuaguanco by Vodovoz Music ProductionsAll used under the Creative Commons License.
February 13, 2017
George Reeves, star of TV's The Adventures of Superman from 1953-1958. At around 1:20 AM on June 16, 1959, a living room full of drunken party guests heard a gunshot ring out from the upstairs bedroom of actor George Reeves, known to millions of American children as Superman. LAPD rushed through the investigation and autopsy, and quickly ruled that it was a suicide, but many details don't add up. Was Superman murdered?Resources:Hollywood Kryptonite by Sam Kashner & Nancy Schoenberger Streetz by MK2Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves ( by Kevin MacLeodThe Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan by Chris ZabriskieAll used under the Creative Commons License. 
February 11, 2017
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