Thank you!
Deb Lombardero
Love the professional voices and research done on each case.
Music too much
The music should be more of a background than forefront during the speaking. It’s making it hard to listen to.
I can’t believe I heard someone in the 21st century say “penis envy” seriously
Lot of unquestioned applications of Freud considering his theories are largely discredited. Pretty entertaining, but not as psychologically sound as I would hope for a psychological deep dive in serial killers.
Great podcast to learn about the minds of serial killers!!
My favorite Podcast
I love your review on Jeffery Dahmer. I have listened to that 3-part story, five different times. You guys are my favorite podcast channel. Thank you!!! I am a huge trie crime fan and you give me just what I need to get through my days.
Factual, Dramatic
Excellent meat on the bones podcast. Just a touch of drama added for effect. Hosts are articulate and fluid.
Great but.....
I love these discussions how in-depth you get and look at the crime from several different angles, my only criticism is I wish when I listened it would play the next episode automatically when the one I’m currently listening to has finished instead of me manually having to start the next episode
Absolutely amazing.
Absolutely amazing descriptions of absolutely horrible murders. Facts, phycology, and theories. Lots to learn, lots to keep you up at night. 😁😨
Been spending quarantine with this.....
It’s awesome!!!!
Love it!!!
Grim Reaper 2.0983
When i first started to listen i was a little scared but now it's addicting. Its also a great way to not be bored and learn new info during the quaritine. ❤️❤️
Good stories
I like the idea and the stories are told well. However I am struggling with the guy host, he sounds like a computer recording.
Great podcast
Loved all the details about the killers earlier life. Been listening to it religiously. Great job! 💀💀💀
Interesting but the hosts are stilted
Well produced and well researched but the narration is awkward - like the narrators are actually bad actors portraying narrators.
So well done
Great story telling, intelligent and always interesting..It’s addicting!
This podcast is the best!!! What a perfect way to spend quarantine 😁🤪
Listener Discretion Advised
When I started listening to the first episode, I was kinda suspicious of its stories, but now I can’t stop listening. Thanks so much for clearing up some theories. These have helped me solve my fears of killers.
I wait for a new episode and it’s a classic? That’s like the parcast version of a clip show. Lame
Great podcast
Awesome! They give lots of info, and explain in a great way. 10 out of 10
Pleasant Voices Very Enjoyable!
I really like this podcast. Interesting, well-researched stories and told in such an engaging, entertaining way. Love the histories of both the perpetrators and victims. Narrators hit just the right tone in their speaking voices. Recommend!
The podcast is great! I listen to mystery’s while trying to fall asleep and the talking is good background noise so it makes it easier to fall asleep! I have a bad habit of staying up so the noise makes it easier to sleep.
That’s it, I’m totally addicted!
paul man 12435
I like it. Nothing needs to be changed. It is good how it is.
Dixie A
Even though what these killers have done are beyond forgiveness, I’ve always wondered how they’ve gotten to that point. This podcast gives great insight to their background. Great listen!
I love it!
I love this podcast so much! They’re extremely thorough and knowledgeable about the serial killers I’ve been hooked since the word go. Lol
so educational and entertaining. im always excited when a new one comes out!
Why the sound effects? They add nothing and are distracting. I enjoy the show but the effects stopped me from four stars. Seriously.
Mostly good
I (mostly) enjoy this podcast. The production values are high, the co-hosts are pleasant to listen to, and the subject matter seems well researched. I particularly like the psychological research done. Also, I’m glad they did away with the fake sounding banter between the co-hosts. They have a tendency to jump around the timeline a bit in the storytelling though, sometimes taking the events out of sequence. And the sound effects seem to be more prevalent than in the past, which can be a bit silly at times.
Serial killers
I very much enjoy this show but every now and then the stars seem to jump to conclusions or start adding their personal opinions. I listen to this podcast for the facts, not their personal opinions about police or military. It comes off as biased.
So glad I found this podcast with over 100 episodes right before I could possibly be quarantined 🤘🏻
Great podcast but I hate the over dramatic voice actors. Aside from that it’s a great really interesting podcast!
Love it!
CMor 345
I love how they intertwine the crime story with the psychology behind it. I find it fascinating. Their voices are very soothing as well. It is one of my favorite podcasts. I have recommended it to many family and friends.
Worth a listen.
Aurelio the counselor
Great podcast. They touch upon different characters from the past and recent times. I like to listen at night or during long road trips.
Don’t love the hosts
I love true crime podcasts! I don’t love this one because of the hosts. They sometimes feel Way. Too. Into the violence and gorey parts. The man specifically sounds like he enjoys talking about what happened to the victims and it’s weird to me.
This was great well on the road traveling. Very detailed
Love this podcast and the way the hosts present the information l!!
Joseph Silveria Jr.
I love you guys so much, favorite podcast BY far, but not only was Robert Silveria’s name spelled incorrectly in the title, but it was mispronounced through out the entire episode. It’s SilvERIA, but was pronounced and spelled “Silvera” the whole episode
This is a classic true crime podcast. Very accurate and concerned about details, the important stuff you are looking for in most true crime podcasts. They cover great cases with a charming back and forth through out. I find myself being drawn back and back again.
“Biased against law enforcement”...
Please, elaborate on where these folks said to no cooperate with LEO? Also, nobody, I’ll repeat myself, NOBODY cares whether or not you’re subscribed or not. Whether you leave or not. Get a life, get over yourself and move along, child. 🍻 Also, I LOVE this podcast. Y’all are thorough, explanatory and concise. Thank for doin’ what y’all do. I apologize for the outburst at the front of my comment. Has absolutely nothing to do with y’all or your work. Keep on doin’ what y’all do. Cheers.
Long time listener
Good hosting done for well researched podcasts. I could do without the constant "Vanessa is not a Psychologist, but has done a lot of research for this show" disclaimers. We get it, it's a podcast, and she always cites the reference material. Also listening back to some earlier episodes, they did have a more "human" sounds to their story telling in the past that they don't anymore
Wonderfully written
Very well written and the presentation is spot on!
Well-rounded stories told concisely
The only bad thing about Parcast is that they’ll ruin every other true crime podcast you’ll listen to. The amount of research is unmatched and what I appreciate the most is the way they acknowledge societal context. Race and sexual orientation has and always will matter. It’s a disservice to every victim’s story if it’s ignored. The sheer volume of content they put out is amazing too. I listen to this one, Cults, Female Criminals and Con Artists and I have yet to be disappointed. Lots of consistent and great work coming from Parcast every week. The devil works hard, but Parcast works harder.
Biased against law enforcement
I used to be a big fan of the show until the episode where you started handing out legal advice to your listeners (episode 141). You told them not to cooperate with the police in an investigation because they will use their police tactics to get you to make a false confession. This is 100% biased, untrue, and irresponsible. UNSUBSCRIBED.
Amazing Panel
I listen to female criminals and I stumbled on this podcast my god soooo good! I’m so obsessed amazing job!
Great detective work!
I have been listening for a while and it’s true only podcast I can intently listen to all the way through. I have to switch to a more non interesting one to fall asleep to, otherwise I would be up all night!
Really good, but not perfect
I really enjoy Serial Killers, but the repeated generic psychology does get old.
The hosts do an amazing job telling these stories. I don’t listen to the radio anymore, love it guys keep it up!
One of My Favorite Podcasts!
Well researched, well paced and so interesting! The only issue I personally have is (I’m talking specifically about episode 126 here, Robert Lee Yates), the killer is almost always referred to by his first name, while the victims, after first mention, are almost always referred to by their last names. In my mind, this humanizes the killer and minimizes the victims. Just my opinion, maybe no one else notices, but it does kind of bother me. Other than that, love the podcast and eagerly await each episode!
Love these two together.
Great and detailed storytelling. I just hope one day Vanessa can get that psychology degree ! To me, you’re already a pro!
my favorite podcast
i’ve listened to all the episodes and i follow every new one each week!!! greg and vanessa are some of my favorite top podcasters. information is spot on. reading voices are the best. 20/10 🌟🌟🌟
Some people may find their voices bland or not having enough emotion but when talking about such a serious topic, their tone of voice fits the mood. To me their voices are very relaxing I use them to help me fall asleep😌.
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