Not good
j smoooooth
Only thing good about this podcast is that they bring guests we don’t hear from any where else. Scott loves to hear himself talk and sounds like he’s full of himself. He’s very bias and loves to talk trash about other players . Love Derek but podcasting is not his thing, I barely understand what he’s trying to say half the time.... p.s Scott you calling people freeloaders does not help. All it does is make you look desperate for money.
I love it!!
Love the pod!
Been listening since the beginning for free but I’m not a freeloader, I have to listen to so many commercials on here so I’m sure that counts lol keep up the good work guys! 🤗🎉
Great podcast
Love Scott!
I want so badly to give it more stars but...
The intros are ridiculously long. It takes 30+ minutes before the guest comes on and then random ads in the middle of sentences and then being called a freeloader for not contributing to Patreon. Jeez.
I’m completely done listening to white, heterosexual cis-gender Derek lecture any further about how racism, homophobia or misogyny aren’t valid experiences. I also am personally far beyond the point of thinking that I should stop and listen and “get to know” someone who has the views that human rights are negotiable. Unsubscribe.
Used to love this podcast the ads on the middle Are super annoying and random. I just fast forward. I find myself fast forwarding the random Names in the beginning and most chatter in the intro but for the most part questions for guest are great. Scott’s impressions are hilarious.
Free loader?!
Podcasts are FREE. You get paid from your ads. It’s just the way it works. This content is not worth a monthly payment, plain and simple. This does not make podcast subscribers freeloaders?! That’s genuinely ridiculous. MTV’s Challenge may be one of the oldest reality shows but it’s a long ways off from being one of the most popular / most watched. Please stop acting like these people are A listers. They’re hardly known. If you don’t like the way podcasts are so easily accessed then I’m not sure why you have one. Also, Derrick is just an awful host. No one tunes into this for comparisons on football and wrestling. You’re both grown men. You should act like it.
I have been listening to the pod cast for a few months now. I usually don’t like podcasts, but I seen they were coming to the Bay Area and I have been in love with Derrick since 2004 when I was a teen. So I decided to buy meet greet tickets and start listen to get ready. Scott is so amazing at making sure the podcast is so funny I literally LOL at my desk at work. Went to the live show and it was the most amazing day of my life! If you haven’t listen start NOW! If you haven’t went to a show GO NOW! tickets are super affordable and it is so worth it. Thank you Derrick and Scott for all you do! -Amanda Bednar (Manda_Mariee)
My First Podcast
Ty tree
It all goes back to Dirty 30 when Derrick comes back to The Challenge. I started following him on Instagram, which led to him talking about the podcast Challenge Mania, which took me down the rabbit hole to this amazing world of podcasts. I have since subscribed to 6 different podcasts and can’t believe I’m so new to this world. Thank you Scott and Derrick for leading me in to this new world of fandom. BTW I’m also a Patreon. I love the episode recaps!! I think Scott and D make a great duo!!
Way too long intros
Love the podcast but the intros are SO long winded. I know it’s to spread Info on live shows but it’s too much. I also don’t appreciate being called a “freeloader” and then mocked on the next podcast. It really turned me off. I also don’t want to listen to info over and over on live shows. It takes up SO much time.
Freeloader here
Long time challenge fan, old enough to have watched from the beginning. Wanted to check out the podcast for the first time for War of the Worlds 2, Derek has always been a favorite. Was pretty turned off by being called a ‘free loader’ multiple times in the first few minutes. If you resent podcasts being free, maybe you shouldn’t offer it thus. Just an idea.
Rob b r
Love being called a freeloader. Maybe it will make a difference when people stop listening to you altogether. Maybe try being appreciative that people actually want to listen to you. Sadly I got 6 minutes in and will never listen again since I’m just a freeloader.
Wanted to like it but can’t 😢
D is awful at this, all over the place and can’t finish his thought. Scott is SO long winded and the intros are terrible. I gave it 2 stars because I do like the guests when they get 30 seconds to talk without either Scott or D interrupting and talking for 5 minutes straight about themselves. Guys, this pod had so much potential... listen to the feedback you’re getting from the listeners!!
Best Challenge Podcast Out There
I came for D but stayed for ‘Sexy’ Scott Yager. Great guests, great hosts, what more can you ask for?
Time to Lose D “You Know”
I listen to the podcast weekly when the Challenge is running. I think Scott is excellent as host. I just can’t give it 5 stars as D is a very rough listen: Great competitor on the challenge but when he talks its hard to listen. He says “you know” literally 100 plus times an episode and that’s on the low end. I actually attempted to count how many times on the recent War of the World 2 Cast Preview and had to stop as I almost lost my mind doing so.
Great Addition to the Challenge World—some eps are unlistenable though
For some reason the last few eps Derrick says “ya know” 847 times per episode. I literally couldn’t get through them reviewing the S34 cast because of it. On a more positive note, this is the best, most entertaining and most professional sounding pod out there for challenge fans. They consistently get great current and former cast members for interviews. D just needs to force himself to stop saying “ya know” or idk maybe take a speech class or something.
Painful to listen to
It’s nice they have the connections to get some awesome players on the show. However, I find it painful to listen to. I love Derrick I have always been a fan, but he can barely string a sentence together and his point often gets lost or is irrelevant because of this. I can’t stand that they try to have most of their content on Patreon. Get a real job so we don’t have to support you. They also insert their ad breaks randomly in the middle of a sentence it drives me wild. All around I try not to listen to this podcast unless someone truly interesting is on and then I generally need to tune everyone else out except the guest.
Fun but costly
I love this podcast. D and Scott are great and do an awesome job with the guests. If you love The Challenge—-Highly recommend this podcast. Only negative thing I can say is that if you join Patreon for bonus podcasts, its very expensive. To listen to extra podcast, they expect you to pay $15 PER MONTH. Not sure who came up with the pricing. If its the guys or Patreon but I was stunned at the cost to listen to extra episodes. That’s more than Netflix and other streaming services. Its way too expensive for ONE podcast about an MTV reality show. Otherwise, its great. Just wish I could listen to more and not break the bank! Also, all the ads and promos are killing this podcast right now. It feels like every five minutes Scott is advertising for SOMETHING. We get it!!! lol
The best challenge podcast out there.
The best challenge podcast out there and it’s not even close, got diesel D to shed light from a vets point of view, and u get everything challenge related. They also get very good guests all the time who are relevant, and still manage to find and dig up some older challenge competitors for the long time fans. I highly recommend this podcast for anybody who is remotely interested in anything challenge related. Old school or new school, they do a great job at covering both sides of the fence. Glad to see you doing great D.
A few bad things
I love listening to this podcast but Derrick is a bit disruptive and the hosts often talk about themselves a bit too much. Would be better if the guests were more involved
Mostly Amazing
I look forward to every Tuesday for this podcast. And it’s always entertaining, especially when we hear from older challengers we never see anymore. Love the show. The only annoying thing is Scott’s 20 minutes of promos. I get it, have to pay the bills but geez 20 minutes blah. I always skip the first 20 something minutes so no big deal. But maybe cut it down.
Seriously so good, I can’t get enough!
Love it
Poopy pila
This podcast gives me life. I just discovered it and I have sooo many hours of content to look forward to catching up on! I came for D but Scott never disappoints!
Greatest Challenge Podcast show!
E. Cherry
I absolutely love everything about this podcast. Derick, your wisdom and goofiness brings the show together. I love Scott’s unbiased opinions and how professional he carries himself. Y’all have the best guests on the show, and I’m always looking forward to who on next. I love the fact that you bring in the vets we all grew up watching and loving!
Djwilliams143 loves the show!
Never disappoints!!!!! I look forward to a new episode like I do watching the challenge!!!!! I love everything you give us, even the content I know nothing about, I enjoy hearing you and your guests discuss!!! Thank you for sharing yourselves with the rest of us! You guys are awesome!
Love what you do
I’ve been a listener since the beginning. This show has only gotten better! You do a great job getting guests and sparking interesting conversations. Your live shows sound fantastic. Fingers crossed you guys can make it to Phoenix soon!
Good guests. Okay interviews. But be prepared for a LOT of fluff. There’s at least 15-20 minutes of nonsense before they ever even get to their guest.
Amazing as always
I love the podcast, I can’t wait til you come to a city near Lexington Kentucky. I just wanted to say I love when you all talk about game of thrones. You should do a Patreon all about the finale episode.
Awesome duo!
I love this podcast. Derrick and Scott are an amazing team! I’m a huge fan of both. This podcast is entertaining and fun and even heartfelt at times.
Five stars aren’t enough!
I have been listening to this podcast from the very beginning and i absolutely love it! You will never hate a challenger again. Derrick and Scott do a great job at letting the castmates tell their story and every time I listen to this podcast I fall in love with each and every one of them. I use to have my “favorites” but now I find myself rooting for all the castmates during the episodes and not caring who wins. I love Scott’s impressions and hearing stories from Derrick during the “glory days”. If people are annoyed about the commercials or intros then you can easily fast forward they have guest on for over a hour sometimes two! I also highly recommend joining their patreon group because you get way more tea or “stew” as they call it and no commercials! I am a huge podcast listener and this is handsdown my favorite! My only suggestion for D and Scott is during challenge mania live try to keep the castmates semi sober. Some of us fly across the country for these and when the castmates are slurring their words and not making any sense it takes away from the experience. Other then that love you guys and keep up the great work!!
alicia <3's [H!LG]
I look forward to new content every week. I’m also a patron and it does pay off. I enjoy hearing all the inside scoops!! They point out a lot of things I would never catch on my own. And it’s super funny, I always find myself laughing to myself in my office listening to them, they really make you feel like you are in the room with them. And Derrick is great he may talk a lot but he’s excited so no need for all these haters to put him down!
Intros are way too long.
Wayyyy too much useless chatter. Took 17 minutes to introduce the guest.. and that was a quick one. Can’t get past it, not worth the listen. Sorry guys.
Overall good
Love Derrick on the show, but can’t stand him on the podcast. Dude sounds like a 5 year old 75% of the time, and struggles to form basic sentences and questions. Thank god scott is there to keep the show on track.
I’ve been listening since this podcast started and LOVE it. (I learned to embrace the long intros, haha.) Derrick and Scott are a great combo and have given us tons of great interviews from Challengers.
Super long intros, never listen. Ads cut off guests constantly which is very annoying.
Great pod
I really really love this podcast, when they're actually talking about the Challenge. The intros are anywhere from 15-35 minutes long before they even get to their guest. Most of us fastforward through all that guys, so you're essentially wasting your time. 37 minute intro before Tony came on in the latest podcast, and thats ridiculous. But when it is time to talk Challenge, i love it so much.
Scott you da real MVP
I initially started listening to challenge mania because I love the challenge and with Derek being a host i knew the pod cast would be legit. But, I honestly really appreciate Scott’s commentary and view on the show.
Scott is sooooo annoying!
Absolutely love Derrick but I can’t stand the other guy he is so extra and ridiculous. 🙄🙄
Love the podcast
Keep D on a leash!
Love it
Love the podcast! Love derricks random rambles and Scott does a great job keeping things going!!
Best Challenge Podcast if not the Best Podcast ever😊😊
Sweet Elizabeth ❤️
This podcast is one of the best if not the best podcast so far I’ve ever experienced!! Challenge Mania was my first ever podcast I ever downloaded and first one I listen to it every week! I just love the dynamic between Scott and’s like they been best friends for a longgggg time!! Derrick has been one of the best challengers of all time and one of the fiercest ever on the show but is very humble and friendly! He’s one of my favorite challengers! I really hope he comes back to the challenge! Scott is very friendly also and is very knowledgeable in what he does...I like how he always ask the toughest question no matter who the guests are...they keep it real!! 😬 💫 I just LOVE the guests that come to the podcast especially when they bring back the OG’s - the ones who started it all!! Thank you Scott and Derrick for bringing the Challenge to our home or car or work!! Keep doing a great job guys!! U deserve all the success in the world!! God bless!! ❤️😊💫
Each episode gets better and better!
Scott has proven his ability to interview and host a show time and time again and it only continues to get better as he listens to the constructive feedback from the earlier episodes. I wouldn’t be surprised if, “The Challenge Gods,” hire him to host a show. I applaud Derrick for starting up the podcast he has been improving in his hosting skills and is way better in the newer episodes. This show is very entertaining and I love the guests they are able to get on. Loved the episodes with Wes, KellyAnn, Jemmye, Melinda, and Jenna. I wanted to love the one with the BrainCandy girls, but Scott’s interview skills were a little lacking at that I hope he brings them back and asks them some better questions, it seemed like Susie was definitely ready to spill some tea! Anyway if anyone is interested in The Challenge this is definitely a must listen to! And it continues to get better.
Bananas career comparison to LeBron
Genya G.
I listen to you guys often. If you haven’t heard go check out Bill Simmons’ podcast from 2019-03-20 Around minute 58 he breaks down the challenge and how it evolved, Bananas career similarities with LeBron and different player comparison to NBA. It’s the best thing I’ve heard in a while! Love the Pod!!!
Do your Homework
Bid 500
I absolutely love how this podcast is branching out to interview people outside of the challenge world but I wish Derrick would do his homework on the guest they are interviewing. He keeps interrupting and stopping the flow of the conversation with “who is that?” “Which one is that?” When discussing the people on the other shows. Maybe he needs a print out with visual aids or maybe only Scott needs to do the interview since it seems Derrick can’t contribute anything to the conversations except what movie he watched recently.
Wes episode
Kids a mastermind/evil genius, get him on full time. Derrick Is decent not horrible but decent, Scott’s the pilot, solid content.
Intros drive me nuts!
This is a good podcast minus the 15-20 minute intros. It drives me nuts. I just want to hear them talk with the guest but you have to listen to them sell stuff and say names of strangers on every podcast for usually 15 minutes. Only reason why I give it such a bad star review.
The last 2
I’m not someone who cares that they have cara on the podcast that’s ridiculous. The way they guided both John’s and Cara’s interviews were unbearable though
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