#34 The Secret To Reaching Orgasm During Sex with Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.
Published February 11, 2019
29 min
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    Today on the show I am talking to Dr. Laurie Mintz. She is a professor, author, speaker, and therapist. She teaches psychology of human sexuality to hundreds of undergraduate students annually and she has also authored two books, Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters — And How to Get It, along with A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex.

    Inside this episode, Laurie shares her findings on the orgasm gap that exists in relationships and why that often starts at the beginning of a sex ed program. We also dive into the importance of self-discovery and understanding what works best for you as an individual, and then communicating that to your partner. Finally, we bust some of society’s myths about sex and Laurie shares her take-home advice that women can implement in their sexual journeys today.

    So if you want to learn all of Laurie’s incredible secrets to experience orgasms during sex, don’t miss out on today’s episode!


    • Laurie’s background and how she came to teach psychology of human sexuality.
    • How the orgasm gap inspired Laurie to write Becoming Cliterate.
    • Understanding why there is so much ignorance about female sexual pleasure.
    • The effective strategy of sex education in the Netherlands.
    • First steps a woman can take to increase her “cliteracy”.
    • How to incorporate yourself; a journey of self-discovery.
    • Why sexual communication can really go a long way.
    • Getting rid of the myth that sex should be spontaneous.
    • Approaching your partner about introducing new ideas into your sex life.
    • Advice for women struggling to orgasm or struggling with low sexual desire.


    “It’s truly, truly impossible to have an orgasm while you are worrying about something.” — @DrLaurieMintz [0:17:19]

    “Mindfulness is putting your mind and body in the same place.” — @DrLaurieMintz [0:17:19]

    “Communication is the bedrock to make your bed rock.” — @DrLaurieMintz [0:26:17]

    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode

    Dr. Laurie Mintz — http://drlauriemintz.com/

    Laurie on Twitter — https://twitter.com/drlauriemintz

    Becoming Cliterate https://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Cliterate-Orgasm-Equality-Matters/dp/0062664557

    A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex https://www.amazon.com/Tired-Womans-Guide-Passionate-Sex/dp/1605501077

    OMGYes — https://www.omgyes.com/

    Calm — https://www.calm.com/

    Head Space — https://www.headspace.com/

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