#33 Monster-In-Law & Cheating: A Listener Tells Her Story of Relationship Struggle and Success
Published February 4, 2019
33 min
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    Today we are doing something a little different, which I think you will find pretty interesting…Instead of our regular guest, I am talking to a listener of the Bad Girls Bible Podcast to bring you a whole new perspective to all things relationships, and real world experiences.

    So in this episode we welcome listener, Paige, to talk about her relationships and the struggles she’s faced, including dealing with her difficult mother-in-law and even finding out her husband had been texting his ex! Paige then goes on to talk about how she came through these relationship struggles to be in a better, happier place.

    Whether you’re in a relationship or not, there is a lot to learn from our conversation and hopefully some inspiration too, especially if you’re facing your own relationships struggles.

    If you’d like to tell your relationship story on the podcast, shoot me an email to sean@badgirlsbible.com


    • Hear more about who Paige is and how she met her husband.
    • Getting proposed to after only 6 months of dating.
    • What life was like for Paige between the proposal and the marriage.
    • Dealing with the mother in law.
    • Issues of jealousy early on in her marriage.
    • Being a new mother and dealing with the frustrations that come with it.
    • How Paige found out that her husband was talking to one of his exes.
    • Getting on with depression - another baby and 5 years later.
    • Going back to school and doing something for yourself.
    • Finding your own happiness - having a positive mindset.
    • How her marriage changed once she changed her mindset.
    • The importance of developing your mindset.
    • And much more!


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    Bad Girls Bible — https://badgirlsbible.com/

    Bad Girls Bible Facebook Page — https://www.facebook.com/badgirlsbible/

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