#28 Introduction to Polyamory and Non-monogamy with Poly Anna
Published December 31, 2018
29 min
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    Today on the podcast we welcome Poly Anna from the Sexploration with Poly Anna Podcast! In this episode we will be chatting about all things polyamory and getting Poly Anna’s personal and professional ideas, experiences and views on the subject. After a more traditional upbringing and early parts of her adult life, Poly Anna eventually found the strong desire for polyamory within herself and chose to pursue this urge. We get into the social aspects, catching feelings, intimacy and a host of other factors in this largely uncharted world of love. Poly Anna also gives us some great definitions and differentiations between various forms of ethical non-monogamy as well as sharing some positive and negative experiences of her own, navigating multiple partners and relationships. It promises to be a great episode with loads of helpful and juicy information for all of you.

    Key Points From This Episode

    • Poly Anna’s own experiences and history with monogamy and polyamory.
    • Social expectations of polyamory and taboo acts.
    • How Poly Anna found her kinks and deeper desires.
    • Defining polyamory more clearly.
    • Some other versions of ethical non-monogamy.
    • Catching feelings and managing these in multiple relationships.
    • Is polyamory just an excuse to cheat without getting caught?
    • The initial steps to take in exploring polyamory.
    • Reaching out for help, support and information regarding this.
    • Maintaining intimacy with a primary partner.
    • Some of Poly Anna’s own experiences in polyamorous relationships.
    • Common stumbling blocks for different models of relationships.
    • Lessons for monogamy from polyamory!
    • Should everyone try polyamory?
    • Communication and coming out as polyamorous.
    • And much more!

    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode

    Poly Anna: https://sexplorationwithpo.wixsite.com/website

    Poly Anna Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/instawithpolyanna/

    Poly Anna Twitter: https://twitter.com/polyannatweets

    Poly Anna Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/instawithpolyanna/

    Poly Anna Email: sexplorationwithpolyanna@gmail.com

    Polyamory: Married and Dating — https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2227610/

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