#20 - Tantra & 7 Types of Orgasm with Nadja “Cream” Eriksson
Published November 2, 2018
23 min
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    Today we are joined by Nadja Eriksson who is here to tell us about her work in coaching women to experience a more fulfilled sexuality and the seven types of tantric orgasms.

    Nadja hosts her own podcast called The School of Feminine Pleasure with her colleague and friend Ingunn Tennbakk.

    The two have also recently completed a book about tantra and enlightened spiritual pleasure, which is due out next year. In our conversation Nadja unpacks her understanding of the term ‘tantra’ and its applicability to all.

    She then lays out the seven different type of female orgasms and also spends time discussing the roadblocks that women can experience in achieving pleasure.

    This episode ends with some thoughts on healthy practices for couples to have meaningful and interesting sex even as your relationship matures & potentially becomes boring.

    Key Points From This Episode:

    • We start with Nadja’s background and the path to her current work.
    • The book she has been writing for the last two years.
    • Nadja’s understanding of the term tantra and who can practice it.
    • Differentiating the seven different tantric orgasms for women.
    • Common roadblocks to female orgasm and stored tension in the body.
    • Exercises and practices to release tension and trauma.
    • Nadja’s advice to couples wanting to maintain an exciting sex life.
    • The importance of vulnerability and honesty in maintaining a connection. 
    • And much more!

    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

    Nadja Eriksson — https://www.nadjaeriksson.com - go here to download the first four chapters of her book.

    To inquire about working with Nadja, contact her through her website or on Facebook. 

    Public FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1080654912093085/

    Women only FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/438089836574954/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/school_of_feminine_pleasure

    Nadja Eriksson on Twitter — https://twitter.com/Nadja_Eriksson

    The School of Feminine Pleasure — https://www.theschooloffemininepleasure.com/

    The School of Feminine Pleasure Podcast — https://soundcloud.com/schooloffemininepleasure

    David Berceli — https://traumaprevention.com/

    The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process https://www.amazon.com/Revolutionary-Trauma-Release-Process-Transcend/dp/1897238401

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