#14 Using Vibrators & Dildos For Neighbor-Waking, Screaming Orgasms
Published May 2, 2017
34 min
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    This episode will teach you how to use vibrators and dildos to enhance your pleasure when masturbating and as orgasm 'assistant' during sex so that you experience the most powerful orgasms of your life.

    Show Highlights - Vibrator Section

    1.25 - How to make sure you choose the right vibrator for you.

    5.20 - The key thing you must know so that you experience maximum pleasure with your vibrator.

    6.40 - Vibrator foreplay. Learn why 'vibrator foreplay' can make your orgasms way more intense.

    9.40 - A secret way to use your vibrator to stimulate your entire vagina at the same time WITHOUT your hands.

    12.15 - Discover how to use more than just your vibrator to enhance your orgasms.

    13.25 - How to use your vibrator to enhance sex with your man.

    15.30 - Discover to enhance your blow job by using a vibrator.

    16.45 - A DANGEROUS warning about vibrators.

    Show Highlights - Dildo Section

    18.50 - How to choose the right dildo for you.

    21.55 - Rocking your dildo to stimulate the bottom of your vagina.

    24.05 - Learn how to 'milk' your G Spot with your dildo for neighbor-waking, screaming orgasms.

    27.10 - Discover how to have anal orgasms with your dildo.

    27.40 - Double your pleasure! How to use your dildo for double penetration.

    28.45 - How to use all the techniques in this episode during Skype sex.

    33.50 - What to do after listening to this episode.

    Show Notes

    Check out the complete guide on using your vibrator here: http://badgirlsbible.com/how-to-use-a-vibrator
    Get step-by-step instructions on using your dildo here: http://badgirlsbible.com/how-to-use-a-dildo
    Learn about your A Spot here: http://badgirlsbible.com/a-spot
    Learn about your G Spot here: http://badgirlsbible.com/how-to-find-your-g-spot
    Missionary Position: http://badgirlsbible.com/missionary-sex-position
    Coital Alignment Technique: http://badgirlsbible.com/coital-alignment-technique-sex-position
    Spooning Position: http://badgirlsbible.com/spooning-sex-position
    Doggy Style: http://badgirlsbible.com/doggy-style-sex-position

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