#8: 14 Advanced Blow Job Techniques To Make It The Best He's Ever Had
Published March 21, 2017
32 min
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    The final episode in the 3 part series to give your man a perfect blow job. Over three episodes, you'll going to learn 37, techniques and tactics so powerful, that your man will become completely obsessed with you.

    If you haven't already listened to the first two episodes in the series (episode #6 contains the first 11 techniques & episode #7 contains the next 12 techniques), then I'd advise you to go and download them right now from iTunes or the Bad Girl's Bible website.


    Show Highlights 1.05 Blow Job Tip 24 - Why Variation is vital to making sure your man NEVER gets bored.

    2.00 Tip 25 - How to make every blow job a special occasion, WITHOUT much effort from you.

    3.30 Tip 26 - Discover why WHERE you give your man oral sex is so important. Plus, I'm going to teach you a bunch of great places where you can give your man oral that will blow his mind.

    5.15 Tip 27 - Why you should keep it simple and "small" when you first go down on him. It makes everything easier for you and keeps it constantly exciting for your man.

    7.05 Tip 28 - How to use BDSM during oral sex. You'll learn how to dominate your man when giving him a blow job AND how to be submissive.

    9.35 Tip 29 - A crazy-simple trick so that you can use the same blow job techniques every single time you go down on your man, but make the experience feel completely different for him.

    12.55 Tip 30 - A very important aspect of his orgasm that you MUST understand to make sure he climaxes with maximum pleasure.

    16.35 Tip 31 - Why finishing your blow job with your hands can be incredibly enjoyable for him and easier for you.

    18.15 Tip 32 - Learn a number of different ways to finish your man off. This one is perfect if you like your man finishing by cumming on your body.

    20.25 Tip 33 - Learn what to do when your man cums in your mouth. Bonus: Learn how to make swallowing his load easier and more enjoyable.

    23.20 Tip 34 - Advanced: Some really kinky things you can do with his cum.

    27.20 Tip 35 - Why making eye contact with your man as he climaxes is red hot!

    28.40 Tip 36 - How to know when your man is about to orgasm and blow his load.

    30.05 Tip 37 - I finish up reinforcing why great communication is VITAL for a great blow job, incredible sex life and satisfying relationship.

    Don't forget, this is part three of the 37 tips to give your man a perfect blow job. Get part one and part two by subscribing on iTunes.

    Find out more about the Blow Job Bible book at http://badgirlsbible.com/bible

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