#3: Swinging 101, How To Explore Swinging Safely With Your Partner & How To Make It Incredible For Both Of You With Cooper S. Beckett
Published February 14, 2017
58 min
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    In this episode of the Bad Girl's Bible podcast, I talk to swinger Cooper S. Beckett from the Life in the Swingset podcast. Cooper explains in detail what swinging is, the steps a couple can take to safely explore it, how it can help your relationship (or hinder it!) and more.

    Show Highlights

    1.25 - how he got into the swinging scene.
    4.55 Why monogamy, NOT SWINGING is the right choice for many people.
    6.05 - The traditional definition of swinging
    6.50 - What polyamory and why it's different.
    8.15 - Why swinging and polyamory is definitely not cheating
    9.45 - The problem with life's unspoken "social contract."
    10.35 - How to start talking to your partner about swinging in a smooth way.
    18.10 - Why non-monogamy has improved Cooper's communication skills.
    18.35 - How to start your swinging journey with your partner and make sure it's a great experience, and why some couples have a bad first experience.
    21.55 - Tips on how to spot and avoid fakers when using swinging sites
    23.30 - How to make your first swinger date easy going and successfull.
    25.10 - What to do if one partner has reservations.
    28.40 - Dealing with jealousy.
    33.55 - What to do if swinging doesn't work for you
    43.55 - One of the most important benefits of non-monogamy

    Show Notes
    Kinsey scale - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsey_scale

    Cassidy - https://www.kasidie.com - the swinger site Cooper mentioned on the show

    More On Cooper
    If you want to get in touch with Cooper, you can find him online at:


    Cooper's Podcast
    Podcast website: http://www.lifeontheswingset.com/
    Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/life-on-swingset-swinging/id354627460?mt=2

    Cooper's Collection of Swinging Podcasts:

    Cooper's 1st book

    Cooper's 2nd book

    Special Discount for Listeners
    Cooper kindly gave me a discount code that you can use to get 10% off anything you purchase on his site, coopersbeckett.com. Just enter the word bible in the offer code section and that 10% discount will be applied to your order.

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