#2: More Orgasms, How To Explore Sexual Fantasies & Why "Asking" For Sex Is A Bad Idea With Dr. Lori Buckley
Published February 14, 2017
40 min
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    Sex Therapist Dr. Lori Buckley is my guest on the podcast today. We talk about everything from how to more easily reach orgasm during sex to getting over sexual shame and exploring new fantasies and ideas in the bedroom. You'll also learn why a "judgy" attitude in the bedroom is a bad idea and why "asking" for sex is even worse.

    Show Highlights

    1.35 Lori's background and how she became a sex therapist.
    5.10 We discuss why some women struggle to reach orgasm during sex.
    9.20 Why getting "out of your head" is vital for reaching orgasm more easily.
    11.40 A simple technique to help you orgasm during sex.
    15.30 Tips for getting over sexual shame and exploring new fantasies and ideas.
    20.00 Simple steps for sharing your sexual fantasies and fetishes with your man.
    23.10 Why a "judgy" attitude is going to kill your sex life.
    28.30 An easy trick for getting in the mood, IF you are in a long term relationship.
    29.15 Why asking for sex is a BAD idea.
    35.30 Why women sometimes need their man to be more assertive.
    36.20 Why many gifts don't need to cost a cent but still have a massive impact.
    37.00 We talk about the deep importance of sexual tension in your relationship.

    You can learn more about Dr. Lori Buckley at https://www.drloribuckley.com/ and listen to her podcast here on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/looking-for-love/id1146640020).

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