One of my 2 must-hear morning shows!
Big Adventures
I’ll be honest, there are 2 shows I’m totally hooked on and that I NEED to hear before I start my day: NPR Up First and The Daily by NYT! The in-depth stories are revealing, educational and super entertaining! Also they cover topics that really matter, literally as they’re unfolding. Especially good has been the coverage of the situation in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is arguably the #1 most important issue right now when it comes to the struggle for global democracy. If you’re reading this review I would highly encourage you to 1. subscribe to this great podcast and 2. Voice your support (by contacting your house / senate reps) for the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act of 2019. This proposal will do a lot for the people of HK and now is the time they really need our help. Thank you guys at The Daily for covering this story and helping us all understand more clearly what’s happening in Hong Kong and around the world! Michael, wanna grab a beer? :-)
Good with a clear bias.
michael hesh
I do enjoy the podcast most of the time. However, there’s a clear political bias for establishment politicians.
Best News Source
The New York Times puts their heart and soul into making this podcast and it shows. The time and dedication they put in each story is incredible. They are very straightforward and good at explaining things. They always fact check and find credible sources. 100% 5/5 stars!!
Biased Reporting on Andrew Yang and 3rd dem debate
I canceled my subscription to the NYT today due to the biased and unfair coverages of two dem candidates. Please fire the the reporter that did the interview on Yang. Whether or not you agree with UBI, you need to report on the matter and his views objectively. Keep your personal scoffing to yourself or move over to Fox News. As of the dem debate, not all personal stories were shared. Report on all candidates for fairness and donor unbiased reporting. The takeaways fell flat as most of the coverage was on Biden and hardly any coverage was on Sanders. At this point, your journalism is no longer different from the Bezos controlled Washington Post and Gates corporate reporting agency- NPR.
Always waiting for the download, never disappointed
Mornings without The Daily make me feel so uninformed. I'd already subscribed to The Times before the first podcast and now feel loyal to the organization because of the quality and depth of reporting that this podcast exemplifies. Just wish there was that degree of reporting for so many stories in our world.
Tim from WW
This is pretty much what you would expect of The NY Times. Well produced, surface-level smart host and a viewpoint that is way far left of center. If you’re looking for a straight news pod, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for “news” the way fox or msnbc “report” it, this is the pod for you.
Always something interesting.
I listen to this everyday on the way to work, great journalism, with just enough in depth on each topic, I like they way Micheal breaks things down and asks questions in terms that simpletons such as myself to understand!
My favorite 25 minutes of my day!
The 1st Amendment and the free press is, increasingly, under attack, around the world. There are few ways to spend your money that are better than subscribing to The New York Times. I lived in Manhattan for 20 years and bought the NYTimes everyday at my local newsstand. Later, I subscribed to the print edition here in my current home in Texas and now I subscribe to the digital version. The Times makes “The Daily” possible. “The Daily” is the best half hour you will spend each day, whether you are commuting, exercising, walking doggies, doing housework, running errands, or stuck on an airplane. Michael has an amazing voice, exuding warmth, compassion, intelligence, and thoughtfulness. And I love the “hmms”!!😍 I began listening to The Daily about a year ago. It has become one of the best and most informative parts of my day! Bravo, Michael Barbarro, Clare, Theo, and all the contributors that make this great, 5 Star, podcast happen! Don’t know what I’d do without you!
I love this show
tina t 78
But I can’t stand the cutesy millennial voice that reads all the ads.
Normally excellent but...
Very disappointed with the Yang interview. I hadn’t heard much of Yang before and I thought he made some very interesting points for UBI that I hadn’t heard before, but the NYT guys seemed extremely biased against Yang from the beginning. For example, when Yang responds about the cultural aspects of Trump winning, he argues that people are more susceptible to xenophobia / racism when they can barely make ends meet and that you can’t engage people on big picture issues like climate change when they’re worried about surviving the month. Whether you agree with that or not, that seems like a reasonable theory. But the NYT guys respond by basically making fun of Yang for saying “herrr derrr everything can be explained by UBI.” Love the podcast overall but expect better than that.
Good job
Good job.
Highest Quality journalism and Production
These stories are moving and I feel like a better person having listened to them...almost every single time. Consistently phenomenal work. Thank you.
Excellent Journalism- Ad voice grating
Great stories, perfect length. Woman’s voice for the ads is enough to do an auto skip forward.
Staple for daily commute
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of months now and it’s become an absolute staple for my daily commute. I really wanted to compliment the reporting on the Andrew Yang podcast especially - I’ve listened to a couple of interviews with him before and never really understood some of the jumps made between the threat of automation and the Freedom Dividend proposal. The reporter asked questions that broke down each of the leaps and I feel like I understand Yang as a candidate much better than before.
Today’s interview with Andrew Yang was awesome. You get choked up hearing him talk so compassionately about his hopes and vision for humanity. I love The Daily!
Good source of daily news
Thank you for the piece on Andrew Yang! Without it, I wouldn’t have written a review. I listen to just about every episode they put out, and they do a pretty good job. I believe they really do try hard to stay fair and balanced, but they lean left. Some days it feels like an episode of Last Week Tonight because I’m learning about an issue I didn’t even know existed. Other days it feels like I just turned on CNN and they’re just reporting on the latest headline involving Trump. Most arguments presented by the right are only brought up to be knocked down in the reporter’s next breath. But they are brought up. The nice thing is that you don’t have to listen if the title of the episode doesn’t interest you.
The best
They explain complex topics in a clear digestible way. I feel smarter and more informed. Thank you!
Much listen to each day.
Best news source
I’m so grateful for these journalists!! This is my first podcast of the day each morning. I love how at the end there is “here is what else you need to know today” part where other headlines in the news are mentioned. I don’t watch or listen to any other news and I feel well informed from my 20-30 minute podcast from the New York Times. Thank you for rocking it!! 💗🙏
How I start each day
Perfect length, insightful, essential listening.
Well Made but skewed
This podcast does an excellent job covering current topics in the news. They do make an effort to cast Trump and the Republican Party in a bad light. Also the host of the podcast makes irritating “hmmm” noises during discussions.
must listen
This is the best podcast out there hands down. Thank you for your phenomenal journalism NYT!
Leftist propaganda
If you want the extreme, far-left view on things, welcome home. No diversity of thought at all
We are so fortunate to have podcasts like 1619! Should be a mandatory listening requirement for every US citizen!
Why be a pill?
a listener of le podcasts
I dare Michael to drop the affect and do the entire podcast with his natural speech patterns, which are on display during his on-location interviews.
Balanced and thorough, I subscribed
The Daily provides very balanced and thorough interviews, presenting all sides with the facts. Thank you for Andrew’s interview on Walmart’s commitment to social responsibility - finally. Andrew keep up the good work ! Also I did subscribe to the paper and I’m thrilled! There is so much more in the Sunday paper - of course the Magazine, puzzles but also interesting articles on food, arts and fashion. Thanks Michael and the Daily team !
Incredible podcast
Always interesting, well researched.
Proof the Press Protects the People
There is nothing more important to the protection of freedom than a free press. The Daily from the New York Times presents probing pieces that provide thoughtful reporting on a spectrum of important topics.
My absolute favorite!
I wake up to The Daily on the daily. The stories are interesting and well told, and pairs perfectly with my coffee.
Five hundred stars and a Webby
Gail CLS '87
I never ever miss The Daily. And The Daily team never misses a beat. Thank you for providing intelligent and thoughtful analysis. The Daily and Stay Tuned are the best of the best. I am always impressed that you move so quickly. Your guests have command of the topic of the day in this dizzying news cycle. You get the best experts on that beat, but they also bring background and perspective you don’t hear anywhere else. It sometimes sounds like we’re listening on in your newsroom discussions—hearing how you break down a story. Very cool. You all must work 24/7 to make this happen. I’ve read the Times for almost 40 years, as a New Yorker and now from afar. I love hearing the voices of the journalists and learn how fearlessly they pursue the truth. Everyone should subscribe to the NYT. In these times, supporting the media financially is our Public Duty. The Fourth Estate stands between us and oblivion. Not to be too hysterical about it.
PLEASE PLEASE get a new host
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Daily. Cant stand Michael Babaro. The constant...dramatic pauses followed by *over* emphasized, rushed sentences is MADDENING. Combine that with the “hmm’s”, and I...just can’t. I’d love to listen to this every day, but can only take small doses of MB.
Great daily reporting without the fluff of TV entertainment. I’ve become a fan. Even more impressed with the reporting of 1619. Spot on. Relevant.
Proud Hufflepuff19
Mike- you’ve got to try and limit the “hmms” in your conversation. Distracting for a listener and keeps me from listening to more episodes.
Going downhill
This was an excellent podcast when it started in 2017 but then the episodes gradually started to become biased. It's now at the point where almost every episode is extremely biased and lately there has also been an excessive amount of ads.
If 1619 has its own podcast why are you playing their episodes as well? I don’t get it. Also Michael Babaro (so?) I cant w your cadence. You are killing me Smalls. Speak normal would ya? Lol. Love the podcast but having a tough time w your speech patterns and your uh huhs when someone is speaking. Shhhhh. Seriously do enjoy it overall but I am now mimicking you. The highest form of flatterly much? 🤪🤪🤪🤪.
Enough with the 1619 nonsense.
Everyday listener
I’m a fan, appreciate the stories that aren’t necessarily the major news stories of the day. The feedback about the hmmms at first was funny to me that people were bothered. Now I can’t “unhear” that criticism. And it is annoying. It adds no value to the conversation. Try muting Michael. Sorry, but the constant chiming in is distracting. Otherwise, I really enjoy listening to the stories on my morning commute.
The Sudden-death Phase of the Democratic Primary
Love this podcast. They always give it to you straight with enough to answer the questions you have. I’m very sad to say that’s this episode was a poor display of the candidates that have truly impacted people in a grassroots fashion - namely, Andrew Yang. I’m hopeful The Daily will take another look at what voters are actually saying and give a spotlight to candidates like Yang that are drawing people from both sides of the aisle way.
The wall
Walmart and guns Please add later to this I would like to know WHO/WHICH SEC members put a stop to the banks making change to gun purchases Thanks Heather Davis
Such a good listen!
I listen to this podcast every morning on my drive to school. I enjoy the variety of it and the relevance of it without the debate of everyday news. It keeps me informed but never tries so sway my opinion on anything.
Today’s review by Andrew Sorkin on Walmarts decision to take steps regarding guns was stellar! Thank you For recognizing the accountability that both businesses and the banking industry have with regards to this critical situation that our country is facing today. Your solution was obvious yet brilliant.Your reporting was clear concise and demonstrated the quality of writing done by The NY Times! Thank you for the hard work that you have done and for helping to connect the dots for all of us.
Great podcast
I look forward to this podcast every morning for interesting in-depth looks at important current issues. And I love Michael’s soothing voice. It’s a beautiful show, edited well (pausing when others fear silence), and always leaving me with a better understanding, all the while done with style. Thank you for all your hard work!
So frustrating listening to this.
This would. Only take. 15 minutes. If you idiots. Stopped. Talking. Like this.
Really disappointed
Really disappointed to hear the latest episode “The Sudden Death Phase of the Democratic Primary”. They talked at length about the candidates left up on the stage, but barely mentioned Pete and didn’t say Yang’s name at all. They are in 5th and 6th place going into this debate, much farther ahead than Castro or Klobuchar who get talked about in this episode.
Inaccurate and Biased
Jamie Killin
I used to love this podcast, but this recent episode is blatantly biased, leaving out any mention of presidential candidate Andrew Yang despite him polling above O’Rourke, Castro and Booker who were mentioned several times. He was the ONLY candidate not mentioned and it is hard for me to believe a candidate consistently polling in sixth place would be forgotten. Do better, New York Times. #Yang2020 #YangMediaBlackout #LetYangSpeak
Deep Dive
This podcast gives me the perfect morning deep dive into relevant topics. They do such an excellent job and keep it interesting everyday. It’s honestly incredible what this show accomplishes daily.
Single causal casual analysis
In general, I highly enjoy the NYT Daily Podcast and it usually deserves a 4-5 stars compared to most news and mid/long form journalism. However as a student of history both academically and personally, I am disturbed by the NYT’s recent 1619 pieces. The analysis falls into the common trap of overlaying modern sensibility over the past as well as postulating a narrative of single factor cause analysis for several high level societal, cultural, and economic trends. Any one of the trends even the seemingly obvious ones such as modern music can easily be described by one factor with less than rigorous analysis. While I am all for the re-learning and the imagining of our past, the recasting of all woes and greatness of our nation from a principal cause/factor is sophomoric work, that would have earned me a C at best in all but the most liberally oriented academic institutions with their own agenda to promulgate to under and graduate history students a new and even less nuanced narrative of our great but imperfect nation. The pain and suffering of slavery, indentured servitude, and racist policies are real but not a single nor even determinative factor in our nation’s actual development and not a useful narrative to forging a better future for our kin, IMO.
Had to stop listening
I was able to let the subtle heavy bias slide for a long time, but I’ve had enough. It’s unfortunate because some of the episodes are excellent.
Nice world news but domestic politics are fitting a establishment agenda
I am usually a regular listener to the daily but this past episode on the 2020 primary on 9/4/2019 was so biased towards one candidate that I couldn’t handle it. When I first listened to it, they featured many of the backgrounds of the candidates who dropped out. But when when discussing the top three (Biden, sanders and warren) they had a clear favorite. They mentioned the rise of warren at the expense of sanders. But the demographic of their coalition is different. They failed to mention that poking suggests that warren’s coalition is growing at the expense of Harris (warren being the second choice). They were easy to mention any of sanders negativity but mentioned NOTHING on joe Biden’s gaffes, significant fall in the poll, or lack of new policy plans. They also failed to mention that Sanders and Biden share the same coalition demographic and most of the Biden’s coalition’s second choice is Sanders. They also were quick to mention warrens climate change plan. But failed to mention Bernie Sanders climate change plan!?!?! If they really wanted to not seem bias, they should hide their dislike of the Sanders candidacy....
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