Sickening Tiger Love
Sounds like you dudes would welcome Tiger mounting you. Truth is, most of us think Tiger was a great golfer but now is just a boring one dimensional sad sack.
Lurch gotta go
Loved the show for a few years, lurch gotta go. He’s impossible to listen to It’s a shame
A reason to wake up
Being in my car all day as part of my job, Foreplay is a reason to get up every Tuesday and Thursday. I know my day will be that much more enjoyable
Franky is a child and ruins the show
Stoped listening after half the episode became Franky screaming about hockey.. on a golf podcast
The best
These guys are hilarious and have a fun way of looking at the game of golf.
Relatable Good Dudes
These guys make me life more fun. Relatable, funny, witty, and entertaining. Thanks boys! Love y’all stuff ;)
Number of Podcasts per week
I would listen to these guys three times a week if that was the schedule. Dont do one per week.
Favorite podcast
Align with the common golfers thoughts. Great podcast who have great guests. Well structured
Can’t get enough
This podcast is unbelie...great. Can’t get enough. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are great days.
Fire lurch
Would be 5 stars but lurch brings the show way down.
Used to hate but now my favorite Pod..
I’m not gonna lie, I used to hate on the foreplay guys a little bit... mainly because they weren’t good golfers and they were lacking some standard golf vocabulary which irritated me.. but it’s turned into my favorite Pod to listen to. It’s always funny, you get to learn about some courses you’ve never heard of, and the guys all contribute something a little different. The last show was great! Please don’t go down to one show a week. I don’t know what I’ll do. Riggsy nailed the Ryder Cup recommendation. Wake up early as F(3am), get a spot in the first tee grandstand for the Friday or Saturday matches. Without a doubt the coolest sporting event experience you will ever have. Again, don’t you dare go down to only one episode!! Keep doing what you’re doing.
3 times a week
3 times a week
Best interview yet!
Last interview
I love your podcast I listen to every episode and y’all are awesome. But your last interview with Kirk Minihane was kinda boring and slow, that guy is a complete loser.
Frankie could be the most annoying person on earth, shows better when he is on the road with Pizza boy
Kirk Minihane
Only listening for Kirk Minihane
Keep demolishing Frankie. Destroy
Great interview with Kirk!!
Thanks for having Kirk on!
Create Nickname thing
New subscriber thanks to Kirk Minihane coming on. Looking forward to becoming a new subscriber.
Best guys in pod
Absolute must. These guys are guys guys and know how to eat up a hour and a half of your day.
Worse every podcast
If they aren’t covering a major or something big this podcast is unbearable. Lurch needs to be put back in a cave with the rest of the monsters that this earth doesn’t want to see or hear. His voice and everything he contributes doesn’t matter at all. Episodes have been getting way too long. Should never go above an hour and fifteen minutes. Going downhill fast. This was my favorite podcast about a year ago and doesn’t even crack top 10 now.
“Unbelievable”- Lurch
Long time listener
Has turned into a golf podcast with almost no golf content
Electric Factory
These guys are fire! Riggs leads this scramble group with awesome chirps from Frankie and lurch. And Trent daddy is a humble driver hitting machine that makes this group bangin’. With so many new players on tour every year would love to go old school and dish out some player feelings of pros on tour.
Patrick Cantlay Interview
You boys need to try and get Patrick Cantlay on for an interview.
Great WHEN they talk game and pros
Refreshing golf talk when they talk about the game of golf generally or the pros. Wish they’d do some more prep work so the shows could spend more time on that bc it’s 5 star during those moments. When they talk hockey or about their own personal round of golf they played over the weekend it feels lazy and stories are “had to be there” so fall flat. I get that if I were Riggs I’d want to use platform to play nice private courses on Barstool’s dime and call it content, but it doesn’t deliver like actually covering golf stories and golfers would.
Best golf pod
Best most conversational golf pod out there
Long time listener but No Laying Up is a way better pod
Use to be good. Now they go on rants, there points aren’t logical and they usually go off subject about the most outrageous topics. Even most of their guests sound uninterested and don't get into stories on the podcast like they do in other interviews. Frankie is very annoying and the pod would be way better without him. Not to mention they aren’t very good at golf. Go listen to No laying up or shotgun start they are way better quality golf podcast.
Fore play
Riggs\Frankie for president 2024
Great show
Great podcast for all aspects of golf. Talk about what it’s like for the average joe to get out and play...sometimes it’s “bucket list” courses. Also discuss pro golf and talk to elite golfers from around the world. Very entertaining for any golf enthusiast.
Constructive Criticism
just a golf guy
I do like the podcast and find a good amount of the content funny. But they seem to have gone off the rails and 50% of each episode is off topic banter and far too much emphasis is placed on the rounds of golf they play at very private courses. I don’t mind learning about what some of these courses are like but I couldn’t care less about the state of their respective games or whether they shot 85 or 90. I wish they would use these awesome opportunities to speak more about course architecture and history and less about themselves. Again, I do generally like the podcast but it’s a far cry from No Laying Up. I know I’m not alone in this opinion so I hope they can take some feedback from the audience and make each episode more quality.
This podcast has gone straight downhill
Used to be great, now all they do is talk about their rounds at courses that no common man will ever have a chance to golf and and advertise Riggsey’s new tournament...
chubbs vanjohnson
FedEx playoff final they talked about there own golf game for the first 50 minutes basically saying they didn’t watch it at all. Then try to talk about it and they just say the most generic lines. Unbelievable this, incredible that! A dog could do as good of a job if they had the barstool platform.
Would better if Frankie talked way less
You fellas are doing some great work for all of us duffers out there. Funny as heck. Do yourself a favor and listen you will be sucked in.
Absolute class
These guys know what they are talking about and always make the game of golf more funny and interesting that it really is sometimes love this podcast and can’t stop listening for the last two years
Love the show. Just makes me want to golf even more with my friends. Strong work fellas.
#1 Golf Podcast
Best golf podcast out. Huge tour pro names coming on the show and giving inside access. Not to mention the Foreplay crew is hilarious. Keep up the good work boys, hit it hard.
Best in the Biz
Hilarious podcast, love every minute of it and look forward to every episode. Made me enjoying picking the range with ForePlay playing in my earbuds. Love y’all stuff!
Best all around golf pod
I frequent at least 5-8 golf themed pods per week and Foreplay is hands down one of my favorites. Delivering a solid mix of current topics in golf, travel, architecture, boozing and general tom foolery for which the stooly nation is known for. Riggs, Trent, Frankie And Lurch bring the goods! Hit it hard!
This show is great! Each episode should be about an hour, show ends up being way too long with the guys talking about nothing.
When did Chewbacca learn English?
Cobra on the half shell
Every time Lurch talks I wait for him to finish his statement with one of those Chewbacca roars. His contributions are 1) repeating others, 2) gross hyperbole, and 3) bragging, brought to you with a boarding school vibe. Great addition.
Anti union scumbags run this company.
Best golf pod
Real takes, funny as hell, genuine. Hit it hard!
With Lurch
Not Sar Wilson
A difficult listen with this guy on the show. Can’t tell if he is gargling oatmeal or peanut butter, but he needs to clear his throat. Please for the love of God get him off the show.
I imagine all the Frankie hatters out here leaving 3 stars are probably the same people who write Yelp reviews for Applebee’s
mia orny
Seems to be a popular opinion but Riggs Trent and lurch are great but Frankie makes me not want to listen
Solid Golf Podcast
The content is getting better as you guys are making more connections and getting more star guests. I really enjoy the interviews but man the personal round recaps get annoying. Right now this podcast is great for people who enjoy average golf content. Anyone who wants exceptional golf content needs to check out the No Laying Up crew and all their content. It’s by far the best golf podcast/YouTube channel!
F off Trent
I don’t think you would lose one listener if you kicked Trent off the show, could only bring in more people
Stool Guy 21
This show has made fall fall in love with golf even more. Incredibly entertaining
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