5 stars without lurch
Unfortunately he adds nothing and interrupts all the time. 4 is to many.
Roller coaster of I like it then I don’t
Lurch is the worst part of this podcast, doesn’t bring anything good, is annoying to listen too especially when he butts in after 30 min of silence. Love the podcast when he is not a part of it.
Please cut lurch
Solid Pod
Pod is going okay for the most part. Lurch is a liability, he doesn’t bring much to the pod
Need “I’m Back.” tees!
The “Golfing.” hat is on its way. Need one that says I’m back. Driving off the balls of my feet and I’m back, boys!
Riggs Vs The Bluffs
I’m a college athlete and this is my number one podcast! You guys kill me and I look forward to every podcast. Love the content, love the banter. Keep it up boys and if you ever come to Michigan to play the Bluffs or Pilgrims run, is love to come out and support or play with y’all!
Lurch stinks. Super annoying and never brings anything to the table. Worst storyteller of all time. Riggs Frankie and Trent are great. If it’s just the 3 the podcast is way better
Thank God for fast forwarding
Used to really look forward to this pod, but it’s turned into a lot of nonsense banter no one cares about and a ton of terribly drawn out ad reads. Only Riggs and Trent prepare for each show and the rest seem to research on the fly while on air. 2nd show a week seems to driven by ad revenues vs putting out a quality podcast.
The show is going to need to evolve. “That was AWESOME” is getting tiresome. Riggs does a great job carrying the show and interviews. Frankie has the personality and vocabulary of a high school sophomore. He is the kid everyone knows that gets his cockiness from being associated with people more powerful than he is. He chests up when his buddies are around. He’s loud, but not funny. Trent does a good job of making sure to insert himself when they talk about anything not golf related. Even if it just repeating something someone said. He doesn’t advance the conversation in any way. Can be good, but not worth two listens a week. A rant from Frankie results in the show being turned off. Brutal listen.
Podcast going downhill
Podcast is getting way too arrogant. The boys are fake rich
Chill on the Trips and Tiger
We all understand. You guys are Barstoole have big pull and can go all over. I love it I’d take the job any day. But at the same, time chill out on it. The stuff about Don Ross’s Cabin at Pinehurst was just over the top. Again, we get it. Lastly, Tiger is the GOAT. However, there isn’t a need for just harping on and on about it. Other than that. Entertaining show always love to listen.
Reasonable Complaints but Great Show
spartan james
Love the work ethic of the dudes on the podcast in interviews, tournament connections and the course playing. All of them are great Love the debates and the humor. Suggestions for improvement: -When you’re at Pinehurst, avoid bragging about the Islanders and conversations about grammar -Love Trent and Riggs but sometimes they sound the same and it’s hard to differentiate their voices Keep it up fellas
Last two episodes have been unbearable. Furthest thing from the common man golfer. When they aren’t complaining about private jets they are bragging about everything else. They’ve completely lost touch. Please come back to earth because this was my favorite podcast.
Killin it boys
The u word (Riggs rule break)
california culo
36 minutes in on the vero beach pod cast rigs says you can’t believe the size of a polar bear and I think that’s the same thing as the u word
You’re failing. Fix it.
Frankie has one of the most punchable faces in podcasting, but lurch has the most punchable voice in podcasting. Get that guy off the show.
Stop the kitty
Now no one says the u word, and I miss hearing the u word.
Everyone in the comments says easy to pick on stuff. In reality the vast majority want to her the personal stories and scores and rants and Frankie being the idiot he is. It makes it all better. Don’t become a stuck up golf podcast keep doing your thing!! #vivabossman
Frankies unbelievable short game
Trent is a national treasure and Riggs should host good morning America
Wildly mediocre
PMT and Spittin Chiclets
Really tough to listen to, Frankie isn’t great, lurch is really bad. I do try to listen every to both podcasts each week but I haven’t been able to get past 10 minutes in the last month or two
Never been a fan of Frankie but could put up with his meaningless contributions. Episode released today put me over the edge
Was good, now not
Used to be great when they consistently had interviews and talked golf. Turned into a podcast about nothing.
Long Time Listener Gone Sour
Rueben over Burger
Been listening for almost a year. Show has gone from a hilarious podcast of golf fans to the “Listen to how neurotic Frankie is and Barstool drama update.” Trent daddy is the man.
Sickening Tiger Love
Sounds like you dudes would welcome Tiger mounting you. Truth is, most of us think Tiger was a great golfer but now is just a boring one dimensional sad sack.
Lurch gotta go
Loved the show for a few years, lurch gotta go. He’s impossible to listen to It’s a shame
A reason to wake up
Being in my car all day as part of my job, Foreplay is a reason to get up every Tuesday and Thursday. I know my day will be that much more enjoyable
Franky is a child and ruins the show
Stoped listening after half the episode became Franky screaming about hockey.. on a golf podcast
The best
These guys are hilarious and have a fun way of looking at the game of golf.
Relatable Good Dudes
These guys make me life more fun. Relatable, funny, witty, and entertaining. Thanks boys! Love y’all stuff ;)
Number of Podcasts per week
I would listen to these guys three times a week if that was the schedule. Dont do one per week.
Favorite podcast
Align with the common golfers thoughts. Great podcast who have great guests. Well structured
Can’t get enough
This podcast is unbelie...great. Can’t get enough. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are great days.
Fire lurch
Would be 5 stars but lurch brings the show way down.
Used to hate but now my favorite Pod..
I’m not gonna lie, I used to hate on the foreplay guys a little bit... mainly because they weren’t good golfers and they were lacking some standard golf vocabulary which irritated me.. but it’s turned into my favorite Pod to listen to. It’s always funny, you get to learn about some courses you’ve never heard of, and the guys all contribute something a little different. The last show was great! Please don’t go down to one show a week. I don’t know what I’ll do. Riggsy nailed the Ryder Cup recommendation. Wake up early as F(3am), get a spot in the first tee grandstand for the Friday or Saturday matches. Without a doubt the coolest sporting event experience you will ever have. Again, don’t you dare go down to only one episode!! Keep doing what you’re doing.
Best interview yet!
Last interview
I love your podcast I listen to every episode and y’all are awesome. But your last interview with Kirk Minihane was kinda boring and slow, that guy is a complete loser.
Frankie could be the most annoying person on earth, shows better when he is on the road with Pizza boy
Kirk Minihane
Only listening for Kirk Minihane
Keep demolishing Frankie. Destroy
Great interview with Kirk!!
Thanks for having Kirk on!
Create Nickname thing
New subscriber thanks to Kirk Minihane coming on. Looking forward to becoming a new subscriber.
Best guys in pod
Absolute must. These guys are guys guys and know how to eat up a hour and a half of your day.
Worse every podcast
If they aren’t covering a major or something big this podcast is unbearable. Lurch needs to be put back in a cave with the rest of the monsters that this earth doesn’t want to see or hear. His voice and everything he contributes doesn’t matter at all. Episodes have been getting way too long. Should never go above an hour and fifteen minutes. Going downhill fast. This was my favorite podcast about a year ago and doesn’t even crack top 10 now.
“Unbelievable”- Lurch
Long time listener
Has turned into a golf podcast with almost no golf content
Electric Factory
These guys are fire! Riggs leads this scramble group with awesome chirps from Frankie and lurch. And Trent daddy is a humble driver hitting machine that makes this group bangin’. With so many new players on tour every year would love to go old school and dish out some player feelings of pros on tour.
Patrick Cantlay Interview
You boys need to try and get Patrick Cantlay on for an interview.
Great WHEN they talk game and pros
Refreshing golf talk when they talk about the game of golf generally or the pros. Wish they’d do some more prep work so the shows could spend more time on that bc it’s 5 star during those moments. When they talk hockey or about their own personal round of golf they played over the weekend it feels lazy and stories are “had to be there” so fall flat. I get that if I were Riggs I’d want to use platform to play nice private courses on Barstool’s dime and call it content, but it doesn’t deliver like actually covering golf stories and golfers would.
Best golf pod
Best most conversational golf pod out there
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