July 14, 2020
A thrilling finish between Collin Morikawa and Justin Thomas at the Workday Charity Open leads to a debate. Why? Because the memorable finish complete with the 3-hole playoff wasn’t on TV! We get into coverage, the beauty of “dad golf,” Bryson causing a stir among the R&A, Tiger returning and much more.
July 9, 2020
Brook Koepka throws perhaps his strongest shade yet at Bryson DeChambeau and we’re here for it. In From The Gallery, who would win: The Fore Man Scramble or Dave Portnoy with unlimited mulligans? We also weigh in on calling an Arnold Palmer drink a “half n half,” the tour playing Muirfield Village back to back weeks, the Ryder Cup officially postponing until next year, and how to rule on COVID putts that “should” have gone in.
July 7, 2020
DeChambeau wins for the first time since transforming into a jacked, monster-drive hitting machine, and did it while sounding off on a camera operator for operating a camera and damaging Bryson’s “brand.” We weigh in on everything Bryson, on Kiz’s solo 3rd, and more. We also recap our 4th of July weeks including Riggs and Lurch playing Cypress Point for the first time, Frankie releasing a Knives Creek teaser, and Trent’s NYC apartment air conditioning breaking during a record heatwave.
June 30, 2020
A great throwback episode as we chop it up amongst ourselves. We react to Dustin Johnson having TWENTY ONE wins, the TOUR logging another positive COVID-19 test, the U.S. Open going back to NBC and dropping Fox, the Barstool Classic controversy and much more. In From The Gallery, what statue of each of us would be created and where would it be located?
June 25, 2020
We are joined by the hysterical comedian Nate Bargatze (63:44). It’s amazing. Before Nate, we discuss the TOUR’s increasing COVID situation, Frankie’s “ace” on the Cradle, Riggs’ Pinehurst send-off video, and much more.
June 23, 2020
Country singer and songwriter Cole Swindell joins the show for the first time. Cole is a huge golfer, has fantastic stories, and delves into the process and background of songwriting. In Headlines, the PGA TOUR has its first COVID case since returning, Golf Channel is sadly laying many people off, and white socks are apparently now a loser look.
June 18, 2020
Pat Perez (34:16) — glass of wine in-hand — tells stories on Michael Jordan, PXG, his former college coach, Tiger, winning on tour, racking up big Vegas tabs, and MUCH more. We also talk playing during the pandemic, Colonial and Hilton Head. Without PP, we weigh in on a PGA Championship and Ryder Cup without fans.
June 16, 2020
Our favorite Englishman Matthew Fitzpatrick (35:14) joins the show while driving a minivan across South Carolina to discuss what it was like to be back out on tour with no fans, social distancing among the tour crew, designing his home course on The Golf Club video game, taking on the Fore Man Scramble and MUCH more. Before Fitz, Sir Nick is rattling Riggs’ cage, Frankie updates progress on Knives Creek, and we breakdown everything from this past week’s Charles Schwab Challenge including Berger’s win, Bryson’s bombs, Spieth’s resurgence and everything else.
June 11, 2020
Shay Mooney (44:50) from Dan + Shay joins the show. Remember the Jonas Brothers story about the Grammys speech bet? We get Shay’s perspective, and the FULL tale. We also hear some great stories from the industry, from Shay’s on-course experiences, and basically become best friends. In From The Gallery, what’s our scramble team’s official world golf ranking, and which professional tournament will be the first to give us a tee time?
June 9, 2020
After 91 days off, the PGA TOUR is back. We discuss this week’s event, what we expect on the tour going forward, a preposterous Golfing dot com headline comparing Rory to Tiger, and when we think Tiger will tee it again. Then we’re joined by our good friend and former UNC QB Caleb Pressley (56:19). Caleb played golf for the first time 3 weeks ago and decided he’s going to become a pro golfer.
June 4, 2020
The hilarious Rob Riggle (62:37) joins the show to talk golf stories, playing in Hollywood circles, and what it’s like for him getting roles. Without Rob we tell a fantastic “fake ace” story, discuss what golf accomplishments deserve photos, and discuss our personal best golf achievements.
June 2, 2020
The John Deere Classic is canceled. Does anybody care? Anyone? We discuss the tour returning and why so quickly, pre-round routines, and if we could beat the 19th century’s best golfers. Then we’re joined by USGA Chief Brand Officer Craig Annis (75:07) to breakdown rescheduling the U.S. Open, changes to the live viewing experience, fans onsite, and more.
May 28, 2020
The Fore Man Scramble beat Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2. We are here to talk about it. From Trent’s first tee jitters to Rigg’s final putt, we detail the iconic match from the U.S. Open tees at Donald Ross’ masterpiece. Then, we discuss Rory’s “personal hunch” the Ryder Cup will be moved to 2021, the stigma surrounding pushcarts, what we think our personal official world golf rankings are, and much more.
May 26, 2020
The Tiger, Phil, Brady, Manning match, in our opinion, delivered. We’re joined by tournament director for the match, Kevin Hopkins, and breakdown our own thoughts. Then we preview everything about our own match, as a four man scramble, against Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2.
May 21, 2020
The Jonas Brothers (6:17) join our golf podcast. Yes, that’s right, the 3 Jonas Brothers — Nick, Joe, and Kevin — join our show for the first time. Turns out the brothers play A LOT of golf. They discuss brotherly love on the course, tell an unheard Grammys bet story, roast Riggs for losing to 12-year-old Pete, and MUCH more. After the brothers, we discuss the upcoming Match II and, in From The Gallery, debate breakfast balls, playing Augusta but having to skip Amen Corner, and more.
May 19, 2020
It’s official, the Fore Play Scramble vs Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2 is on. May 26th, 2020, from the U.S. Open tees. Kiz joins the show to discuss the Kisner Foundation and how he likes his chances, what he thinks of ours, what it will take to win, and much more. After Kiz, we discuss in detail our feelings on the Taylormade Driving Relief Skins Game and the upcoming Tiger, Phil, Brady and Manning match.
May 14, 2020
Sir Nick Faldo joins the show (24:03) The 6-time major winner & lead CBS Golf analyst didn’t just go after Riggs’ golf game, he went after everything about his life. We also get more insight into the Masters Champions Dinner, Sir Nick and Jim Nantz’s relationship, key putts to win major championships, and much more. In From The Gallery, momentum continues to mount for Kisner vs the Fore Play Scramble at Pinehurst No. 2, will Charlie Woods wear red on Sundays, and we “preview” Sunday’s upcoming skins match with Rory, DJ, Rickie, and Wolff.
May 12, 2020
Stew Hagestad finished low amateur at the 2017 Masters yet has never decided to turn pro. We chat with Stew about amateur golf, how good the pros really are, being on the U.S. Open range with Tiger, & much more. Also, who would win in a match at Pinehurst No. 2, the 4 Fore Play guys playing a 4-man scramble or Kevin Kisner playing his own ball?
May 7, 2020
Code red, golf video games are back. Maybe. A “PGA Tour 2K21” teaser has launched out of the clouds, and we’re here to debate what this game could or couldn’t be. Will it live up to the Tiger games? Can it? What does it need? Will it have Tiger, other places, great courses? We also react to the confirmation of the Rory, DJ, Rickie, Matt Wolff event at Seminole, then take some From The Galleries including: history aside, what’s the most purely eye-popping golf course you’ve ever seen, and would you rather play a top-25 course with 3 stiffs or your local dog track with your 3 best buddies?
May 5, 2020
We are joined by 2 very, VERY special guests on today’s show. First up we have 2008 Masters Champion Trevor Immelman (27:07) who shares some incredible stories from last year’s Presidents Cup and discusses the challenges of coaching the International Team from a cultural standpoint. He also tells some eye-opening Tiger Woods stories and how TW brought his competitiveness to… the lunch table? Then we’re joined by the man, the myth, the legend, 12-year old Pete (84:41) who recaps his round with Riggs including pre-round thoughts, nerves while playing, and how he thought both him and Riggs played.
April 30, 2020
It’s an old school show. Just the crew. First, we debate if Riggs is a squid for narc’ing on some golfers at Pinehurst. Then we discuss Jack’s short game. How bad was it? Why was it not up to the standards of the rest of his game? We also take more From The Galleries and discuss each others’ games. Throwback episode.
April 28, 2020
Collin Morikawa (42:17) joins the show for the first time. He’s definitely not superstitious but always keeps exactly 5 tees in his pocket. Hmm. We have an awesome conversation on being one of the young guns, winning early, and what the John Deere Classic means to him. In other news, Riggs is bald and we debate if his “ace” on the Cradle is really an ace.
April 23, 2020
Super Bowl champ DeMarcus Ware joins the show live from his in-home golf simulator. The 9-time Pro Bowler is now obsessed with GOLF and has some hilarious input from his perspective (90:23). In Headlines, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady is confirmed happening next month and Rory McIlroy says a fan-less Ryder Cup is “not a Ryder Cup.” In From The Gallery, what’s the lowest score you think you’ll ever shoot in your career, and how many golf balls do you typically carry to make sure you won’t run out during a round?
April 21, 2020
Jeff McNeil (70:30) of the New York Mets joins the show. Yes, he’s an elite baseball player today, but he didn’t play on his high school team until his senior year. Golf was his passion. Often, it still is. We compare the baseball swing to the golf swing, get a great Will Ferrell story, and much more. In Headlines, the TOUR may be securing ONE MILLION test kits in an effort to restart. In From The Gallery, could we break Billy Casper’s opening round 106 in the 2005 Masters?
April 16, 2020
From The Gallery delivers today in a big way. How many stroke lead would you need on 16 tee to win the Masters? Is the golf galaxy club testing full of shit? Then, the president of Pinehurst, Tom Pashley (58:45), sits down for an hour to talk everything Pinehurst with Riggs. In depth, fascinating interview with a very important man.
April 14, 2020
Country megastar Jake Owen (32:20) returns to the show. His last appearance was our most viral show yet, with the Phil Mickelson at Jordan Spieth’s wedding story making its way everywhere. Believe me, this appearance does not disappoint. We get great stories, and unexpected and uplifting insight into Jake’s world of songwriting and performing. Phenomenal interview.
April 9, 2020
Seth Waugh, CEO of the PGA of America, joins the show (43:12) to walk us through how the revised golf schedule came to be. He discusses the process of all of golf’s governing bodies and organizations coming together, what that room was like, the factors that were considered, and the complications now facing the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup. Frankie also details another “disagreement” he and his buddies had on the golf course, and we react to Tiger’s “quarantine champions dinner” photo.
April 7, 2020
Max Homa (16:16) joins the show for the first time. The PGA Tour winner & prolific twitter user discusses — during what was supposed to be his first ever Masters week — the revised 2020 golf schedule, a November Masters, roasting people’s swings online, meeting Tiger Woods on the driving range, and a whole lot more. A top interview in Fore Play history.
April 2, 2020
We’re not a hockey podcast, so Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Brady Skjei (54:35) joins the show. We talk quarantine life, guys in the NHL’s golf games, Brady’s thoughts (former New York Ranger) on Frankie’s Henrik Lundqvist takes, and a ton more. In Headlines, rumors of a Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady & Peyton Manning match continue to intensify. In From The Gallery, how many strokes would you save if every green were perfectly flat?
March 31, 2020
Matthew Fitzpatrick (16:16) joins the show in quarantine. The 25th ranked player in the world tells all time stories about playing Augusta, buying a hitting net, beating kids online in fifa and weighs in on some of our classic debates.
March 26, 2020
Quarantine episode 4. Riggs traveled to the White House and back, conducting an interview on the coronavirus situation and meeting the Vice President. He tells the story alone, then the rest of the crew delves into some all-time From The Galleries: Which pro golfer would you inject with truth serum; would you take all of Tiger’s skills & wins if it meant he never existed; would you take 2 putts on every single hole you play?
March 24, 2020
It’s our third episode under quarantine life. How’s everyone holding up? We discuss Riggs at Pinehurst, Trent in Manhattan, Frankie on Long Island, and Lurch in Charleston. We also get into Rickie, JT, Brooks & DJ’s lefty games, and take a bunch of From The Galleries, including if you’d choose one round with Tiger at your local muni or one round at Augusta with your buddies. 2 hours. Let’s go.
March 19, 2020
Riggs fled to Pinehurst. Lurch to Charleston. Trent and Frankie are locked down in New York City. It’s quarantine show number 2 and a few of us are already going stir crazy. We discuss potential fall Masters dates, the cancellation of more tournaments, what it’d be like if the PGA TOUR went on a fanless municipal golf course tour, and take several From The Galleries.
March 17, 2020
The whole crew is in quarantine due to the novel coronavirus but that isn’t stopping us. Kevin Kisner joins to discuss his experience as a player at The PLAYERS Championship during the cancelation, what he thinks will happen to the 2020 Masters, and what he’s going to do while out of a job. Without Kiz, we debate how deadly golf is as a sport, living and playing Pebble Beach if you weren’t allowed to play anywhere else, and which par 3 would be the best to get a hole-in-one on in competition.
March 13, 2020
The Masters Tournament has been postponed due to coronavirus concerns. The PLAYERS Championship has been canceled. The PGA TOUR has been canceled for the next month. We hop in the studio for an emergency podcast to discuss an October Masters with pumpkins replacing azaleas and apple trees replacing big oaks, how the Tour handled the developing situation, if Tiger Woods knew all along, and everything else surrounding coronavirus hysteria.
March 12, 2020
The hilarious 2-time PLAYERS champion Steve Elkington joins the show for the third time (25:13 - 57:27). Elk calls while strolling the range at Sawgrass, running into Pat Perez and commentating on Brooks Koepka chipping right in front of him. Elk weighs in on the course conditions, Patrick Reed’s situation, swing advice, Rory’s game and MUCH more. The crew also previews The PLAYERS and takes several From The Galleries, including if Tiger would have had more or less success if he were a left-handed golfer.
March 10, 2020
Riggs & Lurch return from the 2020 Dadbod Classic and recap the week at Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill & Spanish Bay. After, we react to Bay Hill including Bryson’s thoughts on how “the physics stopped working,” discuss the PGA considering a move from Harding Park in San Francisco to TPC Sawgrass in Florida due to Coronavirus, PLAYERS Championship week, at what age will Tiger Woods not be able to compete at the Masters, how many golf balls we’ve lost our careers, and MUCH more.
March 5, 2020
Riggs & Lurch are off to Pebble as the whole crew’s back together to discuss what would happen if Augusta canceled the Masters, if you could take some of Tiger’s talents but it meant he loses his, and the latest with (maybe) Justine Reed’s burner account.
March 3, 2020
Gil Hanse (24:45), one of golf’s most renowned course architects, joins the show for nearly an hour. We talk building The Cradle short course right in Pinehurst’s front yard, creating Pinehurst’s new no. 4 course, restoring Winged Foot ahead of this summer’s U.S. Open, and what he would do with Augusta’s 13th hole. The crew also talks Old Man Golf Media popping back up, a potential Justine Reed burner account, and the Honda Classic.
February 27, 2020
The death of golf stuffiness is upon us, and Brooks Koepka has championed the cause. We breakdown Brooks’ recent GQ profile (we loved it) and Tiger’s teleconference reliving the 2019 Masters. Then, we hit you with a 10-minute excerpt of prolific course architect Gil Hanse chatting with Riggs. The full interview will be in next Tuesday’s show, but you get a taste of what it took to reshape the 16th hole, thumbprint green at Sleepy Hollow.
February 25, 2020
Patrick Reed, amidst plenty of controversy, wins in Mexico. Does he deserve the hate he gets? What about Bryson? We discuss this, the NHL trade deadline (not a hockey podcast), the Premier Golf League, and MUCH more.
February 20, 2020
Scott Brown (26:30), fresh off a T2 finish at Riviera, joins the show. He tells the story of making an ace while playing with Tiger, playing Palmetto with Kiz & the Fore Play crew in November, and being in contention down the stretch at Riviera. Then Elliot and Adam (69:10) from Bridgestone join to discuss working with Tiger to create his new golf ball, what Tiger likes and doesn’t like, and what distance regulations could mean for ball manufacturers going forward.
February 18, 2020
David Feherty (35:23) joins us in studio for a phenomenal and funny chat about a myriad of topics. We get into the behind the scenes of a broadcast, the problems with having a hot mic button, and David’s thoughts on players from Rory to Reed to Tiger and more. The crew also talks Genesis Invitational coverage, Riviera, and Adam Scott’s VERY impressive win.
February 13, 2020
Alfonso Ribeiro, the famous actor, and host twists our brains into pretzels with his analytical approach to golf. He breaks down what it’s like playing the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, working with Kevin Na’s swing coach, and giving us advice on how mentally to better our own games. He also discusses bringing that analytic approach to his career. Afterward, we ponder microchips inside golf balls to help players find their ball.
February 11, 2020
Frankie’s a mess and Commissioner Riggs announces Pinehurst will host the 2020 Barstool Classic Championship. He and Lurch recap a weekend reconnaissance trip in North Carolina. In Headlines, Tom Brady quote tweeted a Fore Play tweet to roast Peyton Manning, Tiger’s hosting at Riviera this week (where he’s never won), Phil and Spieth showing signs of improvement, and Rory’s back to no. 1 in the world.
February 6, 2020
Analyst Brandel Chamblee checks in with us to talk pretty much everything. We discuss Patrick Reed’s cease & desist letter, Brooks Koepka vs Rory McIlroy, Tiger’s current swing being perhaps his best, the new distance report, Phil’s game and MUCH more.
February 4, 2020
When you finish a hole, do you say “I made 6” or “I shot 6”? We debate, and things get heated. We also react to yet another incredibly candid interview from Rory McIlroy, Tony Finau coming up short yet again, and Spieth missing the cut in Phoenix. Lurch details his weekend playing Harding Park, Pasatiempo, and running just an awful Instagram story.
January 30, 2020
Kirk Minihane sits down with Riggs in Miami and poses the question: “If Fore Play had hard, damning Tiger Woods news, would we break it?” We debate that and discuss the mysterious Premier Golf League, what we dislike and like about golf coverage, which players have underperformed, how good of a job Ernie Els did as International Presidents Cup captain, and a lot more. Anytime Kirk hops on, things get interesting.
January 28, 2020
The tragic accident that took 9 lives, including Kobe Bryant’s, was shocking news that affected everyone in some way. We react to the horrible tragedy then breakdown Tiger Woods’ 2020 debut, everything that went down at Torrey Pines including Patrick Reed getting no TV time, Bryson getting a slow play warning in Dubai, Spieth falling outside the top-50, and much more.
January 23, 2020
Kiz joins the show for his yearly checkup. Per usual, he weighs in on our golf games, if Rory could beat Frankie blindfolded, if Riggs has a chance in the 5-iron match, how he likes his chances at this year’s majors, what’s going on at Augusta National and MUCH more.
January 21, 2020
Torrey Pines is next which means Tiger Woods is back. Despite winning the Farmers Insurance 7 times, Tiger’s not the first or second favorite. We talk Torrey, Brooks vs Bryson, new photos of a dormant Augusta National, Lee Westwood’s career, Lurch suffers a major ping pong setback, and much more.
January 16, 2020
Frankie Borrelli is forced to publicly apologize to an anonymous Tiger Woods fan account, jacked Bryson fires shots at Brooks Koepka, new slow play policies are rolled out, and Jack Nicklaus makes more comments on Tiger Woods. We discuss this and much more with the full crew.
January 14, 2020
Chris DiMarco joins the show (53:10) for the first time. DiMarco, unfortunately, had the best seat in the house for Tiger's famous chip-in on 16 at Augusta in the final round of the 2005 Masters, eventually losing to Tiger in a playoff. We discuss battling Tiger Woods, Patrick Reed's handling of the bunker incident, how golf can improve slow play, and MUCH more. Before DiMarco joins, we react to Charlie Woods' golf swing, the Sony Open finish, and Trent's severe addiction to sugar.
January 9, 2020
We react to the Geoff Shackelford interview, providing our thoughts on how it went, what we wish we would have brought up, and people's reactions. Then we talk all things, Patrick Reed, at Kapalua. Reed says he didn't hear the heckler, Commissioner Jay Monahan believes him, and Chris DiMarco had an outrageous tweet about Reed. We also talk Abraham Ancer saying the media twisted his comments about playing Tiger, we're getting Mr. Borrelli the S7K putter, and what the exact diameter of a golf hole makes Frankie want to fight Lurch.
January 7, 2020
Geoff Shackelford (3:24)  joins the show to discuss the infamous Old Man Golf Media vs Fore Play saga. We debate each other's place in the golf media landscape and things get everything from contentious to funny to enlightening. Why did Geoff take a shot at Fore Play? Were we justified in firing back? Is there space at the table for all of us? After Geoff joins, we breakdown the crazy finish to the Tournament of Champions at Kapalua.
January 2, 2020
New year, new decade, new predictions. What kind of year will Tiger have? Will that psycho Rahm win a major? Is Phil done or ready for a resurgence? Who will win the Masters, PGA, U.S. Open and British Open? All that plus Frankie details, as only he could, his Atlantis trip and things that happen to... only Frankie.
December 31, 2019
Riggs conducts the decade's final Fore Play alone recounting every detail of going solo on the far side of the world: dinner with the locals, embarrassing first tee shots, and what it's like golfing in New Zealand (Tara Iti, Kauri Cliffs, Titirangi) and on King Island (Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes). Riggs also delivers a serious thank you to all our fans. 
December 24, 2019
From Bryson on slow play to Fitzpatrick's boy telling him “I'm Back” to LinksGems on photo wars and much more, this show is a highlight mashup of some of our best interview moments from the second half of 2019. We'll be back next week with 2 full shows. Happy holidays, everyone!
December 19, 2019
We're back in a big way after stirring up golf twitter. We breakdown and react to the whole thing. Then the finale of the Roo Cup is revealed as we relive playing The Dunes, Barnbougle Lost Farm, and Barnbougle Dunes Course on Tasmania.
December 16, 2019
Captain Tiger Woods lead an epic win over the Internationals at the 2019 Presidents Cup complete with a dominant win over Abe Ancer. He then executed the fist bumps / dap ups  heard round the world. We breakdown the entire week from onsite in Melbourne, Australia.
December 12, 2019
We're live from the Presidents Cup in Melbourne, Australia. We give reactions to day 1 of 2019 Presidents Cup play, including both Tiger Woods domination and Team USA frustration. We talk International Team logo, fake American fans, tell stories about interacting with the players, reveal our excitement over how firm and fast Royal Melbourne is playing, discuss what it was like meeting a kuala bear named Mozart, and MUCH more.
December 10, 2019
We finally made it to Australia and we're here to talk all about it: the flight, the animals, the golf courses, the Presidents Cup, JT & Xander trying to outdrive Frankie left-handed, the Boss Man, Reed's rules infraction in the Bahamas and MUCH more. Big show.
December 5, 2019
It's the Trent and Frankie show (for the first half of this episode) They give their thoughts on Riggs round in Bermuda, run through some headlines including Michelle Wie to CBS, every species of Tiger being back and more. Then Riggs and Andrew breakdown Riggs shooting 103-100 in the 2019 Goslings Invitational.
December 3, 2019
Jason Day pulls out from the Presidents Cup, Adam Scott is worried the Australian crowd is going to cheer for Tiger (duh), & DJ withdraws from the Hero. After, we discuss the difference in plastic vs wooden tees after England's oldest club banned the use of plastic tees, who is most likely to be attacked by a wild animal in Australia, giving/getting mid-round swing tips from another golfer, and more.
November 26, 2019
It's Thanksgiving week and we're talking food. Is there a bigger regional difference in pizza or clam chowder? In golf, Trent makes a guarantee about his scores in Australia, Riggs reveals insights into the Barstool Classic 2020 schedule, and Frankie thinks he's back thanks to the latest Kisner tip. In headlines we talk RSM Classic, Rahm winning in Dubai, and young Tiger Woods saying he wants a 1 and 2-iron from Santa.
November 21, 2019
How dangerous is Australia? Could we die by snake? Shark? Croc? Spider? Scorpion? Could Rory McIlroy beat Frankie blindfolded? Who should Tiger have tapped to replace Brooks Koepka? All that, plus a chat with our 2019 Barstool Classic champions.
November 19, 2019
Up and coming women's golf star Maria Fassi (63:02) joins the show to talk hitting bombs, battling on the back nine at Augusta in the inaugural Augusta National Women's Amateur, and life as a rookie on tour. Before Maria joins the show, we discuss Brendon Todd's back-to-back wins, a bunker shank for the ages, and how some things are bigger than golf.
November 14, 2019
We spent this past weekend with Kiz in his hometown of Aiken, South Carolina. We played his home course, Palmetto, and recount what it's like playing a round with tour pros. Then we played Sage Valley, witnessed a Kiz & Dewey clinic, and a private Lee Brice & Tyler Farr concert. Riggs then (86:03) sat down for a hilarious round table with Kiz, Chappell, and Dufner. Shoutout to the Kisner Foundation. What an epic weekend. 
November 12, 2019
Pinehurst. Tobacco Road. A bucketlist buddies golf trip through North Carolina. This show recounts our journey from the wild and crazy Tobacco Road to the historic and cherished Pinehurst. We stayed at Tobacco Road's Stewart Cabin and at Pinehurst's Dornach Cottage (Donald Ross' old home). After each round, we sat by the fire and relived Tobacco Road, Pinehurst no. 8, no. 2, no. 4, and The Cradle. You don't want to miss this one.
November 7, 2019
We're podcasting live from the Dornach Cottage at Pinehurst. We talk Rory McIlroy, Tiger vs Greg Norman, and LPGA rules controversies. In From The Gallery, we discuss how big the hole would have to be for us to be competitive on the PGA TOUR.
November 5, 2019
Despite much speculation, we did indeed survive our trip to Vero Beach. We relive rolling around with our rockstar friend in his hometown, including chatting onstage with Jake Owen himself just minutes before Jimmy Buffett performed. Then Chase Rice joins the show (91:23) where he pulls the curtains back on the music industry and tells a phenomenal John Daly story.
October 31, 2019
Course photographer @LinksGems, also known as Jon Cavalier, joins the show for the first time (45:52). We talk about shooting courses, stopping at sketchy rest stops to upload photos, and his reckless history with drones. The crew also previews our upcoming Pinehurst trip, complete with private jets, Jake Owen concerts, and a weekend at Kisner's.
October 29, 2019
The Boss Man wins his 82nd tournament, tying Sam Snead's all-time record. We ask the important question: will Jack Nicklaus be forced to come out of retirement to defend his records? We breakdown the entire week, debate where Tiger ranks all-time, where he'll finish up, and MUCH more.
October 24, 2019
Lanto Griffin almost quit golf with under $200 to his name. A week and a half ago he became a PGA Tour winner. We discuss his journey, have some laughs, and even experience some emotions. We dream about what it'll be like playing in the Masters this spring. Plus, we breakdown the Asian swing (turns out there's A LOT of people in Asia), and Tiger's return and upcoming Presidents Cup picks.
October 22, 2019
We compare Hideki Matsuyama's lower half to Frankie Borrelli's. In Headlines, a couple Fore Play friends, Justin Thomas and Danielle Kang, win yet again; another buddy, the Boss Man, competes in the skins game in Japan; a player on the LPGA Senior Tour incurs a 58-stroke penalty; is Jordan Spieth back?
October 17, 2019
The golf world is abuzz over Brooks Koepka claiming there is no rivalry with Rory McIlroy because Rory hasn't won a major in 5 years. We pick sides. We also detail the Barstool Classic Championship, reuniting with our greatest podcast guest of all time Jake Owen, and give our takes on the new that Tiger Woods is writing his own book called “BACK.”
October 15, 2019
The boys are back and have decided to stick to two podcasts a week. We talk about Frankie leaving a mess in the office, how back Riggs golf game is, Lanto Griffin,  the European and Ladies Euro Tour's decision to host a mixed event, and tons more. We're back baby, we're so back.
October 10, 2019
Have we had enough with Phil Mickelson? Is the Houston Open the new John Deere Classic? What does Francesco Molinari to this day think about his U.S. Open interview with us? And Lurch goes on a U-word first date.
October 8, 2019
Barstool's pot stirrer and huge golf guy Kirk Minihane joins the show and things become unhinged real fast. We talk Kevin Na's putting antics, when Dave Portnoy will die, how our fall golf games are shaping up and MUCH more. Oh, and our friend Bryson says he's going to get yoked.
October 3, 2019
We kickoff the show with Riggs officially banning the usage of a certain word and imposing a fine for using it. Then we breakdown the Riggs vs Whitney match saga, which has been canceled due to an amateur status situation. In headlines, the Korean Tour money leader received a 3 year ban for flipping off a distracting fan so we tell our best middle finger stories. Also, we love our Aussie fans.
October 1, 2019
The whole squad's in studio for the first time in weeks and we have a lot of catching up to do. We tell stories, react to Cameron Champ's emotional win and Rory's aggressive European Tour comments, and debate if we're cool or not. Also, stick around to see if Frankie lands his joke...
September 26, 2019
Riggs and Whitney have finalized details for their long-awaited $10k match. We breakdown the details, the expectations, and Riggs reveals what Frankie's caddie's cut will be. Plus, Trent's childhood nightmares won't die and Rory's dad is pretty damn good at golf.
September 24, 2019
This one goes off the rails. Fast. How many over par do you think you are in your life? How absurd is it that Rory has alignment issues? How mistreated were Trent and Riggs by their siblings? Wild show. Wild fun. Listen.
September 19, 2019
Lurch calls in from the Dunvegan Hotel Pub in St. Andrews, Scotland to talk links golf. And we take a bunch of From The Galleries. Would you skip playing Augusta to watch Tiger maybe win his 19th major? Can you golf with shades on? A watch? Stuff in your pockets? Oh, and Frankie says he could kill a baby if he really wanted to.
September 17, 2019
Daniel Berger joins the show for the first time (53:10). He talks about never watching golf, not playing for his high school golf team, but realizing how much he loves playing the game while coming back from injury. He also relives being on the other side of Spieth's famous Travelers Championship playoff bunker hole out, destroying the international team in the 2017 Presidents Cup, and what it was like in the team room with Tiger and Phil. Before Berger, we discuss the Solheim Cup, Cabot Links, Kevin Chappell posting 59 and MUCH more.
September 12, 2019
American Solheim Cup Captain Juli Inkster joins the show (61:42) to talk all things Solheim Cup, from playing in hostile territory to using motivational tools to what it's like reeling in Danielle Kang. Before Juli, the bottled water debate intensifies, we honor Arnold Palmer on his would-be 90th birthday, and we tackle some From The Gallery submissions.
September 10, 2019
Should “golf” as a verb be universally accepted as correct? We think so. We played Liberty National Monday morning and breakdown the round, then get into “the bug rule,” Matt Kuchar's latest hatable antics, talk a little tennis, argue tap water vs bottled water, and take some From The Galleries.
September 5, 2019
In the long-anticipated return of Behind The Greens, we take calls from several course pros telling stories of their experiences, adventures, and observations running golf courses. We get Justin Bieber and Michael Jordan tales, carts in ponds, railroad knockouts and MUCH more. Feels good to be back.
September 3, 2019
LPGA Tour winner and European Solheim Cup player Bronte Law joins the show (53:41) to talk golf, coming to America, Call Her Daddy and more. We also recap our weekends including lots of golf, wedding, and even tennis talk.
August 29, 2019
Kiz calls into the show to preview the 5-iron match and detail his finish to the season, including what happens to his $843K FedEx Cup paycheck. You'll want to hear this. We also debate if an average golfer with TOUR-like resources and commitment could become a scratch golfer.
August 27, 2019
Rory McIlroy wins the TOUR Championship and we react to it all from the format, to Koepka's performance, to JT's comments and more. We also dissect an interesting rules dispute we had over the weekend, and Frankie goes through a horrible professional debacle live on the show.
August 22, 2019
Phil Mickelson is ALL OVER the Fore Play crew on Twitter and we react in real-time as the replies keep coming. We also talk golf gambling games, debate if Rory McIlroy is more famous than Bruce Willis, and give our takes on the TOUR Championship.
August 20, 2019
We're buzzing off a big weekend in Chicago and Wisconsin. We relive the weekend in golf including the Barstool Classic in Chicago and a spiritual Erin Hills experience. We also deliver FedEx Cup format takes and react to Justin Thomas' insane weekend at Medinah.
August 15, 2019
Frankie Borrelli, our resident lefty, vs Lefty Justin Thomas in a golf match. Who would win? We debate this, slow play, Phil's ramped up Twitter presence and Tiger feeling better. We also breakdown and react to our in-depth Bryson interview from earlier in the week.
August 13, 2019
In the middle of a slow play firestorm, Bryson DeChambeau (4:40) joins the show for a full hour. We talk the 2:10 putt, the players that have taken shots at him, what happened with Brooks Koepka, his process for putting, how wind affects putts, and much, much more. We're tough at times and agree at others. You're going to want to listen to this one.
August 8, 2019
The Boss Man posts a pic with his arm around our guy Kiz. The Spin Doctors have a HUGE new member. The Barstool Classic has its first real controversy. Rory roasts Kuch. We break it all down and rip through several From The Galleries in this fun, old school type show.
August 6, 2019
A lot of wild headlines in the golf world this week. We discuss them all, react to our interview with Matt Fitzpatrick, relive Frankie & Trent playing and filming the 18th hole at Whiskey Creek at the Barstool Classic in front of a big gallery, take several From The Galleries, and more.
August 1, 2019
Matthew Fitzpatrick, the 27th-ranked player in the world, who called Frankie out at Pebble for Frankie claiming he could beat him up, joins us in studio for an entire show. We talk being on the European Ryder Cup group text, picking up distance, his best and worst shots, what he hears from the gallery, the difference between he and Brooks Koepka, and even take some From The Galleries. One of our favorite interviews ever.
July 30, 2019
Brooks Koepka wins a non-major in Memphis. Yes, we get Frankie's thoughts fresh off his week of Koepka takes, then we breakdown Rory's woes and Sergio's lunacy. We've also all got recent events to discuss: Riggs at Bandon, Frankie, and Trent at Pup Punk, Lurch at Morris County and more.
July 25, 2019
202. That's the score Trey Bilardello (68:11) shot recently in a U.S. Am qualifier. He defends that he did not shoot that on purpose despite all the reports about him, and we debate several From The Galleries in a bit of a throwback episode.
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