Insights you won’t hear elsewhere
Excellent pod by well-informed, uniquely positioned FP geeks - but accessible to a broader audience as well. The episode with former Australian PM Rudd was one of their best. It’s obviously a US-focused pod but guys - even within those parameters, there’s a lot more to delve into on things like US relations with regional powers like Nigeria or Indonesia, and the tectonic shifts occurring in the US power vacuum within and among other regions of the world. And there are FP stories to be told that aren’t about war - whether military, civil, nuclear or otherwise. I really appreciate the human rights focus on stories like the Rohingya and Uighurs but even there, you tend to be beholden to whatever grabs US headlines. What about Cameroon? Haiti? West Papua? Would love to get your take on a wider panoply of FP issues to which people should be exposed. Your insights matter now more than ever. Great podcast!
Cash App
I love the podcast, but look out for the Cash App, before you decide to do business with them check out the reviews, they are, pardon the pun, crooked. Fortunately I was able to get my money back, but they did everything they could to prevent it.
Insightful commentary
Love the content. Interviews are excellent. Forthright discussion of mistakes and successes of Obama administration foreign policy efforts. Rhodes arrogance is a bit of a struggle, but the show is worth it.
Used to be one of my favorites...
...but lately the content is too large to download (200MB) without a WiFi connection. When you’re barely getting by on Social Security, things like WiFi, cable, streaming, etc. are luxuries. A mile-long walk to the library for free WiFi isn’t easy during the cold when so I’m missing out on a good podcast.
For folks who are interested in international affairs, it’s must
Very well explained foreign policy and current global affairs. If you are into international affairs or want to know more about our world, should listen to this great podcast!
You will learn so much
crooked admirer
If you are not generally interested in the non-US world or worry that you don’t know enough history to put world events in perspective, you need this show. Tommy is smart and committed to thoughtful discussion. Excellent guests provide larger understanding and have often “been there” in Obama times. And Ben is super. No funny business. Just smart, informed talk.
I needed this!
I was so lost when it came to world news until I started listening to this show and now I look forward to my Wednesday morning commute with Tommy and Ben! Thanks for helping keep us informed in a digestible way and for being entertaining as well!
Where have I been?
Taking care of Mom
Do NOT ask me why I took so long to subscribe to Pod Save the World. I have spent the last 48 hours binge-listening to every episode and feel as if I have had a two-day survey course in world affairs. Great interviews, great hosts!
if you’re not a foreign policy/politics nerd such as myself i highly suggest listening to PSW to understand the significance of current political events in other countries, how they impact us, and how the sad state of our politics impact them.
Love Tommy and Ben
mama hart77
I wish this pod was my government AGAIN.
Biased in favor of Israel:(
Episode presented themselves as representing the left thinking on issue of Palestine statehood, and they don’t give voice to actual left. One state solution not mentioned at all. Disappointed! Won’t listen anymore
Please keep the fact that you like phish a secret. It makes you look stupid!
So insightful
It’s like hearing voices from the past when foreign policy was not run by incompetent fools.
The best foreign policy podcast out there. Informative, insightful and nuanced conversation on complex issues brought by people who know what they’re talking about.
Perfect way to start your day!
This podcast is a quick, detailed and informative way to start your day. 20 minutes during a morning walk or commute and you’ll feel well-informed. I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this to come out and this delivered! Thank you!
Excellent Interviews
I found this last podcast to be very informative. Appreciated Susan Rice’s insights and the Vice reporter discussing China’s repression of the Weghers. I always learn something from your show.
Worst people in the world
OC Mary
Please do not exaggerate situations, we have been involved in other countries politics all over the world, the people in those countries are Not the worst people. Please be mindful and truthful. The current Government is so horrible we really do not need to stir the pot .
Pod save the world
I've learned so much from the listening to Ben & Tommy. I really enjoy the comfortable interviews of the WH group they worked with. The recent interview with Susun Rice was filed with stories that were funny, sad but informative BRAVO
More Latin America!
Pod Save the World is one of my favorite podcasts to stay up to date with foreign affairs. Ben and Tommy’s insider commentary on what’s happening around the world is a fantastic resource for those who wish to understand why foreign policy is important and how it affects us here in America. THAT BEING SAID: the analyses are often isolated to the conflicts the media focuses on already. What about the 24 hour curfew in Quito? What about the military marching through the streets of Santiago and the protests ignited by economic inequality? What’s happening in Argentina right now that’s causing incredible economic instability? Why are elites fleeing from Brazil in record numbers? I understand there’s a lot to cover right now, but there are important events outside of what the major media is focusing on and I’d like to hear them talk more about things I can’t learn about on Up First.
In ‘Send Giuliani to Syria - Yezidis ARE Kurds
Greatly enjoy learning to your podcast. One correction. Yesidis ARE Kurds. Yezidi is a religion. Kurd is a ethnicity. Unlike other ethnicities in Kurdistan, for Yezidis, their mother language. There are Sunni Muslim Kurds, Shia Muslim Kurds, Christian Kurds (some prefer Assyrian Christians), Zoroastrian Kurds, Jewish Kurds. Muslim Kurds say the Yezidis are the original Kurds, Zoroastrians who absorbed aspects of other religions along the way.
Feel smarter listening to these guys
In today’s crazy world, it’s hard to keep up with the latest real life consequences of the Trump administration, and this podcast keeps it real in terms of the actual threats to our National Security due to the actions of this president. The political horse race coverage of Pod Save America is great but this Pod is critical listening for anyone who cares about our standing around the world. We need a new Crooked Media Pod that could focus on domestic policy and how the administration is dismantling the government or how policy decisions are impacting things here in the US.
Best Source of Foreign Policy News
I learn so much from Tommy (and now Ben also) every week! They always have smart, thoughtful guests and they bring their own knowledge and experience to a critical lens on foreign policy. Keep up the good work guys!!!
I enjoy this show as it reminds you that there is a big wide world out there and that the US used to be (hopefully will again) outward facing. A refreshing break from the current insular mindset. It is interesting to hear a myriad of wonky details on international relations. I enjoy hearing Tommy and Ben provide the background and context on foreign relationships and issues. But please change the theme music - I can’t stand it!!
very informative
keep up the great work!
It was good until it wasn’t.
disappointed worldo
I loved this podcast up until the David Cameron interview in Oct. 2019. They have constantly talked about Brexit and how much blame Cameron shoulders, and yet did not challenge him in anyway. It was the most disappointing interview I have heard on PSW, and I’ve been a dedicated listener since it’s launch. I know the context in which in they operate (progressive, liberal democrats), but this interview was a solid reminder that they are just political hacks.
Another Ben fan
I think Ben has been a great addition to the pod! He brings even more behind the scenes insights from the Obama administration and gives Tommy someone to bounce stuff off of when discussing current news. Even though the pod always seems to scare the bejezus out of me as it informs me about the delicate high wire act that is foreign policy and the potential disastrous consequences, I’m so grateful to get informed, especially as we select a presidential candidate- I’m learning that foreign policy is probably the one area the president has the most power to act unilaterally.
A must hear
These folks give you a world perspective about all the most relevant things going on that you need to know. Great global perspectives from two guys who have the chops!
Ben Rants
Ben you don’t need to apologize for the rants that’s what makes PSTW! (And helps us all avoid going insane)
Wednesday delight...
Knowing I have this pod to get me through the first couple hours of work on Wednesday’s helps get me through the week. Put in the earphones, tune out my fellow construction workers, and catch up on the big picture stuff. Tommy and Ben do a fantastic job, if only we got two a week!
Love being a Worldo!
I always come away from the episodes knowing much more about foreign policy issues than I did going in. Please introduce some merch that says Worldo!
Jung not Yung
I love this podcast, and I know it’s a bit silly, but the only thing that really drives me crazy is that Ben Rhodes always says world leader’s names wrong. For example, he says “Kim Yung Un,” but if you can read Hangul, you know his name is JUNG not YUNG. His name is: 김정은 not 김영은. 정=Jung; 영=Yung. It’s a very small thing, but I cringe every time he says it. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Interesting Insight But Getting Too Long
Also Ben Rhodes does not need to be a screamy and screechy. We get it. Things are bad.
I listen while cooking or driving
This is a great podcast to listen to while doing tasks about the house, because the hosts break down complex world issues and problems in an easy to understand way.
Good - but
a fan from ma
Ok, smart guys, great guests, really informative. But enough with the bro culture. “Haven’t you worn out those sheets yet?” Really? Plus a sprinkling of Lazy Speech F bombs detracts from what your trying to accomplish.
I Was a Fan but now I am disappointed
I really loved your analysis but Tommy’s recent tweet about Modi annexing Kashmir was an disappointment,Kashmir is an integral part of India per the Instrument of Accession signed in 1947 agreeing to accede to the Dominion of India. The mere removal of special status of Kashmir which was a roadblock in consistent democry within a natiion is not Annexing.
Deep dive into domestic politics and foreign affairs
I used to think I was very well-informed and widely read on politics. Then I started listening to this pod and discovered that I’m a blithering idiot. Tommy & Ben don’t actually call their listeners idiots; they actually assume a significant level of intelligence and background. But they have a knack for knowing when the rest of us are thinking, “Huh?!!” and are happy to take a quick side trip to lay the groundwork to be able to fully explain a policy issue. It’s incredibly informative and I recommend it to every political junkie I know (as well as people who just want more info about x, y, or z). Great work guys; love the pod!!
So informative and helpful!
I’ve been listening to PSA for the past few years, so I decided to give pod save the world a try. I’ve been so happy and now never miss an episode! Ben and tommy help explain what’s going on in the rest of the world with a progressive point of view. The interviews are so interesting and I love getting caught up on international news from 2 bright, experienced guys.
Ranting and Raving
I thought this was going to be a decent podcast which talked about geopolitics and provide insightful analysis but I was proven wrong quickly. The host yells 90% of the time about Trump. If Trump were to solve world hunger the host would still find a way to scream in the microphone. If you actually want to learn about what’s going on in the geopolitical theatre don’t waste your time listening to this podcast. If you want to know more about how Trump is screwing up the country then listen to this.
Great podcast!
Nina Via✨
I am addicted to this podcast! It has definitely enhanced my understanding of current foreign policy issues. It is engaging and entertaining at the same time. I had the good fortune to meet Ben at the U of Chicago last spring with my teenage foreign policy nerd daughter. He was so kind and encouraging to her. We are total Friends of the Pod!
How are these two credible
It’s amazing that these two loons discuss world affairs with any credibility given how the Middle East got set aflame when they were at the helm with national security matters. Also, it was a lot better before Rhodes joined. Vietor used to just ask a bunch of leading questions to people who actually know what they’re talking about, but since Rhodes joined it has gone way downhill.
Are you there Tommy?
former friend of the pod
Ever since Ben Rhodes joined the show it’s kind of shown how little Tommy can actually speak about foreign policy. The show generally goes like this: Tommy introduces a topic, Ben talks for 20 minutes, Tommy: “That’s crazy,” *repeat with next topic*.
My favorite podcast
Great podcast! Recommend 100%.
Very intelligent look at the world
I have been all over the world, usually hot spots.(retired military) It is refreshing to hear people that have actually seen the world and helped shape it talk about current events. Keep up the great work.
Omg plz tell Ben Rhodes to pronounce Iran right, it’s killing me inside
Great podcast but please, please, please Ben Rhodes: stop mispronouncing Kim Jong Un's name! "Jong" is a Romanization of "정" which is pronounced "Jchung." Why do you insist on using a "Y" sound, especially when everybody else, even Dan, pronounces it much more closely to how it's said in Korean?
By far my favorite pod. Full of content and super educational. Ben and Tommy make a great team. With or without interviews the show is fantastic.
Rhodes rants are my favorite
This podcast was already great before they added Ben Rhodes. I already never missed an episode when it was just Tommy. But my ultimate favorite are Ben’s rants. I know it’s not funny that he gets genuinely upset, but honestly he does it in such an entertaining way. PSW just hits another level with Tommy and Ben
Much needed podcast!
Aunt Scotty22
I would be lost without Tommy and Ben to help me understand what is going on in the world! You get the whole story, who are the good guys and who are not. What is going on with Brexit, Iran and Iraq, Israel, an amazing podcast, I never miss it!
Mattis Rant
Ben Rhodes’ Jim Mattis rant was thoroughly enjoyable & enlightening! More importantly, he point by point dissected Mattis’ hypocrisy (aka “heaping pile of BS”) in criticizing Obama and not Trump, kids in cages, speaking fees, etc. As usual, another great listen.
A Weekly Must!
PSTW is incredibly entertaining, while being super-informative. My foreign policy knowledge has skyrocketed since listening to Tommy (and Ben, who is a very talented writer). They connect the dots on all that is happening around the world and bring it back to domestic policy. You don’t have a fully formed opinion on the world until you hear this podcast every week.
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