August 11, 2020
In this episode I want to share with you: What I had instead of a qualification, that was so much more important to help me build my business. How my friend Allie Casazza built a hugely successful 7-figure business with no qualifications. The impostor syndrome I felt while writing my first book. Why your experiences and skills are just as valid as any qualification and how to use them to create a valuable offer.  My best tips to help you build your confidence and go for your dreams.
August 4, 2020
In this episode I chat to you about: Why it might look easy and effortless for other people (but in fact no one has it all figured out!) The mindset breakthrough I had when I accepted that building a business was going to be really hard work (and how to have that same breakthrough) My favourite tips for overcoming the struggle and pushing through to create success when it all feels like too much.
July 28, 2020
In this episode I share with you:  My own struggle with being myself when I first started FEA. How I discovered who I wanted to be to my audience and found my authentic voice.  Why it’s so important to make business decisions based on your own intuition (rather than always following everyone else’s ideas, advice and style). My 3 best tips to help you get back to who you truly are if you’ve been feeling a little lost.
July 21, 2020
In this episode I share with you: The crappy first draft I created of my bestselling book, She Means Business (I had no idea what I was doing!) The one thing that keeps most entrepreneurs stuck in ideas mode (and how to get out of it!) How to dive into the creation process (even if it’s really crappy to begin with!). How to move on and improve from that crappy first draft.  A journal entry I wrote years ago, which eventually made it into my book.
July 14, 2020
In this episode I want to share with you: - The decision I made back in 2011 that changed my life and business (and why this is the essential first step we all need to take to create success). - Why making that decision changes absolutely everything (and what you can expect to see when you go all in). - The one thing I always do to push through the resistance that comes up whenever I make a new decision.  How we can all become intentional creators of our lives (and attract the abundance we deserve).
July 7, 2020
In this episode of the She Means Business Show, I am talking with the amazing Heather Chauvin. In this episode, Heather tells us all about how her stage 4 cancer diagnosis forced her to shift from a state of learning to a state of doing; to stop simply consuming self-development content and to start acting on it. I hope you love it :) xx
June 30, 2020
In today’s episode I share with you: How one of our members, Lucy Griffiths, has sold over 30,000 courses online. How my good friend Michelle Rohr generated over $100,000 selling printable PDF products on Etsy. Loads of ideas for how to tap into the power of the internet to make money doing something you love. The 6-phase process we use inside the FEA Members’ Club to walk you from idea to wildly successful business.  The thing we all need to tap into to create the business of our dreams.
June 23, 2020
The lies I kept telling myself that stopped me from pursuing my idea to create FEA for 3 whole years, and the realisation I had that then changed everything. Why “unbecoming” is such an important first step to creating success. The questions you really need to ask yourself to get clear on what’s holding you back from making your dreams happen and stopping abundance from flowing into your life.
June 16, 2020
It was only when 2011 came around, and I recalibrated my goals to what I called my "Mission: Success Challenge" that I actually began to make progress towards that first million. And it took a fundamental mindset shift to get me there. So in this episode, I'm going to tell you all about my journey, how I achieved that mindset shift and impart my best advice for how you can do the same.
June 9, 2020
Since starting FEA, I have built an email list of over 150,000 subscribers, which has completely changed my business! But like everyone else, I started from zero! I know how frustrating it can feel when you’re starting from square one, but I also know that this kind of success is possible for every single one of us! I want to take you behind the scenes and share with you the best lead magnets we’ve used over the past few years to grow this list and how exactly we marketed them to attract subscribers.
May 26, 2020
Every single business needs a business plan, but when we’re just getting started, it’s difficult to know how to go about planning everything that goes into creating success!  So I wanted to share with you how I created my own Business Success Plan, which helped me grow FEA to multiple 7-figures. Head over to to download my simple Business Success Plan template, which will help guide you through this process!
May 19, 2020
It’s one thing to have an idea or a dream of starting a business... but it’s something completely different to have the courage to turn that dream into a successful and profitable business that you love. So in this episode, I wanted to share with you 5 powerful strategies I always turn to whenever doubts, fears and worries flood my brain and cloud my willingness to keep pushing through.
May 12, 2020
Before 2015, Allie Casazza was an overwhelmed mum of 4, battling to get through every day, counting the minutes till bedtime and dreading having to start all over again the next morning. Since then Allie has built a multiple 7-figure business and she’s even had a $70,000 day selling a $99 product! So in this episode, Allie shares her 5-Part Party Cocktail, which is her fun framework for building a tribe of ideal customers.
May 5, 2020
I want to take you back in time and show you how much I really didn’t have things figured out when I first launched the Members’ Club and how far it was from perfection! I hope this episode shows you that if you have an idea or a desire to create success, then you have to find the courage to just go for it, before you even feel ready to take the leap!  Check out the video version at - Carrie :) xx
April 28, 2020
One of the biggest misconceptions about having a successful launch is that you need a huge audience of thousands of email subscribers and social media followers. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Making 5 or even 6 figures in your next launch depends a lot more on the quality and engagement of your audience than it does on the number of followers you have. My amazing friend Michelle is proof of this, having scale
April 19, 2020
In this podcast you’ll discover: Why having a small audience actually gives you an advantage when it comes to launching a membership site. Why keeping your content quick and simple will actually help your members stay longer and achieve better results (and keep you off the constant content treadmill!) 5 content ideas that make up the Publisher Model, which will help you create content that is easy to
April 10, 2020
Over the past couple of years I’ve been facing a serious challenge to grow my business. From the outside, you couldn’t really tell what was going on, but behind it all, I’ve been struggling on a personal level. So in this video I wanted to give you an honest glimpse into the reality that often hides behind the “picture perfect” highlight reels we see on social media. It has been a messy and crazy journey, but throughout it all, even when I
April 6, 2020
In these strange times when so much of the world’s population is in lockdown at home, many of us are facing uncertainty and fear that we weren’t facing just a couple of months ago. For a lot of us, that includes uncertainty around our jobs, business and income. But this lockdown has also created opportunities. More than ever before, people are at home, shopping online, browsing in search of online solutions, services and learning. So with the internet now being our key connection
March 31, 2020
Recently I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time… interview my dad! He’s been my biggest business inspiration and the person who’s had the most impact on helping me to create the success I have. I turn to him for business advice all the time, especially when I’m facing challenges or uncertainty. So I asked him if he’d come and share his words of wisdom with you… and it’s turned out to be the MOST inspiring interview I’ve ever done! I’v
March 31, 2020
We’re facing some crazy things in the world right now that are leading to a lot of uncertainty, fear and challenges. So I really wanted to do something for this amazing community to help us all during this time. I had a good think about what I do when I’m struggling with uncertainty, challenges and fear and I realised that I turn to some incredible people to help me through. So I reached out to these people and asked if they would be up for doing a Facebook live with me to share their a
March 15, 2020
For the past six years I’ve focused almost exclusively on building a membership site. My membership site now has over 5,000 active members, with the membership fee costing $47 per month. I’m a big advocate for membership sites as they can be an incredible asset for your business, so in this post I’ll be sharing how you can get started with building a membership site that can generate passive income for you every single month.
March 6, 2020
We all go through periods where we feel completely stuck in a rut and it can feel so frustrating when you just can’t seem to move forward. If you’ve been feeling frustrated because you just can’t seem to be the person you need to be to create the business and life that you dream of, then this guide is going to help you turn that around in a few simple but powerful steps. The tips I’m sharing in this post have helped me time and time again th
March 2, 2020
Every single day we each get 86,400 seconds and what we decide to use those seconds for literally determines our entire lives. So how do we use our time to become really productive, without just becoming busy fools, without procrastinating and without drifting aimlessly? What does it take to become as productive and successful as people like Bill Gates and Sarah Blakely? In this post I’m going to share with you some amazing
February 26, 2020
As soon as she returned to work after having a baby, Lorraine soon realised that she was being held firmly back by the glass ceiling. She had been dabbling with creating a side-income for herself, so when the opportunity came up to take over the online course company she had been enrolled in, Lorraine took the plunge. She had seen it simply as a side-hustle, but it turned into so much more than that. A few years and a lot of hard work later, Lorrain
February 23, 2020
Before I started making money from home I remember wondering if all these people who were claiming to be making money from home were just chatting nonsense. I couldn’t believe that you could make so much money just sitting in your living room wearing your pyjamas! But since stepping into the world of online business myself, I’ve managed to build a multiple 7-figure business online being able to work from home or wherever in the world.
February 18, 2020
From interviewing celebrities like Nicole Kidman to reporting from Iraq, Lucy Griffiths has had a really, really exciting career. So after realising that she wanted a more “normal” life away from the jet-setting adventures she had lived out for so many years, Lucy set up an online business turning her passion and expertise into profit. She has now built a multi-six-figure business helping people use video more confidently, and has sold more than
February 17, 2020
One of the biggest reasons that many entrepreneurs struggle to build the business they want is because they’re not in the right mindset to create success. It’s that simple and for such a long time I was that person and it was so frustrating. One day I decided that I really needed to have a mindset shift and when I did this, it literally changed my entire life. So in this post, we’ll be going through four simple steps to help you have that mindset shift that will help
February 3, 2020
Caroline’s earliest memories are of her mum and dad sitting around the table talking business, so already from a young age, she knew she wanted to pursue business and that this was the right path for her. After quitting a university course that just wasn’t right for her, Caroline threw herself into her mum’s card and gift shop, where she managed the business and worked with other local entrepreneurs to introduce initiatives in her town to help high street businesses.
February 3, 2020
Tip #1: Make it easy on yourself I remember when someone told me at the very beginning of my business journey that I needed to build an email list. I had no idea what that even meant or where to start! It felt so overwhelming and made me feel paralyzed because it seemed like there was so much to do. In the end, I just made it easy for myself and started off with a really simple form on my website to attract subscribers. I didn’t even have an email ser
January 29, 2020
When Niki Hutchison realised that her corporate job did not accommodate working mums, she knew something had to change. And after returning to work following a health scare, her decision was made: She needed to quit that job and take her career and her lifestyle into her own hands. Niki has now been an entrepreneur for eight years, after starting a hip-hop dance school for kids based in Edinburgh. But after a few years she realised that what she really wanted was to develo
January 27, 2020
Try our Start and Grow Membership Course and build an incredibly successful membership site of your own! You’ve seen me and so many other experts out there going on and on about the power of mem
January 21, 2020
After a career in corporate PR, visual communication and branding, Vicki decided to use her expertise to build her own business and live life on her own terms. She joins me in this episode of the She Means Business podcast to tell me all about her entrepreneurial journey and what being a member of the Members’ Club has done for her business. Vicki is now a branding designer for female entrepreneurs, corporations and retail businesses, helping them build a great presence,
January 17, 2020
Creating a compelling brand is so important for developing the story of your business and, ultimately, winning customers. But there's more to it than simply choosing your fonts, colour palette and art style.   Here is my breakdown of the questions you need to ask yourself and the actions you need to take in order to develop a successful, compelling and incredible business brand:   1 - The brand is the personality, the heart and soul, the feeling of what a company is.  
January 14, 2020
There’s no denying the powerful truth that we all have an intuitive, creative and incredibly capable “wise woman” within us. But in today’s fast-paced world, it’s so easy to lose touch with our true inner self and purpose. In this episode of the She Means Business podcast I chat to the amazing Haulwen Nicholas, as she takes me through her journey of discovery and how she built and now runs two different businesses. Haulwen is the founder o
January 7, 2020
In this podcast, Caz and I discuss: Social Kitchen Media, helps small businesses and female entrepreneurs find paying clients through social media, she helps take the overwhelm out of social media and make it profitable. How she comes from an entrepreneurial family and learned an entrepreneurial attitude at a young age from her mum. How she moved to the US and got an office job in Las Vegas working in corporate marketing but soon realised that it wasn’t as fun as she anticipated it to be and how she realised she wasn’t suited for the corporate world and she felt stifled. How Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4 Hour Work Week, opened her eyes to this different way of looking at work + discovered FEA in 2017 and decided to join FEA instead of continuing to focus on her corporate career. First thing she did: she looked into her company’s policy on starting a “side hustle”, thought about the lifestyle she wanted, wanted flexibility, fit the lifestyle. Honed in on her marketing skill and how badly she wanted to leave. Identified why she really wanted to quit and what she needed to do to make it happen. Biggest ways FEA has helped her: seeing the community and how other women did it inspired her. The monthly calls and visualisation. How she managed her schedule building a business around her busy 9-5 and family commitments. How she visualised the feeling she would feel and the music she would play driving away from her office for the last time. How she feels looking back and having come so far and overcoming the challenges of juggling both her job and her business. How she started finding most of her clients from the FEA Members’ Club. Caz’s top tips for success are: You can learn any strategy, but mindset is the thing that will make or break you! Go out and make sure that your business is what your audience wants and don’t wait until you have a business to start building your audience. You can start a Facebook page today! If you’re networking in Facebook Groups and putting yourself out there, people will look for you online! Share what you’re doing, build your audience and don’t give up! Find out more or connect with Caz Website: Free Mindset & Marketing Planner: Podcast: The Success Recipes Podcast Download the free 28 Day Business Blueprint here!
December 31, 2019
Do you ever wish that as an entrepreneur, you would get to go up on a podium, get cheered and applauded and given a medal every time you had a win in your business? Because it’s never an easy journey and every single challenge you overcome and every single win is worth acknowledging and celebrating! In this episode of the She Means Business podcast I’m joined by the amazing Laura Robinson, founder of Worditude, who went from corporate job to bui
December 29, 2019
When I was a kid growing up, my dad used to tell me, “Decide what you want and write it down”, and so I created a Goal Folder! My Goal Folder became a storage space for all of my biggest dreams as a teenager. I would write down the things that I really wanted at that time, without limiting myself by what was “realistic” or “sensible”, and then use cuttings and illustrations to create a physical scrapbook of what I wanted my life to look (and smell) like. I just see this as a bit
December 24, 2019
Sometimes life throws you a curveball bigger than you could ever imagine and even just holding on, let alone thriving, seems impossible. In this episode I’m joined by the truly inspirational and incredible Christine Tylee, who is a seven figure entrepreneur and has built multiple successful businesses. Christine is the founder of Direct Sales Inspiration, which provides knowledge, inspiration and training for members of the direct sales industry all around the world. Her
December 17, 2019
Sometimes even a job you once loved is no longer the right fit. This is exactly what happened to Louise Luton, who, after 20 years of teaching art and drama, started struggling with the pressure she was facing and having to deal with crippling anxiety. She decided she had to make a change, and despite the common misconception that you can’t make money as an artist, Louise was an artist at heart and decided she would figure out how to make it work, so she set out to build
December 15, 2019
Download the free 28 Day Business Blueprint here! A single decision can change your entire life. I realised 10 years ago that I had to create change in my life. I was feeling so stuck and low and needed to find my purpose again.  10 years on, I have built a wildly successful business which serves female entrepreneurs all over the world, ju
December 10, 2019
If you’ve gone from business idea to business idea and still struggling to make it work, then this podcast episode will give you all the motivation you need to hang in there and keep persevering. In it I chat with Kc Rossi, one of our amazing FEA members, who worked her way through an incredible nine different business ideas in four years, only for the 10th idea to finally take off! Kc is a business coach who helps female entrepreneurs (mostly in the Holistic field) crea
December 8, 2019
2020 is nearly here, and one of the things I most love to do before I start a new year is to create a mantra for the year!  It's so helpful to have a go-to saying for the year that you can keep coming back to when things get difficult and you're struggling to remember the purpose behind what you're doing.  The idea is to centre your thoughts around one phrase that can help you to keep pushing forward in order to create the success that you want over the course of the year, but it can also just
December 3, 2019
If you’ve ever dreamed of starting an online business so that you could live and work from a remote, tropical island heaven, then this episode will give you some serious inspiration! In it I catch up with an incredible member from the Members’ Club, Sophie Le Brozec! Sophie and her husband decided to leave London in search of sunnier climes, and with the knowledge that they could run their online businesses from anywhere in the world, they moved to the gorgeous island
December 1, 2019
So with 2020 around the corner and as I was planning and visualising what I’d like the next 10 years to look like, it got me thinking about where I was 10 years ago and everything I’ve actually accomplished over the past decade. If you’re thinking about the year ahead and want to have a ridiculously amazing 2020, then check out our upcoming Epic 2020 Success Plan Challenge!
November 27, 2019
If you’re building a product-based business and want to create more meaningful products that reflect your personality and encourage a movement around shared values, then this episode is for you! In this episode I’m joined by one of our amazing members from the Members’ Club, Roseanna Croft,  who is the founder of Roseanna Croft Jewellery, a fine jewellery brand that designs bespoke and one of a kind pieces, to tell your story and cap
November 24, 2019
If you’re ready to get started implementing these tips so that you can create your game plan for 2020, click here to download a free copy of the 2020 Game Plan Worksheet - 2020 is nearly upon us and with it being the start of a new decade, it’s definitely a great year to create the success you’ve been dreaming of!  Now is the perfect t
November 19, 2019
If change has been happening all around you and you’ve been struggling or scared to pivot your business to keep up and grow, then you’re absolutely going to love this episode! In it I chat with one of our amazing members from the Members’ Club, Jane Middlehurst! Jane is the co-founder of HomeNotes, an online community that helps and supports people through their home renovation process. Alon
November 18, 2019
Back in 2011, I became really obsessed with trying to figure out how I could create more success in my life, so I started digging into what super successful people did that I wasn’t doing, so that I could mimic them. I started to realise that there’s a few simple but incredibly profound habits that all successful people seem to share. I got really focused, intentional and determined, and started doing the same. It blows my mind how radically different and successful my life has been since then
November 9, 2019
I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode of the She Means Business podcast because it’s as fun as it is inspiring! I caught up with Abbi Burns, founder of entertainment company, Darley Dance Productions, as she walked me through her journey of transforming from a dancer into a business owner and building a successful business. Abbi has been a dancer since the age of three, but af
November 1, 2019
The She Means Business Podcast is back! I’m so excited for today’s episode because I’m chatting to one of our amazing Members’ Club members, Katie Tovey-Grindlay! Katie has been an entrepreneur since 2011, when she left the Royal Navy and started a dog walking business. From there, she went on to set up her own social media agency, Business Wonderland, and she has recently set
January 18, 2018
Hello and welcome to another episode of She Means Business! In this episode, I was joined by the lovely Jenny Fitz. She the founder of FEMM International. In the episode, we talk all about the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and how to create momentum in your business early on and get connected with experts and influencers. So much good is in this episode. I really hope you enjoy it. YOU will LEARN… >> Jenny’s story of going from being a teacher to a full time photographer >> How she made over 6 figures in revenue in her first 14 months with her photography business >> How a “disaster” experience that led to her turning point >> Her amazing experience with the Law of Attraction and how she manifested the next evolution of her life and career >> What has been really working well for her whilst growing her new company – FEMM International >> How she got herself out there and connected with people like Marie Forleo and Natalie McNeil RESOURCES& PEOPLE MENTIONED Jenny’s website Jenny’s Facebook Jenny’s Instagram FEMM International Carrie’s Book: She Means Business    LOVING the SHOW? >> Download the transcript here >> >> Please leave us a review and rate it on iTunes. It would help us get the show out there even more.
January 11, 2018
On the show today, I have the lovely Tara Reed. She’s the founder of Apps Without Code and she basically teaches people how to build apps even if they have no clue when it comes to technology (that’s me!). So, if you are interested in doing that, then you’re going to love the beginning of this session because she basically gives us a lesson in creating apps, which was amazing. Then, we get into the nitty-gritty of being an entrepreneur. This part of the interview inspired me so much. I love having just honest, real conversations with entrepreneurs who open up about the truth of building a business. It is not a walk in the park, even though so many people make it seem that way (hello, Instagram!). It can leave us thinking, “What is wrong with me?” The thing is, it’s a rollercoaster for all of us no matter how successful we are. Like Tara shared in this episode, you have to enjoy the process; you really do. I’m so excited for you to listen to this. Honestly, she shares so much amazing stuff. Get ready to be inspired. Enjoy this episode. YOU will LEARN… >> How Tara got into the world of creating an app >> How she went from casually blogging to building a thriving business >> The importance of having a “side project”   If you constantly have your ear to your audience, then you can make those pivots at the right time…. CLICK TO TWEET >> The secret to getting your app to be successful (hint: go niche, sell high) >> About the 3 kinds of apps – web apps, native mobile app, mobile web app and what Tara recommends you focus on first >> How “panic points” spark creativity >> The tools she uses to get through the low points >> About working on the right things as a leader of a team >> The most important lesson she’s learned as an entrepreneurship (it has to do with launching) RESOURCES & PEOPLE MENTIONED Tara’s website: Apps Without Code Tara’s TedX video Carrie’s Book: She Means Business  LOVINGthe SHOW? >> Download the transcript here to get even more out it. >> Please leave us a review and rate it on iTunes. It would help us get the show out there even more. >> Click here to purchase my book She Means Business and access the amazing bonuses I've created for you.   
January 4, 2018
Hello and welcome back to another episode of She Means Business! In this episode, I was joined by the lovely Megan Auman. She creates absolutely beautiful jewellery. I love hearing behind the scenes of how she’s turned into a big success. One of the biggest takeaways is the fact that as entrepreneurs is to show up and take action. We don’t have to have it all figured out. We don’t need to be able to see the whole path. We just need to get going and test it all out. That’s how we can create lots and lots of success. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode and love it as much as I did. It is honestly so inspiring.  Give yourself and your business permission to evolve. – #SheMeansBusinessPodcast CLICK TO TWEET  YOU will LEARN… >> how Megan ended up going to college and getting her BFA in metalsmithing >> about the progress that comes from quitting what doesn’t work well for you >> the value in selling off-line in terms of getting accurate feedback >> what she learned through working in retail and how it helped her sell more of her own products >> the perspective that made the difference in her sales: “If I was my own biggest fan, how would I talk about my products?” >> the importance of always DOING something even when you don’t have a clue. >> about the culture of overthinking and why you should embrace action over “thinking about it” >> about picking the platform and strategy that is right for you and being 100% committed >> why Megan returned to being the one working in her studio instead of hiring the work out RESOURCES & PEOPLE MENTIONED Megan’s Jewelry Website Shopify Carrie’s Book: She Means Business LOVING the SHOW? >> Download the transcript here to get even more out it. >> Please leave us a review and rate it on iTunes. It would help us get the show out there even more.  
November 30, 2017
If you are an online entrepreneur, you probably have a blog and you’re probably wondering how to make it a meaningful, profitable part of your business. Today on the show, we get to go behind the scenes of how Kate McKibbin, the founder of Secret Bloggers’ Business, got into the world of blogging and created amazing success with it. In fact, she grew her first blog, Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily, to over 500,000 readers a month, with multiple 6-figure revenue and 5 people on staff! I’m so excited to share this interview with you because blogging can be such a powerful way to connect with your audience on a personal level. Gone are the days when people could have a nice, shiny website and just hide behind it. People want to connect and engage with the YOU, not just your business, and blogging can play a huge role in that. Be sure to leave a comment below with your biggest takeaway from this episode to be in with a chance of winning Kate’s course “Start Your Blog with a Bang” - a launch plan for people who know that they want to make their blog a business. [Tweet "Success is created by people who take action to figure it out. - #SheMeansBusinessPodcast"] YOU WILL LEARN... How and why she started her blog in 2007 Why building a business today is about building a community of like-minded people Why she decided to close down her initial blog How she transitioned from making money with advertisers to making money selling online courses Her biggest advice for people who want to use blogging in their business (has to do with quality over quantity) How to stand out in a sea of content and find your audience with your blog Her tips on outsourcing  RESOURCES MENTIONED... Kate's website Carrie’s Book: She Means Business  
November 23, 2017
Today I have a truly remarkable and memorable interview for you. It’s with the co-founder of the luxury, organic chocolate Green and Blacks - Jo Fairley. If you’ve ever wanted to know how someone could build a 100 million dollar per year business, then now is your chance. I think you’ll be inspired by how she did it without falling into the craziness of running around like a headless chicken! Whilst recording this interview and listening to Jo’s story, I had this overwhelming feeling that anything is possible if we just take things step by little step. Literally, all we have to do is take action and the most magnificent things can grow out of opportunities that appear before us in the course of our everyday life. YOU WILL LEARN... How Jo found a way to balance her rapidly growing business and journalist job without “running around like a headless chicken” Why “you never get anywhere in life without working incredibly hard” The importance of focusing on your strengths and outsourcing the rest The significance of being organized and creating structure in your life and business How Jo begins each day The life-changing magic of cloud technology tools How an amazing business starts with this thought: “If I need this and it’s not being fulfilled, the chances are that lots of other people feel the same way.” How to turn challenges into opportunities Why succeeding as an entrepreneur has so much to do with mindset - not skill and talent How Jo takes care of herself in order to take care of her business The apps that keep her grounded About “business karma” Why you should rest when you’re tired, not quit. Why done is better than perfect (because you can always tweak later  RESOURCES & PEOPLE MENTIONED Jo Fairley’s website Green and Blacks  The Perfume Society  Wunderlist Google Docs DePulse Xero for Cloud Accounting You Magazine The Martha Rules book  Cadburry Her Instagram account Sainsburys  Headspace Insight Timer Carrie’s Book: She Means Business GET THE TRANSCRIPT HERE If you've enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review on iTunes. :) 
November 16, 2017
Have you ever felt unfulfilled with where you were at in your career? I think we all have at some point! The story I have for you today is with Janet Murray, the founder of Soulful PR, and it’s a powerful example of just how quickly our lives can change for the better when we pay attention to when we feel unhappy and then do something about it! Janet shares how she went from being a school teacher to becoming a journalist to eventually starting her own blog and creating online courses. Now she helps women all over the world get their own PR and get featured in places like the Guardian, Huffington Post, and Marie-Claire. There are so many gems in this interview for how to design a business you love – from letting go of your ego to simply quitting what isn’t working anymore. Be sure to leave a comment with your biggest takeaway from this episode to be in with a chance of winning Janet’s amazing book: Your Press Release is Breaking My Heart – a Totally Unconventional Guide to Selling Your Story in the Media. Enjoy! YOU WILL LEARN… >> How Janet realized a need in the market for teaching people how to get PR >> What led her to start a blog and what she got out of it >> How she handled “the ego side” of letting go of her journalism career to run her own business >> How she went from emailing her list from her Gmail account to using Infusionsoft >> Dealing with people being “snarky” online  >> The key things that have helped her grow the business >> One thing that has worked really well (Facebook Ads) >> How “community” has made the biggest difference in her business >> Her top tip for getting media coverage for your business (Finding ways to talk about your business by pitching stories that aren’t necessarily about your business.) >> Why practical “how to” articles are a big draw right now >> How articles she has written have delivered for her again and again >> The story of how she “sacked all her staff” >> A massive turning point for her in her business that caused her to “scrap everything and start again” >> On saying no to things that were lucrative but didn’t “float her boat” >> Letting go of what’s not working RESOURCES& PEOPLE MENTIONED Janet’s Website: Soulful PR with Janet Murray Janet’s Book: Your Press Release is Breaking My Heart Carrie’s Book: She Means Business  
November 9, 2017
Today on the show we are going behind the scenes with Anne Samoilov! Anne is the creator of Fearless Launching and has worked with people like Marie Forleo of B School and Laura Roeder of Meet Edgar and it’s so interesting to hear that all came about. In the show notes of this episode, you’ll find links to the 10 Minute Masterclasses with Anne in the past so be sure to check those out for some fantastic tips on launching. Also, be sure to comment with your biggest takeaway from today’s episode to be in with a chance of winning Anne’s “Plan with Me workshop” in which she will show you how to create an amazing launch map! You Will Learn: how Anne ended up working with Marie Forleo and Laura Roeder how she “turned around” her website from diluted messaging to a single, powerful message and offer behind the scenes on how she finally “dared to create something” – her famous Fearless Launching program why she “over-gave on purpose” the surprising things in business she didn’t expect a positive approach to “failure” the perspective that keeps her from becoming a workaholic Resources & People Mentioned: Anne’s website The White Space Solution eBook One of Anne’s exercise videos Marie Forleo Laura Roeder 10 Minute Masterclass: 4 Steps to Launching Successfully 5 Easy to Miss Steps for a Smooth, Lucrative Online Launch Carrie’s Book: She Means Business  
November 2, 2017
One of the most thrilling things about being an entrepreneur is realizing how possible it is to create something amazing out of thin air. That’s what Ally Machate did. When her job at Simon Schuster took a hit from the dot-com bust, she decided to “take a chance” and experience a year off to finish her degree while doing some freelancing on the side. Then, once a year passed she found that freelancing was really working out for her and decided to run with it. Today, Ally is the founder of The Writer’s Ally. She’s a bestselling book collaborator, award-winning editor, and expert publishing consultant. You’re going to love hearing about the organic way that Ally has grown her client base and the biggest lesson that she’s learned in business. GIVEAWAY: To be in with a chance of winning an amazing book that Ally collaborated on called The Way of the Seal - a national bestseller full of principles that will help you grow as an entrepreneur, then leave a comment below with your biggest takeaway from today’s episode.   You will learn... >> How Ally transitioned into being a freelancer as an “independent editor” >> How she expanded her client base through reaching out and putting up “a very simple but attractive website” >> How networking can be the launch pad for your business and play a huge ongoing role >> Her tips on how to use a book you’ve written to grow your business (your expertise and experience comes first) >> How she learned that learning to say “no” is such a crucial skill >> How she learned how to specialize and go deep on what she wanted to work on and delegated out the rest by expanding her team. >> The biggest lesson she’s learned in business (it has to do with self-sabotage) Resources and People Mentioned: Ally's website The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks The Way of the Seal by Mark Divine Carrie's 10 Minute Masterclass with Ally Carrie’s Book: She Means Business  
October 26, 2017
Do you struggle with feeling as though things aren’t happening as quickly as you’d like in your business? You’ll find this week’s podcast interview with Julie so refreshing.  Julie Parker is one of Australia’s most in-demand coaches around life and business. She is the founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy and has 17 years of experience in the industry.  In today's show, we talk about so many things, including how there really is no such thing as an overnight success - despite what all the “6 days to 6-figures” marketing on social media would have us believe.  Enjoy this week’s episode and be sure to leave a comment with your biggest takeaway to be in with a chance of winning the entire back catalog of Julie’s amazing magazine - The Inspired Coach (over 45 issues!) - all about helping you become a better coach and build your business in a really authentic and soulful way.
October 19, 2017
As entrepreneurs, we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves wanting to make sure everything we do is a success, but what if you took some of the pressure off and approached things as an experiment instead? That’s what Halley Gray, the founder of Evolve + Succeed, decided to do and her story shows that it’s more than possible (and a lot more fun) to experiment your way to success. One of the pivotal moments in Halley’s entrepreneurial journey came when she grew tired of having inconsistent income. To handle this, she created a system (as an experiment, of course) and ended up getting booked out MONTHS in advanced. Now she teaches other people how to do the same!    
October 12, 2017
If you find yourself wondering what step to take next or feel overwhelmed by all the things you think you “should” do, then this week’s episode of the She Means Business Podcast is going to feel like a breath of fresh air. Today on the show, we have a brilliant interview for you with Jenny Fenig, creator of the Get Gutsy movement and mentor to spiritually-driven coaches, healers, and creatives. Jenny’s story about going from a 6 figure salary and crying in a cubicle to zero and then onwards to building a successful coaching business from complete scratch shows how being bold and gutsy in life and business always starts with getting still and quiet and tuning into that little voice that is always there lighting the way. We all have that voice inside us - our intuition - and I hope that this interview inspires you to listen to it even more. You’ll be amazed to find that all the answers you need are already within you.
October 5, 2017
Trying to find the right people to delegate to in your business can be so challenging, which is why I found today’s guest so inspiring. Trivinia Barber has not only sourced amazing VAs to work with, she’s built a successful Virtual Assistant Firm called Priority VA which places entrepreneurs with virtual assistants and is trusted by leading experts such as Todd Herman and Amy Porterfield! Trivinia shares all of the ups and downs of her journey, including how hard it was to deal with the “mean people” of the internet world and why she feels that more entrepreneurs should share their “bloopers.” I know you’ll get so much value out of today’s show. :)
September 28, 2017
Today on the show, we are joined by Michelle Warner – an expert in helping entrepreneurs achieve freedom through online sales funnels. Her story shows how in spite of all the twists and turns each of our journeys may have, as long as we stay connected to what we truly want to do in the world (instead of just mindlessly checking off boxes), we’ll reach the destiny that we long for deep down inside.  The twists and turns in Michelle’s journey consisted of going from the recession disappointment of 2008 to becoming the CEO of an 8-figure company and then ultimately starting her own business and dealing with the doubts that came along with having something that was completely under her own name. Listen in to hear all about how Michelle overcame the doubts and created her own entrepreneurial adventure.
September 21, 2017
We are joined today by Sage Lavine, Hay House author of the book Women Rocking Business and I'm so excited to share her story with you. It shows how possible it is to take your life into a whole new direction and it all starts with making a decision. That is exactly what Sage did. Sage went from being a school teacher from Iowa to building a 7 figure coaching company. She saw a need to share a different way of teaching business that would appeal to women and decided to do something about it. Her story is an example of how no matter where you are in your life right now, it's all preparation for the next chapter.  
September 14, 2017
In this episode of the She Means Business podcast, we are joined by the incredible Jessica Nazarali. She is the founder of the IT Girl Academy and today we are diving into her story about how she went from a quarter life crisis to starting a blog and turning it into a 7 figure business! How amazing is that?! I have a feeling you're going to relate to Jessica's journey so much because it shows how we all pretty much start in the same place - unfulfilled and hungry for significance. It can be a painful place to be really, but if we push through it, that discomfort can be the beginning of an amazing journey. Be sure to leave a comment with your biggest takeaway from this episode in order to be in with a chance of winning Jessica's Email Kick-Off Course - a 7 part series to help you write your welcome email sequence so that your audience gets to know you and what you have to offer in a really powerful way. 
September 7, 2017
Today on the She Means Business podcast, we are joined by the amazing Selena Soo. She’s the founder of S2 Group and she’s a business and publicity strategist and a networking expert/genius. I’m excited for you to hear her story because you will learn exactly how she’s been able to make incredible connections with people like Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, and Ramit Sethi. It’s such thought-provoking the stuff and right at the end, Selena shares some details about something she’s gifting to everyone. Definitely listen for that because it’s absolutely incredible.
August 31, 2017
If you haven’t come across our guest today through her incredibly popular 30 Day List Building Challenge, then you’ve most likely seen one of her products at work – PopupAlly, which creates polite pop-ups for websites. Nathalie Lussier has been designing software that has helped so many entrepreneurs uplevel their online businesses and I am so excited to have her on the show today. Her story shows how success is a spiral staircase because even though you can’t see all the way up, you can always see the next step. Taking the next step over and over is what led Nathalie from her first business idea, which was based on a nutrition blog to where she is now – the leading lady of a software empire!  
August 24, 2017
Tara Gentile joins us on the She Means Business podcast today with an amazing story of how she started her business with a brand new baby and grew it from a grass-roots level to 6 figures in 18 months. How did she do it? By focusing intensely on the people she was serving (in the arts and crafts movement), who in the beginning were literally the people in her local community! In this episode, Tara shows how she has been able to pivot in her business and evolve her brand to the point that it is today. I love how she touched on the importance of creating a community that grows with your brand.  It's a great lesson to learn since growth in business often requires us to pivot and go in a direction that isn't completely in line with how we started out. So, to learn how to do that successfully and maintain an audience that follows you no matter what, have a listen to this week's entrepreneurial chat. :) Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment to be in with a chance to win something AMAZING - a spot in one of Tara's upcoming online retreats - worth $3,400.00!
August 22, 2017
In this episode I was joined by the amazing Laura Roeder. She’s the founder of, a social media automation platform. We talk all about how she went from quitting her job as a graphic designer at 22 to starting her own business, discovering the information marketing world, creating B-School with Marie Forleo to then launching Edgar, which in 3 years, generates $4 million in revenue. It’s incredible. This is such an inspiring interview. I hope you love it just as much as I do.   YOU WILL LEARN >> why she quit her "first and last job" (I saw people at coffee shops, and I wanted to do that." >> how she became a freelance graphic designer and grew it through networking >> how she scaled her income and business through for a different business model that was a better match for her >> how she met Marie Forleo (who she went on to help create B School!) >> how she got into the world of online courses (she made over $100K in her first year selling online courses) >> what her advice is to people wanting to creating amazing success in online business >> why you need to pitch yourself and stop hoping for opportunities >> how she got Meet Edgar off the ground and grew it into a multi-million dollar company >> why she doesn't get stressed in the midst of "business disasters" >> how she sets up her systems and operations for hiring and on-boarding >> her biggest business epiphany (it has to do with trust) RESOURCES & PEOPLE MENTIONED Meet Edgar Laura's Website Laura's Twitter Carrie’s Book: She Means Business
August 17, 2017
In this episode of the She Means Business Podcast, I am talking to the amazing Maggie Patterson from Scoop Industries. She shares her journey of going from the mindset of "having" a business to "being a leader" of her business. There's such a difference between the two and once Maggie made the shift, she's been able to take things to a whole new level. Tune in for an inspiring (and slightly comedic) interview and keep an ear out for Maggie's simple tip on what she does every 6 months to overcome money blocks! Outline of this Episode [1:13] Introducing Maggie Patterson, communication strategist and chief marketing officer for Scoop Industries. [1:49] The vibe of the movie of Maggie’s entrepreneurial journey - Comedy! [3:16] From selling wagon rides at age eight to running her own business for real. [5:16] Where Maggie Patterson found her first clients. [7:26] Maggie’s journey from hitting her first revenue goal in four months, to re-designing her business after eight years. [9:32] How Maggie transitioned into her newest business. [10:41] A focus on personal development helped Maggie to have breakthroughs in her business. [12:28] How Maggie Patterson dealt with her money blocks. [15:16] Why creating amazing customer experience is Maggie’s priority. [17:02] Humorous stories from Maggie’s journey. [20:02] Being present with her family is how Maggie measures her success. [21:14] Maggie’s success story - Being an ordinary person who perseveres. [23:56] How to win a 6-month membership to the Double It Society Resources and People Mentioned Maggie Patterson’s Scoop Industries website Double It Society Carrie's Book: She Means Business  
June 22, 2017
I'm so excited to have Gemma Went on the show today! She's a multi-6-figure online business consultant and her story is absolutely amazing. She talks about having to go from losing her job when she was 7 months pregnant and single to building her own business and turning it into a wild success. Resources and People Mentioned Gemma’s website Movie: Joy Lucky Bitch Bootcamp Book: Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffey Thomas Book: She Means Business
June 15, 2017
In this episode I interviewed Cassie Mendoza-Jones - kinesiologist, naturopath and author of You Are Enough. Cassie's story shows us how progress toward the life and business of our dreams often involves knowing when to stop pushing and actually surrender and let "the flow" assist us in taking beautifully aligned action. Put another way, sometimes we have to quit something "good" in our business in order to open ourselves up to something even better. It's all part of our growth journey as entrepreneurs. Outline of this Episode [1:13] Introducing Cassie Mendoza-Jones, kinesiologist, naturopath and author of You Are Enough. [2:10] The vibe of the “movie” of Cassie’s entrepreneurial journey - Thriller - something that keeps you wanting to watch. [2:57] The beginning of Cassie’s journey - How she launched her clinic in one month. [6:02] Cassie’s choice to not let doubts and worries become obstacles. [13:06] Cassie’s transition from in-clinic, to in-home, to online naturopathy. [17:58] How blog posts helped hone Cassie’s voice and bring clients. [20:40] How Cassie became an author with Hay House. [24:59] Cassie talks about blocking time for writing, and getting out of your own way. [28:10] Cassie’s view of success: “being able to back myself in what I do.” [29:41] How to get in with a chance to win a copy of Cassie’s book and meditation tracks to go along with it. Resources and People Mentioned Cassie’s Book: You Are Enough Carrie’s Book: She Means Business Hay House Publishing
April 20, 2017
How often do you feel like you are working non-stop all week long on your business and still end up wishing there was more time at the end of the day? We've all been there so many times; I know I have! That is why this week's podcast interview with Cailin Ascher is such a wake-up call to the fact that there is a better way. Cailin has been able to build a 6 figure business working only 3 days a week! How amazing is that?! Now, Cailin is quick to point out that working 3 days a week is what suits her lifestyle whilst another entrepreneur who truly enjoys working twice as much is doing what makes sense for them. However, as Cailin reminds us, our work contracts or expands to fill the time we allot to it. So, really, our productivity hinges on us taking the responsibility to build parameters around how much time we choose to get something done and how deeply we focus on one aspect of our business at a time. In the interview, Cailin gives us insight into exactly what those parameters look like in her business. Resources and People Mentioned Free 3-day Workweek Schedule Cailen Asher’s website Book: She Means Business
April 13, 2017
In this episode, I went behind the scenes with Emily Williams, the founder of I Heart My Life. I loved talking to her about how she went from not even being able to get a job at Starbucks and having a quarter-life crisis, to building a 7-figure business in 18 months. Pretty incredible, right? Well, as I always say, if one person can do it, we all can. Enjoy this episode and get fired up for your own success :) Outline of this Episode [1:13] Introduction of this episode with Emily Williams, success coach. [2:48] Overview of where things are in Emily’s business. [4:03] How Emily built a 7-figure business in 18 months. [4:26] Where did the inspiration come for Emily to start her entrepreneurial journey? [7:48] What Emily Williams did to turn her inspiration into the business of her dreams. [12:48] How Emily cultivated the right mindset to accomplish her dreams. [16:50] How do you find the right coach? [19:50] What is Emily Williams’ #1 business strategy? Best marketing tool? [21:39] What Emily did not expect to deal with in her business. [23:30] What has helped Emily to stay unstoppable in the pursuit of her entrepreneurial dreams. [24:12] Lightning Round — Quick business advice and resources from Emily Wiliams. [26:06] How to have a chance to win Emily’s iHeart mini-course. Resources & People Mentioned Emily’s website Kate Northrup Emily’s Favorite Books: Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert The Universe Has Your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks How Rich People Think, by Steve Siebold Carrie Green’s Book: She Means Business
April 6, 2017
Andreea Ayers joins the She Means Business podcast today and we are excited to talk about the behind the scenes of Andreea’s business – how she set up her own t-shirt business and sold out quickly! Outline of the Episode [1:13] Introducing Andrea Ayers, founder of [3:12] How difficulty finding employment solidified Andrea’s decision to start her own business. [6:43] Andrea Ayers’ brave move to invite business through sending out over 3000 individual e-mails. [9:45] How to handle it when people say “no.” [10:21] How Andrea grew the online component of her business. [12:50] Ways to motivate people to sign up on an email list for a physical product. [14:16] Andrea’s decision to sell her business and how she went about it. [18:07] How Andrea Ayers made the switch to developing online courses. [20:12] Important lessons Andrea learned through the highs and lows of a developing business. [25:51] Successfully creating balance between work and life. [35:48] How to get a chance to win Andrea’s Your Ultimate Online Store, worth $519. Resources & People Mentioned Andrea Ayers’ Launch Grow Joy website Andrea’s Course: Your Ultimate Online Store BizBuySell Book:  She Means Business
March 30, 2017
Today we are speaking with an award winning business strategist who believes entrepreneurs can grow their dream business while living their dream lives. Racheal Cook is the founder at,, and Your Business Sweet Spot. Racheal has been able to work 25 hours a week and has built her own dream business while still enjoying her life. She has retired her husband, spends time with her family and loved ones and helps to teach other entrepreneurs do the same. Racheal believes in having clarity in what your life and business need to look like so your dream business doesn’t turn into your dream nightmare. Outline of the Episode [1:13] Intro to this episode with Rachel Cook, award-winning business strategist. [2:19] Rachel’s story – Why and how she left the corporate consulting world and became an entrepreneur. [5:45] How a vision board and a desire map can help you reach your dreams sooner. [11:34] Engaging with people in every part of the process is key to turning your business into a successful reality. [14:24] What is the best way to build up your audience? [17:44] How Rachel dealt with the unexpected challenges in her entrepreneurial journey. [22:47] Why being stoppable can make you unstoppable! [28:30] Lightning round.Golden nuggets of business advice and resources from Rachel Cook. [30:59] How to enter the competition to win one of Rachel’s books. Resources & People Mentioned Racheal Cook’s Website Racheal’s  Fired Up and Focused Challenge Book: Your Business Sweet Spot, by Racheal Cook Book: Fired Up and Focused, by Racheal Cook Book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz Book: She Means Business, by Carrie Green
March 23, 2017
Join us for a behind the scenes look at Jess Catorc’s business in today's podcast starring Jess Catorc. Jess is the founder of DIY Website Academy and the host of Making The Entrepreneur podcast. Outline of the Episode [1:13] Introducing this episode with Jess Catorc, founder of the DIY Website Academy. [1:55] The “movie of Jess’ life: Following her dreams despite obstacles. [3:40] Jess’ story of starting her entrepreneurial journey from age 10. [5:41] Jess Catorc’s six-year journey to finding out what was right for her and how to be herself in her business. [11:23] The next step: Launching her website. [12:54] How Jess moved past her own insecurities [15:52] Using videos for “delight and ‘wow’.” [19:04] Connecting in a personal way with your subscribers. [21:07] How Jess learned to deal with hate e-mails. [26:47] What Jess Catorc is doing now. [28:31] Jess Catorc’s favorite quote and a few last words. [29:53] How to get a chance to win a scholarship to Jess’ DIY Website academy. People & Resources Mentioned Book: She Means Business Movie: Joy
March 16, 2017
Jenn Scalia shares her inspiring story today – how she went from rock bottom to 7 figures in less than three years. Jenn is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and her main goal is to help others get their story out there in an authentic way. Jenn shares with us today how she built her business despite being an introvert and a single mom. Outline of this Episode [1:13] Intro to this episode with Jenn Scalia on how to get out of your own way and build a business with authenticity and integrity. [2:04] Introduction of Jenn Scali: from rock bottom to 7-figure business in 3 years. [2:51] Jenn’s business - helping people create a business that is easy and flowing and authentic. [3:45] How Jenn Scalia got started on her entrepreneurial journey. The rough first year. [6:23] The first big investment that changed everything for Jenn. [7:55] The factors that led to explosive growth in Jenn’s business. [11:42] The difference between 6-figure business and 7-figure business. [12:54] Mindset tools and Jenn’s “secret weapon” for conditioning herself for success. [16:52] What helped Jenn Scalia to become so unstoppable? [18:10] What Jenn found unexpected on her journey [19:02] Jenn Scalia’s top tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs [20:57] Lightning Round -- Quick business advice and resources from Michelle Rohr [23:17] How to get a chance to win Jenn’s 5-figure funnel, worth $397. Resources and People Mentioned  Jenn Scalia’s Website Jenn Scalia’s 5-day funnel mini course Groove Carrie Green’s Book: She Means Business Sponsor:
March 9, 2017
Amanda Daley joins us today to show us the behind the scenes of how she built her super successful business. Amanda is a business mentor for business coaches and wellness entrepreneurs- a former health coach with a diverse background, Amanda created training to help other health coaches reach success in getting out there. Outline of this Episode [1:13] Intro of this episode with Amanda Daley, founder of [2:29] Amanda describes her business as a health coaching business mentor. [3:42] How the burnout from working in advertising inspired Amanda to begin her entrepreneurial journey. [5:28] Amanda’s first steps - what didn’t work. [8:14] Amanda Daley describes how she got through the emotional rollercoaster of the early days of her business. [11:04] Mindset -- doing the inner work is just as important as the business training. [13:32] Next steps to success - focus on being seen. [15:11] What activities worked best at the beginning of Amanda Daley’s success? [16:32] Why and how Amanda made the switch from health coaching to coaching coaches. [20:29] Amanda’s top tip for people who want to coach. [22:52] Know your message and communicate it with your market. [24:26] What has helped Amanda Daley to be unstoppable? [25:49] Lightning round: Quick answers to questions about business and resources [27:57] How to get a chance to win one of Amanda’s courses. Resources and People Mentioned LIBSYN ONLY Amanda’s Website Book: Rocket Fuel Book: She Means Business
March 2, 2017
Marie Poulin is a successful strategist and designer who joins us today in a special episode where we do a “movie style” presentation of She Means Business starring: Marie Poulin’s life. Join us today for an exciting adventure and a chance to win two amazing giveaways! Outline of this Episode [1:13] Intro to this episode: Marie Poulin’s entrepreneurial journey: How we get intentional about living our dream lives. [2:03] Marie Poulin’s story about why she decided to become an entrepreneur. [5:45] Marie’s first steps -- Willingness to put yourself out there. [7:48] The “Internship phase” - just seeing what you can do and what your processes are like. [9:13] Marie Poulin talks about what kept her going through the massive journey of personal growth. [11:25] How the weight lifted when systems were in place, and how Marie was then able to sell her process to others. [13:58] Minimize time spent, by improving processes. [15:15] The factor that gave Marie key breakthroughs. [16:25] Building a business is 95% mindset and who we are. [18:05] The other 5%. Marie Poulin’s top tips for anyone who is launching a business. [18:51] Be intentional: Design life and business around what you value. [21:19] The biggest lesson Marie has learned along her journey. [22:57] Leave a comment on the blog for a chance of winning Marie’s ebook or course. Resources and People Mentioned Digital Strategy School Oki Doki Systems Rock (Natasha Vorompovia) Simon Sinek Christopher Butler
February 23, 2017
On the show today, Michelle Rohr talks about taking 100% responsibility for your life, her personal journey to success and why you need to be using Pinterest in your business (like yesterday). Michelle is the founder of The Secret Owl Society, sells printables via Etsy and has a number of online courses- but her business used to be a source of frustration and not the freedom she has today. Listen in to see how she did it and where to snag your own Secret Owl Society free printables. Outline of this Episode [1:14] Introduction of Michelle Rohr, Founder of Secret Owl Society, taking 100% responsibility for your life [2:53] Michelle’s story of how her vision compelled her to develop a source for passive income. [5:20] How Michelle Rohr’s misery in business inspired her to set off on a new entrepreneurial journey. [10:30] Michelle turned her blog into a successful business by serving people. [14:05] What has been helpful for Michelle’s personal development to get her where she is. [18:38] Why Pinterest is the secret weapon for marketing. [22:30] How to get through the challenges that bring out resistance in you. [28:23] Lightning Round -- Quick business advice and resources from Michelle Rohr Resources and People Mentioned The Secret OWL Society website Book: She Means Business
February 16, 2017
Jill Stanton joins me today from Screw the Nine to Five which she runs with her husband. They help web-preneurs cut the overwhelm, cut the bull, get focused and work on the right task in their business. Jill takes us through her entrepreneurial journey and what she credits her success to.  You don’t want to miss it (and we may just have a special surprise in this episode for you). Outline of This Episode [1:13] Introduction of this episode with Jill Stanton, owner of Screw the 9 to 5. [3:25] Jill Stanton talks about the progress of her business and how to get focused and work on the right tasks. [4:07] Jill Stanton shares her story of what inspired her to start off on the entrepreneurial journey that led to her monthly membership community. [7:35] Find one thing and do it well. Jill Stanton’s advice to entrepreneurs. [10:50] Momentum marketing: Jill Stanton’s 5-stage process for building an online business. [13:00] What to do when you have no clue. [14:16] How to get through the error phase and overcome obstacles -- two crucial groups of people to connect with [16:58] What has helped Jill Stanton to have breakthroughs in business and move to the next level? [19.34] Why a clear focus and personal white space matter. [28:45] The crazy entrepreneurial journey - The best game in town [29:46] Jill Stanton’s top piece of advice to entrepreneurs [30:43] Lightning round: Quick business advice and resources from Jill Stanton   Resources and People Mentioned Screw the 9 to 5 website Screw U membership group Book: She Means Business
February 9, 2017
How does a woman become unstoppable? How does she grow a business rapidly toward multi-six figures in only a few years? Kimra Luna is the unstoppable woman to ask because she’s done it. And that’s what I did on this episode of She Means Business. In this conversation you’re going to hear Kimra describe the life she lives now because of the success of her business - but not without some context of where she’s come from. She was on welfare and trying to raise a little one when she first began doing course launches online. Now she’s experiencing the fruit of her labor. You’ll hear Kimra’s amazing story on this episode. From welfare to multiple six figures in one year. Kimra Luna’s amazing story. When Kimra Luna first started doing things online she thought she was going to be one of the thousands of mommy bloggers out there - and she was for a short time. It was the traffic she was getting to her website that got the attention of one of her friends who then suggested that she teach people how she was doing it. So, she put together a quick outline, joined her friend on a Google Hangout, and things began to snowball from there. Those were the beginning stages of Kimra’s product creation and launch process that has now earned her incredible income over and over. You can learn a lot from hearing how she went about it and how she approaches it, so be sure to listen. Kimra Luna’s launch process? Webinars. Webinars. Webinars. Part of what makes an unstoppable woman is a tenacity that keeps at it until something works. Kimra Luna discovered that what works for her are unscripted webinars that provide huge amounts of training to anyone who watches. She doesn’t hold anything back. It’s that commitment to providing full-on help to anyone who wants to attend that has fueled her product launches - and she’s not slowing down the momentum. Kimra continues to do webinars to this day as her go-to strategy for getting attention, helping people, and making her sales engine continue to run. It’s a different but effective approach that she unpacks on this episode. Why has Kimra Luna’s journey been so unstoppable? Kimra says it’s because she has been blessed with tenacity, in spite of a very hard younger life. There is something in her that simply won’t quit until she has what she is aiming to get. People in her life have often remarked how amazed they are that she’s been able to do the things she has done, given the background she’s come from. But Kimra thinks it’s something anyone can train themselves to do. That kind of tenacity can be learned, she’s convinced of it. Hear more of her story. Sometimes we forget how tough we really are. As she works with women who are seeking to build a successful business like she has, Kimra Luna says that she has to remind them how tough they really are. She’ll ask them enough questions to know the hardships they’ve already come through and then point out to them how tough they must have been to make it through. Then she turns the focus toward the present and tells them, “You can do this. You’ve already proven you’re tough enough.” Sometimes, we forget how tough we really are, and we need an unstoppable woman like Kimra to remind us. That’s what this episode did for me. I hope it does for you as well. Outline of This Episode [1:11] My introduction of my great guest today, Kimra Luna. [2:38] The overview of where Kimra’s business is right now (early 2017). [3:48] How Kimra began her entrepreneurial journey as a teen and built a business online. [12:06] The core pieces that Kimra believes has gotten her to where she is. [15:22] The combination of things that got Kimra in front of people. [20:40] Kimra’s launch process: webinars, webinars, webinars. [23:49] The things Kimra has not expected in her entrepreneurial journey. [27:00] The ability to have a strong mindset and personal resilience. [32:34] Why Kimra has been able to become unstoppable in her journey. Resources & People Mentioned Freedom Hackers AND Be True Brand You Evernote Connect With The Female Entrepreneur’s Association Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: LinkedIn: YouTube:  
February 2, 2017
The power of persuasion is a vital skill every online entrepreneur needs to learn. It’s how you convince people that your services or expertise matches their particular need. It’s how you convert lookers into buyers. It’s how you establish the trust that enables you to build a relationship with your following. On this episode of the podcast, I had such a great time chatting with one of the most persuasive people I know, Bushra Azhar. She’s been able to build an incredible online business focused on teaching others the power of persuasion and how to apply it to their online businesses. The funny thing is, she started her business as a bet with herself. You can hear Bushra’s amazing story on this episode of She Means Business. She started an online business as a bet with herself. When Bushra Azhar first thought about starting an online business she wasn’t very convinced that it would work. The only way she knew of to earn money through the internet was by selling naked pictures of herself - which was NOT what she wanted to do. So she started inventorying the things she felt she could provide to people and realized that from a young age she’d been actively persuading people. It was not only an interest but something she felt she was truly good at. So she started pitching bloggers with a proposal that she write a guest post on their blogs - and many took her up on it. It’s those posts that attracted her first clients and she did it all before she even set up a website or refined what she’d offer as a service. It’s an unusual, hilarious story that worked out for her to the tune of millions, and you’ll get to hear it from Bushra herself on this episode. She started by guest blogging about the power of persuasion for online entrepreneurs. The only way Bushra Azhar could think of to get herself known was to borrow the audiences of people who had already built an online presence, so she started pitching bloggers that she could write guest posts for them about the art of persuasion. She got quite a few takers and started writing. Each site had it’s own particular focus and she crafted her guest posts to appeal to each site’s particular audience. She did it as a sort of experiment, to learn what niche areas of the business world had the greatest need for instruction in the power and art of persuasion. She got great insights as a result and her business started to gain traction. You’ll love hearing how she did it, so be sure you listen. Powerful persuasion starts with relatability. Since I had an expert on the power of persuasion as my guest on this episode of the podcast I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask her for some tips regarding how to be more persuasive. The first point she made was that persuasion begins with relatability. The person on the receiving end of your pitch has to feel that you are like them in some way, or at least that you were before you learned what you want to teach them. If they feel you are perfect and have it all together, they won’t believe that you can help them. But if you can show them how you are or were in the same situation they want to change in their own life, you’ve just connected with them on the level of relatability - and you’ve probably gained a customer or client. How believable are you to those you’re trying to sell to? We’ve all seen the infomercials where something about the presentation or the person making the pitch doesn’t feel trustworthy. You just can’t quite get yourself to believe that the thing that’s being sold really does all that is being claimed. That’s an issue of believability and Bushra Azhar says that it’s one of the key things you’ve got to be able to establish when you’re trying to sell a product or service. You have to come across as genuine, as trustworthy and believable to the people who need what you’re offering. If you don’t, you can forget about making the sale. It simply won’t happen. Find out the other tips Bushra Azhar gave me to be more persuasive on this episode of She Means Business. Outline of This Episode [1:11] My introduction of my guest, Bushra Azhar. [2:39] Where things are at for Bushra in her business right now. [4:35] What first inspired Bushra to set off on her own entrepreneurial journey? [7:45] How Bushra jump started the process by guest blogging. [12:10] Scrambling to determine her services when a client came calling. [16:42] The key things that have brought massive breakthroughs for Bushra. [20:16] Bushra’s tips at becoming a master of persuasion yourself. [23:06] The unexpected things Bushra has encountered on her journey. [25:50] What has helped Bushra to be unstoppable in the pursuit of her dreams? [29:10] The things that keep Bushra moving forward. Resources & People Mentioned BOOK: Made To Stick Connect With The Female Entrepreneur’s Association Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: LinkedIn: YouTube:
January 31, 2017
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January 26, 2017
All of us want to see our dreams come true. But how can you make it happen? Is it just chance or fate or something else? My guest today is a friend and someone I am immensely inspired by, Amy Porterfield. Her story shows us that dreams can come true when we are willing to make the effort to see them come true. It takes diligence, hard work, and lots of determination. But it can be done. Amy’s amazing story is proof of it. I hope you are as inspired by Amy’s story as I am. Her example is a true shining star we can follow to see our dreams come true. Everything is a stepping stone. Once Amy Porterfield began to realize that she wanted to be in greater control of her own destiny and that her dreams would not come true working for somebody else, she steered her life in a different direction. But she didn’t do it all at once. It was important to her to learn all she could from every opportunity - to see that everything she was doing presently was a stepping stone toward the future she wanted to build. So she applied herself to learn everything she could from every position she held and learned to pivot those skills into the things she wanted to do for herself in the future. As you probably know from Amy’s story, she was hugely successful doing so. How do you know when it’s time to let go of something successful to do something new? My friend Amy made her first big online success through the sales of an online course that she continued to refine over time, making it better and better and charging more and more for it. But the time came when she knew that it was time to move on to other products and services. How did she know it was time? I asked her that on this episode and she gave a very personal and powerful answer, so I hope you take the time to listen. Anytime Amy Porterfield feels the need to rush, she intentionally slows down. Some of the biggest mistakes Amy Porterfield made on her entrepreneurial journey were caused by a feeling that she had to rush. But she’s come to realize that those times are exactly when she needs to slow things down. It’s the feeling of rush that tips her off to the possibility that she’s probably trying to meet a standard other than her own. On this episode, Amy very transparently shares those mistakes and tells how she’s learned to follow her own sense of timing instead of letting the pressure get to her. You’ll learn a lot from my friend, Amy. 80% of success is mindset, 20% is mechanics. Part of the journey that has led Amy Porterfield to the fulfillment of her dreams was working behind the scenes for Tony Robbins. Can you imagine an opportunity like that? She got to learn some of the most important lessons of her life close-up from Tony. One of those was that 80% of success is mindset and 20% is mechanics. So today, when Amy finds herself stressed about making her dreams come true, she takes it as a sign that her mindset is off. You can learn so much from Amy from this conversation. I know I did. Outline of This Episode [1:22] The webinars that I did with Amy once upon a time. [5:40] How Amy got started as an entrepreneur (it includes working for Tony Robbins). [8:40] The journey from working for Tony to working for herself. [11:57] The baby steps to working for herself full time. [16:01] Creating an online training program with Lewis Howes. [20:15] How do you know when it’s time to let go of something successful to do something new? [23:21] The drama Amy has encountered along the way. [29:49] Amy’s rituals to keep her mindset on track and the life it provides for her now. Resources & People Mentioned Social Media Examiner Connect With The Female Entrepreneur’s Association Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: LinkedIn: YouTube:    
January 26, 2017
When the discomfort sets in, it's not a sign that you're failing, it's a sign that you're on your way to achieving amazing things. In this episode I talk all about it :)
January 26, 2017
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January 26, 2017
I love conditioning myself for success, it's changed my entire business and life so much, because it's enabled me to stay positive and keep going. So in this episode I share more about how I do it and how you can too.
January 26, 2017
Hi, I'm Carrie Green and I'm so excited to welcome you to the "She Means Business" podcast - where I'll share my story and the stories of many other successful female entrepreneurs who have established ragingly successful online businesses. There's never been a better time - and if we can do it - so can you!
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