May 26, 2020
Original co-host, Bailey, returns for a very special part 2 of "Free Mary-Kate" to discuss more about Mary-Kate's divorce and hypothesize about what the heck is going on. Word on the street is that Mary-Kate wants a baby, Olivier didn't like having a badass and successful wife, and this divorce is going to take a whhhiile. Relax, grab a martini, and spiral along with us! Rate, review, and subscribe! Instagram: @gimmepizzapodcast Twitter: @mkapodcast Etsy: --- Support this podcast:
May 15, 2020
Frankie Carattini (@theboyabouttown) returns for an EMERGENCY episode! By now we have all heard the news...our shining light, Mary-Kate Olsen, has requested an emergency divorce from her husband, Olivier Sarkozy after being married for 5 years. (Remember the iconic wedding? Bowls and bowls of cigarettes!) Tune in while we discuss our conspiracies, speculations, and fantasies about what's next for MK. Mary-Kate doesn't deserve this! Let her get divorced! Down with Olivier! Free MK!  Rate, review, and subscribe! Instagram: @gimmepizzapodcast Twitter: @mkapodcast Etsy: --- Support this podcast:
May 12, 2020
This week, artist Whitney Anderson, joins Amity on the podcast to discuss her art, the Olsen Twins, and what inspires her work! Check out Whitney's art online at and on instagram @whitneylanderson_art *Disclaimer* I wrongfully stated that James is Trent's middle name! Trent is Trent's middle name, and his first name is James. My bad!  Rate, review, and subscribe! Instagram: @gimmepizzapodcast Twitter: @mkapodcast Etsy: --- Support this podcast:
May 5, 2020
Ross Brunetti (@wokefullhouse) returns to the podcast to discuss the Mary-Kate & Ashely VH1 Driven documentary! Amity and Ross deeply analyze the upbringing of baby MKA, hypothesize on how it impacted their lives, and of course, go on some fun tangents. Follow @wokefullhouse on Instagram and Twitter!  Rate, review, and subscribe! Instagram: @gimmepizzapodcast Twitter: @mkapodcast Etsy: --- Support this podcast:
April 28, 2020
This week THE boy about town, Frankie Carattini, joins Amity to talk meeting Mary-Kate and Ashley, shopping at The Row, Instagram, and all the Manhattan goss. You don't want to miss this juicy episode! Follow @theboyabouttown on Instagram (you probably already do!) Rate, review, and subscribe! Instagram: @gimmepizzapodcast Twitter: @mkapodcast Etsy: --- Support this podcast:
April 20, 2020
This week Chelsea (@OlsenObsessed) joins Amity to watch the iconic Passport to Paris. Watch along with us (starting at 1:27), or just hear all that the movie inspires. Please rate, review, and subscribe!   Follow @OlsenObsessed on Instagram! Instagram: @gimmepizzapodcast Twitter: @mkapodcast Etsy: --- Support this podcast:
April 13, 2020
This week Nathaniel Walberer joins Amity live from her front yard for a closer look at the Logical i Ranch. In true quarantine fashion they get stoned, hypothesize about what the Olsen Twins are up to this quarantine, and what they were ~really~ like as child stars. If it's up to me, you'll R-S-V-P! Please rate, review, and subscribe! Instagram: @gimmepizzapodcast Twitter: @mkapodcast Etsy: --- Support this podcast:
April 6, 2020
This week Kate McDugald joins Amity to give you all the run down on episode 20 of Two of a Kind, When a Man Leaves a Woman. The sexual tension between Carrie & Kevin continues, Ashley is up to no good, and Mary-Kate is a horse girl. Please rate, review, and subscribe! Instagram: @gimmepizzapodcast Twitter: @mkapodcast Etsy: --- Support this podcast:
March 28, 2020
This week Unnveig Aas, Norwegian Americana sensation, joins the podcast to break down our favorite Mary-Kate & Ashley songs! Listen along while we go down memory lane and talk about all of our favorite hits. Listen to Unnveig on Spotify & like her on Facebook Check out Gimme Pizza on Etsy! --- Support this podcast:
March 17, 2020
Liz Bentley (Feathers in My Hair)is back on the podcast this week to keep you company during this week's quarantine! We take a deep dive into Robert Thorne, Dualstar and the Mary-Kate & Ashley brand. Stay inside, and don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe!
March 3, 2020
This week Ross Brunetti (@wokefullhouse) is back on Gimme Pizza for the highly anticipated review and discussion of The Unauthorized Full House Story! Listen to him give his take with some rose colored glasses. There is also bonus talk about Amity's DMT trip from 2 years ago for your enjoyment. Bernie 2020! Stay woke! Rate, Review, & Subscribe!
February 17, 2020
This week, sit back and enjoy some Mary-Kate & Ashley chapter book ASMR!! There is no guest this week, but listen to Amity say some key phrases like "swallowed deeply" and "bit her lip" over and over again. Please rate, review, and subscribe!!
January 27, 2020
This week Troy McEady of The Smush Room Podcast joins Gimme Pizza to talk alllllll about Mary-Kate & Ashley and who they have dated. We hypothesize about how they smell, talk about their IRL boyfriends, who has been seen with who and everything else you could possibly imagine! Please rate, review, & subscribe...and eat some pizza!
January 10, 2020
Happy 2020!! Arielle returns to Gimme Pizza to talk all about BOYS! We go through the boys of Billboard Dad to New York Minute and give our honest and true thoughts. We also talk about what they are up to now, and how Mary-Kate & Ashley have completely soiled our expectations of romance. (Why have we still not made out with our crushes in an air duct?!?) Please rate, review, and subscribe
December 17, 2019
Ross Brunetti of @wokefullhouse Instagram fame returns to talk about part one of the final season of Fuller House (NOT Starring Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen). We watched season 5 so that you don't have to! Obviously this episode contains spoilers! *She-wolf howl* Follow @wokefullhouse & @gimmepizzapodcast on Instagram Shop GimmePizzaPodcast on Etsy Rate, Review, Subscribe please :)
November 25, 2019
Bailey B (#2) is back to talk about her all time favorite show...So Little Time! We watched "Tedi's Burnout" because like Tedi, we are also sick of modeling and want to pig out on onion rings! We talk about our favorite looks in the episode, Y2K fashion, and what drugs we support the most (legalize it!). Rate, Review, Subscribe! & Shop Gimme Pizza Podcast on Etsy!
November 12, 2019
It's here! Elizabeth & James is finally at Kohl's and Amity is here to share her thoughts on the collection. On the fence about things or just want to hear a woman talk to herself about the latest affordable styles from MKA? Is it mary-katenadashley 2.0? Listen, rate, review, and subscribe. It's not spon, so you know it's real. Get into it!
October 22, 2019
OG Co-host Bailey is back from China and joins Amity to talk about the Case of the Volcano Mystery. Find out what mysteries await on Jelly Island and learn a bunch of random facts about volcanoes! Follow @gimmepizzapodcast on Instagram & shop Gimme Pizza Podcast on etsy. Rate, review & subscribe!
October 5, 2019
This week Ross Brunetti of @wokefullhouse instagram fame joins the podcast! We talk about the weird world of Olsen Twin and Full House instagram fandom, what it's like to be *seen* by John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin, his Woke Full House Script and more! Follow @gimmepizzapodcast and @wokefullhouse on instagram Shop Rate, Review & Subscribe If it's up to me you'll R-S-V-P
September 8, 2019
Raz and David return to talk about that time Mary-Kate & Ashley skipped their prom to host SNL. Tune in for the hot takes on their attempt at sketch comedy, an uncomfortable look back at the worst reality show on TV, and the wackiness of The Olsen Twins. Plus, a sneak into the Mary-Kate & Ashley Diary (for all my moods). If it's up to me, you'll R-S-V-P to this episode! Follow @gimmepizzapodcast on instagram, check out the Gimme Pizza Podcast etsy store, and rate/review/subscribe.
August 23, 2019
This week Amity is joined by Ashley Reed! She shares her experience seeing a live taping of Two of a Kind, thoughts on Fuller House, what it's like to know someone who knows Mary-Kate & Ashley, and much more. Did you know about Candace Cameron-Bure's dark post-DJ film career? If it's up to me, you'll R-S-V-P to this episode! Follow @gimmepizzapodcast on instagram, check out the Gimme Pizza Podcast etsy store, and rate/review/subscribe. Listen to Ashley Reed on Spotify & Youtube!
August 13, 2019
This week Amity is joined by the one and only Helena Fisher-Welsh (Sneople At The Movies Podcast) to talk about one of the original Olsen & Olsen Mystery Agency videos! The Case of Thorn Mansion. One of their most iconic videos featuring some of their best bops (Bravery, amirite?) We also touch on "Our Favorite Music Videos", cultural currency, Scooby Doo and much more! Grab some pizza and get into it. Please rate, review, subscribe! Follow @gimmepizzapodcast on Instagram Shop Gimme Pizza Podcast on Etsy
July 30, 2019
Ryan returns for another installment of "Let's Watch Every Episode of Two of a Kind and Talk About It!" In this episode we watch the episode, 'The Odd Couples'. 90s heteronormativity at its finest! Plus a hot take on why the show may not have be renewed for a second season. Rate, Review, Subscribe & Shop GimmePizzaPodcast on Etsy! If it's up to me you'll R-S-V-P!
July 6, 2019
BAILEY IS BACK! In this episode former co-host and all around great gal, Bailey, returns for yet another talk on the next episode of Two of a Kind. Your FAVORITE TGIF sitcom. We dive into Episode 18: Welcome Matt. Subscribe, rate, share, and follow on Instagram @gimmepizzapodcast If it's up to me you'll R-S-V-P!
June 25, 2019
This week Amity interviews, very special guest, Carl Banks! You all know him as Nigel from Billboard Dad- your favorite 90s art manager villain! Tune in as he shares his favorite stories from Billboard Dad and talks about what he's been up to in the last 20 years. Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!
June 14, 2019
Happy Birthday to our ethereal magical queens!!! In this episode Amity reads Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16: wishes & dreams cover to cover. Don't miss out on this iconic piece of literature. Email hype, A+ vocab words, and the epitome of middle school boy obsession. Real Books for Real Girls ™- Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe. Get into it!
June 1, 2019
Amity and Chelsea are back with part 2 of their ranking of each Mary-Kate and Ashley film. Don't miss this stroll down memory lane, as they talk about THE most iconic top 6 Olsen movies. Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe!
May 23, 2019
This is the episode you have all been waiting for! A true and honest look at every Mary-Kate and Ashley film (the highest caliber of cinematic entertainment). Amity is joined by one of everyone's favorite Olsen fans, Chelsea (@OlsenObsessed), to make the ultimate list. Ranking these movies is like ranking your children, so grab some pizza and get into part one of this episode! Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe!
May 15, 2019
This week Amity is joined by Liz Bentley (Feathers In My Hair) to take a deep dive into Two of A Kind (episodes 16 & 17), The Olsen Twins Brand, their books, and how MKA influenced culture as we know it. Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe! Grab some pizza and get into it!
April 24, 2019
Gimme Pizza can't get enough of So Little Time. This week Amity joins Hannah Hogan to gab about Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Sweet 16 from the *HIT* fox/abc family sitcom...So Little Time! Including a fun look at the ~interactive quiz~ on the DVD Special Features. Look tough, look hip, look cool and GET INTO IT! music: Bloody Mary, Kate and Ashley by PUP Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe!
April 3, 2019
Arielle is back on the pod to talk about the latest scandal plaguing the Full House fandoms...Operation Varsity Blues! Wholesome Aunt Becky, may have not been that wholesome after all. We watched two episodes that likely influenced her turn to crime (Be True to Your Preschool, and The Test) WARNING: We share some strong opinions on Candace Cameron Bure. May not be suitable for hard core Candace Cameron Bure stans. Grab some pizza and get into it! And don't forget to rate, review, subscribe, and follow us @mkapodcast on instagram!
March 3, 2019
This week Chelsea (@Olsenobsessed on Instagram) comes on the podcast to have a general Olsen Twin gab session. Mary-Kate and Ashley created quite the empire, and we have lived to tell the tale! Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe. Grab some pizza and get into it!
February 24, 2019
Arielle is back!! This week Amity and Arielle talk about So Little Time (mostly...Siblings in the City, specifically!) What really is the Save the Seals benefit? What's Larry up to these days? Plus, general MKA geek out. ALL HAIL QUEENS MKA! Get into it!
February 1, 2019
This week Amity has two funny gals, Meghan and Mary Liz on the show to watch the Case of the Shark Encounter! They talk about how the Olsen Twins have impacted their lives, Mary Liz's ENCOUNTER (ha!) with young MKA, the bizarre plot of this mystery, and more. Grab some pizza, get your MMR vaccine, and GET INTO IT. Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe!
January 23, 2019
This week it's a major Pizza Party, as Amity joins returning guests Ryan Caldwell and Emily Nadira and new guest Kevin Michaluk to watch a movie we have all been waiting for. Our Lips Are Sealed! According to film scholars, Ryan and Kevin, this film checks all the boxes. Dynamite special effects, incredible puns (KNEEL DIAMOND!), Aussie Boyz, and so much more. Our Lips Are Sealed is basically the Fyre Festival of 2000 and you don't want to miss this episode. Grab some pizza and get into it! Don't forget to share, subscribe, and rate!
December 23, 2018
Happy Holidayz! This week Amity talks with Ashley Rodriguez (Boss Barista Podcast)about the series finale of Full House! You remember! The two part episode where Michelle falls off of her horse and gets amnesia! Stephanie has dry lips, and somehow somebody was able to get a hold of Steve. They also get into Fuller House, try to tell the twins apart, and take a look at Friendship Connection (Real Games for Real Girls). Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and give us a review! Grab some pizza and get into it!
December 6, 2018
This week Gimme Pizza watches You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's School Dance Party with Cat Miller! Don't miss out on this review of the final video in the You're Invited video series! What is exactly is all the noise about boyz? Who is Chez Starbuck? There is a lot to unpack in this extremely relateable evening in cyber space. Grab some pizza and get into it! Don't forget to subscribe, review, and rate!
November 27, 2018
GIMME PIZZA IS BAAAACK! After a very long break (Amity went to Scotland, England, and Norway! and moved!), Amity sits down with returning guest and her domestic partner, Ryan Caldwell, to watch everyone's favorite western, How the West Was Fun. Are MKA actually twin batmans? Is the west really all that fun? Tune in for a brand neewww episode! Don't forget to rate & review and follow us on facebook and instagram. Grab some pizza and get into it! PS: Check out Unnveig Aas on music listening devices and support a fellow Olsen Twin fan!
July 31, 2018
This is the episode you have all been waiting for! Emily is back for the final episode before Amity heads over to the UK to watch "The Challenge" (2003). We identify deeply with Mary-Kate’s hippie good vibez, have a lot of questions about the love affairs, and talk about mega church youth groups and summer camp. This film is VERY early 2000s (we're talkin visors, crazy t-shirts, some awkward stereotypes), but we aren’t tryin’ to judge too hard. Grab some pizza and get into it! And please subscribe and rate! See ya in September! Follow @gimmepizzapodcast on Instagram to see all of Amity's wild UK/Norway adventures.
July 23, 2018
Gimme Pizza is back and not dead! One of Amity's oldest and best friends, Tara Hudson, comes over to watch The Fun House Mystery! Tara is taken by the heart warming tale that comes from this "8 minute mystery". Tune in to find out what we think about this so-called fun house, our hot take on 90s monkey culture, and some Full House news! Don't forget to subscribe and rate. Grab some pizza and get into it!
June 13, 2018
IT'S AN INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY! We are back with a Brand New Episode to celebrate! Amity sits down with special guest, David Burke, to watch a classic and a favorite- It Takes Two! This film may seem like a regular 90s kid movie with icons such as Steve Guttenberg and Kristie Alley, but there is so much more to unpack here than what meets the eye. Why is nobody very concerned about how much Amanda and Alyssa look alike? Is this movie in on the joke of itself? Exactly how many hours are in a day at Camp Callaway? Grab some pizza, get into it, and remember why this movie made you fall in love with Queens Mary-Kate and Ashley!
May 14, 2018
Sorry for the delay! This week Gimme Pizza is joined by special guest Raz Mostaghimi for a hella fun 2 hour episode (to make up for lost time, probably?). We watched the critically acclaimed "Passport to Paris" and boy oh boy was that a saucy and steamy flick. We also talk about the MET Gala, of course, and so much more. We speculate how Jeremy and Brigitte will end up, and if Allyson and Melanie ever reconnect with their Parisian flings. Raz gives the 4-1-1 on "twinglistics" and drops some twin trivia. Grab some pizza and get into it!
April 25, 2018
Welcome back Ana Harvey! This week we watch Holiday in the Sun, the 2001 film inspired by the Weezer song of the same name (probably). Yes, this movie is 17 years old and is easily THE wildest film of their collection. Between the drama of Brianna Wallace, to the love triangle between Madison, Griffin, and Scott, to the infamous chase of Champlain scene. We were completely mesmerized the entire time. You don’t want to miss this episode. Grab some pizza and get into it! PS: after doing extensive IMDB research about Champlain we have learned that Champlain was ALSO the prop master for this movie. This is his only acting credit. Godbless Champlain.
April 17, 2018
We're back! This week we catch two more episodes of So Little Time from the "Hanging Out" compilation. We review two episodes: "The Flat Tire" and "The Job". So catch up wherever you get your dose of So Little Time, grab some pizza & get into it!
April 5, 2018
Welcome back, Bailey! Get ready for a very cosmic episode. We watched The Case of the United States Navy Adventure and talk a lot about this crazy universe (again!) and ALIENS! Why did Mary-Kate and Ashley go to the Navy for this alien mystery? Is this the greatest mystery episode of all? How big was this budget? Grab some pizza and get into it!
March 28, 2018
We are back from Spring Break 2k18, and this week Emily Nadira joins us while Bailey is MIA (she will be back soon, we promise!). We obviously chose to watch the sequel to The Sea World Adventure….The Case of the Mystery Cruise! This is arguably THE most riveting episode of the Adventure Series. MKA get pretty meta and deep, inspiring us to dive deep into a talk about the multiverse, our purpose in the universe, and the theory of “the simulation”. Emily talks about some camera magic and touches on her personal experience on a ~carnival cruise~. Amity goes on typical rants about being a weird teen. Grab some pizza and get into it! Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe!
March 17, 2018
This week we are joined by Sarah Gompers (1/2 of 2Buffali) while Bailey is away! We watched The Case of the Sea World Adventure! This extra creepy and strange case really gave us a lot of questions. Exactly where did these parents come from? Why aren't the twins sharing their profits? We also cover some of Sarah's thoughts on MKA, the ancient Heath Ledger controversy, and healing crystals. Grab some pizza and get into it!
March 7, 2018
In honor of the Oscars(sort of?), we take it back to where MKA's fashion career all began. The year is 1999. Toe rings are all the rage. Mary-Kate and Ashley visit FIDM. Pop in your You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Fashion Party VHS (or check it out on youtube!), bask in all of the late 90s fashion trends, and cross your finger for cute boys. We talk about fashion, awkward preteen styles, and our take on Jeff Franklin's departure from Fuller House. Grab some pizza and get into it!
February 28, 2018
This week we pick up on our long overdue deconstruction of Two Of A Kind. It's only 20 episodes later, and we are back to dive deep into this 1999 TGIF hit! We watch episodes 14 and 15 (My Boyfriend's Back and No Man's Land), and WOW!! Carrie is a total badass in both of them. We go down memory lane and talk about some of our crazy ex boyfriend stories, and how Carrie (our TV mom/big sister/all around inspiration)shaped us as women. You don't want to miss this episode! Grab some pizza and get into it!
February 20, 2018
This week we are joined by Bailey B (#2) while our usual Bailey is out. We watched three episodes of our favorite ABC Family sitcom: So Little Time and lived to talk all about it. Which episodes, you ask? You've Got Mail, The Massage, and Larypalooza from the Hanging Out DVD Compilation. Can someone explain why they released this show in a random order? Grab some pizza and get into it!
February 7, 2018
This week we are joined by Curtis Andersen (aka Goofy Delegate) from Winning London! He's also known for Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, and so much more! He gives us the VIP scoop on what it was like working with our favorite twins, showbiz in the 90s, and what he's up to now. Grab some pizza and get into it!
January 30, 2018
This week we take some time to talk about a very special film...When in Rome! This movie is a roller-coaster of excitement that leaves us asking "wait...what?" Mary-Kate and Ashley tried to convinced preteens that mail-room interning in Rome was a thing? I guess we believed it. This movie has it all...montages, GPS systems, espresso, California beaches, dubbed voices, overly spikey hair, pizza, and of course...Italian boyz. Subscribe! Rate! Grab some pizza and get into it!
January 23, 2018
This week we are joined by Ana Harvey to deconstruct and examine the (arguably) greatest Olsen Twin film of all! Winning London! Team Brian? Team James? Where are the adults!?? First time watcher and Shakespeare aficionado, Ana, asks the hard questions. We do our best to figure out some of the great Winning London mysteries of all. Grab some pizza and get into it!
January 16, 2018
Happy New Year! Amity & Bailey return from winter break to catch up on the latest Olsen Twin news and talk about the 2002 film "Getting There" (in honor of winter and the Olympics or something). Which twin was spotted at the Golden Globes after party? Which twin has been getting some heavy worshiping ceremonies lately? Who is the real star in "Getting There"? Grab some pizza and get into it!
December 24, 2017
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Amity & Bailey are back with their third (and final) Christmas episode. They couldn't leave 2017 without watching To Grandmother's House We Go! Mary-Kate & Ashley get into some hijinks, as per usual, along with Rhea Perlman and Jerry Van Dyke. Watch along, or recall it all from your childhood memories! Grab a hot toddy and get into it!
December 14, 2017
Amity & Bailey are back with another Christmas episode! Full House is the theme for the night! Listen as they watch the Holiday episodes of season 2 and season 8. They expresses their true feelings for Nick Katsopolis and the airport set of "Our Very First Christmas Show". Does Mickey Rooney have a place in Bailey's heart? What's up with 90s vests? Don't miss out! Grab a Christmas Cutie and get into it!
December 6, 2017
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Amity & Bailey get in the Christmas spirit and watch two of Mary-Kate & Ashley's straight to VHS classics. The Case of the Christmas Caper And You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Christmas party! Watch along, or just sit back and let the memories wash over you like a cold glass of egg nog. Get into it!
November 23, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode Amity & Bailey reach back into the Full House vault and watch the season 1 Thanksgiving episode. Then they fast forward to Fuller House's Thanksgiving. Witness Bailey's first Fuller House experience! Watch along on hulu and netflix, grab a tofurkey or turkey, and get into it!
November 10, 2017
Bailey & Amity get into some heavy commentary. In celebration of Amity's 27th birthday they watch You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Costume Party AND Birthday Party! Sit back and listen, or watch along to experience some serious 90s nostalgia. Don't forget to subscribe & rate!
October 31, 2017
Happy Halloween Pizza Faces! Amity & Bailey are joined by Ryan (Take Off Your Pants & Podcast! Empire or Jedi Podcast!) to watch the 1993 MKA Film, Double Double, Toil and Trouble! Watch along or just sit back and listen to some spoopy commentary. Grab some candy and get into it!
October 17, 2017
Amity & Bailey are back to talk about Amity's recent trip to NYC where she went to the THNK1994 museum, hung out with past guests IRL, and lurked around The Row offices. In honor of the NYC fashion scene, they pop in the Fashion Forward 2001 VHS and look back at some intense early 2000s trends. Get into it!
September 26, 2017
Amity & Bailey watch You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Mall Party and School Dance Party! They share fond memories of the mall, give commentary, and somehow get sidetracked into a discussion about drugs and parties. Watch along on your childhood VHS (or however you watch your classic MKA videos) (Or Don't!) Grab some pizza and if it's up to me, you'll R-S-V-P!
September 16, 2017
Amity & Bailey crack open two excellent pieces of literature from the The Two of a Kind book series. The read "The Sleepover Secret" and "Surprise Surprise" so you don't have to. Grab some pizza and get into it! Real Books for Real Girls!
August 24, 2017
In honor of the 2017 eclipse and the end of summer, Bailey & Amity watch and give commentary on The Case of the US Space Camp Mission and (you're invited to mary-kate and ashley's)Camp Out Party. Which video had the catchiest tunes? Who had the best outfits? Is it OK to like boys? Watch along, or just grab some pizza and get into it!
August 1, 2017
Amity and special guest, Ryan Caldwell (Take Off Your Pants and Podcast, Empire or Jedi Podcast) give a commentary on the 1999 MKA Movie: Switching Goals! Pop in your VHS or DVD (or stream it via googling 'Switching Goals full movie' if you're adventurous)and watch with us!
July 19, 2017
Yay! A Bonus Episode! Listen to 23 minutes of Amity, Bailey, and their friend Josh watch Holiday in the Sun (while high!). (Please excuse the quality, as it was impulsively recorded on an iphone)
July 15, 2017
Amity, Bailey, and Hannah talk with Laura Collins! The artist behind the Olsen Twins Hiding From the Paparazzi paintings and many other iconic works of art. They chat pop culture pleasures, art, hotties, and of course Mary-Kate and Ashley. Grab some pizza and get into it!
July 4, 2017
Wake Up San Francisco! Amity and Bailey sit down to talk about what it was like to see their favorite rad dad, Bob Saget, for the first time! Who knew Danny Tanner could be so dirty? They also take some time to chat about Bailey's new job on the new Netflix show, Everything Sucks. Grab a slice of pizza and get into it!
June 13, 2017
Happy 31st birthday to our favorite angels! In this episode we take a break from Two of A Kind to flip through the first issue of Mary-Kate & Ashley Magazine. If you want to read along head on over to! This magazine proves that 2001 was a incredible year for teen culture: platform shoes, AOL, and Aaron Carter.
May 13, 2017
Amity, Bailey, and Hannah continue their Two of a Kind journey. They dive into Met Gala 2017 backlash, and cover 3 more episodes their favorite late 90s sitcom. Listen to your hosts throwback to 1999 and remember a simpler time with modeling vans, swing dancing, and Carrie's computer skills. tw/cw: for eating disorder talk.
April 24, 2017
Amity, Bailey, and Hannah return to talk more about Two of a Kind! They go in deep and dissect three more episodes and get on a few tangents about 90s heart throbs and Pimp My Ride.
April 6, 2017
Amity, Bailey, and Hannah get into more Two of a Kind madness. Will Ashley find true love in Pokey Valentine? Will Kevin ever recover from his rejection from his barista? How many times have birds pooped on co-host, Bailey? TGIP! Thank Goodness it's Pod-day!
March 25, 2017
Amity, Hannah, and Bailey deconstruct the 90s TGIF Classic, Two of a Kind. They cover the first 3 episodes and probably connected with pre-teen issues too much. First kiss? Old crushes? The popular table? And what kind of science teacher is Kevin Burke anyways? Tune in for this part one of a Two of A Kind deconstruction!
March 19, 2017
Amity, Bailey, and Hannah talk to Olsen mega fan, Arielle! They discuss how their favorite twins have influenced her life, her favorite movies, and what it was like meeting them!
March 10, 2017
Amity & Bailey have way too much fun reviewing New York Minute. This 2004 comedy is jam packed with the best cast, hilarious jokes, and some killer looks. It has a 11% percent rating on rotten tomatoes but a 1100% rating in our hearts.
February 18, 2017
Amity, Bailey and Hannah review a 90s movie classic: Billboard Dad. A ridiculous film that we love to hate and hate to love. Mary-Kate and Ashley are some stylish girls, always up to some hijinks- and this time they have a very Sad Dad. Enjoy!
February 4, 2017
Sit back and reminisce on two Olsen Twin classics: Slumber Party and the The Case of the Hotel Who Done It. What exactly is on that pizza?
January 28, 2017
Oh My Lanta! This week, Amity, Bailey, and Hannah talk all things Full House. They review a bizarre Full House board game and dissect their favorite comfort show of the 90s. Is Stephanie better than Michelle? Does Fuller House hold up? What's the deal with Candace Cameron Bure? Tune in and find out!
January 20, 2017
You're invited to Our First Podcast! Meet the three hosts of the Gimme Pizza Podcastt! Listen to Amity, Bailey, and Hannah go down memory lane and talk about what it was like growing up being Olsen twin fan girls. Including a very in depth commentary on "Our First Video!".
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