Hassle to find saved episodes in Apple podcasts
Is it possible to add a FLAG or a HEART or other symbol in the menu of episodes to mark a saved episode? To fined saved, one needs to scroll all the way down the long list and then only click on saved and then again browse. Inconvenient,
You’ve found the right pod!
This is a five-star podcast. It is the synthesis of the scientific basis of medicine, the practical pearls that come with mastery, and the humanist perspective that drives providers to care. The format allows for digestible information - enough time to process and retain what it being said - and enough fun to keep one engaged. Don’t listen to the haters; this is an exceptional podcast. Good use of your valuable time.
General review
The part if the podcasts in which the guest experts discuss the cases and make teaching points, along with the take home points towards the end, have been very interesting and informative. However, the first ten minutes of each podcast have been boring and irrelevant. When I can, using the time stamps in the show notes, I fast forward to the “meat” of the presentation. I don’t care about the book and movie reviews and find them a frustrating waste of time when I am unable to fast forward (I mostly listen when driving.) Finally, the outro is also annoying and juvenile. “Food for your brain hole”?...”Yummy”? Very adolescent along with “I have been Dr. so and so” and “I remain Dr. so and so”. Why can’t you just close as an adult with “I am Dr. Matt Watto”?
Excellent clinical podcast
As a FNP that works in addiction medicine and psychiatry and also provides primary care services to patients in residential treatment, this podcast is amazing! It has so many great subjects and excellent experts that have improved my practice a lot. I would definitely recommend!
Best medicine podcast
I listen while working out in the morning. It is fun to see what shows up in my messages Monday morning regarding the topic. This is the best IM podcast. The hard work shows.
Boring, too much side talk, and fake laughter.
Boring, too much side talk and fake laughter. Not impressed with the format. Doesn't get to the point. I got tired of waiting.
Great podcast
Brannan J
As an internal medicine physician, I have loved the weekly episodes and relevant clinical discussions. This podcast has changed my clinical practice is many areas.
Thank you for making this podcast!
Thank you for making this podcast!
Love this show ! Has helped me Continue my learning after leaving academics.
Curbsiders internal medicine #178
Excellent update on TB
Hospitalist MD
Love the intro, love the content. Always waiting for the next episode. Thank you guys for all your work. This podcast is amazing.
Great show
Agree with previous review. Talks and topics are excellent! However please get to the talk sooner than 15 mins into the show with a lot of blenders. We are short of time and become impatient waiting the meat coming up. John
Helping me with Step 3
I am currently applying for residencies taking my step 3 in a few months. I’ve started listening to this show from the first season and my husband is a hospitalist who recommended this for me. Its fun to listen to and I get to learn so much. It’s helping me a lot with my uworld and studying and thank you so much you guys for starting!!
Can we stop the chit chat?
I like the podcast, good info. However, it would be great to get to the point sooner rather than later. It takes a while to get to the meat of the topic. I am sure there is quite a bit of chemistry between the hosts, but can we keep that resulting banter down to a minimum, or spread it out or put it to the end ?
Unlimited Hot Pearl Cakes
Bromium Bromide
Thanks for all that you do. I normally loathe the myriad forms of trying to stay up-to-date, and would prefer power sanding my teeth to reading NEJM cover to cover. You guys make it fun, and make me look forward to listening. My practice has changed so many times thanks to the knowledge bombs you have dropped in my cake hole. Many thanks!
Yummy brain food
I’m a nephrology NP student working in dialysis. Very informative! I especially enjoy the nephrology subjects with Dr Topf. Keep it up guys!
Very informative
Love the show. More female hosts and guests would likely give the show a more well rounded perspective and make it even more informative and fun than it already is.
I love the podcast
Very valuable information presented in an engaging and thoughtful way. A resident told me about it. Perhaps limit intro stuff to 10 min? Please, enough imposter syndrome! You’re politically correct enough.
Very informative
This podcast is so informative. I enjoy the interactions of the hosts with the guests and each other. The information from the show is easy to integrate into clinical practice. Very good for your brain hole or whatever they say!
The Education that I’m not getting from residency
This show is 6/5 stars in my opinion. I’ve made it a routine to throw in my earbuds, go for a walk and listen to it for 30 mins every day. The hosts are entertaining, humble and very knowledgeable. I think I’ve learned more from the show then I’ve learned from Faculty at my current program. Keep up the great work!
Mandatory Monday morning listening
Enn Alee
Love your podcast. Thank you for doing such awesome work, and consistently too!
Great podcast
I’m a PA student and I really enjoy listening to your podcast. The interviews are great and help keep me entertained on long car rides!
Thank you
Very helpful. Easy to follow. High yield. Topics are extremely well explained. Hands down, The BEST medical pod cast.
As a MS3 currently in my IM rotations this is gold. This podcast has really helped me to consider IM my choice specialty. Keep up the good work.
From an internist in NC
Love the round table discussions!!!
Great comedic education and pearls of wisdom
Peter Raisanen
I love how this show impacts my daily life by sharing clinical pearls that are so useful in my practice. I also love being able to get a good laugh many times out of each podcast Episode! Thanks you all... love what you’re up to!!
Amazing podcast for anyone practicing medicine
They cover such a wide breath of topics this pod cast has episodes that are great for everyone. Episode are well organized, fun, inspiring and full of great information you can apply to your practice, teaching, as a medical student, as a resident, as a specialist. This a great fun way to stay up to date and relevant on multiple topics in medicine. The curbsiders is by far my favorite podcast and the highlight of my commute.
Love it!!
Great clinical pearls to use in practice.
What a phenomenal podcast. So interesting and enjoyed the various topics
Adds Joy to Medicine
Dead River
Thanks very much for an absolutely great podcast. It has helped patients. It adds joy to medicine. It inspires improvements in process. And, it's fun to know a great medical educator's Spotify list.
Excellent Practical Medical Podcast
I work in full-time orthopedics and PRN volunteer family medicine as a physician assistant. I listened to The Curbsiders throughout school and now during practice. The way they turn complicated topics into more easily manageable problems is extremely helpful. Partially because of this podcast, my interest in primary care has grown, so I will soon be going into primary care full-time.
Excellent podcast
As a hospitalist, I vastly enjoy this podcast. I listen to it on my way to work. I like the crew, the way the questions are framed in a very practical and informative way and the excellent guests on the show. I recommend this podcast to all my students and colleagues.
Excellent for any Healthcare professional
These podcasts can lead to some great discussions with other healthcare professionals! At the hospital I work at a lot of the pharmacy staff listen to these to learn more about what medical teams do in order to have Inter-professional Education and discussions with the medical teams regarding diagnostic and point of care testing. I would love in the future to see an update on the cholesterol guidelines! These podcasts are my drive to and from work daily! Thank you Curbsiders!
My happy connect to medicine
Cory PA-C
Time well spent! High yield, practical, top quality cutting edge medical information presented in a fun package. I am subscribed to multiple medical podcasts but I keep returning to this one. They have show notes by email to cement your knowledge and they offer CME through the ACP. This is great for a student or a seasoned practitioner that needs to keep up with the rapidly changing world of medicine. Keep up the great work Curbsiders team!! 5+Stars
Great for students!
This podcast is so helpful as a preclinical medical student. The podcast is structured so the information is easy to follow. I also think that the podcast is great to help students get a better clinical sense and learn how to integrate information. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this!
Raves, 5 Stars
If you want to learn clinical pearls, evidence based practice in a myriad of disciplines— this is it!! I enjoy every episode I listen to on my hour commute. I am a nurse practitioner and just can’t wait for each new podcast. Curbsiders, you ROCK!
Happier now !
This podcast is EXCELLENT for primary care providers. The best one, by far, I’ve found. I’ve already learned so much. The info is so practical and immediately. I listen on my commute and can often use in clinic that very day. The docs are relatable and funny which is a perk! Keep it up!
Synonym Junkie
Pretty decent.. kind of like that extra-medium Nickelback v-neck you didn’t know you wanted until you try it on, then realize that under the right lighting it makes you look totally torqued, so you spend the next ten years armored in your sweet NBV searching for the perfect lighting sitch, but never quite find it, until one day you wake up and look in the mirror in total surprise at the hair on your shoulders and the age in your eyes, cast off your puka shell necklace and get ‘Paul Brigham’ tattooed on your shoulder. ..In short, I’d listen to it.
Best medical podcast
Vitty Lou
This is the greatest most entertaining podcast and I am so happy that I found it. I learn something valuable (at least one thing, usually more) to put into practice every time I listen. You guys do a great job! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to provide all of this knowledge. I’m going to be sad when I catch up listening and have to wait for the next podcast to come out.
New Doctoral Prepared FNP
I love this podcast, I like how they go through diagnosis and treatment on familiar diagnosis. This podcast related to physicians, as well as APRN's, and PA's. It would be nice to see the APRN's and PA's recognized as well. These APRN's and PA's are a big part of adult Gero, and Family practice practitioners. Keep up the great work I learn alot from your podcasts. D.McKain, MSN. APRN-FNP, DNP
One of my favorites!
Lebron is Weak-minded
The Curbsiders is one of the great medical podcasts out there. I use Castbox instead of Itunes Pocasts to listen but I wanted to leave a review here. Whether I’m driving, running, commuting or have any other kind of downtime, I put this on. I’m a radiology resident in the Philippines, and this is one of the podcasts I use (I also enjoy Core IM and Clinical Problem Solvers — whose podcasts also get love from The Curbsider Team) to keep up my clinical knowledge. Besides, there are really any great radiology podcasts out there, so might as well listen to something. There are a bunch of excellent EM casts as well (EM Crit, EM Clerkship, EM Cases, CrackCast, Core EM) but if there’s a new episode out this one gets my listening time first.
I love Curbsiders! As an RN with primarily complicated heme/onc patients and transplants, I’ve learned so much, gone back to the pathophysiology books for refreshers, Up To Date to better comprehend diseases, meds, to do better teaching to patients, ask more Q’s to patients & docs. Drive home from work cueing up previous relevant episodes. Also have insatiable curiosity about disease, symptoms, meds etc because your interest is contagious. Thanks!
3rd Year Student with Internal Medicine Aspirations
It was my New Years resolution that I was going to start listening to podcasts at the gym instead of music, and that started with The Curbsiders. I was listening at the gym religiously, getting through at least one episode a day, maybe 2 sometimes (I listen at 1.5x speed). I finished the entire series in early April, and since then, I’ve been very sad that I finished all the episodes. Luckily, since I have listened to everything, I have a vague memory of all the topics that were covered and can look back at certain topics for reference. I can say that since I’ve started my nephrology rotation, this has been incredibly helpful. I’ll be looking toward The Curbsiders podcast during future internal medicine rotations and future practice!
Acknowledge roles of NPs
Great material but Primary Care is more than physicians. The role of NPs and PAs need to be recognized and acknowledged.
Great tool for ongoing learning
yo yo yo child
As a medical student, I love this podcast as a way to engage with challenging medical topics in an entertaining and helpful way. I'm grateful for everything they do to help me learn!
Fun, Practical, just the BEST
Doc Molly
This podcast is not only humorous, but well organized and packed with useful information. They answer so many of the same questions I’ve asked myself many times while rounding on patients in the hospital. And the information is practical for real life practice, not just academic. Thank you from the bottom my heart Curbsiders. You are the best!
Excellent Podcast
Taurus Doc
This is the best medical/healthcare podcast by far and has been my routine listening while driving to work and home. Keep up the good work guys and hope to meet you all at the ACP meet to thank you all personally for the service to the medical community!
For physicians ears only?
I used to love listening to this podcast, however, with the recent episode I have chosen to unsubscribe. The undertones of distaste and disrespect for RNs, NPs and PAs have always been present, but I chose to ignore this for the quality content. The last episode was small minded and chose to denigrate other care provers as inferior and dangerous. The healthcare field is full of non physicians, get used to it.
Amazing podcast
I listen to this podcast every chance I can get. I love the humor and great clinical pearls I get from this podcast. I also really appreciate hearing the basic pathophysiology behind each topic. It’s a great way to solidify knowledge. Keep up the great work. I look forward to hearing more!
You’ve turned me into an insufferable colleague
This podcast is officially the best tool in my arsenal of medical practice; it hurts my heart that I didn’t discover you until 2019. My supervising MD rolls his eyes every time we get a complex patient and I’m all eager-beaver to rattle off 17 clinical pearls about the patient’s disease process because I *just* listened to an ep about it. I’m a PA working on-site at multiple SNF/LTCFs, so we get to continue management of every medical condition that’s ever existed once your patients are discharged from the hospital. (I even have a patient with Lemiere’s syndrome!) I was underwater for months trying to relearn IM after a decade in PM&R until I found your podcast. Thank you and never stop doing what you’re doing.
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