#149 Hip Pain for Primary Care
Published May 6, 2019
44 min
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    Identify and treat the most common causes of hip pain in the outpatient setting with returning guest, Dr Ted Parks. A large majority of hip pain in the office setting will be due to one of three conditions (hip osteoarthritis, greater trochanteric pain syndrome, and lumbo-sacral back pain). Learn to easily identify these conditions, how to initiate conservative treatment, and more about hip replacements. ACP members can visit https://acponline.org/curbsiders to claim free CME-MOC credit for this episode and show notes (goes live 0900 EST).

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    Written and produced by: Molly Heublein MD, Nora Taranto MS4

    CME questions by:  Molly Heublein MD, Nora Taranto MS4

    Hosts: Matthew Watto MD, Paul Williams MD, Stuart Brigham MD, Molly Heublein MD

    Edited by: Matthew Watto MD, Emi Okamoto MD

    Guest Presenter: Ted Parks MD

    Time Stamps

    • 00:00 CME announcement, disclaimer, intro and guest bio
    • 04:05 Guest one-liner; advice for teachers and learners
    • 08:30 Case of hip pain, review of hip anatomy, and the three buckets of hip pain
    • 15:35 Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
    • 16:20 The zebras of hip pain
    • 18:12 Physical exam for hip pain
    • 21:33 Hip osteoarthritis: imaging and initial therapy
    • 24:18 Hip injections: Do steroids work? What about hyaluronic acid?
    • 29:00 Who needs hip replacement surgery? How long will it last?
    • 32:30 Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
    • 35:58 Lumbar spine versus hip pain from OA
    • 38:58 Hip replacement technology: materials; etiology of component loosening and need for re-operation
    • 42:03 Take home points and outro
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