#137 Hyperkalemia Master Class with Joel Topf MD
Published January 28, 2019
81 min
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    Master the management of hyperkalemia with tools, tips and tactics from @kidney_boy, Joel Topf MD, Chief of Nephrology @KashlakHospital. We cover: common causes of hyperkalemia; the U-shaped curve of potassium levels and mortality; albuterol nebs; how to safely use insulin; potassium binding resins and colonic necrosis; Does it make sense to give loop diuretics and fluids?; Should we be using fludrocortisone?; Plus, answers to all your questions about a high potassium diet and oral potassium supplements! Join us for Dr Topf’s masterful insights on hyperkalemia and potassium homeostasis.

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    Join us at ACP's Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 April 11-13th in Philadelphia, PA . We'll see you there!


    Written and produced by: Matthew Watto, MD

    Hosts: Matthew Watto MD, Paul Williams MD, Stuart Brigham MD

    Infographic: Matthew Watto MD

    Edited by: Matthew Watto MD

    Guest: Dr Joel Topf MD


    Time Stamps

    • 00:00 Ad disclaimer, intro and guest bio
    • 05:11 Guest one-liner and picks of the week —Peloton indoor cycle, “your local library”, The Nice Guys (film) by Shane Black, and Forgotten Hand (PS4 game)
    • 11:17 ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 details
    • 12:55 Clinical case of hyperkalemia; discussion of pseudohyperkalemia
    • 19:55 Hyperkalemia and the EKG
    • 23:38 Threshold for treatment of hyperkalemia
    • 27:20 Use of telemetry and the U-shaped curve for potassium and mortality
    • 30:11 Choice of therapy for acute hyperkalemia
    • 33:13 Albuterol for hyperkalemia
    • 34:24 First rule out urinary obstruction and hyperglycemia; Use of IV insulin and dextrose and frequency of monitoring
    • 39:44 Loop diuretics plus fluid; Distal sodium delivery and potassium handling in the nephron
    • 43:10 Fludrocortisone for hyperkalemia
    • 45:05 Calcium for elevated potassium
    • 48:43 SPS, potassium binding resin
    • 52:43 Risks of SPS (sodium polystyrene sulfonate) and colonic necrosis
    • 58:28 Sodium bicarbonate for acute and chronic hyperkalemia
    • 61:00 Back to the case; TMP-SMX, ace inhibitors (or ARBs) and hyperkalemia
    • 63:05 Threshold for admission; Diet and potassium
    • 65:52 Treatment of chronic hyperkalemia and a bit more on high potassium foods
    • 68:45 Patiromer and sodium zirconium
    • 71:51 Loop diuretics and empiric potassium supplementation
    • 74:12 Can diet alone be used to treat HYPOkalemia?
    • 75:26 Take home points
    • 77:40 NephMadness is coming! March 2019
    • 79:53 Outro
    • 81:00 More Kidney Boy!
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