#129 Depression and Suicide: Occupational Hazards of Practicing Medicine
Published December 10, 2018
69 min
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    Dr Elisabeth Poorman MD joins us to discuss the natural history of physician depression in residency and beyond. We share some of our own personal stories, and discuss how we can support one another and reach out for help, how to take care of our mental health in an emotionally demanding career, how to deal with licensing questions and worry about stigma, and what systemic changes may be coming (read: we think need to be coming) down the line. The problem of depression and suicide is a particularly real one in medicine, a profession that is, by its very nature traumatic and emotionally draining (both in terms of work demands and also the sick and dying patients we treat).

    N.b. This is a sensitive topic. If this is triggering for anyone listening, the national suicide hotline number 1-800-273-8255. Moreover, if anyone needs or wants guidance on available resources, Dr. Elisabeth Poorman has made herself available either via email, private msg on FB or twitter (@DrPoorman), or any of us on twitter. We are happy to talk and see that you get support you need.

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    Written and produced by: Nora Taranto MS4, Shreya Trivedi MD

    Hosts: Stuart Brigham MD, Shreya Trivedi MD, Matthew Watto MD

    Edited by: Matthew Watto MD

    Guest: Elisabeth Poorman, MD

    Time Stamps

    • 00:00 Disclaimer, Intro, Guest Bio
    • 3:25 Wellness Recommendations: Find a Therapist
    • 6:12 How to find a therapist in training
    • 6:39 Licensing and Mental Health
    • 12:14 Disclaimer and Trigger Warning: Stories are Sensitive. National suicide hotline info
    • Next, Dr Poorman and each of The Curbsiders share their personal experiences with mental health (see below).
    • 12:05 Shreya story
    • 21:40 Stuart’s story
    • 31:19 Elisabeth’s story
    • 36:17 Watto’s story
    • 37:41 Passive suicidal ideaiton, a definition  
    • 41:10 Suicide and Depression: Do they always coexist? (No)
    • 42:20 Life Cycle of Depression and Suicide in the Medical Profession
    • 47:15 Depression and Suicide in Primary Care
    • 47:59 Mini-Cases
    • 54:00 Noticing signs in a colleague: how to help
    • 58:00 Specific programs doing things well
    • 1:03:08: Questions from Social Media
    • 1:03:10: Burnout vs. Depression
    • 1:04:27: Will getting treatment affect your board applications
    • 1:06:14 Take home points
    • 1:08:00 Outro
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