#124 The Shoulder - Simplify Your Approach
Published November 12, 2018
71 min
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    Shoulder pain made simple. Develop your confidence and skills with tips from sports medicine specialist Dr. Carlin Senter MD. We discuss her simplified approach to the basic shoulder exam, including when and how to do special tests, high yield exam maneuvers, when to refer shoulder pain patients to orthopedic surgery, and who can be managed conservatively.

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    Written and produced by: Molly Heublein MD and Nora Taranto MS4

    Editor: Matthew Watto MD

    Hosts: Molly Heublein, MD, Paul Williams MD, Matthew Watto MD

    Guest: Carlin Senter, MD

    Time Stamps

    • 00:00 Disclaimer, intro, and guest bio
    • 03:15 Guest one liner, book recommendation, career advice, and some picks of the week
    • 13:20 Clinical case of shoulder pain; helpful historical features
    • 18:54 Differentiating referred pain from c-spine pathology from shoulder pathology
    • 21:00 A framework for shoulder pain, HIP-ROT, and using ROM to generate a differential
    • 27:40 Frozen shoulder aka adhesive capsulitis
    • 31:57 Glenohumeral joint arthritis
    • 33:52 Rotator cuff disease
    • 40:53 Specific testing for rotator cuff tears
    • 51:45 Impingement syndrome versus bursitis
    • 56:25 Counseling patient with shoulder pain or injury
    • 59:03 Steroid injections, topical therapy, and AC joint arthritis
    • 65:18 When to refer to surgery and some take home points
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