#85: Contraceptives: Pills, mini pills, and tiny pills
Published March 5, 2018
66 min
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    Contraception simplified with clinical pearls from reproductive health and family planning experts, Dr Angeline Ti, and Dr Moira Rashid. We cover it all including: the menstrual cycle, mechanism of action for various methods of birth control, hormonal versus nonhormonal contraceptives (e.g. intrauterine devices, patches, pills, rings, implants), patient counseling, and lots of resources to make your job easier. Women’s health correspondent, Dr Molly Heublein returns as cohost. Take our self-assessment quiz!

    Written by: Molly Heublein, MD, Beth Garbitelli and Sarah Roberts, MPH. Edited by Matt Watto, MD

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    Time Stamps

    • 00:00 Disclaimer
    • 00:35 Intro
    • 01:32 Guest bios
    • 03:45 One liners, app recommendations, picks of the week
    • 09:32 Picks of the week
    • 12:45 Intro to contraception and a clinical case
    • 13:33 Starting a conversation about contraception
    • 16:55 Is having a period needed? And, which agents cause amenorrhea?
    • 19:28 The menstrual cycle reviewed
    • 23:29 Pros and Cons of long acting progesterone only agents
    • 26:55 Choosing between IUDs
    • 30:00 Who should get a copper IUD
    • 30:53 Mechanism of hormonal IUDs
    • 31:37 Risk with IUDs
    • 34:05 Why are there so many OCPs?
    • 36:05 Counseling patients on risks of OCPs
    • 38:00 Risk of breast cancer with hormonal contraception
    • 42:10 Benefits of hormonal contraception
    • 43:38 Migraines and hormonal contraception
    • 44:53 Mono- vs bi- vs triphasic pills. Does it matter?
    • 46:15 Starting dose for OCPs
    • 48:31 Is the mini pill effective?
    • 49:37 Patches and rings
    • 51:15 Take home points
    • 52:40 Whoops, almost forgot emergency contraception!
    • 56:32 How do copper IUDs work?
    • 58:10 The Curbsiders recap the episode, plus some clinical pearls from Molly about birth
    • 65:00 Outro

    Tags: contraception, birth control, IUDs, LARCs, mirena, skyla, lilletta, Paragard, OCPs, minipill, birth, control, pills, menstruation, follicular, phase, luteal, side, effects, emergency, contraceptives, ulipristal, ella, plan B, levonorgestrel, women’s, health, internal, medicine, internist, primary, care, family, practice, nexplanon, depo-provera, breast, cancer, family, planning, CDC, MEC, eligibility, criteria, bedsiders, pregnancy, ovulation, meded, foamed, nurse, student, physician, assistant, doctor

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