#50: How to read the medical literature like a journal editor
Published July 31, 2017
55 min
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    Master this practical approach to reading the medical literature (*No statistics needed!) with expert tips from Dr. Christine Laine, Editor in Chief, Annals of Internal Medicine, and Dr. Darren Taichman, Executive Deputy Editor, Annals of Internal Medicine. They teach us what we should be reading, and detail their thought processes as they appraise an article. Topics covered include: Is 3 minute critical appraisal possible? What’s the deal with P-values? What are common sources of bias? How does the approach differ with clinical trials versus observational studies versus meta-analyses?

    *Minimal statistics needed ; )

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    Time Stamps

    00:00 Intro

    01:13 Listener comment on Entresto

    02:50 Picks of the week

    09:36 Getting to know our guests

    14:00 How to stay up on the medical literature

    17:15 Three minute critical appraisal

    19:15 Step 1: Assess the outcome being studied

    20:50 Statistical versus clinical significance

    22:33 Evaluating composite endpoints

    24:47 Statistical power

    28:58 Evaluating for bias

    34:40 Recap of what we’ve learned so far

    36:33 Is PICO useful?

    39:01 Observational studies and bias

    41:09 Evaluating a meta-analysis

    46:05 Take home points

    50:35 The Curbsiders recap the episode

    53:02 Outro

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