Very informative and non-ideological
This podcast is a great source for insights into emerging trends in American society, without an ideological axe to grind.
Great insight in short amount of time
Pew presents clear insights on a wide range of topics in a short amount of time. Great for those of us interested in a wide variety of subjects and curious about what we don’t know as well.
this is a great and informatic podcast!!!
stells <3
listen to it!!! and learn !!!
Excellent thoughtful information
Great show
Superbly Social
Katie Joy B.
Dan and his highly knowledgeable guests are making sociology fun again! The wide variety of topics they cover and the fascinating stats they deliver had me hooked from my very first listen. They’re also personable and funny, while describing social trends/stats in an easy to understand way. Sociology world. Thanks for putting out such a great show Dan - keep up the great work!
Listening for awhile, but Susan Collins episode was eye opening!
Listening for awhile, but Susan Collins episode was eye opening!
Fun facts!
News Junkie!
Love the range of topics that this podcast covers.
Makes my run fly by!
Love this podcast- Trust worthy facts wrapped in a story-telling format.
Worth your listen!
This podcast serves up experts who can speak to the facts on issues - ranging from state budgets to public health. There’s never a partisan angle, as the stories focus on the data. It’s a great way to learn and be surprised each time you listen.
Cool new podcast
Free inspiring education
Good clear sound, easy way to learn about important issues. Thanks!
Useful, nonpartisan data
Erring Aaron
Worth subscribing. Looking forward to continuing to listen.
Great podcast!
I love this podcast for all the interesting, informative data it provides. I also like that the eps aren't too long. I don't have a ton of extra time so I appreciate the shorter podcasts. Thanks for creating this and putting it out there for data nerds like me!
National Parks need our help
Thank you for this important and timely reminder that "we the people" can help fix our parks. I'm calling my US Senators to support Senate Bill 751 to create a permanent funding source to maintain these 400+ national parks and cultural resources.
As a social scientist, I'm very appreciative of these data-based interviews. Only two podcasts so far. More please.
Smart and fun listen
Great work from Pew!!!
Can't wait to hear more
A new fav
Data n3rd
Randomly stumbled upon this, can't recommend it enough. facts > alternative facts
New and exciting
Looking forward to hearing this podcast !
Excited for this new podcast!
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