Unbearable baby voice
informative but the problem is Allison’s baby voice which is really annoying.
The Daily
My day is not complete until I listen to The Daily. Up to date information and in depth stories.
Great show
This is a really well done and informative show. The one issue I have is that everyone is calling the dem interviews “impeachment hearings” when Schiff has made it clear that these are just interviews to gather info that will be used in future impeachment hearings (which will be public). It helps to add fuel to the GOP claims that the hearings are illegal. These are mot hearings. They are only investigations. Other than that...great job!
Great podcast worth listening to
Ignore all the crybaby right wingers who whine about bias. Heaven forbid anyone question their racist messiah. This podcast is a great exploration of historical precedent for things Trump is doing and possible ramifications. The answer to “can he do that” is nearly always yes, so if you see crying about bias or liberals, you know it’s coming from a person who hasn’t listened to a single episode. Every single episode isn’t a winner, that much is true. Sometimes they stretch the premise and address more philosophical questions like whether trump can get re-elected, if he can unify his party, etc. and those episodes are not great. The whole premise, as stated in the intro, is to explore the powers and limitations of the American presidency. So “can he be successful in this goal” really doesn’t fit the bill, even if the question is in the right format. Those episodes are more political commentary and speculation, and they just aren’t as entertaining. Episodes that actually explore legal and historical precedent are very informative and fun to listen to. Be warned, if you’re hoping for a podcast that will give you hope for trump to be removed from office, look elsewhere. It turns out that almost everything the left cries about trump doing are things that haven’t been done before, maybe SHOULDN’T be done, possibly in the future can’t be done again, but are fully legally permissible and don’t even approach impeachable. This podcast killed any optimism I had for trump’s removal. Collusion? Not a real thing. Whistleblower protections? Non-existent in any real sense. Open and blatant hate speech? *shrug* So this is a great podcast for information, but don’t expect a lot of hope.
Thoughtful, factual podcast
One of my favorites to help me understand the constitutionality of government actions. Allison Michaels is a thoughtful host who manages to inject calm into chaotic news events. Keep up the good work!
Nothing Burger
What a horrible one sided view. These liberals are giving me a headache.
One of the best
Really enjoy every episode of "Can He Do That?" It's a friendly and fun look at current events and constitutional curiosities, and I always come away feeling like I learned something. (And I always look forward to seeing what nickname Carol Alderman gets at the end of the episode - which didn't happen on the latest! Crushed!) Excellent show.
Great info
Deep I the heart of Texas
In this interesting time this show is giving you a list of facts about the current events. Keep it up and if you can do another taping
Presidential authority
Carlie RoxAnn
This podcast is extremely disturbing. Essentially the president is god when it comes to whistleblower protection. What was Congress thinking in 2014? Rather, why was Congress incapable of thinking through various scenarios? This is awful.
This is a fantastic podcast covering a lawless dictator. And if you are riling up the base. You are doing something right.
This should be 5 stars
I really like this podcast though I’ve never been moved to review before. Classic case, I guess, of only giving feedback when something is bothersome. I just listened to a very interesting and knowledgeable discussion of the whole #sharpiegate incident. I loved it—but cringed the whole time. Can we PLEASE get rid of this vocal fry manner of speaking!?! It is SO annoying and distracting!
Pat in Oregon
National Oceanic and Atmosphereic ADMINISTRATION
Can He Do That
Juliet in Honolulu
I have listened to several episodes - here is a suggestion - in the banter back and forth - let’s hear less of the comment; “that’s a great question”........it makes the participants sound insincere - and insecure.
Lost credibility
Todd Etters
The concept is great and the podcast started out with opinions from guests that were backed from previous events and interpretations of the constitution. It also did a good job of trying to give the president’s reasons behind his decisions while balancing that with those that disagree. Unfortunately, it lost that balance and look no farther than how diverse the reviews are if you don’t believe me.
Has been better, but still decent
The Trump fans continuing to cry “bUt WhAt AbOuT oBaMa” seem to not actually listen and see the answer is often yes. And if anything, it gives Trump the benefit of the doubt. But if it’s not glowing praise, I guess it’s not good enough for people looking to be outraged. That being said, it’s taken a drop off in recent episodes, (Greenland) and I feel like is just normalizing an abnormal time in our country’s history - wish they would do more than just present facts, which comes out a bit dry to me.
What Happened?
Ryan Coren
I can't help but feel that this podcast has lost its way. This week's episode on purchasing Greenland is a perfect example of this. For a podcast titled 'Can He Do That' I had expected in depth journalism about the history of the US purchasing territory from countries, what branches of government need to be involved, if the President can do this unilaterally, where funds would come from, and what steps would be required on Denmark's and Greenland's part. Instead what we got was a discussion on how did this come about, why was he doing it, and other non sequiturs. The was almost nothing in the episode about if the President could do that. A great example of what a in depth reporting would have given us is that Denmark can't even sell Greenland. Their Constitution requires a vote of the citizens of Greenland to determine their status. It is sad because this was a prime 'Can he do that' week with Greenland and with the Flores settlement/agreement 'Rule Change' which actually had me questioning out loud: Can he do that? He can't unilaterally pull out of or change a judicial settlement/agreement; doesn't a judge have to sign off on that? I hope that this podcast can refocus on its titular brand and have in depth episodes on if the President can do something rather than seemingly impromptu conversations about the circumstances of the topic. PS: Thank you for all you do, I loved Presidential and Constitutional.
Pales in comparison with The Daily
Banal, remains on the surface.
Should be zero stars
Scruffy joe
Biased BS. Zero stars should be an option for garbage like this...
Good Info
The podcast gives good background information for the current goings-on in America today.
N/A nickname is my name
One sided views, a podcast created to just discredit trump. Many tweets have been made by the “squad” that combined are worse then his. They get away with it because you people cover for them.
I very much appreciate the balance the WP journalists bring to this podcast. Personally, I wish I heard more often than not that no, he can’t do that, so it gives me a sense of non biased journalism when I hear that maybe he can do that.
Kill the background music
Arturo Poopington III
Love the show, hate the background drummer.
Zach gray
Not surprised at the one sided view of this silly podcast.
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Catty Josie
This is a biased, one sided, and horrible podcast. If you are looking for biased news this is it. But if you want real news that is not biased, both sides, just facts, and no opinions, this is most definitely NOT the one you are looking for!!!!!
One can only wonder where they were for the last 20 years...
....if only now they wonder is the president is doing things in a lawful manner allowed by the Constitution. At best, this just confirms the USA has a deep state shadow government pulling the media’s strings, at worst, it’s fake news that beats a dead horse. Good podcast for entertaining barnyard animals and the gullible.
Well done!
I love everything about the way this podcast is presented. Thank you for all of the information you have given me.
A Must Listen for every US Citizen
awakened citizen
The fact that the Washington Post even has a podcast by this name speaks volumes about this presidency. The issues we hear about in the news every day are often complex. In this podcast, they consult legal scholars about the issues in the headlines and provide context and unbiased facts for the listener.
History will show he was a racist xenophobe.
Like Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, and Richard Nixon. Time tells all.
Barry Sattero
Why didn’t you ask that while Barack obummer was sitting in the White House?
The collusion delusion
hell with libtards
Why can’t I give zero for washington Post Also fix you info thing about an investigation on the president because ITS WRONG AND LIABLE
He can...and he did.
Historians will show that he gave America back to all Americans with one arm tied behind his back.
Informative but boring format
I like the topics, but the guest speakers and even the normal hosts use a very boring tone of voice. The podcast drags on and I find myself wanting to fall asleep while listening — and I don’t feel that way about other news podcasts.
Bigger than Even Trump
I love this podcast and I really hope it continues even post-Trump. The power (and limitations) of the executive branch is important to understand no matter who the president is, especially when you look over time how many powers have been versed to the executive by the legislature. It’s a little sad we had to wait until this particular president to start having this discussion but it is important regardless. Maybe consider expanding to the other branches of government as well?
Not a fair balance of information
This is so blantantly democratic. I am not a republican. I am an Independent and always looking for news and podcasts that look at things from a fair and balanced view. This is not. At all. I will still listen but it is so frustrating how the reporting is done. It is also comical that so many things they are demonizing Trump over, Obama did, or said, while he was POTIS.
Great insight
This is a podcast everyone should check out, especially before the guy who runs Amazon runs the media outlet involved into the ground...
Can’t take the fry talk
The content is good but the host creaky talk is obnoxious. Same info is available elsewhere.
Uhh cool he can
Ya he can
Purposeful misinterpretation
T Coop
All I hear on this is a purposeful misinterpretation, and never any analysis on the left’s ridiculous statements. I wish they would call out real problems and confirm real numbers. This just comes across as partisan. This won’t convince anyone who doesn’t already agree that Trump is bad.
New image please!
Love the podcast, but people on the subway see my iPhone playing with the image of trump as the logo and think it’s a pro-trump podcast 😛
Interesting...hopefully not limited to Trump
The WP provides a good analysis and fact checking on what President Trump can and cannot do in his position. Hopefully after his presidency, WP continues this podcast under the next president, no matter what political party they come from.
1 party reporting
I just listened to one show. It’s clearly just led by Democrat and only questions democrats. Why would you not use both parties if you want to report equally. Guess I misinterpreted the podcast
I like the way you get right to the details without joking and or small talk.
Analytical and fact-based, no snark
This podcast arguably has the most detailed and fact-based analysis of this presidency. It leaves out the. breathlessness, snark, and sensationalism of most reporting. It’s the first amendment and fourth estate at their best.
I am glad I listened and really enjoyed it.
Very informative and interesting podcast
Praveen Sriram
Been listening for past 1 year 11 months and I get a lot out of the podcast. Thank you for providing information on what the president can or cannot do. The president is definitely not a king and his power should be checked by Congress and the courts.
Great Podcast
Too short...I am always left want more.
Very objective and informative. It’s refreshing to hear this middle ground, state just the facts viewpoint
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