Aug 6 2020
This podcast is great at scrutinizing hard issues and subjects but, both men and women and especially the host, show refreshing restraint in delivery. It informs on the inside tips the DC reporters research and connect with. Fun to hear them work—tirelessly. They know the players and are not afraid to express opinions of the reports of their own too. Like a great well-informed dinner conversation. One can learn a great deal on the systems inside and out. Music spots are non intrusive but present, transitions that pull us forward. Thank you
Typical Mainstream News
Not covering the whole story as usual. More opinion based than factual.
Needs more energy
I want so badly to like this podcast because I support the Post and believe in this show’s stance and messages. But the hosts and reporters unfortunately sound flat and un-energetic at their best and inexperienced and meandering at their worst. In an audio format, the delivery is just as important as the content (shame though that may be). I’d love to check back in a few months and see if things have improved, because I really do stand with these folks.
Can he do that...
Liked the ‘deep dive’, it’s nice to hear a well explained description to very serious questions.
Typical anti trump podcast with little facts. Not worth your time.
More of the usual. Whiny liberals with TDS. Who would have guessed that it comes from a failing newspaper?
Very informational
Some of the reviews of this pod are negative because they do not like the liberal views and discussions even though the title is pretty self- explanatory ! You know what you are going to get from the title. Highly recommend. Not the best sound quality though.
Irritatingly leading
Shawnie L
While I understand the point from the title that it’s biased, but i hate it when the host tries to zero in with their own view point instead of letting the guest go where they may
This is why Trump will be re-elected
Complete joke. And I’m a liberal.
Sound quality’s good.
One of my dailies!
Smurfty Smurf
This podcast will take a deep dive on current issues and events. I really like the attention to detail. Words have meaning and this podcast will help you gain a better understanding of how much power our government and president has when publicy communicating and making decisions for us.
Very informational
Very informational podcast but the sound quality is TERRIBLE! Are they recording this with a potato? An iPhone would record with higher quality.
Very Informative
Interviews reputable experts to extract details of current events involving the White House. Host does a fantastic job asking great questions, some I already had but many I never thought to ask.
Love the Focus on Facts & Analysis, Not Opinions or Bias
It's hard to find a political podcast, especially one focusing on such a polarizing figure, that does such a great job simply giving you the background you need to better understand what's going on. The host does a great job of facilitating interviews in a way that focuses on the facts and background.
Biased, as expected
Very anti-conservative, which is completely expected coming from WaPo. I listen to it to get different views on things, hence the extra star, but it’s difficult to stomach at times.
Too much Rocker C
Tarrant county held me in a cage for 6 days. Does right matter? 😷🤮
GOP & Dems Should Listen
P Mimmy
Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a podcast trashing Trump. This is a podcast exposing how badly we are being by DC.
How can this have an average 4 stars?
Mary Rothschild
This is one of the fee places covering what is happening “back at the ranch” while we’re obsessed with pandemic.
Very informative
The lowest of the low
The Washington Post is a propaganda rag with no limit on how low they will sink. They are absolutely disgusting.
Respect earned.
hoand why
Respect must be earned and are congress and president sure don’t deserve any in my opinion. Signed J. T.
Could be more professional
When referring to President Trump or Vice President Pence or any other person in elected office, it’s a show of respect and professionalism to refer to that person by their title. While the host is good at what she does, she has a habit of showing her Democratic bias by choosing which elected officials she shows that respect to. I say this as a person who doesn’t agree with President Trump or most elected officials in the Republican Party, but I’m not a journalist or someone hosting a podcast about their politics.
The Delegate Math episode...
What does it half to do with what the President can or can’t do? Absolutely irrelevant episode.
Good, but biased...
Star Nav
Watch for Bernie Sanders bias.. otherwise pretty good. Probably will delete due to corporate bias.
an old vet, former Marine
Right on! Minimal Spin approach! Refreshing!
Not surprised
Since this show is hosted by the Washington Post I am not surprised at the leftist slant that is given here.
One of the best
Bert Coghill
This is one of the best podcasts in the podcast universe.
Can He Do That?
not 21
Patronizing Carol Allderman by Alison Michael detracts from the professionalism of the podcast and the importance of the topic. Please stop it
Pretty good politics podcast
Good analysis. Republican tears taste great and are less filling.
This show will increase your political IQ!
It’s an entire podcast of TDS. Garbage
I’m a fan
And you will be too
Interesting and informative podcast
Allison Michaels does a fantastic job of asking the questions many of us are asking about the president and bringing in knowledgeable experts to talk about the topic of each podcast. I look forward to every episode. Keep up the good work!
Season 2
I think you should explore what he is doing that we don’t know about. What could they be doing while all of this is going on.
Crazy theory
mr fidman
Sounds like a grasping at straws demented democratic straw man theory conspiracy. Sorry deleting.
Excellent Coverage
But ......... why isn’t anyone pushing to obtain President Trumps tax return? Why is the President free from standards held by so many previous Presidents that sat in the Oval Office?
Men sounding off once more
Sexist show... So boring to a hear one more young, diffident, generically bland woman interviewing a bunch of arrogant “expert” men so they can sound off. Women of character and expertise need to be heard from instead!
Can this podcast do that?
Have they been watching the same hearings? This was tempered to modify and soften .... leaving out.. omitting... sorry deleting
Unbearable baby voice
informative but the problem is Allison’s baby voice which is really annoying.
The Daily
My day is not complete until I listen to The Daily. Up to date information and in depth stories.
Great show
This is a really well done and informative show. The one issue I have is that everyone is calling the dem interviews “impeachment hearings” when Schiff has made it clear that these are just interviews to gather info that will be used in future impeachment hearings (which will be public). It helps to add fuel to the GOP claims that the hearings are illegal. These are mot hearings. They are only investigations. Other than that...great job!
Great podcast worth listening to
Ignore all the crybaby right wingers who whine about bias. Heaven forbid anyone question their racist messiah. This podcast is a great exploration of historical precedent for things Trump is doing and possible ramifications. The answer to “can he do that” is nearly always yes, so if you see crying about bias or liberals, you know it’s coming from a person who hasn’t listened to a single episode. Every single episode isn’t a winner, that much is true. Sometimes they stretch the premise and address more philosophical questions like whether trump can get re-elected, if he can unify his party, etc. and those episodes are not great. The whole premise, as stated in the intro, is to explore the powers and limitations of the American presidency. So “can he be successful in this goal” really doesn’t fit the bill, even if the question is in the right format. Those episodes are more political commentary and speculation, and they just aren’t as entertaining. Episodes that actually explore legal and historical precedent are very informative and fun to listen to. Be warned, if you’re hoping for a podcast that will give you hope for trump to be removed from office, look elsewhere. It turns out that almost everything the left cries about trump doing are things that haven’t been done before, maybe SHOULDN’T be done, possibly in the future can’t be done again, but are fully legally permissible and don’t even approach impeachable. This podcast killed any optimism I had for trump’s removal. Collusion? Not a real thing. Whistleblower protections? Non-existent in any real sense. Open and blatant hate speech? *shrug* So this is a great podcast for information, but don’t expect a lot of hope.
Thoughtful, factual podcast
One of my favorites to help me understand the constitutionality of government actions. Allison Michaels is a thoughtful host who manages to inject calm into chaotic news events. Keep up the good work!
Nothing Burger
What a horrible one sided view. These liberals are giving me a headache.
One of the best
Really enjoy every episode of "Can He Do That?" It's a friendly and fun look at current events and constitutional curiosities, and I always come away feeling like I learned something. (And I always look forward to seeing what nickname Carol Alderman gets at the end of the episode - which didn't happen on the latest! Crushed!) Excellent show.
Great info
Deep I the heart of Texas
In this interesting time this show is giving you a list of facts about the current events. Keep it up and if you can do another taping
Presidential authority
Carlie RoxAnn
This podcast is extremely disturbing. Essentially the president is god when it comes to whistleblower protection. What was Congress thinking in 2014? Rather, why was Congress incapable of thinking through various scenarios? This is awful.
This is a fantastic podcast covering a lawless dictator. And if you are riling up the base. You are doing something right.
This should be 5 stars
I really like this podcast though I’ve never been moved to review before. Classic case, I guess, of only giving feedback when something is bothersome. I just listened to a very interesting and knowledgeable discussion of the whole #sharpiegate incident. I loved it—but cringed the whole time. Can we PLEASE get rid of this vocal fry manner of speaking!?! It is SO annoying and distracting!
Pat in Oregon
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