July 21, 2020
There are just those moments in life that you have a strong intuition that you have to do something immediately. When I walked with Cooper earlier, something connected in me. It might be because of the things that have been going on in my life, or some things really need to be done. We need to have a conversation about it.   Today, we’ll be talking about the season of your brand energetics. Recently, I feel that my brand needs to have a shift, along with the changes that have been happening in the world, and me personally. It’s time to move away from things that I’ve long been sinking in towards new things where my heart wants to be.   In this episode, we’re going to deal with this change. When you’re focused on too many distractions and drowned yourself in massive clutter, you tend to lose sight of what’s important. My desire to scale the business has blinded me from seeing the necessity of putting energy on the things that matter. Looking at the numbers too much can literally drive you crazy! Am I still giving positive and valuable things to them? During our journey to the top, we still have to remember the people we serve.    After resting for too long in the pandemic, there’s also a point where we have to start picking ourselves up and begin creating again! At the end of the show, I’ll also be telling you what significant changes are in store for the podcast. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for three years now. It’s about time for a well-deserved upgrade!   I’ll catch you all again next time here on Bucci Radio. Stay safe!   IMPORTANT MOMENTS: [02:20] Having the intuition to do something and acting on that thought. [03:40] A major shift in my life. A challenging work environment and losing a solid foundation. [06:01] Paying attention to the shift from within. Shifting business models to the things that matter. [11:02] Being more energized to create new things again. Expect new things! Inviting the Divine Masculine back. [14:13] Accepting this new season of change and taking interest in new ideas. [19:19] What are you called to shift into? What are pretending not to know? [21:40] The new path for Bucci Radio Podcast. Putting energy in the right places.   Find out the details of the episode by listening to the full Bucci Radio episode on Spotify,  iTunes, Google Play
July 14, 2020
We all go through different stages in our lives. Sometimes it’s because we move to different places, an intentional shift in career, severe medical conditions, a loss in the family, or sometimes knowing that we’ve changed. Or, maybe we’ve just started to figure out who we really are. Today’s guest is my friend, Marie Wold. She is an influencer for eight years and has been through everything from having an anonymous Instagram account, winning bikini competitions, getting over 100K subscribers on YouTube, and now coaching people who are scaling to six figures.  In this episode, we’ll get into Marie’s younger years, why she started an anonymous Instagram account, the mistake of attaching your self-worth to social status, and growing around continuous feedback. After realizing she was only doing things only because it was expected of her and that it made the people around her happy, a switch flipped inside her. Marie also shares her experiences of finding her identity beyond the validation of others, loving being able to help other people, and removing herself from her past success in order to create one that has true purpose.   Find Marie Wold on Instagram @marieewold Connect with Amanda on Instagram @amandabucci   IMPORTANT MOMENTS: [04:59] Going into social media as an anonymous person. Getting many followers at a time where being an influencer wasn’t a thing. [08:36] Wanting to stay in the “cool” crowd but also craving for your own desires. The real-life Hannah Montana! [12:44] Figuring out how to be included and using it to feel safe. [15:20] Going into social media and leaving volleyball. Earning money while having fun. [17:30] What’s going to make you fulfilled versus the desire to be accepted. It’s hard to have your own voice when you get so much feedback. [23:50] Letting go of your identity. Sometimes you’ll realize that the fire has been out for a long time! [27:28] Heading into a new direction in life. You can’t keep leaning on validation. [31:12] Losing engagement on your brand and how long inner work takes. Sometimes getting to know yourself takes a while! [35:28] Getting so much attention, yet still feeling so alone. [37:50] The benefits of therapy. You can allow your emotions to happen, even when you see dog videos! [41:30] Removing yourself from an unhealthy environment, especially if your friends are there. It doesn’t mean you hate them! [46:18] Taking a break from YouTube and turning to Instagram for now. [53:17] Using social media to get clarity in life, but relying first on who you are.   Find out the details of the episode by listening to the full Bucci Radio episode on Spotify,  iTunes, Google Play
July 8, 2020
In this solo episode, I discuss my and my teams action plan for how we are going to move forward as anti-racist allies now and into the future. I’m looking forward to walking you through what we are doing internally to truly integrate these plans moving forward. We walk through a transparent awareness of where I was at in my own process when everything began unfolding around the time of George Floyd's death, where I've made mistakes in the past, my plan within my team structure, on my platform, within collaborations, and in my personal life. Team: Conscious and Diverse Hiring for future team members Diversity + Inclusivity Mentorship with Trudi LeBron Conscious Spending on Black-Owned Businesses   Collaborations: Saying no to speaking at events that don’t have a diverse lineup Connecting with and amplifying the voices of black creators, educators, and coaches   Platform:  Using my influence to share about Black Lives Matter on my podcast, stories, feed, and email. Using my influence and voice to advocate for BIPOC and do the emotional labor online when there are racist, white supremacist, or racially charged posts from others.   Business Systems: Creating a trauma-informed and consent-based sales and marketing process Reviewing and editing marketing language and materials to ensure experiences of BIPOC are included, acknowledged, or displayed. Re-Writing and Stating our company values:   Inclusivity + Diversity Integrity Humanity Over Profit Internal and External Transformation Authentic Empowerment Open Communication and Safety Trauma-Informed Enjoyment Intimate Connection Internal Growth     Personal: Having The Racism Conversations with White friends, colleagues, and family members Personal inner work on dismantling my own white supremacy biases and racial prejudices Transparently sharing where I’m at personally as I integrate more anti-racism lessons and learn more about my own patterns that perpetuate white supremacy. MOMENTS [6:07] Amanda discusses how she grew up and her privileged experience [11:29] Amanda discusses staying in her comfort zone and not doing work to create more inclusion [15:00] Different types of activism [18:23] How anti-racism work has felt “hard” because we are not used to it [21:00] Collectivism vs individualism [21:56] Amanda goes through her team action plan inside of the business [24:00] Spending habits and buying and investing in Black owned businesses [30:40] Emotional capacity and using yours to speak up [32:00] How Amanda plans on bringing on more podcast guests to reflect diversity 36:00- How Amanda plans on managing future collaborations [40:00] Sales and Marketing consent [44:19] Educating others and showing up [48:43] How Amanda plans on being more transparent in her life and business [50:55] Some new team values and approaches moving forward Resources:  Anti-Racism for Beginners: Racism Scale: Me and White Supremacy: Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America. Show Up and Serve for White Coaches  Spiritual Activism 101: Anti-Racism and other anti-racism resources 
June 30, 2020
Have you ever found yourself projecting your feelings onto something or someone else? Have you wondered or judged what someone’s true intentions were? You can feel when someone has an agenda and is not standing in truth for what they’re looking for. We all are living in a constant stage of navigating our own triggers and recognizing our patterns, especially those of us on a self-healing journey. Today’s guest is my good friend--Adrian Ellison. Adrian and I met through social media back in December, and her energy was powerful, direct, and fierce. We quickly became friends, and I immediately knew I needed to learn from her. She’s a self-healing and relationship expert and one of the most bold and confident people I know.  She’s a Coach, Speaker, and Retreat Leader who is a master at uncovering subconscious programs that run inside of us and helping others discover intimacy, sexuality, relationships, and self-expression. In today’s episode, we discuss directness in communication, how we can use directness as a defense mechanism, self-healing, boundary and shadow work, uncovering wounds and healing trauma, feeling “lost in the sauce”, projections and intentions, understanding your triggers, layers of judgement, feeling energy lines, standing in truth, building a healing relationship container. Find Adrian Ellison at @adrianellison on Instagram or @the.alpas.project for 1:1 Coaching. You can also find out more info by visiting MOMENTS [3:54] Amanda talks about how direct Adrian is and see other people’s magic [5:05] Adrian discusses how directness has transformed her life in the past few years [8:16] Language vs. energy in communication and making others feel safe [10:43] Adrian runs through her story and her own self-healing journey [20:22] What does projection look like?  [26:00] Adrian describes the meaning of “Clean Lines” [35:10] Standing in truth and benign authentic with your intentions [40:44] Adrian guides us through how to create a safe energy container within a relationship [47:28] Attracting something or someone unconsciously and how to pay attention to your patterns
June 23, 2020
Everything is made of energy--as human beings, we have anatomical, biological, physiological, chemical, neuronal, and more matter-based systems we study in Western Science. In the quantum realm, science has proven we actually made of 99.9999% “empty space,” (due to the structure of an atom), or: energy. Today’s guest is Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell. She is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with a focus in Herbology and Sacred Sexuality) and owns her own company called Nuchi. She’s here to jam with us on all things Eastern Medicine and healing, and to teach us all about Energetics (which we will break down for you).  In this episode, we cover the science of Energetics and attraction, lineage and how experiences from generations get passed down to us, Chinese Medicine, paying attention to our bodies and becoming aware of our own energy dynamics, honoring cycles of emotions, feeling your boundaries and edges, power struggles and dynamics, taking responsibility for our own energy, transferring energy, imbalances in the body, and having a mindfulness practice with elements. Find Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell on Instagram @drsheilamariecampbell and find her Sacred Sexuality course at MOMENTS [4:20] Dr. Campbell gives us context about her gifts, and cliff notes on how she got to be a master in her field [11:56] How Sheila went to Mystery School and started meditating [16:24] Sheila breaks down what energy and energetics is [27:56] Amanda asks Sheila to describe lineage and how things get passed down to us. [35:24] Sheila discusses power dynamics and how our power can be gained or taken from us [39:24] How to be discerning with your energy and not compare your energy to others [42:40] How can we be the most powerful with our energy? [49:25] Sheila explains the 5 elements of energy [54:53] Amanda asks Sheila to break down the energies of the 4 Entrepreneurial Archetypes  
June 16, 2020
n today’s episode, we’re diving into how to bridge the race gap in the online coaching space!  Our guest--Topsie Vandenbosch--is a mindset coach for female entrepreneurs, a clinical mental health therapist who has focused on ambitious women that struggle with anxiety and depression, and the “truth teller” as she’s known by her audience. Topsie has an extremely powerful voice and speaks on mindset shifts we can use to be an anti-racist and bridge the race gap in the coaching industry.    In this episode, we discuss how the experience of Black coaches and entrepreneurs differs from that of white coaches, how to create equal opportunity for Black coaches in the space, and the roll spiritual bypassing plays in keeping white supremacy alive. We also dive into how white brands and influencers can come across as privileged and unrelatable to audience members who may not look like them, the harmful effects of avoiding negativity and uncomfortable conversations or emotions, validation and creating safety, standing on the side of what’s right and holding your integrity, and mindset shifts we can all practice moving forward to bridge this gap. #BlackLivesMatter Connect with Topsie at: Work With Topsie:   [5:41] Topsie discusses not seeing black coaches on podcasts and the conversation, talking to people in your bubble [8:30] Topsie and Amanda discuss how brands can feel unrelatable [13:12] Topsie explains the beauty and benefits of the revolution that is happening now and how White coaches can check their privilege [14:47] Being private as an influencer vs. holding space [18:05] Amanda discusses her ego death and shutting “perceived negativity” out to stay in a high vibration [19:15-]Topsie explains spiritual bypassing and how it plays a roll in racism [24:06] Validating emotions to create a safe container and experience 2[6:59] Amanda asks Topsie some specific things that may cause someone to feel unsafe in a space or brand [30:00] Topsie goes through 6 mindset shifts we can all practice to become an anti-racist ally and bridge the race gap in the coaching industry. [41:00] Topsie talks about the trauma that Black people experience every day to simply exist
May 26, 2020
Today, we’re here to talk about two Entrepreneurial Archetypes--The Teacher and The Coach. The Teacher and the Coach can show up both a healthy dynamic and an unhealthy dynamic, and both of these Archetypes can get into the healthier dynamic by using lessons from the other. When you are integrating these two archetypes into your work and practice, you can charge exactly what you want and clients will be ready and willing to pay.  In today’s episode, we break down the shadow-side of the Coach and how to call upon the teacher to create balance; and vice versa. Learning about the shadow sides of these Archetypes, the inner child needs, boundaries the Coach and Teacher can implement, how to better communicate with clients, and create powerful relationship dynamics between you and your clients/audience will make you unstoppable. To find out your Entrepreneurial Archetype and take our 12 question quiz, visit: To get Four Sigmatic with our Bucci Radio discount:   MOMENTS [5:34] Diving into the Teacher Archetype [7:07] How we view the Teachers [9:54] How the Teacher can come across to others [11:54] How you might experience the Teacher as a client [15:00] The persona the Teacher likes to create [19:24] Diving into the Coach Archetype [21:38] When the Coach is unhealthy [24:00] The main goal of the Coach/Client relationship [25:31] How the client experiences the Coach [27:00] Boundaries for the Coach and the Teacher  
May 19, 2020
What does it really mean to give 100%? What does it take to make a big idea happen? How can we commit to taking confident action for our ideas and get out of our own way?  Today we have an incredible guest; Community Builder, Business Mentor, and Author: Lindsey Schwartz. Lindsey is an incredible entrepreneur who helps women launch + scale their big ideas through community and collaboration. Lindsey is the host of the Powerhouse Womens podcast and Powerhouse Women event, and author of her first book, Powerhouse Women.  In today’s episode, we discuss how to get into action around your big ideas, getting out of your own way, the truth of the entrepreneurial journey, what it means to take 100% full ownership of what you are put here to do, creating confidence around your ideas, quitting vs. doing the uncomfortable thing, listening to your highest self, and the role of community and how to build one. Find Lindsey on Instagram @llindseyschwartz and @powerhouse_women Moments [4:04] Lindsey tells us her background and her brand and mission got to be [9:14] How Lindsey felt inspired to make a pivot [12:44] Why do you think women feel scared to go full the 100% for themselves? [19:40] Amanda asks Lindsay what parts of herself she had to let go of to become who she is now [27:24] How does it feel to host an event with people depending on you? 35:44] Lindsay gives tips in helping you to become confident in your ideas and your mission [40:53] Amanda and Lindsey discuss the role of community and how to build one [46:00] What questions can we ask ourselves to make an idea happen?
May 12, 2020
We all love to discuss Self-Mastery as if it’s something we can add to our list of accomplishments. Today’s guest reminds us that self-mastery is an art--and the true power is through keeping a student mentality throughout life.  Jessica Benstock is a Soul Advisor to female leaders, and an expert in the Art and Science of Transformation. After spending 10 years in the depths of training under various spiritual teachers and through different modalities, Jess has recently come out into the world as a guide in teaching the way of the Feminine.  Her experience is in the self-mastery space--practicing, learning and facilitating transformational techniques such as somatic healing, human emotional intelligence, subconscious mind, mental health, subtle energies, transformational healings, consciousness, therapy, relationship healing, trauma healing, somatic practices, and meditation. In today’s episode, we cover the power of staying a student, emotional intelligence, authenticity, vulnerability, and being in touch with where you actually are. We discuss what it means to have a spiritual awakening, spirituality as a science vs. woo woo, western culture vs. eastern culture,  the rise of the “ambitious woman”, the concept of mindset, dropping into your feeling and emotions.   Moments [4:40] Amanda and Jess discuss the art of mastery and being a student [7:00] Jess explains the third perspective and how to get in touch with it [11:11] What is a definition of a spiritual awakening and why ius it important [18:23] Approaching with a space of curiosity and wanting to learn [22:04] Jess explains the rise of the ambitious woman and masculine vs. feminine energy [28:00] Scientific spirituality and natural intelligence (spiritual is woo woo) [33:50] How can women get more intouch with their emotions and feminine energy [41:00] The concept of mindset [47:00- Jess gives us tips on how to drop into a feeling and emotion [01:07] Jess gives us information on her masterclass, Yin Advantage   Follow @jessica.benstock on Instagram
May 5, 2020
Been wondering whether or not to hop on the TikTok bandwagon? Concerned about getting looped into the scroll-hole for an hour or more? Not sure how to use it, or if you can find real customers on there? Well today--we're diving into to All Things TikTok.Today, we’re here to talk about Tik-Tok. Once I got through my own resistance to joining and becoming a TikTok creator, my creativity and observational eye got to work and I'm bringing my best insights on the Power of TikTok to you in this episode! In today’s episode we cover TikTok as a platform, why I decided to get on TikTok , ways to make TikTok work for you, having attachments to platforms you’re already used to, resistance to using a new platform, and why using new platforms and having experiential knowledge is important as a content creator. MOMENTS [3:00] Amanda discusses how she was experiencing a drain in energy prior to quarantine [4:45] Amanda explains her process of deciding to do tik-tok [7:00] A few ways to make tik-tok work for you [10:23] Why we have resistance to using a new platform [15:40] How the tik-tok algorithm works and how to use it [17:46] Amanda talks about why tik-tok could be essential if you’re trying to pivot your business [21:58] Amanda goes through some benefits of a getting on a new platform [25:00] Amanda describes her first viral video and how she did it [28:17] Amanda’s thoughts on Tik-Tok and she likes it
April 28, 2020
Our breath is the one tool we always have available to us to connect inward, unhook from the mind, and transform. Breathwork can break down barriers, illusions of separation, judgments, and help us connect to our own being as the pure souls that we are. If you’ve never experienced the power of breathwork (or are looking to enhance your ability to transform your clients) this episode is for you. Our guest today is Sam Skelly--a wonderful friend of mine and founder of both Hungry for Happiness and Pause Breathwork. Her work helps people learn how to do the most basic human things: eat, breathe, and feel. In today’s' episode, we discuss what breathwork is, how we can use it in our lives, the benefits and common misconceptions, the difference between personal development and embodiment, why it's important to be certified in order to teach or lead breathwork, and what getting certified for breathwork looks like.  To become a Breathwork Facilitator and Enhance your work with your clients, apply for The Pause Breathwork Facilitator Program at >>> (put my name on your application!)
April 21, 2020
Experiencing how you’re showing up in this pandemic is giving every single human the opportunity to do what’s called ego work. I’m going to first define this concept and introduce it to you, provide examples, and move into how we can heal and use it to our advantage.  However you’re showing up is completely okay, but what happens psychologically is this: The pandemic ensued, and every human on the planet began feeling the uncertainty that’s really always there. Uncertainty is essentially the fear of the unknown, fear of dying, fear of the dark, etc. The EGO is a function of the mind that identifies as “I.” I am this, I feel this, I think this, I believe this. It tells stories, runs narratives, and assigns meaning to you, the world, and other people based on its experiences so far. It helps us make sense of things. It also gives us a sense of identity. Having a sense of identity makes us feel like a human, with a purpose. That’s why it likes to keep us in the familiar, predictable, and safe patterns. It protects us from painful emotions that might be too overwhelming to feel. Anything that ISN’T familiar is a THREAT to the ego.  MOMENTS IN THIS EPISODE: 1:39- Amanda discusses how we are experiencing showing up right now, and what ego work is 5:30- How does the ego work and what is its purpose? 8:57- Amanda leads us through a meditation 13:34- Questioning our belief systems and why it’s uncomfortable for us 14:50- Uncertainty and why our ego hates it 17:00- Amanda talks about an argument between her and her partner related to ego 24:00- How uncertainty makes us respond and why how you're responding right now is okay 26:43- What is an ego death and how do we respond to it? 28:57- Amanda describes some different ego structures 33:59- How we are currently mourning the loss and grieving the fact that things have changed so much   The ego work is through self-observation and witnessing. So with the coronavirus pandemic… We are all going through a major bout of uncertainty, which the ego absolutely HATES. It’s identity is being threatened. It’s sense of self. Believes about itself, other people, and the world. A few examples: story about privilege, spirituality, and sense of self were being threatened needing to be right about how he reacted when it came to Cooper. And how you are responding to the virus right now is how you likely respond to all ego-related things, except AMPLIFIED—because survival and safety is involved, quite literally—financial or health wise.   Are you getting angry? Are you feeling anxious? Are you avoiding feeling? Are you coping, numbing out?   I want to tell you: however you’re responding right now, is absolutely okay. If you don’t enjoy how you’re responding and feel as though you need help, reach out to me and I can point you in the right direction—mental health, wellness, or otherwise—I’m here. And if you’re responding by having a few extra drinks, eating a bit more food, sleeping more, etc. — I just want you to know that you make sense. The ego is feeling deeply uncertain, and deeply needing to cling on any sense of certainty and feel good it can. It resists being shattered into pieces. If you look at people who are discussing conspiracy theories—I’m not falling on one side or the other in this episode, but you see the anger people have on both ends. To me, i’m observing a few different places in the grief stages. Denial. —> even if none of it’s true, it’s triggering because it’s threatening. An ego death is what occurs when you let go of a part of yourself that believed it was the way it was. I’m personally experiencing many mini-ego deaths. Small examples: I believed I would never run. Now I run. I didn’t think I’d ever get myself to cook because  I was so stuck in the habit. Now I do. I didn’t think I’d ever get angry, because my coping mechanism has been shut down. Now, I’m letting myself feel anger when it arises. God, my ego HATED that one. It was so painful. It still makes me want to vomit. But psychologically, anger is a step up from shut down. Shut down is an emotional turn off where you numb out.   Things we automatically trusted were okay, are now not: grocery store potentially the government our goals and plans we thought would make us happy the things we felt safe doing and moving toward   What’s HAPPENING is that there is SO MUCH uncertainty, which leads to so much chaos, and therefore…destruction Destruction is not bad. It’s just the ego that doesn’t like it. It fucking HURTS. If you’ve ever had what you could only describe as a death of part of yourself…you know. It feels messy and gross. But what comes out is a rebirthed version of the self, and the collective. And rebirth can be beautiful. Examples of how things are changing and what they never thought could change without necessity: universities going online and serving more people studios and classes hosting things online hand shaking? how does that change the conversation around intimacy with strangers? the environment? how does it change? home? how do you relate to your home?   For me, here’s what I’m changing: One thing this is truly forcing me to do is get clear on what beliefs are mine and what aren’t. My partner is huge into social justice and politics. He reads a lot.  I’ve let him be my filter for the last few years.  And, I personally can allow that to take over my thought process and belief systems. Turns out, that’s a part of my EGO STRUCTURE. As an enneagram 9 (there’s an AMAZING book—roaming free inside the cage…..) my ego structure makes peace, avoids conflict, and when unhealthy—allows for others opinions to turn into their own.  Chameloning is easy for me. I’ve let that happen most of my life. Emo friend in middle school, I became emo. etc. Living with a highly opinionated and well studied person is forcing me to check in with my own beliefs and see if I agree, or I’m just agreeing because it’s him. Reminders of this episode: It’s okay if you’re coping a bit with things that feel comfortable. that’s naturally what might need to happen. Eating a little extra, whatever—the ego is so resistant. How you do one thing is how you do everything. You may be in the beginning stages of grief of a loss of sense of self, others, and the world. If you are struggling to handle what's happening right now, please reach out to me on Instagram @amandabucci
April 14, 2020
Sometimes people are not willing to try something because of the fear of looking stupid, or failing. What would happen if you just jumped in and tried it all? There are no overnight successes. Today’s guest is an expert at jumping in headfirst and making her own way. If you don’t know Angie Lee, she’s one of my good friends and podcaster, speaker, author, and marketing ninja, and creator of Pays to Be Brave.  In today’s episode, we discuss trying all the things, how the internet has created opportunities for us, taking a stance, seasons in business and perfecting a craft, growing an audience vs. growing a business, our journeys to where we are today, and our core motivators.    MOMENTS: [4:18] Angie and Amanda discuss trying all the new things and jumping in headfirst, and what the internet has done to create opportunities for us. [10:00] A & A discuss pivoting and taking a stance on something. [15:30] Amanda and Angie discuss different archetypes, and Angie gives advice on how to run multiple businesses. [17:43] Discussing seasons in business and spending your time perfecting something. [22:00] Growing an audience vs. growing a business [26:30] Amanda asks Angie the core motivator for PTBB [30:00] Amanda discusses her start with fitness and Youtube [38:12] Amanda explains her Archetype Quiz and the four different Entrepreneurial Archetype [48:00] Creating content that’s not about you, but about your audience.  [54:15] Amanda and Angie discuss finding a niche and the art of a personal brand. [57:17] Amanda asks Angie how to bridge the marketing gap between yourself and your clients QUOTES: "Nothing is cooler than just owning what you want to do and who you are. I’d rather have fewer people who get it than love it, than a ton of people who don't really understand it." 
April 7, 2020
What would happen if you could manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams? What belief systems are you holding onto that are creating misalignment in your life? How much are you trying to control outcomes versus trusting in the universe? I am so stoked to bring you today's guest, Gabby Bernstein. Gaby is a best-selling author and has been a spiritual teacher since she was a teenager. She's a true example of living through spiritual design and following what has brought her the most joy along the way. On today’s episode, we discuss Gabby's new book “Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams”, how to let go of control, how to create more of what you want, doing less and attracting more, feelings of worthiness and comparison, emotional scales, and the Spiritual Alignment Action method.  Get Super Attractor on Amazon or visit MOMENTS [3:15] Gaby talks about her rock bottom experience and her personal spiritual journey [6:00] Gaby talks about the meaning of a wild turkey??? [8:40] Amanda and Gabby talk about detaching from outcomes and trusting the universe  [12:46] Gabby shares the emotional scale model and how to utilize it to create more of what you want to manifest. [15:04] Amanda and Gabby discuss trying to control an outcome, doing less and attracting more, and the spiritually aligned action method.   [19:23] Gabby’s perspective on social media, comparison, and worthiness [23:21] Gabby and Amanda talk about how to recognize your worth  [26:46] Gabby tells us how we can overcome being hung up on outcomes [28:00] Gabby references a time she felt out of alignment in her own life [36:14] Amanda asks Gabby how her perception of the coaching space has changed and where people can shift their focus. [40:27] Gabby tells us her main message on attraction 
March 31, 2020
Everyone is going through something. You never know how something you say or do affects someone. As humans, sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are never alone in our experience, even though we can often feel that way. Sharing our vulnerability and stories is a way that we can connect. Every single one of us has the power to share our story with the platforms we have available today. Today’s guest is an award-winning poet, songwriter, National Slam Poetry Champion, teacher of storytelling, and soulful leader known as In-Q.  In today’s episode, we discuss how poetry and artistry activates people into taking action and feeling like they are not alone, how vulnerability connects us as humans, consumerism and outside validation, sharing from a place of your own truth, and being present with gratitude. or find In-q on Instagram @inqlife Moments: [6:36] Discussing storytelling and the power of sharing your story [8:38] In-q  discusses his story and shares a story that was most powerful in his healing journey [19:23] The power of vulnerability [28:17] The issue of consumerism and outside validation [32:00] In-q discusses creating from a place of your own truth vs. creating monetization or what we think people want. [33:54 ]In-q shares a poem about home. [42:00] In-q talks about how we experience poetry and the process of creating his book. [46:01] Feeling present with gratitude [48:05] In-q shares a poem about climate change and our political sphere. "Ultimately it comes down to being present an taking the next breath with gratitude because we really don't know how long we have here, and I want to make sure I don't look back on this time and feel like I missed it."
March 24, 2020
The more we consume other people's information and news and media, the more our nervous system and subconscious goes into overdrive. This causes us to go into fight, flight, or freeze mode, which is what a lot of us are experiencing right now.  We have a very timely and relevant episode today, my mentor Scott Oldford. He’s been preparing for something like a pandemic for 2 years. If you don’t know Scott, (he’s been on the podcast before) but he’s been running businesses since he was 14 and has built ten 7-figure businesses and helped over 100 entrepreneurs scale to 7-figures. In this episode, we discuss the current climate of online business and coronavirus, why we are in the middle of a large awakening of consciousness, how to handle what’s happening as a leader for your team, how to not lose your clients, how to be transparent with your team members or employees, and how best to market your products to weather the storm.  To get access to Scott’s program, visit: IMPORTANT MOMENTS: 4:54- Scott discusses how and why he started talking about this 2 years ago. 8:00- Discussing impostor syndrome as a leader 8:45- Scott and Amanda discuss what's happening with coronavirus and the economy. 17:00- Activating entrepreneurial DNA in our blood and a large awakening of consciousness 22:00- Scott Oldford describes how to earn your stripes as an entrepreneur and getting through hard times. 27:28- Feeling more energized by helping others and getting MORE into your routine and meditation so you can serve. 29:00- Tactical tips on what to do with your business and your offers and why you shouldn’t stop selling 31:00- How to not lose your clients by delivering service and certainty and being proactive. 36:00- Scott discusses how to manage your team right now 41:05- Being transparent with your employees or team members 43:54- Scott goes over products and marketing and how to weather this storm 57:15- Scott gives us some positive advice and tells us about his program  
March 10, 2020
We are all multi-dimensional humans who have many skills, talents, and things that make up our journey to where we are today. Today’s guest is Jess Glazer, and she’s truly one of the most grounded, intelligent, and integrated coaches I know.  Jess went from making 60k as a teacher to now on track to having her first million-dollar year. She’s been a purse designer, fashion school student, and celebrity trainer and one of my Mastermind clients and currently 1:1 clients. Jess is a business coach that helps people start, grow, and scale their online business with her program, EmpowerU. In today’s episode, we discuss the power of having many skills and talents, the importance of networking and meeting people in real life, navigating comparison to others in your industry, worthiness, and relinquishing control in your business and life. Important Moments Jess dives into her story and how she got to where she is today [4:00] Jess discusses a moment when she felt she was in a box and had to make a change [12:21] The beginnings of Jess’s online business and Fit Trips [14:41] Amanda and Jess go over how your business can have a quick trajectory and the power of meeting people IRL [17:08] Jess talks about her journey from fitness to business  [22:38] Amanda asks Jess how all the pieces of her story play a role in what she does now [24:20] Amanda asks Jess the one quality that is her greatest weakness [27:30] Jess and Amanda work through overdoing the “doing” and burnout [31:00] Worthiness and getting to your next level [34:54] Jess and Amanda discuss navigating comparisons and staying in your own lane and giving up control [38:24] Jess tell us what  things she’s focusing on this year [40:21] Find more about Jess by visiting or following her on Instagam @jess.glazer
March 3, 2020
The western world has become so fixated on masculine energy as the only way, the right way. Men and women have fallen into this category and it’s made us very one dimensional. What can we do as modern-day women to not default to the masculine and live in our feminine energy as a Queen? Queens are insightful, intuitive and they know that there is a power that is in them not of them that they can absolutely harness.  Today’s guest is Gina DeVee- founder of Divine Living, a multi-million dollar lifestyle brand and women’s empowerment company. She is a coach, speaker, and has her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Plus, author of her new book The Audacity of Being Queen. Every woman needs this book.Today we discuss understanding the concept of “Queenliness” vs other types of feminine energy, how to harness our full feminine expression, how to end people pleasing, owning our power as true Queens, becoming un-triggerable, communicating like a Queen, and steps we can take to get out of the “Princess” archetype and into the “Queen” archetype.  Get Gina's book at: and bonuses that come with it Important Moments: Introduction to Gina and the Audacity of Being Queen. Gina tell us who she had to become to write this book [5:30] How can we understand the concept of “Queenliness” vs. other types of feminine energy [10:15] Gina explains how power is yours when you are in the full feminine expression of Queen [15:16] Gina tells us a story about a client who tried to cancel their contract  [19:30] Gina and Amanda discuss how to end people pleasing, codependency, and giving your power away  [24:50] Gina tell us what it means to become “un-triggerable” [30:48] Amanda and Gina discuss how we’ve bought into archetypes of masculine vs. feminine [38:58] How can we communicate like a Queen and what are the ways in which we communicate poorly? [43:38] Amanda mentions a time when she was outsourcing her power [49:50] Activating wealth consciousness [55:00] Quotes: "Femininity is about receiving. Masculinity is about giving."  "Part of the power of the queen is that she does not diminish herself with busyness. Queens are not busy. They are insightful, intuitive and they know that there is a power that is in them not of them that they can absolutely harness." "You’re better than that and you know it. Little miss perfect has got to die. She’s ruining your life and robbing you of your power. We all look pathetic playing the little miss perfect card."
February 25, 2020
Today’s guest is Shaman, Healer, and Chiropractor, Dr. Brett Jones. In today’s episode, we discuss the process of “movement, breath, and meditation”, spiritual experiences from an altered state of consciousness, shadow work, how shamans create an environment to help you experience god, and raising the consciousness of humanity through awakening methodologies. Get tickets to Soul Revival- 3/21 in Oakland: Text Soul to +1 5103191319 for $50 discount code
February 18, 2020
Pain is your body’s way of trying to get your attention. It’s a signal or a calling that you’re not paying attention to something. Motions and emotions are connected.  Today’s guest is one of my good friends Vinny Crispino, founder of Pain Academy. In today’s episode, we discuss how we hold onto pain, where pain comes from, what our pain is trying to tell us, and how to determine and deal with the root of our pain. www.soulfulbundle
February 11, 2020
Have you ever been really good at something but felt unfulfilled and out of alignment doing it? What do you find yourself wanting to spend most of your time doing? Do you notice what you’re doing when you feel in an easy stride of abundance? In today's episode, I introduce the Entrepreneurial Archetype Quiz™. This quiz will help you discover your unique archetype that will inform every single one of your business and social media decisions from here on out.
February 4, 2020
Pt. 2   Today we are here to have a conversation about Ayahuasca. Substances are tools. Many people use them for escapism or to self-medicate. But psychedelics and substances like Ayahuasca have all of the properties that allow you to do deep work. For us, therapy is like taking the stairs, and adding psychedelics is like taking the elevator. As many of you have seen, John and I attended a Ayahuasca retreat at Soltara in Costa Rica back in December. In Part 2 of  this episode into our Ayahuasca experience, we discuss more in-depth on the process of Soltara and the ceremonies itself, our individual experiences during the ceremonies, and what we took away from this experience afterwards.  Disclaimer:  There is a difference between casual and cavalier substance use. Substances can be used safely within guidelines. Cavalier means no regard for safety or consequences. Neither of us are cavalier with anything we do, but most especially with substances that can be dangerous when taken in the wrong context. Summary: even in casual usage, don’t be cavalier.
January 28, 2020
As many of you have seen, John and I attended an Ayahuasca retreat at Soltara in Costa Rica back in December. In this two-part episode, we are going to go through our journeys and experiences with psychedelics both chemical and plant, why we decided to go on this retreat, why we chose Soltera, and towards the end, we are going to cover our individual and collective experiences and the journey itself.
January 21, 2020
Today's guest is Natalie Macneil. Natalie is an Emmy award-winning entrepreneur, best selling author, and creator of “She Takes on the World”, one of the top sites for female entrepreneurs. She’s a leader for moving into the new paradigm and new way of being.  Today we discuss Natalie’s new book, The Rituals, and cover rituals vs. habits, embodiment over mindset, and aliveness over automation, importance of breathwork, and how to create our own rituals alone and in a community,
January 14, 2020
The body is a self-healing, self tuning mechanism and organism, but most people don’t walk through the world and life with an aligned body. The body is designed to sustain itself long term, but our lives today are not designed the same. With technology and screen time, we’ve taken many natural components of our world out.  Today’s guest is Aaron Alexander, the host of the Aligned Podcast. Becoming his friend was one of the best things to happen to my health. In this episode, we discuss the wisdom of the body, how to use our natural world to put ourselves into a healing state, how we continually anchor and inhabit ourselves into different states of being, subtle components to enhance your life, and creating positive feedback loops. You can find Aaron’s book at: and check out his podcast and follow him on Instagram @alignpodcast
January 7, 2020
We are souls having a human experience. As spiritual beings, our primary goal is not to change life on this earth, rather to provide us an experience to transform ourselves and awaken. The soul's purpose is to be realized, recognized, and witnessed and to become more aware of the consciousness of the human in which it lives inside. This is the context of Spiritual Psychology,    If you’ve been following me, you know I’ve been in the University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology program, which I just finished back in November. In today’s episode, I’m going to break down the program, what it is, and my experiences and takeaways from it. I can’t wait to share this with you, and continue to share more of this type of content this year.    Links:   Loyalty to Your Soul book:   Apply to the Flourish & Conquer Mastermind at:
December 31, 2019
We’re at the end of 2019.   About to enter 2020.   There is a new paradigm occurring, a new way of being emerging.   We have less and less tolerance for making decisions for other people…   Living in societal boxes…   Tolerating hate, bigotry, sexism, racism, oppression….   We are learning to balance out the patriarchal masculine way of doing with the matriarchal feminine way of being…   Recognizing a deeper truth and sense of reality thats far more than what we ever imagined…   So many are waking up and recognizing the truth of who they are….   Having dark night of the soul moments — seeing their dark subconscious that is filled with everything we ever disowned about ourselves that we hate…   Here’s 8 things I've learned to be true.
December 24, 2019
Episode 198 If you’re interested in hearing some real talk behind coaching and coaching brands, the realities of running a 7-figure business, and what motivates us to keep going and uplevel our business to hit our financial goals, this episode is for you.   Today’s guest is someone I truly admire, Jaime King aka the slay coach. Jaime went from being a beauty schoo drop out to being a not so successful fitness coach, network marketer, and now to a seven figure business owner and host to a massive entreprenenurial event called Summit of Slay. In this episode, we cover how to ask for what you want and ask others to do the same, switching industries or niches, honoring your truth and not following industry trends, and acting yourself into new ways of thinking.   Moments: 6:00- What happened when Jaime threw up the first time we met. 14:00- What does God mean to you? 16:00- Tell me about going all in from switching to fitness to business coach? 28:00- Tell me more about the Slay Coach brand, what you did, what you created, and what went well.   Quotes:   “I had a strong following and I knew in order to be an authority and to be taken seriously, i had to create something totally different.”   We learn to care based on wha thappens to us and based on what other people project onto us. So i go back to, what did I actually like?    “It’s easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than to think yourself into a new way of acting.”   “Theres always a lesson and i dont regret anything, its always    Instagram- @theslaycoach   Apply to the Flourish & Conquer Mastermind at: Sponsor Info:Klassy Network Glasses: My Intent: Head to and type in the code BUCCI for 30% off.
December 17, 2019
Many people approach sales with the intention to sell a product with one end result in mind- to hand over their credit card and “close” the sale. But today’s guest approach to sales is not about sales. It’s about transformational enrollment and supporting people to see what’s blocking them and preventing them from saying YES.    Today we are chatting with Elran Tsabag, my Head of Enrollment and Business Strategy. He’s my right hand in the business, and does our strategy and vision, and supports our coaches and clients inside of the Flourish & Conquer Mastermind. I trust Elran to represent my brand and be the first point of contact for our clients. Anyone that has gotten on the phone with Elran leaves feeling so supported and heard.    In this episode, we discuss everything about sales, enrollment, common objections, and how to take a heart centered approach and lead with integrity. We also discuss the experience of being in a Mastermind, how we approach our Mastermind,  and who we tend to attract as humans.   Moments:   4:02- How Elran and I started working together 5:19- Tell us about your background and how you came into this realm of business. 10:00- Tell us about your learning experience enrolling students in FCA and enrollment processes in general. 11:00: What is your approach to sales? 18:00- What are some of the things people say over and over during enrollment calls i.e. common objections? 32:00- Can you talk about your experience working in our Mastermind and who we tend to attract as humans? 40:00- Let’s talk about our retreats! Quotes:   In every position I’ve had, its been about creating strong relationships with other oeople and holding space for other peoples needs/.   My approach to sales is not about sales. It’s about transformational enrollment. You’re coming to me because you need something, you're in pain, something is wrong in your business and life. Its about unconvering your needs and figuring out if its a good fit. You have to lead with heart and integrity, and if you don’t then you're just trying to sell somebody on a product and make some money. You’re leading with results. You have to be detached from the outcome and hold space for the other person to allow them to reach the right decision for themselves.   All people want is to be seen and heard and validated. That’s all we want as humabs. Once you do that for somebody else and gain their trust they will allow you into eery crevice of their heartt, life and business.    Its not about what to do, or the content, or the strategy. Its about what youre not doing right for yourself right now. How are you not showing up thats a reflection of the results youre getting in your business?   The people we attract are down to do the hard work. They want to work less and earn more. They want to make a bigger impact and have a big vision. They’re building community and tribe. They’re creating something new in their industry. They’re at the forefront, there’s nothing gimmicky. They’re in integrity.  Instagram- @elrant Apply to the Flourish & Conquer Mastermind at: Sponsor Info: Klassy Network Glasses: My Intent: Head to and type in the code BUCCI for 30% off.
December 11, 2019
Have you ever wondered why some of us go through trauma and adversity and go on to perform better than before, and some of us decide to quit? What makes some people more resilient than others? How can we bounce back more quickly from a negative experience?   Today’s guest is my incredible friend Niyc Pidgeon. Niyc is a Positive Psychologist and Success Coach for entrepreneurial women. She’s a Hay House author, and has her second book coming out soon. Niyc has been named Entrepreneur of the Year and won the award for Best Psychologist book of the year. She’s lived through her own traumatic experiences, and has learned how to turn her pain into her purpose.   In this episode, we discuss tips on how we can bounce back more quickly from a negative experience and come out stronger than before. We also discuss how to move out of a dark place to create a new and better version of our own reality with strategies of gratitude and meditation.    Moments: 1:40- How did you start getting into positive psychology and get into this line of work? 5:35- In terms of positive psychology, what is it that switches people from a negative spiral into something that allows us to feel better immediately? 11:00- What does the success practice look like in your own business? 15:00- What were those challenging times that lead you to consistently show up and do these practices? 20:58- Were these experiences that lead you to write the book you’re writing now? 24:00- What are the things that people choose or dont choose to do to come out of a dark place? 31:00- Once you’re back to neutral, how do you move on to performing better than before? 37:00- Where do you see this conversation going in 2020? Quotes: You don’t know the power of your own potential. It’s amazing what the human spirit can do to not only bounce back but to thrive.    Why is it that some of us go through trauma and adversity and go on to perform better than before, and some of us decide to quit?    You don’t need to get back to how you were before, you can create a new version of reality that allows you to find the strength through the struggle, that not only lets you find the light at the end of the tunnel but go on to build a whole new amazing thing while you look back on the former version of yourself.  Instagram @niycpidge Sponsor Info:Klassy Network Glasses: My Intent: Head to and type in the code BUCCI for 30% off.
November 27, 2019
When building a business, getting to the next level means we have to expand our capacity as humans to hold a larger vision in order to have a larger result. In each level, we can find ourselves in a battle between two opposing forces such as being a creator vs. entrepreneur, hustle vs. flow, or being vs. doing. In today’s episode, we talk about balancing your energies and opposing forces in order to get to the next level you’re trying to move in.
November 5, 2019
There’s a difference between vanilla messaging and trying to be like everybody else, verses separating yourself and owning what makes you uniquely you. One person who continually embraces her real, true, #PrettyAwkward self is today’s guest, Megan Yelaney. Megan owns her “Megness”, and crushes it with her marketing by showing up as herself every single day and creating a business that makes her feel at home.  Most of you know that Megan is one of the few people who has been a mentee and client of mine, an incredible friend, and was the head coach of FCA for over a year. Megan started off as a Network Marketer in an MLM before eventually joining Influencer Academy (now FCA) and starting her own business coaching and scaling it to multiple 6-figures. She’s an incredible example of someone who has always shown up with integrity and continually steps it up to the next level. In this episode, we talk about transitional and pivotal moments in business, being real and not caring what other people think, separating yourself by not becoming a carbon copy, getting out of your bubble, and creating a routine and business that feels light and exciting.
October 22, 2019
We all know that it’s important to work through our trauma and heal ourselves but knowing where to even begin can be scary. Our guest today is Julianne Vaccaro. Julianne is a Spiritual Health and Trauma coach for leaders who are looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and heal to reclaim their life. Today we will cover what Somatic Sexology is, how our body holds onto trauma and emotions, and how we can release, clear, and heal our own trauma with these practices.
October 15, 2019
There is such a high level of inauthenticity out there. Everyone can feel it. You can feel when a person posts something that they mimicked from someone else. Everyone is saying the same exact thing and saying things because they think they are supposed to. It's an influencer mask we put on. In today’s episode, I’m going to cover content creation that feels like you and inauthenticity and authenticity in terms of actual life experience.
October 8, 2019
What do you think of when you hear the word metaphysics? What about God trauma? Or Spiritual awakening? Today’s guest is Stephen Lovegrove. He is best known as “America’s Life Coach” and today we’re going to be nerding out and discussing universal truths and the frequency and energy of emotions and feelings. Stephen gives us practical tools and advice on releasing self judgment, observing objectively, and celebrating your way to success.
October 2, 2019
Some people lean into change, but most of us run from it. We all have the ability inside of ourselves to make any change we want to make. We create our own reality.  The truth is, you can just decide. You can just let go of your fears. You can choose to love yourself. But it isn’t always that easy.  In this episode, I walk you through the process of making a change. This process is a tool, not a solution, to support you in creating change and growth in your life and business.
September 18, 2019
This episode is all about what to do when your launch flops. I know many people go through this experience and it can feel extremely discouraging and disempowering. Maybe you did a launch and put tons of effort in but got 0, 1, 2, or far fewer people than you anticipated into your program. I wanted to bring some experiential knowledge and wisdom to support you in getting back into the game and provide some insight into what may have caused your launch to not go as expected.
September 11, 2019
In this episode, I am going to give you 6 things to consider when you’re building out your offer for your business. When your offer isn’t written out and organized, you’re going to have a hard time pitching it or finding your ideal client to even pitch to. Which also means you might have a hard time with messaging, content creation, and engaging your audience by creating content to connect with them.
August 27, 2019
This episode is one big life update from how I’m managing my life-work balance, creating content, managing my relationship and energy, and uncovering what works best for me. As someone who started as a vlogger, I still find it so important to consistently share what’s going on in my personal life. Early on in this episode, I give a summary of what’s going on in my life and business, and later I dive into some reasons why I’m no longer creating content on Youtube anymore.
August 14, 2019
This episode is full of incredible storytelling and insight on how to be truly resourceful, chase your dreams, and be persistent to go after what you really want in life.  Our guest today is Alex Banayan. For those of you who don’t know Alex, he is the author of The Third Door, where he documented 7 years of chasing around celebrities and extremely successful individuals where he found a major consistent thread throughout everyone’s path to success.
August 6, 2019
Our guest today is the one they call the original Spiritual Boss lady, the Money Queen- self-made millionaire Amanda Frances who is best known for holding an incredibly high frequency around money. This episode is full of ways to reframe your thoughts about money and how to receive more of it. You’ll leave this episode with an entirely different mindset surrounding money and how to move energy around money in your daily life.
July 30, 2019
Today’s episode is all about launching your offer on and off of Social Media. How can you optimize what you’re doing to get the best results for your launch? In the beginning stages, it’s easy to do things in a “barebones” way because you just want to get something out there. But when you're no longer in the beginning stages, you want to spend time optimizing everything leading up to your launch so you can make sure you're going to get the best results possible and get the right people to say yes
July 17, 2019
This episode is a replay from Amanda's guest appearance on "The Naked Soul" podcast with Caleb Campbell. As you might know, taking risks with your life isn’t easy. Sure, it opens you up to experience life in new and sometimes unimaginable ways, but it also makes you incredibly susceptible to immense pain, heartbreak, failure, and loss. And Amanda, as you’ll hear in this episode, is not exempt from that pain.
June 26, 2019
What do you do when things aren't working as well as they used to in your business? Whether it’s your content, the changing algorithm, fewer applications for your launch, engagement going down, followers are going down, feeling as though you have to compete with your peers, or making a shift in your life or business, there are many things that can make you feel out of control in a constantly changing industry. In this episode, we work through 8 questions you can ask yourself to evaluate your business.
June 19, 2019
Today’s guest is actually a repeat guest. Daniel Hind is the founder of Evolution Eat. He is also an incredible writer and entrepreneur. There was an incident that occurred right after we recorded our first podcast together 2 years ago. We are going to dig into that today, the fallout that occurred from that, how we handled it, what we learned and then into high performance and leadership habits in your life and work, and how to further connect with others. Go to:
June 11, 2019
Understanding our whole experience and the connection between the body and mind and aspects of ourselves is something every single human on the planet should have a basic understanding of. Today’s guest is doing an incredible job of educating thousands online. Dr. Nicole Le Pera, known as The Holistic Psychologist on Instagram brings a non-traditional approach to human psychology. You’ve probably seen me reposting everything from her page because I am addicted to her work.
June 4, 2019
Have you ever felt like you needed to be a professional level expert to start sharing? Do you feel like all the ideas have already been taken and you have nothing original to say? Most people would say that copying and plagiarizing is wrong. Don't try to be a carbon copy. But most people that have built an audience have also learned from somebody else. There is a lot of shame in feeling like you’re not an expert yet for people who are new and getting started on social media.
May 29, 2019
What is the true root cause behind all of our struggles with entrepreneurship? We can talk in circles about business tactics and strategies, but I don't want to skip over the other important part of entrepreneurship. This is the part where we get in a state where we feel like we can’t do something or are feeling resistance aka emotional upset. In today’s episode, we discuss what emotional trauma and emotional upset is and strategies to access your power and overcome it.
May 21, 2019
Do you think you need to be “perfect’ in order to serve your clients with integrity as a coach? Do you have the desire to serve others but don’t yet feel confident in your own transformation? Today's guest is Sam Skelly, creator of Hungry for Happiness, and she’s essentially creating a new sector of coaching. Sam is bringing people into higher levels of consciousness with their coaching so they can serve their clients with what they really need.
May 14, 2019
Hey everyone, it’s Ashley Stahl taking over for Amanda Bucci. You guys watch Amanda (Snoop!) be who she is every day online, and she does share a lot of personal stuff but there’s so much more going on with her and I wanted to share my perspective of her as my best friend. I thought it would be so much fun to interview her and connect on all the things you don’t know about her and have such a powerful conversation.
May 7, 2019
Sometimes you just need a break. Today’s episode is my story of what happened when I took 2 weeks off of posting on social media. This really had nothing to do with just taking a social media detox. It had everything to do with where I am in my life and what I needed to do to have this upgrade into my next chapter. I hope that at some point in this story you can connect to where you’re at and adopt some of this process into your own life.
April 30, 2019
Do you feel like you know what your purpose in life is? Or do you struggle to connect to what feels right for you? We are at a time where we are more interested in finding our purpose than ever before. Our guest today is Sahara Rose. Sahara is one of my good friends and you may know her from her work with Ayurveda. In today’s episode, we’ll be breaking down what all this spiritual “stuff” and higher purpose “stuff” really means, so we can become more conscious and connected individuals.
April 17, 2019
We love to talk about how to make more money and get more sales, but you can be a millionaire and still be broke. Your actual revenue number doesn’t mean shit if you don’t know how to keep it. Today’s guest is Chloe Eliise, on Instagram. Chloe talks about how to keep our money rather than just make more of it. In this episode we are going to talk about how to keep what we make, how to pay off debt, how to find more money inside of what we already have and how to build true wealt
April 9, 2019
If you’ve been looking for strategies on how to connect deeper with your community, serve your clients and audience, separate yourself from others in your industry, and stay in integrity with what you say you’re going to do- this episode is for you. Today’s guest is Jason Goldberg. Jason is one of my very best friends and a speaker, author, and  business coach. Today we are going to be chatting about how to create a competition proof business and how to separate yourself in your industry.
April 2, 2019
If you’ve ever struggled to have or start a difficult conversation in a friendship, relationship, or work environment, this episode is for you. In this episode, I give some insight on why we avoid having hard conversations, the consequences of avoiding hard conversations, and tips on my secret sauce on ways to have difficult conversations with compassion and candor.
March 26, 2019
In this episode, I’m sharing the 5 Realms of Consciousness and how they relate to business. Understanding how connection and conversation really happens is one of the foundational tools to grow your business. Why? Because we are working with people, and the faster we can connect to them, the deeper we can connect to them, and the easier it is for our business to work and for us to get clients.
March 21, 2019
Today's guest is John Romaniello. For those who don’t know John Romaniello, John is a NYT best selling author. He wrote, “Engineering the Alpha” which is a highly acclaimed fitness book. He is a pioneer in the fitness coaching realm was one of the first people to start the online fitness industry. John shares some incredible insight into why your writing has long term value, why writing is still the most important aspect of your business, and how you can work on becoming a better writer.
March 12, 2019
In this REPLAY episode, we go behind the curtain to uncover the reality of being an influencer and growing a business (and a life) in the spotlight. I share with Libby what it is like to deal with the pressure caused by online trolling and bullying and how to find healing in the truth behind their projections onto you. We also talk on the power of personal development that is found within a romantic relationship and how to be aligned online by sharing your message with integrity and embodiment.
March 5, 2019
This episode is all about massive resistance. If you’ve read my Instagram posts or emails lately you’ve already heard of this. I got a ton of messages from you all letting me know you’re experiencing this and I wanted to dig into this in a podcast because I had a lot to say in response. I almost didn’t press record today because I felt resistance to recording an episode. Sometimes it’s hard to show up. This is what resistance is, that feeling that makes us want to stop.
February 19, 2019
I’ve been really tapping into my creative energy recently. I’ve had space to create a ton of content lately and as you guys know, over the last couple months I was in the middle of burnout so I am excited to tell you all how to tap into your creative energy today to make content that’s fun, energetic, and educational. It’s not an easy thing to do. So many of us struggle with content creation and writer's block that holds us back from the “schedule” we would love to be on for posting.
February 13, 2019
Today’s special guest is Rachel Luna and you guys might know her on Instagram @girlconfident. Rachel is a sales, confidence, business strategist coach. We’re going to do some real talk with you guys today. There are so many things that are actually true as entrepreneurs but we are too scared to say and we’re going to dive into those things and be brutally fucking honest with you.
February 5, 2019
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!   I’m getting such good feedback from my past few episodes. These women and people I’ve been bringing on the podcast and the conversations we are having are about the deeper truth and meaning behind why we aren't creating success and why we don't have the results we want yet are so important.  Understanding your femininity, emotions, and conditioning of what you've created for yourself that's limiting you is key. Knowing what to do and executing on it and having that masculine energy and discipline towards your goals and the tactical things are important too. You need both things and this podcast is here to represent what both of those things are. know you are all having the same shift of consciousness as me. A lot of you know I’m going to spiritual psychology school next week, I’m so excited about it. Christine went to it, Alyssa went to it, my best friend Ashley Stahl went to it, my therapist went to it, my previous business manager Selina went to it.  All people I look up to and admire. I’m excited to keep expanding on that because I feel like that’s what's truly important here. I’m going to continue to talk about business strategy and social media and getting results and money you deserve, but there's also going to be a focus on the deeper meaning and personal development that's truly necessary for entrepreneurs and creators to turn into leaders. So, let’s dive in... IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT:   Some new updates in Bucci World (a new program and course!) Sales hacks for online coaches Abundance mindset Spirituality and Science Your thoughts creating your reality Thoughts putting you into action Decision-making phases of your potential client Why your content is always selling Why you MUST TALK ABOUT YOUR COACHING Gauging the total time a potential client spends with you per day Why consistency and frequency are key The unapologetic desire for money Equal energy exchange- money, time, and energy Clear messaging vs. clever messaging Speaking directly to your client like a conversation Staying interested and curious vs. focusing on the outcome Social and Emotional Awareness IMPORTANT MOMENTS:   5:00- A new program I’m launching! 6:00- A fun new Instagram course update I’m working on 7:00- Having an abundance mindset 13:42- Why you’re not being annoying when you talk about your coaching 18:30- Money as an energy exchange 24:00- Speaking to your client like they are directly in front of you 27:00- Stop making assumptions about your client 28:00- Asking for the like, comment, share 29:50- Don’t be afraid of no    
January 31, 2019
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today’s guest is someone I've personally admired for a very long time. For those of you who don’t know, Christine Hassler is a master coach, speaker, author, and podcast host, and I really admire her work. She’s masterful in the way she can facilitate through her experiences and knowledge and wisdom and see the bird's eye view to help people tap in and discover what is holding them back from living the life they truly want.
January 23, 2019
I’m so pumped about this episode today! Our guest is absolutely incredible, hysterical, intelligent, a mom and beauty queen. The topic of Human Design has been impactful in my life this past year especially, and Paige Filliater is an expert at this. Paige works with entrepreneurs to help them integrate human design into their life and business to make everything work the way it’s supposed to so you can better understand yourself to operate in your highest frequency.
January 16, 2019
I’ve only seen a couple people truly embody what they teach and how they show up to the world. Today’s guest is so enthusiastic and excited about her work. She loves coaching and serving and it truly shows. She is one of my closest friends and an incredible role model for myself and my students, clients, and everyone. Alyssa Nobriga is one of the top leaders and transformational coaches in the self-development industry. She has over 16 years of experience and it truly shows in her level of mastery.
January 1, 2019
Happy New Year! To start the year off strong we have an extra extra special episode today because there are 5 humans on this podcast today, all of our FCA coaches- Megan Yelaney, Courtney Tucker, Isabella Silverio, and William Grazione. Today we’re going to give you an inside look on what it’s really like to coach new entrepreneurs, what FCA looks like on the inside, reasons why some of our students do really well or not so well, and what it really takes to get your online business started.
December 25, 2018
This is our last episode of 2018. HOLY SHIT where did the year go? I’m feeling so good that it’s the end of the year and I love this time of reflection on everything and being able to sit back and think about what worked, what didn’t work, what I learned, how I grew, and what things made me into the woman I am right now. If I can take a year and grow and experience more and access parts of myself I didn’t know I had then to me that’s a really good year.
December 20, 2018
Stef Sifandos is a relational alchemist, coach, mentor, and helps you awaken your true potential and learn how to live a meaningful and whole life through evolving the quality of your relationships. This episode is extremely powerful and packed with so much value on how to attract the right kind of partners, honor your truth, seek out healthy relationships, and how to communicate effectively while you’re in a relationship with your partner.
December 11, 2018
IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT: -9 Step Process to pitch on stories -Truly connecting with your followers -How to sell without being or feeling salesy -How to highlight pain points and problems -3 different types of pain points -How to call your followers into ACTION -Teaching moments vs. pain illumination -Feeling empathy and compassion for your ideal client -How to do mini trainings on your stories -Myth debunking
December 5, 2018
In this episode I talk with my therapist Gavin Frye M.A., M.F.T., to talk about how to connect with our most authentic self, how to take responsibility for our inner environment, and how to create safe spaces to share with those closest to us.
November 20, 2018
Have you ever followed someone you know on social media who is trying to build an audience, add value, and teach and you just notice that this person is much different or better in real life than they are on social media? The goal is to make sure you’re doing everything you can to talk to your ideal clients who are potentially going to be signing up for your programs or courses. In this episode, I share 4 steps for creating truly connected content for your ideal clients and audience.
November 13, 2018
Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio! Today’s topic is a little vulnerable for me. I believe when it comes to sharing your story, share everything that you're going through because it's so powerful and so relatable. As entrepreneurs, we have to practice going through the “shit” and having a faster recovery between the emotional upset and coming out on the other side. We have to have the mental tools to deal with the anxiety, stress and overwhelm so we can do our best in doing what we’re best
October 30, 2018
This week’s episode is a replay of my interview on the Addicted 2 Success Podcast with Joel Brown. Joel Brown is a digital leadership & visionary expert who built from scratch to be the #1 motivation site in the world. In this interview, I share tips and strategies for building a powerful online brand and business from learning about your audience, increasing engagement, creating valuable and inspiring content, and structuring your life and business to create more freedom.
October 23, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today we have Tony Stephan. Tony is a Registered Dietitian and entrepreneur. Not only does Tony have an incredible nutrition coaching business, he’s not just a Dietitian inside of a hospital, and he’s not working for someone. He’s working for himself and creating his own business. Tony is also an INCREDIBLE content creator online, coach, and speaker and is a mentor to dieticians and clinicians around the world.
October 16, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! One of the most amazing things on social media is creating relationships. Today we’re going to be doing a Q + A session. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these and I’m really excited to get to your questions.
October 9, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! You guys are going to absolutely love today’s episode. We have not done an Instagram episode in quite some time and today, I brought in an Instagram EXPERT. That being said, this girl is one of my favorite clients- Isabella Silverio. Isabella joined Influencer Academy (now known as Flourish & Conquer Accelerator) back in July 2017. She had so much potential and already had an amazing business as an Instagram guru with her Hashtag Matrix, her own mastermind, and te
September 25, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! If you guys don’t know Scott Oldford, you should. A lot of you may know him, but you probably know him through my friend Libby. Today’s guest is Scott Oldofrd. Scott is actually one of my mentors and I started working with him in April. We had a conversation and I immediately thought “I think I need to hire him”. If you haven’t given Scott any of your money yet, you probably will in the next year. Scott Oldford = Entrepreneur. Scott got started in ent
September 18, 2018
Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio! I recently got back from Burning Man! I had a whole week in the middle of the desert and I have a ton of experiences and things to share and I figured what better way to do it than record a podcast? There are so many revelations I want to get out into the world right now. In this episode, I’ll be talking about what Burning Man is, why did I go, and what were my intentions in going. I can’t wait to share what I learned about myself after a week of disconnec
September 11, 2018
If you guys don’t know who Angie Lee is I would be really surprised. She’s one of my best friends and an absolutely incredible business woman. She has one of the top female entrepreneurial podcasts The Angie Lee Show. She’s a marketing and sales ninja! We sat down without knowing exactly what we were going to record on this podcast. Mostly, we discussed an update on where we both are in our business. We both have had a lot of growth happening and you’re going to get an inside look at what’s goin
September 4, 2018
Have you ever felt like you were living in a constant state of “what’s next” instead of living in the present? Our society tells us to always look for external validation, making us create limiting beliefs about ourselves and our life that hold us back from true happiness. How can we stop creating these expecations and limitations, and shift our current perspective so that we can have a new, more enlightened mindset? Today we have our first repeat guest Drew Canole! Drew is a transformational specia
August 28, 2018
Are you experiencing problems with your business, finances, relationships, friendships, or family? Do you feel like your life just isn’t in alignment with who you want to be? Maybe you’re an influencer who is struggling with confidence and selling your programs or social media. Or maybe you’re in a relationship that isn’t the best for you. Or maybe you have friendships that are fading, and you feel alone or stressed. If you’re feeling any of those things, do we have an episode for you! I don’t
August 21, 2018
Have you ever been afraid of taking a risk or trying something new because you’ve been afraid of the outcome or feeling judged? This episode of Bucci Radio is all about 5 particular experiences I’ve had that have changed my life and given me an infinite return on investment for myself and my business, all because I’ve chosen to say “YES”. These 5 experiences have generated me continuous money, connected me to the most amazing humans in the world, and have given me complete freedom of expression, t
August 14, 2018
We all know that knowing how to sell is necessary to becoming a successful coach. But sales tactics from some of the industry leaders just don’t cut it in the coaching world. As a coach, it’s important to make your clients feel loved, supported, and connected in order for them to commit to making a change in their life and get what they want. So how do you sell with love and transformation without being “salesy”? Today’s guest is my good friend Ben Gower, founder of The High Impact Coach and cre
August 7, 2018
Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio! First off, thank you all so much for your love and support, it means the world to me. What we are going to do today is a Q&A, and I want everybody to see their own value as a human, as a coach, and a unique individual without feeling blinded, or scared, or overwhelmed. IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT:  Our next round of Influencer Academy Market research & questions Your perfect clients & thinking about them Value Value Value & amazing offers Creating moment
July 31, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today's guest is absolutely epic, we have Aubrey Marcus, and he's the founder and CEO of Onnit which is a massive all-encompassing fitness company with its own line of supplements, food, apparel and programs, but that's not even what I'm most impressed with. Aubrey is the host of his own mastermind, his own podcast (The Aubrey Marcus Podcast), the author of the New York Times best selling book "Own The Day Own Your Life," with everything falling under his life philo
July 24, 2018
Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio! I could not wait to record this podcast, it's a bit of a recap on everything I've done in my business to soon bring it to a million dollar company (in revenue)! In this episode we're talking about 10 mistakes I made while building my million dollar company, and whether you're at $0 or 6-figures, I really want you to soak these things in. IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT:  Profit & revenue in business Team building & self-development Having mentors & coaches Le
July 17, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today we have my good friend and very special guest, Nathaniel Solace! Nathaniel and I met at our friend's birthday party, and we connected immediately. He is a business coach and a high performance coach. Some people know him as the guy who tells people to "breathe" on his Instagram stories daily, and some people call him the software engineer for the human brain, which is what we're going to dive into today! IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT:  Breathing in our fast
July 10, 2018
Today’s episode is a replay of the brand new Grind And Be Grateful Podcast, with Marie Wold! Here's what was shared about our episode: At only 24 years old, Amanda Bucci has already built an empire. She's a business coach, social media influencer, and CEO of The Fitness Online Coaching Academy (FOCA) and the Influencer Academy. Of course, creating so much success at a young age comes with plenty of struggles and painful lessons, but Amanda has taken it all in stride and has a truly remarkable mindset aro
July 3, 2018
Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio! So I've taken a step back in my podcast postings in order to really get where I need to be in my business, and rejuvenate my excitement and enthusiasm! I've been really honing in with my mentors on what my mission and vision is. I've been doing a ton of work on this, and it's such an important thing because it's what you present to the world! And while I'm not 100% there yet, I'm here to share with you on how to do, and how to be! Without the "how to do," you c
June 26, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today is my favorite episode in the whole universe. She is a very magnetic individual, she makes me feel safe, loved, looks me in the eyes, and is one of the most loving, supportive, caring, smart, intelligent, beautiful goddess human beings I've ever met in my entire life. We hang out all the time, and one of the smartest business and marketing mentors I've ever met in my entire life. We're excited to share with you how Libby loves, lives, and coaches people through
June 19, 2018
Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio! We all want money right? Some of us love money, some of us fear it, some of us hate it, some think it's evil, some think it's finite, some of us avoid our bank accounts, and some of us overspend. I just wanted to let you know, that giving and receiving money is an energy exchange between people. It's your job to consciously get your frequency in alignment with the money you desire to manifest and open yourself up to receiving it. IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT:
June 12, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today we have one of the best podcasts I have recorded to date. My friend Lynette Marie is an incredible person, friend, and one of my top performers in the Influencer Academy. She really honed in on her ultimate power and has been flourishing in her own business, company, and life! She's an incredible wife, volunteers at a church where her husband is a minister, and over the last year and a half she's been giving everything in her cup to her clients. She's transform
June 5, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today we have the wonderful Alyse Brautigam, who has her Raw Alignment Brand on YouTube, a massive business, a massive following, and a massive impact on this world; I'm so excited that she's on this podcast! We were both just in Lewis Howes' Mastermind and we're going to tell you the top three things we learned throughout the whole entire weekend along with Alyse's inspiring story! IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT:  How Alyse created Raw Alignment & following her d
June 1, 2018
WELCOME TO REPLAY FRIDAY! Where we provide you with some AMAZING extra content every Friday, by re-sharing interviews that I’ve been on that you may have missed! Today’s episode is a Replay of The Gary Vee Audio Experience with Gary Vaynerchuk! Here's what was shared about our episode: Loved loved sitting down and chatting with Amanda Bucci about a number of topics, including the unfortunate trend of unhappiness in vanity metrics within the fitness world, "being" rather than doing things, and what to
May 29, 2018
Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio! What happens when you build your business and you really get involved in the nitty gritty of it? I'm going to get super vulnerable today and share with you an awesome formula. IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT:  Being in the nitty gritty of your business Doing what you love feeling like a task & obligations Operating and creating alone Alignment & how to feel in flow Spirituality & "downloads" My perfect flow formula AMANDA'S FOUR STEPS TO PERFECT FLOW 1. You
May 22, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today we have one of my best friends, I love this woman so much. Her name is Alex Goldman, we met through the Influencer Academy and she is truly golden through her own life. She has the Rip It Life Podcast, is an adventurer, traveler, and adds so much fun to her life every second of it. She's here to teach us all about adding more adventure, fun, and play into our lives, and it's going to help you, your success, your happiness, your relationships, and your business
May 18, 2018
WELCOME TO REPLAY FRIDAY! Where we provide you with some AMAZING extra content every Friday, by re-sharing interviews that I’ve been on that you may have missed! Today’s episode is a Replay of The Rip It Life Podcast with Al Goldman! Here's what was shared about our episode: Al chats with Amanda Bucci; social media influencer, youtube-r, online business coach, & entrepreneur. Topics: - Amandas background (trading a nursing career for a fitness one) - The book that changed her life - IMPACT over fol
May 15, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today we have one of my good friends, who has also been featured in fitness magazines such as Men's Health, Iron Man, and, Vince Del Monte! We were at the Fitness Business Summit together, and you may also know him from his massive YouTube following - which he's been doing for a decade, with 300,000 subscribers (and still thriving). It's quite a task to keep your audience interested for 10 years, so we’re going to talk all about how he does that.
May 10, 2018
Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio! I'm feeling really peaceful today and wanted to share something amazing with you from this book I'm reading. It's all about upper limits and how much happiness we allow ourselves to have. This might sound crazy now, but I just want to dive right in. IN THIS EPISODE WE LEARN ABOUT:  Learning about and expanding our upper limits through risk Adopting someone else's definition of what happiness & success are Believing in our potential Manufacturing problems for
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