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Tape Op Worm
Don’t be fooled by the initial reviews on the podcast regarding the sound quality on the first episodes. It does get better.
Whites Only
The Day Ones
If you love hearing about how mostly white dudes mix and master than this is the podcast for you. Every single race is involve in the process however these dudes find away on how to pile on each other creating these groups, podcast, magazines etc. Just check any music magazine “the best drummer” “the best guitar player” they are all white dudes with the token black dude from time to time. Still Tape Op is a gd magazine I often read. If you want to find out how white people do what they do this is your mag/podcast 😆✌🏾
Tape Op in your ears!
I’ve been a subscriber to Tape Op magazine since the beginning. Some issues have made it into the boxes I’m moving to with me across the USA. So psyched to now have nerdy podcast for musicians from Tape Op. thank you!!
Crawling out from under my rock...
Tape Op Podcast is GREAT! I've been at this (Audio Video Mopic Photography Etc...) for 40 years and NOW i find this ! I have a 2 hour commute to work each day and now have something of value to listen to. Thank you!
Lego Brian
Are you kidding?
A podcast about state of the art recording whose producers are to cheap/lazy to take the time and invest in some decent mobile recording equipment. The "whoops we didn't know we were gonna use this as a podcast" is pretty disingenuous when you continue to release them as podcasts. How about living up to your reputation as an expert in sound reproduction on your own podcast?
Poor audio quality
Love the magazine. The podcast still needs work. We all know it's hard to get great sound when recording, but these podcasts are hard to listen to. Looking forward to what this series could become.
what a joke
Jay Fuji
so, an audio recording magazine starts a "podcast" with poorly recorded interviews and actually releases it to the public? get outta here. too bad, their pedigree and access to interviews would make for a compelling listen. deleted.
Love the Tycho Interview
Mr. Homeless
Love the tycho interview!!
Killer podcast
Potato Candies
The Eno and Was episodes are the best so far and I'd give it a 5 if it weren't for the sound of the tape. I hope there's more episodes to come and as always, keep up the great work!
"Podcast by Tape Op Podcast"
Hakeem H.
It's like you're listening to someone dumping their hard drive. No description.
Define irony
A podcast on the craft of recording with the worst sound quality I've ever heard. I'd say it's recorded with an iPhone but that would be an insult to the fairly decent scratch pad that is the voice memos app. While the content is probably amazing, it's near impossible to make out what is being said. Hopefully they can swap some ad space for a few decent mics and solve this problem.
Great podcast!
Oddly, horrible sound quality though?
Thanks and finally
This is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for. Never stop putting these out. The first 3 are great. This idea is dope. I looked through iTunes last year for a recording show and found Pensados Place. Its not bad or anything. Its just not my thing. This is my thing.
'Tape Op' means it's good!
Bulletproof Wolf
Tape Op is a beautiful, unpretentious and information rich publication. The podcast more than meets this high standard. If you're a fan of one, you'll be a fan of the other. Larry and friends: so excited to have yet another medium to admire your work in!
Great Magazine, Love there's a podcast now
More awesome content from Tape Op
State of Sound Studios
As if a free magazine that has better content than most paid subscription magazines wasn't enough, here is the podcast. Great first episode and great addition to the Tape Op collection.
Thank you
analog cabin
This is a great addition to a great magazine!
At last!
I've been looking forward to Tape Op interviews in this format: Larry Crane & Co. don't disappoint!
A National Treasure
Looking forward to this podcast growing just as the magazine did and couldn't be more excited to be along for the ride. Congrats on getting this going!
A magical mix
This podcast makes perfect sense: audio journeys with the best artists in the business of sound. Larry Crane's massive experience and love for the craft makes for a deep dive into the process and perspectives of musical greats from engineers to musicians and more. As a Tape Op subscriber this will be a must listen !
Thank JAH! Something to look forward to while being terrified about the fascist takeover.
I am so stoked that Larry has decided to do a podcast. TapeOp is my favorite publication of all time. THANK YOU LARRY! LARRY FOR HIGH OFFICE
We are lucky to have this
Joe Flanders
Tape-Op is the kind of publication, podcast, whatever, that any enthusiast of art should support, like, enjoy, and learn from. Thank you so much for your work.
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