July 31, 2020
Duke took a little time away from doing Rich Little impersonations to swing by the studio. This podcast got a little more serious than I intended. If you know anyone struggling, get in touch with them and help out your Ranger buddy. Check out We need to take care of those that take care of us. God Bless America!!
July 7, 2020
Had a chance to swing by Brownells HQ in Iowa and sit down with Pete Brownell, the Grandson of the origin mail order catalog company Brownells. If you are a gun guy you have bought from this company or drooled on their amazing catalog. God Bless America!!
May 21, 2020
We start out with a surprise guest who happens to be over 250 years old, Kasper Mansker. Jason Gatliff from Muzzleloader Magazine and his buddy Ehrin Ehlert join the podcast for discussions on history, old time guns, and how having a good publicist can help make you famous. God Bless America!!
May 12, 2020
Kyle answers your Tactical and Shooting questions from Instagram and Facebook. God Bless America!!
May 3, 2020
From Drug Store Cowboy and dancing Tin Man to a world-renowned knife and axe maker. Daniel made many of the tomahawks and knives for the movie Last of the Mohicans. In the real world he is the man behind most hatchets, hawks, and knives that Special Operators carry around the battlefield. God Bless America!!
April 26, 2020
Matt Bucella, who helped Kyle orchestrate Leadership in the Shadows comes to Tennessee to visit the Shiloh Battlefield. History is amazing, keep reading, listening, and watching. God Bless America!!
April 19, 2020
Frank DeSomma from POF and Harry Fleming invited me to shoot some new blasters and hunt some critters in Texas. We had a blast. It’s an honor to sit down and visit with these great men as well as my old buddy from 5th Group, Special Forces soldier Don Alexander. God Bless America!!
April 12, 2020
Lukas and Kyle sit down to answer your Instagram questions. We had a lot of fun with this one. Kyle finds out how out of touch he is with reality TV. Please let us know if you enjoy this one, we can always do more question and answer podcasts. God Bless America!!
April 6, 2020
John Brasseur, VP Commercial Product Management, Sig Sauer USA. John has been the leader and manager of many of Sig’s recent product innovations. He is also a hunter and fisherman who loves to mess with land lovers like Kyle. God Bless America!!
March 30, 2020
Larry Vickers, from Vickers Tactical and Scott Reidy from Sig Academy. Larry and I served together for many years, this is a question and answer podcast of things I’ve been wanting to ask Larry. Scott gets in the mix as well, having been a friend of Larry’s for many years. Larry is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to firearms design and history. Enjoy. God Bless America!!
March 22, 2020
Jack Carr, Former SEAL and author of the amazing books, The Terminal List, True Believer, and soon to be released Savage Son. Jack is a real deal good dude. You are going to enjoy this one I know I did. God Bless America!!
March 15, 2020
Hunting Scimitar Oryx with Clay Abernathy, Wayne, and Steve from  a couple other honchos invited me to tag along. Adam Olivas, SEAL and owner of as well as Kevin Holland, former SEAL and fellow Unit member, also a member of Team Kryptek. These guys are intense, we had a blast. So much trash talking and bringing home a bunch of the best meat on the planet. God Bless America!!
March 8, 2020
Marine and Black Rifle Coffee brother, Logan Stark. His story is amazing, makes me proud to call him friend. Actually he calls me Dad, really don’t remember his Mom, but none-the-less we had a great conversation. Listen and heed, he has amazing insight. Please check out his documentary, For the 25,  God Bless the Marines, God Bless Logan Stark, and God Bless America!!
March 1, 2020
Hunting cow elk in Wyoming with America’s finest. My old Unit mate, Chili Palmer from FLIR, Commander Rorke Denver, Navy SEAL. I guess I should just say SEAL since the Navy is the only service with hoodlums like Rorke. Air Force POL expert John Burns aka Giggles, the main man at Wyoming Arms, and my fellow criminal and all around good cat, Ryan Cleckner, also a former Army sniper who hails from 1st Ranger Battalion. What a room full of great men. God Bless America!!
February 23, 2020
Austin Knudson, Roosevelt County Attorney, Former Speaker of the Montana House, and now running for Montana Attorney General. In his spare time he loads and shoots as much as he can. Seth Berglee, Montana House of Representatives and co-owner of Shield Arms, former Army Marksmanship Unit shooter, also dedicated predator hunter. Nephi Cole NSSF, Sean Davis, repeat offender from The Federalist. We headed out to hunt cow elk in the desert of Wyoming with lead bullets and large frame AR’s, then we ran into a couple politicians. Boy I sure wish all American politicians believed like these fellas. Great conversation. Maybe a little controversial. I had fun, I hope you do too. God Bless America!!
February 17, 2020
Aaron Davidson from Gunwerks in Cody, Wyoming. We get into the building of Gunwerks long range rifles. What is the distance to be an ethical hunter. Bullet performance versus distance parameters. How to get your daughter and wife on Elk. This was lots of fun, Kyle is doing some serious learning during this podcast. God Bless America!!
January 19, 2020
Alaska the Wild Frontier. Moose hunting with Troy Session from and Jeff Wall aka “the Moose Whisperer” or “Dragon Wing”. We have some fun on this one talking moose hunting and DIY hunts through Troy’s Hunt Planning business. Not politically correct, the way life outta be. God Bless America!!
December 22, 2019
Mike Hawkins from Indiana and Lukas Lamb swing by, Mike talks CMP Civilian Marksmanship Program and rifles of the past. We do discuss and screw up the description of a historical firearm. Mike and I are dyslexic I believe. Anyway, CMP is a great program that the left hasn’t shut down yet. Lukas scoots early, he had a date with destiny…God Bless America!!
December 6, 2019
James Williams, knife designer and lead Sensei at The System of Strategy. We also have his illegitimate son, Brian Williams, straight outta Nashville. Brian’s long lost Dad won’t let him get a word in edgewise but we have a great discussion about knives, Samurai’s and mindset. Check out James’s designs at God Bless America!!
October 26, 2019
“This knife will cut this knife will KEAL!” Doug Marcaida Forged in Fire judge. Not only is Doug a talented talent… he is an awesome martial artist with Filipino roots and living the American Dream. He is also a fellow veteran. I am proud to call this joker my friend. God Bless America!!
September 20, 2019
Sean Davis from the we talk book reviews and our night out on the town. Great Gatsby, 1984, so disturbing. God Bless America!!
September 20, 2019
Leo Espinoza from Tops Knives told me if we didn’t do a podcast he was gonna choke me out. Blade Show 2019 with Leo and Craig Powell from Tops Knives, made in America. We discuss the making of the VTAC Bloodline series as well as other knife designs. I always learn from Leo, a very humble man that knows his way around knife manufacturing. From cleaning the crapper to being the boss man, he can do it all. God Bless America!!
August 22, 2019
While running from gunfire in Atlanta, I stopped to visit Jason Teague, Law Officer, hunter, shooter, writer, and all around crazy dude. Jason is the sexy model in my second book, Stay in the Fight!! We talk guns, hunting, life. We dig into a Hostage Rescue operation where the Fireman Hostages were saved and Jason was shot. Interesting mindset and post shooting takeaways. God Bless Law Enforcement and God Bless America!!
July 29, 2019
Medal of Honor recipient, CSM Bennie G. Adkins, Special Forces solider and American hero. This quiet man or men like him are the reason many of us decided to join the US Army’s Special Forces. CSM Adkins earned his MOH while fighting in the A Shau Valley in 1966. He is also the author of “A Tiger Among Us.” He was awarded his MOH in 2014. This man is the true “Quiet Professional”. He sets me straight during this podcast. What an honor. God Bless CSM Adkins, the men of Special Forces, and the United States of America!! Go to the Viking Tactics Instagram page to win a signed copy of "A Tiger Among us"
July 7, 2019
Team Sig’s Max Michel and Steve Gilcreast. Max is crushing all comers with his Carry Optics Sig P320. Born in the Bayou, raised by an alligator, survived on crayfish. Well actually not true, but you get the idea. Max and Steve talk shooting, 82nd Airborne, Army Shooting Team, and their time in the military as well as the art of the gun. Two good friends and great shooters. God Bless America!!
June 28, 2019
Bruce Pettet CEO and President of Leupold & Stevens, Inc. Beaverton, Oregon. Not only is Bruce the leader at Leupold, he is a dedicated hunter and outdoorsman. We talk scopes, of course. We also talk hunting, goat hunting, elk hunting. We also get Bruce’s take on bullets. Leupold, made right here in America, by American’s. God Bless America!!
June 20, 2019
Doc Mike Shertz from and his good friend Bill Keller join us after a rainy day class in Oregon. Mike and Bill are both Special Forces soldiers with tons of experience in making wounds and fixing Warriors. These fellas are the real deal. If you are looking for medical training these would be the guys to see. God Bless America!!
June 11, 2019
Stopped by Warriors Heart in Texas to see Tom Spooner and Teddy Lanier. Of course Mat Best heard about the get together and decided to crash our party. We had some fun here. In all seriousness, thanks to Warriors Heart my friend Teddy has his life back. Thanks to Mat and his bride for a great donation to the cause as well. Check out Mat at Black Rifle Coffee or Article 15 Clothing. If you are looking for a good place to spend money for a great cause please check out God Bless America!!
June 2, 2019
On location filming Guns and Ammo TV with Tom Beckstrand and Patrick Sweeney. These men are both gun writers that I have had the privilege of hanging out with. We cover some serious ground on this podcast. Lots of knowledge shared and definitely some trash talking going on here. Enjoy the podcast. God Bless America!!
May 26, 2019
“Victory or Death” 26 December 1776. Grab your kids, this one is for the whole family. Victory or Death was the password that General George Washington chose for the crossing of the Delaware and the ensuing Battle of Trenton, Assunpink Creek, and Princeton, NJ. Lukas and I decided that history has been well received on our podcast, we wanted to try a 100% history podcast to see what you think. If you like it the beatings will continue. Lukas and I had fun, it was nice to be able to sit down with my son and learn together. God Bless America!!
April 30, 2019
Blacksmithing in Ohio with Rich McDonald (, Mike Hawkins(Bone implant designer), and John LaBella(All around great friend and awesome dude). Rich McDonald teaches my son Lukas and me to forge tomahawk heads as well as how to fit a handle, heat treat, it was an excellent class. I get to sit down with three dudes who love the old world arts of forging and rifle building. This was a lot of fun. God Bless America!!
April 17, 2019
US Army Marksmanship shooters, SFC Brandon Green, SFC Josh Richmond, and SFC Joel Turner. Brandon is a winning member of the United States Palma Team and has won every thing possible with a Service Rifle. Josh Richmond has competed in International Shotgun competition to include shooting in the Olympics several times, also winning a ton of matches. Joel Turner is a former US Army Ranger and one of the top 3-gun shooters in the world. I feel a little outgunned on this show, these young men proudly represent all of the United States of America on the shooting world stage. Humble soldiers who are the best in their craft. God Bless America!!
April 10, 2019
Ryan and James stop by to visit. 25 Million bucks available to local law enforcement through the School Violence Prevention Program. Check out they will help your department apply for up to 500K. We also talk books, history, and shooting. God Bless America!!
March 29, 2019
Coming from the Bull Room in Aberdeen, NC. John Zumwalt better know as J.D. from the Zumwalt Zone. A man who has done it all from Tug Boat Pilot, to Arabic speaking Special Forces soldier, JD is a character. Also joining us today in North Carolina is my old buddy Tom Spooner from Warriors Heart. Lots of laughs with two great Americans. God Bless America!!
March 11, 2019
Rob Leatham, the winningest action pistol shooter (some people say that isn’t a word, they don’t know Rob) of all time. He lays it down. His story is fantastic, from school kid to World Champ. We break down the grip, trigger squeeze, trigger reset, and why people suck. Seriously I wish I would have videoed this one, Rob is an animated dude and I had a blast. Thanks to Springfield Armory for letting us use their booth at SHOT 2019. Thanks Rob. God Bless America!!
February 20, 2019
Enter to win a Sig M17, this is your last chance. Will be given away on 28 February 2019. Hanging at the Hornady Booth for SHOT 2019 with Neil Davies from Hornady, Professional Shooter Doug Koenig and the winningest Bianchi Cup dude on the planet. We also talk to Elk Hunting, Long Range Shooting, Mule Skinner, Kristy Titus from Pursue the Wild TV Show. We talk long range shooting in PRS, scope choices, bullet choices, and the 300 PRC being adopted by Special Operations Forces in America. We might even talk 6.5 Creedmoor…..God Bless America!!
February 12, 2019
Royce Gracie is in the ring. Enter to win the Sig M17 we are giving away on February 28th. In this episode I get choked out by Royce Gracie and Ryan Cleckner from Gun University takes video. Actually the choking out happened many years ago, Royce has been a good friend for many years. I ran into him at the Leupold booth at SHOT 2019. A great man, from a great family. His clan is responsible for the huge rise in popularity with MMA and any type of cage fighting. Royce is a humble man that will tie you in knots. Enjoy. God Bless America!!
January 31, 2019
Enter to win a Sig M17 by listening to the Team VTAC Podcast. Cow Elk Hunting in Wyoming with John Burns Wyoming Arms, Scott Steiert(Fellow Unit Dude) Northern Red, Ryan Cleckner(Ranger and my new swim buddy) and the man behind Gun University and Mayday Safety, Cody Arnold, and last but not least Nephi Cole from Your Mountain podcast. This one might get some of you all excited, some of the dudes on the podcast get emotional. It is awesome. We drive trucks, shoot lead bullets and hunt with AR’s. We want to save birds of prey, and lead bullets aren’t the issue… Oh and another shameless plug, buy Ryan’s Book, Long Range Shooting Handbook. Enjoy the podcast, God Bless America!!
January 17, 2019
It was an honor to sit down with Mark Geist, known as OZ to many people across America from the movie 13 Hours. He is a great Patriot and I am honored to know him. Enter to win a SIG M17. God Bless America!!
December 30, 2018
GUN GIVEAWAY M17! Brad Thor, Bestselling author, Patriot, and fellow reader of history. Brad has authored 18 thriller novels, they are exciting and more importantly believable. Brad stops by Crusader Acres in his Austin Powers Aston Martin with the Union Jack emblazoned… ok, just kidding he didn’t arrive in the Shaguar. We get to talk a little about guns, a little about knives, and a bunch about history and writing. I was listening and learning. We had a great time. God Bless America!
December 21, 2018
GUN GIVEAWAY M17! Evan Hafer Owner Operator from Black Rifle Coffee Company. Evan stops in after they open their new roasting facility in Manchester, TN. Coffee County Tennessee. Evan is a good friend and a great American, enjoy! We are also giving away a Sig Sauer M17, listen to the podcast to win. God Bless America!
October 18, 2018
My old SF Buddy, LTC Trey Lawrence, Commander of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit and Troy Lawton, Ballistics Director USAMU. Some big words and great discussions. We are hanging out in the General Patton Round House by the USAMU Skeet Ranges. Are you lubed up correctly? Moly on your bullets or HBN Hexagonal Boron Nitride. 260 Remington vs. 6.5 Creedmoor. Breaking in barrels. So much info. God Bless America!
September 16, 2018
Finally the awaited Part II with Jeff Shaara, this man knows his stuff. Part I has been very well received, enjoy Part II. Where did the name Hookers come from? I thought this was funnier than Jeff but anyway. Listen then head to and buy some autographed books. Tell Jeff you listened to the podcast. God Bless America!!
September 12, 2018
If I said I wasn't excited to meet Jeff Shaara and talk books I would be a bald face liar. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge and a great writer just like his Dad. We discuss history of course, and venture into his Fathers history as well. We had a great time. Now go to his website and buy some books, you won't regret it. God Bless America!!
August 28, 2018
Marlboros and Mammarys. Yep that’s what we are talking about. We sit down with Sean Davis from the The Federalist and Lukas Lamb who just released Vibe With Me. We discuss the History of Civilization, Brittany Spears concerts, South African farmer issues and many more tantalizing tidbits of the modern world. We also discuss a few books that Sean and Kyle have been reading. Digging deeply into the world of Cormac McCarthy and The Road.
August 22, 2018
Butch McCumber our ring leader and retired Air Force Para Rescue, Tony Cross the teller of truth, born beside a road in Boston and now living in Wyoming, Greg Pittman, retired Air Force CCT Combat Controller. Just finished up 12 days carrying a canoe on our heads in the Quetico Wilderness of Canada, drove all day and now I am making them podcast. God Bless America!
August 8, 2018
Former Unit dude, Lou Goodman “Waingro” joins us as we head to Canada for a canoe and smallmouth fishing trip into the boundary waters. 16 combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, I think he is almost trained up!! We discuss the finer points of knife making, differential heat treatment, you know, the easy stuff. Check out Lou’s knives on Geissele’s website. Awesome cat. God Bless America!
July 24, 2018
Mayday Safety Crew in the house. Ryan Cleckner, James West, and our good buddy Wayne Black. We discuss school safety and how we can use Mayday Safety App to save lives. Wayne is the voice of reason, now that is scary. Jim is still heavy breathing, talking history and well, Ryan, he is always a cool cat. God Bless America!
July 15, 2018
Finished teaching at Sig Academy and stopped by the Sig Sauer Factory to see Ron Cohen the Commander of the mighty Sig Sauer. We dig into Ron’s history as a soldier, leader, and businessman. Some pretty interesting facts and figures to share with all of us. So how many guns have you sold this year Ron? Will he let the cat out of the bag……
June 14, 2018
Warrior’s Heart Founder Tom Spooner and Black Rifle Coffee Canada boss Darren Weeks join me at the Warrior’s Heart compound in Bandera, Texas. Tom and I served together for many years, he is a tactical wizard and shooter extraordinaire but his true passion is taking care of soldiers. Along with Lisa and Josh Lannon, Tom helped launch Warrior’s Heart, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility that helps Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders who have addictions and Post Traumatic Stress. Darren has worked for many years with Josh and Lisa and has helped to raise capital to start this great facility. This is a fun podcast but in the end please send us your broken Warriors so we can bring them home. God Bless Warrior’s Heart and God Bless America!!
May 17, 2018
Pelvic girdles, trauma kits, and Fentanyl Lollipops. Rode into San Antonio, Texas, home of great Mexican food, the Alamo, Fort Sam Houston, and my fellow retired Army Dudes. Paul Allen, retired as a Major after 27 years of service. He now owns the title of DSc, MPAS, PA-C, Assistant Professor, Program Director and Chair, Department of Physician Assistant Studies. I think I am hypoxic after all of that, but wait there is more. Roland Paquette, retired Staff Sergeant, MPAS, PA-C, Assistant Professor. That is a mouthful just to say two dudes that really know medicine, especially combat medicine. I worked with Paul for many years and have been waiting to meet Roland. Both great American’s that have sacrificed dearly for our country. We talk medic stuff, we talk pelvic girdles, we talk tourniquets and much more. Oh and don’t forget to Remember the Alamo… God Bless Texas, and God Bless America!!
May 8, 2018
Had a great surprise on the indoor range at Sig Academy when Police Officer, Historian, and friend Johnny LaBella strolled in from Pennsylvania. We decided to sit down and visit about guns, steel, and the French and Indian War from 1754-1763. Some wicked history about President George Washington, Daniel Boone, and many other men. We also get into Blacksmithing..make sure that oil is North/South. When I can learn something during a podcast I consider it a success, so that makes this podcast a ginormous success. This podcast will make you want to visit Pennsylvania for more than just Revolutionary War sites. God Bless America!!
May 2, 2018
I don’t even know where to start with this one. We discuss history of the 2nd Amendment and Sherman’s march through Georgia and beyond. We never really get into the devastation in South Carolina so maybe that is another podcast. We also talk about getting a divorce from the other parts of America. Joining me today is historian James (HB) West, Sean Davis from the Federalist, and overall wild man Ryan Cleckner (Ranger, Writer, Lawyer). We spend a morning on the range making a joyful sound then take a break to record a podcast and slam some coffee and the best bread pudding on the planet compliments of my wonderful bride. You might have to fact check us on this one, we might be flapping in the wind. God Bless the United States of America!
April 23, 2018
Hanging out at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh, NC. Our guests today are from the Wake County Wildlife Club who runs the DDC, but more importantly they are hunters. Mike Clancy and Jay Adcock. Mike is a die-hard whitetailer, and Jay “Turkey Leg” Adcock has the Disease, the turkey hunting disease. As a matter of fact during this podcast Mike and I think we might have to hit Jay with the AED, his eyes roll into the back of his head and he speaks in tongues when the subject of Meleagris gallopavo, comes up. This was a fun one, two great dudes. God Bless America!!
April 13, 2018
Michael Baccellieri (say that 3 times fast) from Leupold’s Optics Academy at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We discussed his time in the Army and Marine Corps and the evolution of the Optics Academy. Michael also talks me through optical specs when looking for a new scope and dispels some of the rumors out there that are truly just marketing hype. Listen and learn, I know I sure did. What is exit pupil, how do we check for glare, when is the best time to buy a scope, and does the objective size actually have anything to do with light gathering and transmission? This intro is a little different than normal. Hope the singing isn’t too much. Michael, Buck, Tactical Hipster, this dude is a good friend and awesome. God Bless America!!
April 4, 2018
SGM retired Alex Racey. Special Operations Soldier, Crossfitter, man of many hats and one of my dearest friends. Alex is new to the civilian world and has some great advice to those who are getting out or retiring from the military. Hey sometimes you have to get a J-O-B. Had a great time seeing Alex and his tribe again, his son Luke became my new little buddy and we laughed more than allowed. God Bless America!
March 23, 2018
Goose hunting with Fred and Michele Eichler in Southern Colorado. Michele gives the ladies and dudes some great archery hunting advice and walks us through the history of Muzzy Broadheads. Fred is the first guest I have had that did a podcast from a bean bag chair, oh well that’s how the hippies roll. Fred and Michele are some of the most dedicated hunters I know, and they do it for all the right reasons. Check it out, and remember as Fred and Michele say always to HAVE FUN!! God Bless America!!
March 15, 2018
Sean Davis from joins us again to debate the 17th Amendment. Great discussion, we also talk about a great book to teach you about the US Constitution, The Heritage Foundation Guide to the Constitution. We talk guitars, better yet Sean talks guitars. Leadership or the lack of with regard to Sheriff Israel in Florida. God Bless America!
March 13, 2018 with Jacob Paulsen and Riley Bowman. Landed in Denver, made it to the 5.11 Tactical store and ran into these cats. We discuss concealed carry, HR 38, favorite holsters, and much more. What’s up with the Sig 365? God Bless America!
March 6, 2018
Former 1st Ranger Battalion soldier Ryan Cleckner Esquire the 3rd Junior(just kidding) and author of Long Range Shooting Handbook. This dude isn’t just another pretty face. He is a lawyer, teaches Constitutional Law, Long Range Shooter, and was a VP at Remington at one time. Lots of fun picking his brain. God Bless America!
February 27, 2018
Sean Davis from joins us to talk about everything controversial, Sean is a treasure trove of swamp emptying information. Bust out your dictionary, this joker uses some BIG words. I think we do a good job of hitting every single topic that seems to get people riled up. Taxes, guns, abortion, school shootings, Russia, Russia and liberals, Russians and our government, American Constitution, President Trump, well you get the idea. I had fun, I hope you all enjoy. And if you don’t agree with me, that’s even better since this is America and as of this date we are still allowed to do that. Since some of this material is time sensitive we are releasing this podcast out of order, hope you will forgive us. Be proud! God Bless America!!
February 25, 2018
We headed to the ATA Archery Trade Association show and ran into Team Kryptek’s Butch Whiting and Justin Sparks. Butch is Kryptek’s CEO and a former US Army Attack Helicopter pilot, Justin is head designer at Kryptek, more importantly these dudes are hunters and Dad’s that take their kids hunting. Find out of Big Foot aka Sasquatch is real... According to Butch. Kyle almost chokes to death during this episode, but he survives. God Bless America!!
February 18, 2018
Wayne Black from discusses the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Wayne is a former Law Enforcement officer from south Florida. We also have Melynda Lamb giving us the teachers perspective. We need to do something about these cowards attacking our children. Melynda, Wayne, and Kyle discuss what works and what doesn’t. How much it costs? How much our children are worth? The resilience of kids in America. God Bless America!!
February 12, 2018
What happens when Navy Seal Commander Rorke Denver comes face to face with Air Force POL specialist John Burns. Just kidding, John is with Wyoming Arms. We were told we could get a tax break if we had a SEAL on our Podcast so here he is the token SEAL.. Seriously, Rorke Denver, real deal seal Commander and even played one on TV in the movie Act of Valor. We are also joined by Nephi Cole and John Burns from Wyoming Arms on this Cow Elk hunting extravaganza. Of course, we are still in Wyoming. True identities have been changed to protect the innocent so enjoy the new call signs, I hope they stick. And by the way, Nephi is still here and won’t leave, guess we need to claim him on our taxes too, definitely a dependent! God Bless America!
February 9, 2018
We had a short time to talk Guns and Hunting with Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, you all are gonna be sad if you don’t have a Governor as awesome as Governor Mead. Chances are if you don’t live in Wyoming you don’t have a man that leads like Governor Mead. He has brought gun businesses back to Wyoming as well as the Top 100 and the Governors Shooting Match. We will also have Nephi Cole again, he just won’t leave the studio…Enjoy. God Bless America!
January 29, 2018
Headed to Wyoming to hunt cow elk so we decided to stop in Cheyenne and sit down with Brian Nesvik, Chief Game Warden for Wyoming. David Willms and Nephi Cole Policy Advisors for the Governor of Wyoming. We talk about hunting of course but we also discuss the Endangered Species Act and how that has affected Wyoming after the species has recovered. Brian Nesvik walks us through the application process to become a Wyoming Game Warden. But why the red shirts? Nephi Cole is also back in the house trying to break Chili’s record for being on the most Team VTAC podcasts. God Bless America.
January 17, 2018
Have you been held hostage before? Headed to Florida for a Night Fighter course, sat down with Ricardo Uribe, former non-hunter turned Elk hunting machine and Todd Edmiston a dude I was in the 82nd Airborne Division with. We discuss hunting, shooting and what it’s like to be a hostage in Columbia. The most important question is..Do you like Beets?
January 9, 2018
Podcast 20 Fishing for Peacock Bass in the Amazon. Hanging out with Tim Weaver, retired Air Force Surgeon, Mike Trenholm from Minnesota and Texas, Nathan Ward from Grit and Thistle, and last but not least our area expert is Marco Malucelli from Brasil Outdoors. Marco walks us through the fishing and location in the heart of Brazil.
January 2, 2018
Hunting camp in South Africa with Japie Horn and Hein Oostuizen from Horn’s Africa Safaris. We get into Cape Buffalo, baboons, and conservation. Japie is a former paratrooper and South African Pathfinder.
December 18, 2017
If you survived the first part of Johnny Dawg's campfire stories grab a cup of Black Rifle Coffee and join us for the second half of Dawg's rantings. God Bless America.
December 5, 2017
Hanging out in our Wyoming Antelope Camp. My old buddy Johnny Dawg Cone rolls in from Utah, Lance Tangen our cameraman bow hunter from Minnesota, and Sergeant Major Retired Chili Palmer back again for some more punishment. This episode is mostly Johnny Dawg Stories, sprinkled with a few ideas on hunting. This is Part 1 because we didn't think you could handle that much Johnny Dawg right out of the gate.
November 20, 2017
Podcast 16 We sit down at our Wyoming Pronghorn Camp with Nephi Cole from the Wyoming Governors Office and John Burns with Wyoming Arms. We talk animals, hunters, and guns. Really accurate AR’s, how the Governor of Wyoming supports the 2nd Amendment and the statewide Governors Match. We also discuss Wyoming Wolf hunting.
October 18, 2017
Podcast 15.5 David “Caveman” Rickels, Bellator MMA Fighter. Fighting again on the 20th of October 2017 in the Octagon for Bellator on Spike TV. Welterweight superstar, Kansas boy, most known for his walkouts that lead to superb fights. We talk about conditioning, Caveman History, and sponsorships in MMA. After recording this episode his opponent just pulled out of the fight, more to follow.
October 15, 2017
Colorado Archery Elk Camp, sitting down with Chuck Cooley who is a tournament archer and Nathan Ward one of the cameramen for this hunt. Nathan also discusses fishing for Taimen in Mongolia. Chuck discusses how to learn to hunt as an old codger.
September 10, 2017
Dan Predovich has done it all, cop, shooter, hunter, and friend of Jeff Cooper. Dan runs Rampart Training and talks about civilian training for Law Officers as well as convinces Kyle that maybe Ernie Hemingway wasn't a terrible person. We also talk about a few of the books Kyle has been reading.
August 8, 2017
Chili Palmer, VTAC Instructor, Drone expert, and retired Army Special Operations Sergeant Major joins us at Crusader Acres. Also in the studio is the one and only Lukas Lamb, Gun Pornographer, Improvisation and part of Team VTAC, oh and he is my son! We talk Panama, Tandem Jumping, a little shooting..guns and cameras.. comedy, and of course Lukas tells us the word that ALWAYS is the first thing on his mind. This was fun, hope you enjoy. Please leave a review, we would really appreciate it. Kyle Lamb
July 10, 2017
Hanging out with two of my hunting buddies, Jim Riley from Link's Wild Safaris and Mike Trenholm a retired Minnesota DNR Helicopter Pilot, the international man of mystery. We discuss hunting and hunting and living the good life. Hunting in New Zealand. Jim talks hunting with Kyle's parents in South Dakota.
June 11, 2017
Hanging out with Thee Warrior Poet himself, former Ranger Battalion dude, John Lovell. Drinking Black Rifle Coffee, shooting guns, talking smack. We discuss Leadership, Training, Perceiving Time, Perceiving your Sights, and History. God Bless America!
May 12, 2017
Charlie Daniels is a legend in the country music world, we sat down with Charlie at his studio and discussed the state of the union, square dancing, Louis L'amour, and Charlies Rapper Persona. We also talk about D-Day and what was happening in America at that time. Check out the podcast and go to 5.11 Tactical Facebook to win an Operator Axe.
April 16, 2017
We are joined by Oliver Falk the owner of Viking Tactics Germany. We talk shooting, tactics, training, and the ISOSOCLES shooting stance, and yes that is purposely spelled wrong. Enjoy
April 5, 2017
Pulled Evan off the streets of Germany to sit down and talk Coffee, Rib Bones, Business, Caffeine Content, Books, and Life. Evan has started and grown BRCC into the largest roast to order coffee company in the United States. They fuel those who love guns and coffee, and who don't care for hipsters.
March 21, 2017
Sat down with Tom Davin, CEO of 5.11 Tactical at IWA show in Nuremberg, Germany. Talking about business, the Marine Corps, Tom's Mom, what's next in the tactical world, living with a bunch of strong woman, and of course PT.
March 9, 2017
Podcast 6 Adam Painchaud VP Sig Sauer Academy and Air Force Veteran as well as LE Dude. Kyle and Adam talk guns, tactics, shooting, Sig Academy, and even dig into the Army Pistol Contract for the SIG 320.
March 1, 2017
We had a chance to sit down with Craig Morgan and talk honey bees, wooden spoons, hunting, faith and family. Craig made the jump from Army Ranger to the Country Music world and has done a wonderful job. Great Father and Friend, and also our Tennessee Neighbor.
February 17, 2017
Wayne Black from Miami joins Team VTAC’s Kyle Lamb. Wayne has participated in many of Kyle’s classes, they will discuss training, Normalcy Bias, Honorable Donald Rumsfeld, terrorists in Florida, and the need to stay vigilant.
February 12, 2017
Zion Pilgrim the crazy Kiwi from the South Island of New Zealand joins Kyle on the Team VTAC Podcast to talk guns, Tahr, guns, Stag, guns, coffee, well you get the idea. Preparing to hunt in New Zealand and what to expect. Also they will talk of Helicopter hunting for wallaby’s.
January 14, 2017
Craig Douglas aka SouthNarc from Shivworks joins Team VTAC and Kyle Lamb today. Craig and Kyle talk training and pedagogy, ECQC Course, undercover narc work, and even delve into the radical world of Turkey Plucking. Craig’s classes are like no other, tune in and see what he’s got cooking at Shivworks.
January 7, 2017
Join Kyle as he talks with Greg Poole from Bow Junky Media. Straight out of Arizona to the Team VTAC Podcast. We get into how he guided Kyle into making a podcast. Greg's recent Bison and Oryx Archery Hunts. Breaking the shot. Crossbows and why Greg likes or dislikes them. We might even have a little fun.
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