Nothing worse than a Les Parnes Scorned!
Oh Les you are making us women look like amateurs when we are scorned. #womenscorned #donaldyounevercalledme #lesyoudumpedbitch Marie Morris Colorado
Hillary Endorses Bernie podcast was my last
You know who didn’t endorse Bernie Sanders? Hillary Clinton and I’m with her. Tired of this gang of 4 white males lecturing women voters on how to defeat Trump next November. At least Fivethirteyeight podcast has 1 woman.
Easily One Of The Most Informative
Shan Froman
This pod fills me with info and joy and hope and humor, while informing me. It’s truly a blessing in my life!
Nothing Useful
If you like to hear people agree that Trump is bad, then this is ear candy, but unfortunately there’s nothing useful in regards to critical analysis or discussion. It’s largely just reading the news and telling us Trump is bad.
Listen for the ads
Only podcast I listen whose ads I actually enjoy as well. Apart from that this is a great podcast and very informative on what’s going on in the world of our crazy politics.
This is my all-time favorite political podcast
I listen to a lot of different podcasts and these guys are so informed, relatable, hilarious, entertaining and comprehensive in their analyses. They get great guests and have great rapport with each other too as they are real life friends. They strike a wonderful balance between Progressive and Moderate viewpoints on the Left, which is where I’m positioned these days. I see this as ultra important in keeping our Big Tent party together. Listen today. Great work guys and gal hosts/guests. Keep up the great work!!!
Centrist for nothing
More garbage
Forest Gump if politics
mama hart77
Thank you for the smiles!!! I need to try and stay positive and sane. It’s not easy with the criminal regime in charge.
I’m A Trump Supporter
Very far-Left partisan show but I enjoy listening to the other side.
Calm Down with your ads
Stopped listening and following because of to many ads.
Warren’s honesty.
These fools just said the person that has been lying about her heritage for years is honest.
All of these people are liars. I recommend everyone listen to this so we never elect people like this to ever hold any office in our country. Can’t wait for those liberal tears to flow in 2020
First half is Insider jokes and swearing
Skip to half way thru to get to meat. Other podcasts do similar quality analysis without inducing nausea.
Love you guys
You are always a great part of my week! Keep doing what you’re doing.
Center-right neo liberals
Good at speaking, and pretty decent politics. The underarching message is neo liberal pro corporate politics “pushing” for incremental small change on the margins to make people feel better. If your a leftie or left curious check out true left media and thought processes so you don’t get stuck in all the neo liberal catch 22s and justifications. Also if the most important thing is for trump to be defeated and you believe “Bernie bros” will take their ball and go home and cost the election then you have to support Bernie in the primary.
Can’t listen anymore
Honesty have given the Crooked Media pods the last two years listening and I can no longer support them over their distortions and passive aggressive attacks on progressive democrats in the US.
Thank You PSA
you give me hope for America. please keep it up. and everyone: VOTE!
Could Tommy speak louder?
Could Tommy please speak up? I love this pod and hate how I can’t understand what he says when he drops half his sentences. (Earlier I said Dan and I meant Tommy!)
It’s a shame...
I’ve enjoyed this podcast for a long time but their takes on the Warren/Sanders conversation were too predictable and disappointing.
Ignorance of the highest order
tyler tylerson
I listen to this podcast to understand the discussion and talking points of the left allowing me to become fully informed and develop my own opinions. This gives me the ability to see from their prospective and generally use their own arguments against them. Thanks for the information. Stay crazy dems
Very smart people talking about serious issues yet keeping it funny and interesting. If only the majority of the public were as educated and knowledgeable about what is really going on.
Neon apologist
It’s 2020 and you’re not listening to pod save America? What are you, new?
Warren Biased?
I really enjoy PSA, and have been a dedicated listener for the past year and a half. I know they said they wouldn't endorse a candidate, but the last few pods and months seem to have a heavy, heavy Warren bias. Not sure what they have against Bernie either; could never figure it out. They fail to cover Bernie in a balance manner and often leaves him out. For example, they did a few pods covering the Iowa Caucus and seemed to only follow Warren or Pete supporters with a dash of other candidates. They do give Bernie and others credit when it's due, but the more I listen to this podcast, the more "establishment" it feels compared to say, The Intercept. I will still continue listening because they do have good analysis, but would like to see less bias and a more balanced coverage among all candidates.
How many lies can you fit in exactly ?
12 in five minutes is par now. Look forward to you breaking your record!!
Great for keeping up with a fast paced media world
I love keeping up with current events, and the guys at the pod usually bring up topics I haven’t heard yet or expand upon more popular topics. It’s a great mix of personalities to keep it fun and interesting, and I appreciate the knowledge they bring from their backgrounds having actually worked in the White House. This is definitely my favorite podcast.
good but a bit repetitive
Limma voom
This was the first podcast I ever subscribed to. It's good quality and each episode follows current news. At the time of Trump's election, the podcast gave a really satisfying voice to how I was feeling. I especially appreciate Lovett's segments. However, all of the podcasters seem to share almost exactly the same views. So the episodes sort of blur together after you've listened for a while. Sad to say but I don't think I can keep listening 2 years later.
helps me stay informed
funny and gives me the lates political news!
Is this a right wing psy-op?
Not Michiku Kakutani
I'm a left-leaning listener, and I can't get over how dumb these hosts are. They have the opinions of house-bound MSNBC viewers. It's like politics is just a job for these guys, or maybe a spectator sport. So breathlessly bad and class-uninformed, it makes you wonder if the Jons are being paid to make the Democratic party a permanent opposition party. One of them even suggested to Elizabeth Warren that she double down on her dubious Native American ancestry and take that fateful DNA test. That's the level of idiocy you get with these hosts.
No thanks
Anne Marie C
I would like the left to stay over here on the left, where it belongs.
Not your best work
Our president calls news he doesn’t like “fake news”. Iran just kills reporters they don’t like. We have open discussion about the religious rights of bakers serving homosexuals. Iran hangs them from cranes. You can at least pretend you aren’t rooting for Iran.
Surface level analysis
Not well informed opinions...
They lie but they are funny
They lie but they are funny
Neoliberal Punditry
News coverage by the walking embodiments of every thing wrong with the American center-right Democrat party that excuses war crimes and corruption as long as though committing the acts are on the blue side. Save yourself the time and listen to Chapo instead
Two faced
These guys were all about “Beto”, now u don’t hear a peep about him anymore. Now they say that The Iranian leader is a normal guy 🤦🏻‍♂️. These guys just can’t get over the fact that Trump beat their beloved Hillary , whom they use to bash when they had the 1600 Pennsylvania podcast
It’s an echo Chamber
Look. I don’t want to give this show one star cause it can be informative but it’s hard to listen to. I feel like the show is 90% anti-Trump/anti-republican rhetoric, 5% selling stuff that relates to anti-Trump/anti-republican rhetoric, and the rest is them patting themselves on the back. I was really hoping this show would be a different view point on current events or possibly a debate on certain controversial political topics but I was sorely let down. I feel like the only people that listen to your show are those that would populate an echo chamber. I (with some differing opinions) want to listen to your show but can’t stay tuned past a few minutes. Please learn how to reach out to viewers that might differ in opinion. ...also there is so much unnecessary cursing. It is possible to say at least one sentence without sprinkling in the “F” word everywhere. It’s a real turn off in my opinion.
No facts
Far left pathetic guys who use no facts, only their feelings.
White dudes and bias. But it’s ok
Player - lvl 25
Listen to these guys and Ben Shapiro. Then assume the facts of whatever is being discussed lie somewhere in between. Second, id just like to highlight that this podcast is largely a bunch of white dudes telling minority voters how they should think and vote for their own good. Rich. The epitome of the lefts covert racism. Ok. That said. This podcast was highly recommended by many of my peers, so I gave it a go. I thoroughly enjoy 70% of the content; these guys are smart, well connected and informed, passionate and witty (bonus points). However they are very biased, and a bit too so for my taste. I understand they are trying to push a message, but their blatant disregard for opposing arguments and the immediacy with which they make claims of malice from the other side are sometimes dishonest, and annoying for anyone looking for objectivism. They also refuse to debate others in real time, which shows, imo, lack of confidence in the logic and reason of their arguments. All in all, this is a good way to get content.
Don’t know what I would do without you guys! You are always a joy to listen to.
Love Podcast, really missed everyone over holiday break. Question: I heard that Trump admin is still negotiating with the Taliban? Also, seems that Our missile detection system failed to stop Iranian missiles. Is this correct? This was a statement by Mohamed Marandi Iranian journalist.
A nearly perfect pod
Seriously love this pod and most of what I hear from Crooked Media. No BS critiques of the political spectrum. Got me through some political hard times these past few years... Lovett’s wisecracks and Jon’s (John’s?) potty mouth are exactly what I need sometimes. Amazing guests who bring expertise and insight. They can go granular or global without making listeners confused. My ONLY complaint is that the episodes are too long and the commentary can be repetitive. There are lots of great pods to pick from and I sometimes don’t like spending 1.5 hours in analyzing the latest political s—-storm(s) our country is dealing with. Maybe make a streamlined version at 45 minutes and keep extra for a bonus episodes?
jim the annoying cow
Reading through some reviews it’s very clear the republican nazi type folk do not like this podcast. I’m sold.
You guys are the best!
I really enjoy listening to these guys because they stay on top of the political scene and they have a way of explaining it to some of us who didn’t major in political science so we can understand some of the areas that aren’t always clear. They also have a way of bringing a lot of humor into some news that if they weren’t making you laugh over some of Trumps stupidity you’d probably want to cry. Great job to all of you.
Favorite Political Podcast
This is my favorite political podcast, and possibly my favorite podcast in general. It’s informative, funny, interesting, and a great way to stay up to date on what’s going on in US politics. The guys are hilarious and have great banter with each other, and they make the information accessible. Their background working for Obama provides an interesting perspective for the rest of us who are a little less politically savvy. They’re obviously left-leaning, but any sane person is these days. They’re pretty fair to all Democrats and don’t favor one presidential candidate over another. The only negative is the tons of ads and housekeeping stuff you have to listen to/skip over to get to the good stuff, but honestly, the guys are pretty entertaining even when they’re reading that material!
Brutal show
Bunch of spoiled rotten losers with no vision
A bunch of morons with no backbone. They all have no authority on the topics they present. It’s quite ridiculous!
Do some research
I feel like they cruise the web a few hours before the show for their information, and aren’t very concerned with accuracy.
Past it’s shelf life
Where do former Washington staffers go to fade into the cultural woodwork? Podcasts! Couple of earnestly smug mooks cracking wise about current events. Bent to the left like a wicked curve ball. Best moments are the ad libs in the commercials.
Echo Chamber
A smug group of elitists sitting around echoing each-others clearly biased utterances.
Roll my eyes
Chris Schweitzer
Very biased non factual opinion “news”
Good podcast...theme song is worst on earth
Emily McEmily
The theme song is like nails on a whole school of chalkboards, it helps me realize that I’m on the edge of an oncoming migraine because it’s so awful. I skip the first 2 mins to get away from ANY parts of the theme. This is the only theme song more grating than the one for No Such Thing As A Fish. In hell, satan themself will be playing the theme on a Casio keyboard as he whips the gathered banished souls with a nerds rope without letting them eat any of it. I’m begging you. Change it. Please.
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