June 29, 2020
How can telling your authentic story completely alter your destiny? Jamie Kern Lima, cofounder of IT Cosmetics, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and speaker was getting rejections for 3 years and really struggled to get her business off the ground. But her persistence and belief in her mission led to a 10 minute opportunity on QVC that would ultimately fuel her calling to empower women, and lead to a billion dollar success story. She shares why it's important to know your Why, how to stay focused when you're constantly hit with the no's and the doubters, and how to stay authentically true to you so you can connect with the people who need your gifts. - Follow Jamie on Instagram @jamiekernlima - Thanks KiwiCo! Get 30% off your first month on selected crates at
June 25, 2020
How can you let go of the should's that have kept you stuck your whole life? Tricia Huffman, better known as Your Joyologist, is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and podcaster who was touring as a sound engineer when she realized she could invent a new role and help successful musicians on a deeper level to claim more joy and purpose in their life. She shares how to choose what makes you come alive, stop letting other people's judgment keep you from living your dream, and discover the key to becoming fulfilled. - Follow Tricia on Instagram @yourjoyologist - Links to Tricia's Own Your Awesome app, affirmation cards, and YouTube series at - Listen to Tricia's podcast Claim It! with Your Joyologist wherever you get your podcasts - Thanks Azlo! for a Free copy of Azlo’s Small Business Starter Guide.
June 22, 2020
How do you look for the good when the world can feel like a dark and challenging place? Jason Mraz, Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum artist, singer songwriter, and musician has sold millions of albums and performed all around the world - but he has always stayed grounded in being a vessel for goodness and kindness. He shares how to stop worrying about what other people think of you, how to live in alignment through your words, actions, beliefs, thoughts, and attitude, and how to enjoy the messiness of creating something great. - Get Jason's newest album Look for the Good on Apple Music or buy the vinyl
June 18, 2020
How can your excitement and passion for making other people feel good become a multimillion dollar brand? Alli Webb, cofounder of Drybar and Squeeze is one of the nation's most celebrated entrepreneurs, and everything she's built has been done without a college degree. She shares how to create an unforgettable experience for your customers, how to raise the bar among the competition, and why self care is an essential ingredient so you can show up as the best version of yourself. - Follow Alli Webb on Instagram @alliwebb, Drybar @thedrybar and Squeeze @squeeze - Thanks Purple! Get $150 off any Purple mattress order of $1500 or more at, code dreamjob - Thanks Book of the Month! Get your first book for $9.99 at, code dreamjob
June 15, 2020
How can you change your beliefs that keep you stuck? Byron Katie, bestselling author and founder of The Work had to hit rock bottom before discovering the power of The Work and helping millions of others around the world. She shares how to use her 4 questions + the turnaround to revolutionize your life, how to build awareness around the self induced lies that no longer serve you, and how to take responsibility for your freedom and happiness. - More of Byron Katie at - Get the Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet & more resources available here - Thanks Fiverr!, code dream for 10% off your first order. - Thanks ShipStation!, code dreamjob for a Free 60 day trial
June 11, 2020
How do you stop playing small and step into the role you're meant to be? Today's episode celebrates the journeys of 4 more Made to Do This students! Find out how Jayati Vora, Bree-Anna Vincent, Laura McNeice, and Angie Bailey discovered their voice, pivoted towards where they could serve, and began growing online businesses that have taken flight. Support our amazing students! Jayati Vora - Website Use code Cathy for $40 off the adult writing workshops or 1:1 coaching - Instagram @jayativora - Listen to Jayati's podcast Cutting Chai Stories wherever you listen to podcasts! - Facebook Group - Sign up for Jayati's workshop with VAWAA (Vacation with an Artist) June 14th! - Join the online open art studios with Jayati & more MTDT students on June 20th! All proceeds go to Black Art Futures Fund & NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Bree-Anna Vincent - Instagram @breeannavincent - Get the details on all Bree-Anna's upcoming projects (book, Thrive Coach Academy) here Laura McNeice - Join Laura's Thursday paint nights! - Website - Instagram @lauramcneiceart - Facebook Group Angie Bailey - Learn calligraphy from Angie in her Fabulous Faux Calligraphy Course! Use code DKYDJ for 25% off - Website: - Instagram @angiebaileyartandsoul - Facebook Group - Thanks Express VPN! for an extra 3 months free on a one-year package
June 8, 2020
How can you stop making excuses and choose to move forward? John O'Leary, bestselling author, world renowned speaker, and podcaster uses his story of surviving a traumatic fire to inspire others to get out of their own way and make the most of their life. He shares a morning routine you can practice to find gratitude, the 5 senses to reawaken your childlike awe, and the ways you can free yourself from your own limitations. - Get your copy of In Awe by John O'Leary! - Thanks Bombas! to get 20% off your first order
June 4, 2020
In support of the black community, we're shining a light on the inspiring stories and wisdom from these brilliant black female entrepreneurs. You'll hear from amazing guests like Morgan Harper Nichols, Jenné Claiborne, Jamila Souffrant, Ahyiana Angel, Tomi Makanjuola, Gail Keyes Allen, Patrice Washington, Jessica Huie, and Jadah Sellner on how they've paved their own entrepreneurial path, found the courage to make their voices heard, and how you can follow in their footsteps to create a life you love. Check out what these amazing ladies are creating & give them some love! - Morgan Harper Nichols:, IG @morganharpernichols - Gail Keyes Allen:, IG @gailkeyesallen - Tomi Makanjuola:, IG @vegannigerian - Jenné Claiborne:, IG @sweetpotatosoul - Jessica Huie:, IG @jessica_huie_ - Ahyiana Angel:,, IG @ahyiana.angel - Jamila Souffrant:, IG @journeytolaunch - Patrice Washington:, IG @seekwisdompcw - Jadah Sellner:, IG @jadahsellner
June 1, 2020
How can you monetize your creative gifts? Jennifer Allwood, business coach, entrepreneur, podcaster and author took many turns in her career, and ultimately found her calling by helping women build a lucrative business using their talents. She shares the 7 ways you can make money online, how to grow your following on social media, and how to get unstuck from your fear so you can show up in the world and live the life you desire. - Read Jennifer's book Fear is Not The Boss of You - Listen to The Jennifer Allwood Show wherever you get your podcasts - Follow Jennifer on Instagram @jenniferallwood - Thanks KiwiCo! to get your first month Free on select crates
May 28, 2020
How do you create deep relationships with your audience and figure out what they want? Gaby Dalkin was a picky eater who challenged the doubters and became a 3x cookbook author, trained chef, recipe developer, entrepreneur, and food & lifestyle blogger with a product line in Williams Sonoma. She shares how to poll and engage your audience on social media, how to stand out by telling your story, how revealing the painful times in her life expanded her community, and how to become a person who manifests their own dreams. - Get your copy of Gaby's new cookbook! Eat What You Want - Join Gaby's culinary school! - Follow Gaby on Instagram @whatsgabycookin
May 25, 2020
What are the steps to create, sell, and deliver an online course that will get people results? Greg Smith, cofounder of Thinkific, built the online platform to allow entrepreneurs to teach what they love and expand their business. He shares how to develop trust with your new students, how to get clarity on the result and the steps you want to take them through, why you need a community around your course, and how to make the best experience for the people you're going to impact. - Grab Greg's resource list! - Thanks Purple!, code dreamjob for $150 off any mattress order of $1500 or more
May 21, 2020
When you have the courage to serve and put your offer in the world, what possibilities could arise? We feature 4 more stories from our Made to Do This students - Nadine Kenney Johnstone, Maddie Cartwright, Hannah Blunk, and Gail Keyes Allen - who showed up to do the work, served their audience through generosity, broke through their upper ceiling and took the scary step to make a paid offer. You'll hear how they've now been able to leave the day job behind, triple their income, and sustain their business during times of major pivots. - Do you want to be coached by Cathy? Join Made to Do This! - Watch the replays from our free 5 day challenge - Thanks Bombas! for 20% off your first purchase Support all our fabulous students! Nadine Kenney Johnstone - Website: - IG: @nadinekenneyjohnstone - Free 4-day Author-preneur Fest! May 26-29, 2pm CT - Publicity (in Your PJs) Program (begins May 31st!) Enter code cathy20 to get 20% off - For all Nadine's offerings Maddie Cartwright - Website: - IG: - Facebook: Hannah Blunk - Website: - IG: @the.orderly.nest  - Facebook Group: - Sip & Sort Email Newsletter: - Sip & Sort Podcast Gail Keyes Allen: - Website: - IG: @gailkeyesallen - Facebook Page: - Facebook Group: - Gail's offerings: - Midlife Moneymaker Podcast
May 18, 2020
How can you make a living by showing up and being the true version of yourself? Laura Belgray, copy expert and co-creator of The Copy Cure returns (for a third time!) to share her best tips on how to be prolific and rise above average, how to make the most of this time and make your pivot, how to authentically connect with your email list when you have something to sell, and how to get paid to be you. - Watch the replay videos from our free 5 day challenge - Take our life changing program Made to Do This! - Join The Copy Cure with Laura and Marie Forleo! Doors close May 20th - Sign up for Laura's newsletter at - Thanks Fiverr! code dreamjob for 10% off your first order. - Thanks Skillshare! for 2 Free months
May 17, 2020
What money beliefs are keeping you stuck from making the money you deserve? In this bonus episode, Cathy shares a powerful session from our challenge about how to let go of the lies you tell yourself, raise your prices and your worth, and give yourself permission to have more money so you can spread your generosity to the world. - Watch all the replays from the free Here for This Challenge! - Doors are open to Made to Do This until Friday!
May 14, 2020
How do you figure out what you're made to do? Today we're celebrating 4 amazing journeys from our awesome Made to Do This graduates! You'll hear from Sadie Simper, Katie Morland, Adrienne Mitford, and Jillian Soprano about how they entered Cathy's program seeking clarity and direction, then gathered the courage to take messy action and ask their audience what they need, pivoted in a pandemic, and began generating thousands of dollars to build an income and a life that allows them to do the work they were made to do. - Doors to Made to Do This are now open! Support all these fabulous students! Sadie Simper - Website: - Instagram: @sadiesimperdesigns Katie Morland - Website: - Facebook Group: Mommy Needs a Laugh - Instagram: @mommy_needs_a_laugh Adrienne Mitford - Website: - Instagram: @dolife.beyou - Facebook Group - LinkedIn: Jillian Soprano - Website: (Use code CATHY to get a free card with any purchase!) - Instagram: @studio.soprano - Facebook Group: - Thanks ExpressVPN! for an extra 3 months FREE on a one-year package.
May 11, 2020
When you stop chasing money, how can that lead to more wealth, prosperity and purpose? Patrice Washington, transformational speaker, coach, bestselling author, and podcaster had bounced back after the recession and thought she was doing great as "America's Money Maven." But she realized her bigger purpose was to help people redefine wealth and serve through their purpose. She shares how to give yourself permission to embrace the gift you already have, how to work on your inner trauma so your business and wellbeing can grow, why an audience of one has tremendous power, and how to surrender when all seems lost - because that's when the new version of you can emerge. - Join our free 5 day challenge (starts today!) - Get more of Patrice at - Listen to her podcast Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington wherever you get your podcasts! - Say hi to Patrice on Instagram @seekwisdompcw - Thanks ShipStation! Try ShipStation free for 60 days at, code dreamjob.
May 10, 2020
Happy Mother's Day! In honor of all the moms and parents, Cathy and Lowell share their honest thoughts on the biggest blessings and challenges of raising their daughters, their own parents' parenting styles that had the most major impact, and their long fertility journey. - Join the free 5 day Here for This challenge!
May 7, 2020
What are the steps to become spiritually and financially abundant? Emma Mumford, award winning life coach and mentor, bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster thought she reached the dream life by building a thriving online business and becoming UK's Coupon Queen. But after falling into a deep depression, she set off on a spiritual journey to manifest the true life she desired and stepped into a new role as a Spiritual Queen. She shares the exercises to help you learn to love yourself, the 5 steps to becoming positively wealthy, and the actions you can take to meet the universe halfway and become abundant in all areas of your life. - Join our free 5 day challenge! - Get more of Emma at - Listen to Emma's Spiritual Queen's Badass Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts - Follow Emma on Instagram @iamemmamumford
May 4, 2020
How do you find your audience and turn that into an online platform that reaches a worldwide community? Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, bestselling author, and podcaster stumbled into the world of online business while struggling to make ends meet as a law student. Now she has an empire of over 800,000 women who are inspired and empowered every day through her platform. She shares how to build your network, what components go into a successful online membership, how to be intentional and excited about the way you serve, and how to keep showing up for your vision. - Join our free 5 day challenge! - Follow Carrie on Instagram @iamcarriegreen and @femaleentrepreneurassociation - Get more of Carrie's Female Entrepreneur Association at - Thanks KiwiCo! Get your first month free on select crates at
May 3, 2020
What happens when you make a podcast about the honest harsh truths of your relationship? Danielle and Adam Silverstein decided to start their Marriage and Martinis Podcast when their marriage was on the brink of collapsing. They chat with Cathy and Lowell about how sharing the raw brokenness of their marriage actually saved it and created a business, how the quarantine has affected their family dynamics, why they prefer sleeping separately, and what they fight about the most. - Listen to Danielle's previous episode on the podcast! - Listen to Marriage and Martinis wherever you get your podcasts - Follow Marriage and Martinis on Instagram @marriageandmartinis - Join the next Zoom call with Cathy and Lowell by signing up here
April 30, 2020
How can you use rapid testing to find out what your customers want and grow a media empire? Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co, entrepreneur, author and podcast host spent her early career at dream companies like Apple and Google, but realized she was hungry for more creativity in her life. She shares how rapid iteration has helped her understand her community's needs, how to make a small offer that will generate quick income, how new platforms can be used to your advantage, and how to step into your purpose as an entrepreneur and make this your moment. - Join the free 5 day Here for This Challenge! - Get all the fun of Brit + Co at - Take Brit + Co's courses! - Follow Brit on Instagram @brit and Brit + Co @britandco - Listen to Teach Me Something New wherever you get your podcasts! - Thanks Purple! Get $150 off any mattress order of 1500 or more at, code dreamjob
April 27, 2020
How can you turn what seems impossible to the possible? Ozan Varol, rocket scientist turned law professor, podcaster, and author grew up believing that the sky was the limit, and he's made it his mission to empower you to dream bigger and turn it into a reality. He shares how to adapt your skills and resources to make the most of this moment, learn from your failures and successes, exercise your optimism muscle, and drop your ego so you can step into your customer's shoes and fully serve them with what they need. - Join our Free 5 Day Here for This challenge! - Get Ozan's book Think Like a Rocket Scientist and grab your book bonuses! - Sign up for Ozan's weekly newsletter
April 26, 2020
What is it like being married to Cathy? Cathy's husband Lowell joins the podcast for this inaugural episode of our Real Life Talk series. You'll find out what pet peeves they have about each other, how much their spending habits differ, what triggers they've carried from childhood that impact their relationship, and what pros and cons come with being married to someone with big dreams. - Want to join the live virtual audience? Sign up for updates here
April 23, 2020
How can you make millions by selling what feels good to you? Allie Casazza, "The Life Minimalist," podcast host of The Purpose Show, and online course creator was stuck in a wintery Arkansas, frustrated by her family's financial situation. After many 4 am mornings and unsuccessful flops, she found the key that would make her business soar and help others find more ease at home. She shares how to launch a course without funnels and formulas, replace a rigid routine with rhythms, connect with your community on a genuine level, and rinse off the feelings and fears that are holding you down. - What program should we build for you next? It would mean the world if you could fill out this survey - Join the STAR giveaway! Details here - Follow Allie on Instagram @allie_thatsme - Listen to The Purpose Show with Allie Casazza wherever you get your podcasts - Get Allie's free Minimalist starter kit! - Create your own Enough List - Thanks ShipStation! Get a 60 day Free trial at, code dreamjob
April 20, 2020
How do you accept the calling you've been given and make a thriving business from it? Stefanie Gass, clarity coach, podcast coach, and host of the Mompreneur Mastermind Show stopped climbing the corporate and the network marketing ladders after realizing that lifestyle was a lie. Now she's made it her mission to help bring clarity to other people's dreams, and turn those ideas into a sustainable business. She shares how to stop judging the gift you've been assigned, launch a top podcast, find your specific target avatar, and create a profitable offer that will solve their problem and serve their needs. - Enter the STAR giveaway! Details here - Listen & subscribe to Stefanie's Mompreneur Mastermind Show wherever you listen to podcasts! - Get more of Stefanie at - Thanks Fiverr!, code dreamjob for 10% off
April 16, 2020
What is the secret to being confident and courageous? Susie Moore, author, columnist, and life coach is back on the show to reveal some of the best wisdom from her new book, Stop Checking Your Likes. She shares how to choose calm over chaos, why it's more generous to the world when you let it be easy, how to filter out the opinions that don't matter, and how to focus on what you can control so you can unlock a life of peace, and contribution. - Join the book club! - Sign up for our newsletter - Read Susie's book! - Get more of Susie - Listen to Susie's first episode on the podcast
April 13, 2020
How can you get out of your own way and see through the lies you tell yourself? Dave Hollis, CEO of the Hollis Co, author, speaker, coach, and podcast host was at the top of the career ladder, but felt unfulfilled when there was no room left to grow. So he dropped his ego, joined the Hollis Co, and has led the company to incredible growth. He shares how to bring your struggle into the light, serve your customers by offering overwhelming amounts of value, change your relationship with failure, and raise your capability to survive the hardest challenges. - Join the book club! - Sign up for our newsletter - Follow Dave on Instagram and Facebook @mrdavehollis! - More of The Hollis Co at - Get Dave's book Get Out of Your Own Way - Thanks Shipstation! Try 60 days free at, code dreamjob
April 9, 2020
How do you turn your pain into your greatest asset? Rabbi David Aaron, spiritual visionary, master educator, and author truly believes that we have all been given a gift. But not everyone has risen to the responsibility and moral obligation to share it with the people who need it. He shares how to take the broken parts you've been given and turn it into treasure, why every choice you make is the right choice, and how to start loving yourself for the sake of the world. - Join the book club! - Sign up for our email newsletter for weekly biz tips - Get more of Rabbi David Aaron at
April 6, 2020
What foundational pieces does it take to launch an online clothing brand without a brick and mortar? Christy Dawn and Aras Baskauskas, founders of Christy Dawn wanted to create and celebrate a style that was in alignment with their values of sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion world. They share how to get resourceful and create a story around your product, adapt to change and make your brand and your voice essential to the world, become in harmony with the rest of the world, and let go of your old belief system and wake up to your worth. - Join the free DKYDJ book club! - Get more of Christy Dawn at - Follow Christy Dawn on Instagram @christydawn  - Thanks Skillshare! Get 2 free months at
April 2, 2020
How can making mistakes and defining who you don't serve actually help your business thrive? Kristyn Miller, photographer, creative coach, podcaster, and a DKYDJ listener was suffering from workaholism and burnout. After waking up to the life that wasn't fulfilling her, she decided to go all in and turn her photography side hustle into a full time business. She shares how she built her clientele, earned 6 figures by focusing on serving her niche, and how you can embrace the mistakes and flops that become your greatest lessons. - Join the free book club! - Get more of Kristyn at - Follow Kristyn on Instagram @kristynmillerphotography - Listen to Kristyn's podcast Through the Lens of Motherhood
March 30, 2020
How do you find your resilience when the challenges in front of you seem impossible to overcome? Amy Purdy, 3x Paralympic medalist, motivational speaker, and bestselling author lost both her legs, her kidneys, and was given a 2% chance to live at just 19 years old. After fighting death, she made it her mission to live her best life and inspire others to do the same. She sheds a light on how to be creative during challenging times, accept the scars that make you who you are, and have faith that even though we don't know why anything is happening, it will all make sense in the end. - Join the book club! - Follow Amy on Instagram @amypurdygurl - Get more of Amy at - Read Amy's book On My Own Two Feet - Watch Amy's speech on Goalcast
March 26, 2020
How can you keep stepping into the flow when it feels like the whole world is upside down? Cathy shares the important lessons from one of the chapters from her book and a mindfulness exercise to help you through these uncertain times. She covers how our mind and immune system react when we feel anxiety vs. calm, how to move from the darkness into possibilities, begin your pivot into the online space, and bring things into the world that are essential to you. - Join the free book club
March 23, 2020
How do you leverage what you don't have and create a multi million dollar business? Alison Prince, entrepreneur, mentor, podcaster, and online business expert began her entrepreneurial journey by being resourceful and turning her leftover trash into a buyable treasure. She shares how to create a habit with your customers, why it's your responsibility to make money and keep the economy alive, how to use your llama to get people's attention, and how to build connections with micro influencers and create a win-win-win situation. - Join the book club! - Enter the giveaway for a free coaching session + more yummy prizes! - Listen to Alison's Because I Can Life Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! - Follow Alison on Facebook and Instagram @alisonjprince - Thanks Fiverr! Get 10% off at, code dreamjob
March 19, 2020
How can you make every day a gift? Cathy shares her thoughts on the impact of the coronavirus and her new paradigm shift in this seemingly dark time. She helps you make every day epic, take this opportunity to give massive value and fulfill the essential human needs, and find equanimity so you can free yourself from the pain of resistance, and be with things as they are. - Join the book club! Starts Monday March 23 @ 11:30 am PT
March 16, 2020
How can you stay ahead of your natural reaction to fear? Our brains are always on the lookout for threats, and now it seems more prevalent than ever. Cathy shares a call about how to redirect your mind from the survival instinct of worrying, welcome in your full scope of emotions, and charge your personal batteries so that you're prepared to take on any challenge ahead. - Join the DKYDJ Book Club! Sign up here for updates - Check out Heather Chauvin's work at - Thanks Bombas! Get 20% off your first purchase at - Thanks Fiverr! Get 10% off your first order at, code dreamjob - Thanks True Botanicals!  Get 10% off your first purchase at
March 12, 2020
How do you find your voice as a stand up comedian and a writer for one of the most popular late night talk show hosts? Brian Kiley, Emmy Award winning writer, comedian, and author always had a passion for making people laugh, but he didn't know the roadmap to making that a career. He shares what it takes to write for Conan for over 25 years, how to leave your day job the smart way, how to make a decision when you're terrified of being wrong, and how to explore the sides of yourself that you didn't even know were within you. - Get more of Brian at - Follow Brian on Twitter @kileynoodles - Thanks Bambee! to schedule your free HR audit
March 9, 2020
How did a yoga clothing line become a movement that makes a difference? Ian Lopatin, cofounder of Spiritual Gangster, built a brand that makes his customers feel good about what they wear and what they stand for. He shares how to find different ways to be of service, intentionally create a product that motivates your community to spread love and kindness, and use energy and enthusiasm to open the doors to your own opportunity. - Follow Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller for awesome giveaways! - Learn more about Spiritual Gangster at - Get in touch with Ian - Join the movement to spread goodness & make an impact - Thanks Shipstation! Try it for free for 60 days at, code dreamjob
March 5, 2020
How can putting out your you-ness on YouTube scale your business? Sunny Lenarduzzi, an expert video, marketing, social media and brand strategist skyrocketed her career when she figured out how the keys to gain more visibility on YouTube.  She shares how her Sunny System has generated over $6 million of YouTube income, how to embrace your insecurities, what types of video content attracts the most viewers and dollars, and why selling your offer is doing a favor to your community. - Enter the giveaway! Share the podcast or Cathy's book Don't Keep Your Day Job on Instagram and tag @cathy.heller - Get more of Sunny at - Watch Sunny's YouTube channel - Listen to The Sunny Show wherever you listen to podcasts!
March 2, 2020
How can you execute your vision and create the best experience for your customer? Jaclyn Johnson, founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate, podcaster and bestselling author of WorkParty almost went back to a day job after her first company nearly burned her out. But she decided to bet on herself, and now she's built an empire where she can lead other female founders to build the business of their dreams. She shares the importance of thoughtfulness when things don't go as planned, the best basic tenets of starting any business, and the reason why we should all be like horses and race with blinders on. - Get your $50 ticket to Arrive! Buy Cathy's book Don't Keep Your Day Job and email with a screenshot of the receipt so we can send you the coupon code. - Follow Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller for giveaways and to join her upcoming book club - Follow Jaclyn and all her amazing creations on Instagram @jaclynrjohnson @workparty @CreateCultivate - Find out more about Create & Cultivate at and WorkParty at - Thanks Honeybook! for 50% off your first year
February 27, 2020
How can you find the unique role you're meant to play and turn it into a reality? Ken Coleman, national radio show host of The Ken Coleman Show and bestselling author of The Proximity Principle took many pivots until he found his place as a counselor, coach and cheerleader for people across the country searching for their dream career. He shares how to manage your 3 enemies of fear, doubt and pride, how to get clarity on the work you love to do that bring the results you care about, break down an overwhelming dream into actionable steps, and how your impact on just one person can create major change in the world. - Get your ticket to Arrive Summit - Join the Instagram book club - Listen to The Ken Coleman Show - Read Ken's book The Proximity Principle - Thanks Clear! and code dreamjob for your first 2 months Free - Thanks True Botanicals! for 15% off your first purchase
February 24, 2020
How can you say no to the people and your own behaviors that don't serve you, and make space for the life you deserve? Sarah Knight, bestselling author of the No F*cks Given Guides is back on the podcast to talk about the biggest lessons from her latest book, F*ck No. She helps you learn how to set healthy boundaries, say no without feeling guilty or fearful, take the scary step of raising your prices, and build your "me time" so you can show up in this world as the more joyful and fulfilled version of you. - Come to the Arrive Summit! - One spot left for the next Glow Retreat! DM Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller for scholarship opportunities - Get Sarah's books at - Listen to Sarah's first time on the podcast - Thanks Fiverr! Get 10% off at, code dreamjob - Thanks Undercover Tourist! Plan your theme park vacationat
February 20, 2020
How can you break your own ceiling and step into your zone of genius? Cathy shares an important coaching call about how to embrace the pain to end your suffering, what the imperfect first versions of The Simpsons and Seth Godin's blog really looked like, how to summon 20 seconds of courage, and what opportunities will rain on you when you decide to be available for the life you deserve. - Come to Arrive Summit! Buy one get one free! - Join the Instagram book club! - Thanks Indeed! for a free sponsored job upgrade on your first posting.
February 17, 2020
How did a troubled, lost teen become a creative phenomenon featured on CNN, NPR and other national press? Timothy Goodman, designer, illustrator, muralist, and artist grew up with no clue of what direction to take. But he found his groove in designing murals and creating viral social experiments. He shares how he dealt with depression even after becoming a success, how to make your life into art, and how to commit to what you truly want to do. - Grab one of the last spots at our Glow Retreat (possibly the last one!) DM Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller - Come to the Arrive Summit! - Get more of Timothy at - Follow Timothy on Instagram @timothygoodman - Thanks Bambee! Get your free HR compliance audit at - Thanks Skillshare! Get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium Membership at
February 13, 2020
How can you become financially free and invest in yourself? Jamila Souffrant, creator of the blog and podcast Journey to Launch has built a financially free life for herself and she's on a mission to help others reach that destination. She teaches you how to recognize and reframe your true money mindset, how to buy more shares of you, and what 3 steps you can take to move closer to financial independence. - Enter the epic Galentine's Day Giveaway! Details here - Grab your ticket to Arrive Summit! - Get more of Jamila at - Thanks Echelon!
February 10, 2020
What worlds open up when you show up and give it a chance? Kevin Nealon, comedian, actor, and creator of Hiking with Kevin wasn't sure if he could make a living doing standup. He didn't think he would get a role on Saturday Night Live. But he said "Why not," went to the audition anyway, and the doors welcomed him in. He shares how to explore multiple passions, become a lifelong learner, challenge yourself to grow, and find the fantastic feeling of confronting your fears. - Get your Early Bird Ticket at Arrive Summit! - Join Cathy's Instagram Book Club! - More of Kevin Nealon at - Watch Hiking with Kevin!
February 6, 2020
When your passions change, how can you still stay aligned with your purpose? Julie Solomon, marketing/PR/personal branding expert, entrepreneur podcaster, and business coach thought she would be a mom blogger, until she realized her true place of service was by helping other people grow their business. She shares how to get clear on your ideal customer, start small and avoid the plateau, and rebrand so you can make a bigger difference to a bigger audience. - Only a few spots left for the Glow Retreat! - Get the early bird ticket to the Arrive Summit - Check out Julie's Shine membership program - Listen to Julie's The Influencer Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! - Thanks! for a free sponsored job upgrade on your first posting
February 3, 2020
How do you make a hard decision that satisfies your self interest but doesn't sacrifice your values? Yancey Strickler, author, creator of Bentoism, and cofounder of Kickstarter invented a new matrix to make peace with the part of him that didn't want to be a sellout and the part of him that knew he needed financial security. He shares how Kickstarter's ethos allowed the company to survive through unpopular decisions, how to step into the unafraid version of yourself, how to use Bentoism to serve your desires and become more generous, and how to fund your creative dreams with integrity. - Join Cathy's Instagram book club! - Apply for the Glow Retreat! - Get more of Yancey at and
January 30, 2020
How do you make your offer to your community and feel like the most generous person in the world? Chalene Johnson, health, fitness, marketing and business expert, entrepreneur, bestselling author, podcaster, and speaker has created one successful business after another by focusing on the problem she can solve for her audience. She shares how your quirks can build a connected and engaged tribe, the different ways to grow 6 figure online businesses without thousands of followers, and the step by step formula for launching your contribution to people who need you. - Apply for the Glow Biz Retreat! - Say hi to Chalene on Instagram @chalenejohnson - Listen to Chalene's podcasts Build Your Tribe and The Chalene Show wherever you listen to podcasts - Thank you Fiverr! 10% off at, code dreamjob
January 27, 2020
How can you add more stillness in your every day, and what possibilities can that unfold? Ryan Holiday, bestselling author, blogger, podcaster, and media strategist has been able to create masterpiece after masterpiece by focusing on the process instead of the results. He shares how to turn your obstacles into your advantage, how to detach your ego from the outcome, how to find stillness in the process, and why you need to be willing to share the work you create. - Apply for our next Glow Retreat! - More of Ryan Holiday at, and
January 23, 2020
How can you most effectively communicate your message and who you are? Cathy shares an exercise on how to get clarity around the parts of you that make up your brand, how to embrace your quirks, what 3 questions will help you with clearer marketing, and why you don't need to be afraid of putting a price on your work. - Doors close to Made to Do This on Friday! Join us at - Video replays to our 2020 Vision Challenge are still available until tonight 5 pm PST!
January 20, 2020
How do you let go of your need for perfection and control? Yeardley Smith, Emmy Award winning actress, novelist, podcast host and producer has played the iconic role of Lisa Simpson for over 30 years. But even with all the success she still has the same negative thoughts and anxieties that we all experience. She shares how to deal with disappointment, how to free yourself from other people's judgment, and why we need to tell the stories that would otherwise go unheard. - Join Made to Do This! - Listen to Yeardley's podcast Small Town Dicks -  Thanks Honeybook! for 50% off your first year - Thanks Skillshare! 2 Free months of Skillshare of Premium Membership at - Thanks Echelon!
January 16, 2020
How do you free yourself from the pain of your past and give yourself permission to be imperfect? Cathy shares a coaching call from our 2020 Vision Challenge that helps you find the courage to dream again, step out of the shadows of your old identity, and treat yourself with radical empathy so you can get into messy action towards the work you're supposed to contribute. - Join our 2020 Vision Challenge! 2 days left! Sign up at - Cathy's new coaching program
January 13, 2020
Instead of searching for what you're born to do, how can you serve by being of use? Bestselling author, world renowned blogger, and podcaster Seth Godin returns to share his valuable words of advice on finding better clients as a freelancer, what marketing truly means, how to embrace your impostor syndrome, and identify how you can be of use to the smallest viable audience who can’t live without what you can give them. - Join our 5 Day 2020 Vision Challenge! - Listen to Seth Godin's amazing podcast Akimbo - Read Seth's book Your Turn - Thanks Ship Station! Get a free 60 day trial at, code dreamjob - Thanks Skillshare! 2 free months of Premium Membership for free at
January 9, 2020
How can you be more intentional about the life you wake up to every morning? Kelsey Murphy, business & life coach, podcaster, speaker, and B-School mentor left her comfy career in advertising by searching for evidence of new possibilities and following the dreams that made her feel over the moon. She teaches you how to redefine and get clear on what you want your life to look like, how to use your existing relationships to get your first clients, and how to prioritize and take action on the to-do items that will actually move you closer to your vision. - Join our 5 day 2020 Vision Challenge! - Follow Kelsey on Instagram @kelseymurphy - Get Kelsey's free How to Plan Your Business Guide
January 6, 2020
What is the biggest block that's at the root of your limiting beliefs? In this special coaching call, Cathy shares a few key exercises to implement habits towards the person you want to be, disrupt your old narrative, rewrite the thoughts that no longer keep you protected, and step into a more empowered you. - Join the Free 2020 Vision Challenge! - Thanks ClassPass! First month Free at - Thanks Skillshare! 2 free months of Premium Membership at
January 2, 2020
How do you build intimacy and speak straight to the hearts of the people you are meant to serve? Entrepreneur, photographer, and podcaster Jasmine Star returns to help you make the most of your 2020. She shares her best wisdom on how to reverse engineer the champagne moments you want to have this year, map your actions to your ambitions, grow your audience by being more specific, and create your own success by becoming a standout. - Sign up for Cathy's free 5 Day Challenge! - Join Jasmine's free masterclass! - Listen to The Jasmine Star Show - Get more of Jasmine at - Get clear on your ideal client
December 30, 2019
What best advice from 2019 will help you create your own success in the New Year? We celebrate the end of the year with a roundup of important wisdom from some of our favorite conversations, including Morgan Harper Nichols, Emily McDowell, Howard Schultz, Colbie Caillat, Adam Grant, Gabby Bernstein, and many more. Use these key lessons to make 2020 the year when you overcome your perfectionism, take messy action, and serve the people who need your unique genius and gifts. - Join the 2020 Vision Challenge! - Thanks Honeybook! for 50% off your first year. - Thanks Buffy!, code DREAMJOB for $20 off
December 26, 2019
What amazing things have our listeners created in 2019? We celebrate your biggest accomplishments of the year in this listener win roundup! From writing books, opening vegan bakeries, quitting day jobs, and finding the people who you are built to serve - these inspiring, heartfelt stories will open your eyes to all the incredible possibilities that are within your reach when you do it scared, find the belief that you're worth a life you love, and take the messy steps towards the thing you were made to do.
December 23, 2019
How do you know when to let go of an old dream, and pivot so you can make an even bigger contribution? Derek Sivers, writer, entrepreneur, musician, podcaster, and founder of CD Baby has an unrelenting thirst for new challenges and new growth. He shares how to make the decision to get laser focused on a different calling, let yourself evolve into a new personality, question your own answers, and trust that being unapologetically you can work in your favor. - Get more of Derek at - Watch the full interview on video - Thanks Skillshare! Get 2 Free months at
December 19, 2019
How can your content make a lasting impression on the next generation and change their lives? Angela Santomero, Emmy Award winning creator, executive producer, and head writer of legendary television shows like Blue's Clues, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Wishenpoof, and many more found the right formula to empower, entertain, and educate the young souls of the world. She shares what makes a pitch get the green light, how to change lives through radical kindness, and how to let your inner child roam free. - Come to Cathy's free book signing on the east coast! RSVP here - Find all of Angela's work at - Thanks Netsuite! for your free guide - Thanks ShipStation! code dreamjob for a free 60 day trial
December 16, 2019
How do you get people to care enough about your offer and make a purchase? Alli Worthington, author, business coach, entrepreneur, and podcaster went from a stay at home mom who lost her home to becoming the breadwinner of the family. Now she's focused on empowering women to take their lives and their business to the next level. She shares how to validate your idea and collect the data, how to infuse your message into what the audience wants, what potential customers want to know before making a purchase, and how to raise your prices with confidence. - Join Cathy at her free book signing on the east coast! Dec. 29th @ 4 pm EST. RSVP here - Get more of Alli at - Watch the interview on video - Thanks Everlane! - Thanks FabFitFun! $10 off your first box at, code dreamjob - Thanks Skillshare! 2 Free months of Skillshare at
December 12, 2019
How can you find your worth when you're surrounded by doubt and pain? Amber Lilyestrom, business coach, author, speaker, and podcaster has used her trauma to rise towards her life's work in helping other people ignite their souls. She shares how to redefine your worth, gain clarity on the life you deeply desire, get into the awareness of who you want to serve, and let your genius shine through generous value. - Get more of Amber Lilyestrom at - Watch the full interview on video - Thanks Legacy Box! Save 60% at - Thanks Bombas! 20% off your first purchase at
December 9, 2019
How do you create a 7 figure business by listening to your heart? James Wedmore, entrepreneur, business coach, and host of the Mind Your Business Podcast went from a broke bartender to a multimillion dollar online mentor, but he realized that money wasn't worth anything if it didn't also bring fulfillment. He teaches you how to validate your idea by selling first, how asking better questions can radically change your results, how to provide immeasurable value by changing the way we see the world, and how to let yourself be guided by what you love and let the money follow. - Listen to James's Mind Your Business Podcast! - Watch the full interview on video - Thanks BeautyCounter! Get 10% off at, code dreamjob. - Thanks Buffy! Get $20 off your Buffy comforter at, code DREAMJOB
December 5, 2019
How do you build the confidence to embrace your uniqueness and own your worth? Leanne Ford, interior designer, author, and star of HGTV's Restored by the Fords has always forged her own path with no apologies and no regrets. She shares her honest wisdom on how to pick a path when you face a crossroads, figure out the best price that your clients are willing to pay, become your own publicist, and allow your fear to guide you towards making something special. - Get more of Leanne at - Thanks Lightbox Jewelry! Get $25 off your first order at, code dreamjob - Thanks Netsuite! for your Free guide
December 2, 2019
How can you commit to making a big leap that could change your life? Gay Hendricks, bestselling author of more than 40 books, including The Big Leap has spent decades helping people break through their upper limit and rise to their full potential. He shares how to soar towards your genius spiral, how a simple change in breathing can change your life, and how to stop being a doer so you can become a receiver to the opportunities all around you. - Get more of Gay Hendricks at - Have you gotten Cathy's audiobook? You can get a Free trial + a Free audiobook at - Watch the full interview on YouTube - Thanks Everlane! for free shipping on your first order - Thanks Skillshare! 2 months of unlimited access at
November 28, 2019
How did a passion to solve a pain result in a 6 figure deal with Mark Cuban? Jenny Goldfarb, founder of Mrs. Goldfarb's Unreal Deli began exploring her love for vegan food without any clue how it could become a business. She shares how she simplified her cold calling outreach to get more responses, what questions she asked herself that helped her find more customers, how she ended up winning the hearts of the Shark Tank judges, and how to embrace the darkness to shine your light.  - Check out Jenny's amazing vegan corned beef! - Watch the clip of Jenny's pitch on Shark Tank - RSVP to the Nashville event with Cathy and Jeff Goins - Thanks Mejuri! Up to 20% off & Free shipping on orders over $100 at - Thanks quip! First refill Free at - Thank you Kabbage!, code DREAMJOB for $100 credit on your first loan statement
November 25, 2019
What does the journey look like to make a living doing what you love? Cathy shares the first chapter of her audiobook, which reveals what childhood moments impacted her beliefs, how she navigated years of feeling lost, how she realized the importance of purpose, and how the long process finally brought her to where she is now. - Join Cathy and Jeff Goins in conversation at the Well Coffeehouse! Free to come, RSVP required - Get the audiobook (psst you can get a Free audiobook when you sign up on Audible) - Thanks Legacy Box! for 60% off your first order - Thanks Lightbox Jewelry!, code dreamjob for $25 off your first order
November 21, 2019
How did 7 years of hearing "no" and getting rejection letters lead to new possibilities? Alex Banayan, bestselling author of The Third Door is back with more insights on what it takes and what it means to have a successful life. He shares the long behind the scenes process of getting a lit agent, building a career as a speaker, rising back up in the face of disappointment, and taking the first courageous step towards the life that awaits you. - Thanks Audible! or text DREAMJOB to 500500 to get 3 months of Audible for $6.95/month. Choose 1 audiobook (like Don't Keep Your Day Job) and 2 Audible Originals for free. - Get Alex's audiobook The Third Door!
November 18, 2019
How much could you achieve if you stop overanalyzing and start taking action? Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, Shark Tank judge, and podcast host jump started her legendary real estate empire by relying on her resourcefulness, scrappiness, and deep hunger to prove the doubters wrong. She shares why your street smarts are more valuable than credentials, how to expand your business exponentially by spending money, why it's a good sign when you hit a roadblock, and how to make your customers love you. - Grab your copy of Cathy's book! - Watch this conversation on YouTube! - Listen to Barbara's podcasts Business Unusual and 888-Barbara wherever you listen to podcasts! - Thanks Literati!, code dreamjob for $20 off your first box- Thanks Bombas! for 20% off their holiday sale (11/18-12/5)- Thanks Kabbage!, code DREAMJOB for $100 credit on your first loan statement. - Thanks Honeybook! for 50% off your first year
November 14, 2019
How does an open mind and a genuine interest in other human beings lead to winning Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Grammy awards? The legendary producer Brian Grazer has always been fascinated by the amount of knowledge he could learn by making space for someone else to feel seen and heard. He shares how he had the tenacity to have curiosity conversations with accomplished figures like Warren Beatty, how to make every interaction a win-win, and what is the most essential element to a successful story. - Get your copy of Cathy's book - Read Brian's book Face to Face - Thanks Quip! Get your first refill free at - Thanks Lightbox Jewelry! Get $25 off your first order by going to, promo code dreamjob. - Thanks This is L!
November 11, 2019
What magic can happen when you let yourself have fun and express your honesty? Grammy Award-winning, multiplatinum-selling singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat and musician Jason Reeves have spent the past 12 years adjusting to fame when their single Bubbly became a worldwide hit. Their cowriting journey merely began as awkward teens who just had a shared passion for making songs that spoke true to them, and that authenticity has led them to multiple chart-topping albums and singles. They share how to embrace your imperfections and mistakes, and serve your audience by sacrificing the comfortable, and letting the spotlight shine on the real you. - Get your copy of Cathy's book! - Gone West music, tour dates, and more at - Thanks Skillshare! 2 months Free at - Thanks BeautyCounter! 10% off your purchase at code dreamjob - Thank you Everlane! - Thank you FabFitFun! Get $10 off your first box at, code dreamjob
November 7, 2019
How do you create habits that lead you to the life you desire? James Clear, bestselling author of Atomic Habits, blogger, and entrepreneur is a student and teacher of the ways we form habits and what makes us commit to them. He shows you how to get rid of your bad habits like procrastination, what you should focus on instead of bigger goals, and how 2 minutes a day can help you evolve into the person you want to become. - Preorder Cathy's book! - Apply for the next life changing Glow Retreat! - Get more of James at - Atomic Habits by James Clear - Watch the full unedited interview on video! - Thanks Lightbox Jewelry! Get $25 off your first order at, code dreamjob
November 4, 2019
What does it mean to lead an awesome life and how do you make that your reality? Neil Pasricha, bestselling author, blogger, speaker, and podcaster has made it his life's work to help us recognize and create more positivity in our lives. He shares the 2 important questions to ask yourself before making a scary life decision, the most effective 2-minute morning routine to get you ready to take on the day, the simple word that will build your resilience, and the 3 tests to help you add more happiness to your equation. - Preorder Cathy's book and get your book bonuses! - Take our Passion Finder Quiz! - Find all of Neil's work at, including his new book You Are Awesome - Watch the full unedited interview on YouTube! - Thanks Netsuite! for your Free guide - Thank youHoney! Get Honey for Free at
October 31, 2019
When you're hit with rejection, heartbreak, failure, do you transform that darkness into light? Cathy shares a special chapter from her audiobook on how to make your mess your message. Listen to the stories and wisdom from courageous souls like choreographer Mandy Moore, singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, author Danielle LaPorte, entrepreneur Lara Casey and more as they share how they found the strength to pick themselves up after difficult moments, dust off their wounds, and proudly wear those battle scars as they forged ahead on the path towards their purpose. - Preorder the book (physical copy and/or audiobook) here & get your book bonuses! - Thanks Kettlebell Kitchen!, code dreamjob for $25 off of your first 2 orders - Thank you Kabbage!, code DREAMJOB for $100 credit on your first loan statement.   - Thanks Lightbox Jewelry!, code dreamjob for $25 off your first order
October 28, 2019
How do you gather the courage to deal with the challenges and beliefs that scare you and keep you stuck? Since Halloween is this week, we visit some important strategies on overcoming your deepest, darkest fears. You'll hear some of the best advice from past guests like Seth Godin, Ruth Soukup, Lisa Congdon, Evan Carmichael and more on how to reframe your attitude around fear, use it to your advantage, and soar into action that'll lead you to where you're meant to go. - Preorder Cathy's book and get your book bonuses! - Huge thank you to Forbes for the awesome article! Read it here - Thanks Honeybook! for 50% off your first year - Thanks Skillshare! for 2 Free months - Thanks Zapier! Try for free at - Thanks LegacyBox! for 40% off your first order
October 24, 2019
How do you recognize where you're holding yourself back, and break through that upper limit? Ahyiana Angel, podcaster, author, and entrepreneur is leading by example and inspiring unfulfilled souls to quit playing small. She shares how to reframe and regain control of your narrative, take action to move the needle forward, and make the switch, pivot, or quit from the life that's keeping you from reaching for all that is possible. - Preorder 2 copies of Don't Keep Your Day Job (the book!) and get your book bonuses! - Links to Ahyiana's Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast & her book Quit Playing Small at - Follow Ahyiana on Instagram @ahyianaangel
October 21, 2019
How do you stay disciplined to consistently take messy action and serve your heart out every day? Kelly Roach, business coach, strategist, bestselling author, and podcaster knows the ins and outs of building an unstoppable and profitable team that elevates your business. She shares the fundamental principles of creating unlimited success, tips on how to hire and motivate the right people for your vision, and the best practices to scaling a business into 7 figures and beyond. - Get your copy of Don't Keep Your Day Job & join the book bonuses! - DM Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller if you're interested in 1:1 coaching or other special book bonus offers - Watch the unedited interview on video! - Listen to Kelly's podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio! - Thanks Beauty Counter! Get 10% off at code dreamjob - Thanks This is L! Get L. organic tampons, pads & liners at - Thanks FabFitFun! Get $10 your first box at, code dreamjob - Thanks Hello Monday! Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
October 17, 2019
How do you scale your online community and figure out what they want? Jadah Sellner, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, and cofounder of Simple Green Smoothies discovered her gift for growing an audience by listening and delivering the exact thing they were seeking. She shares her 5 S's to building a sustainable business, the self care plan to keep your cup full, and the roadmap to create a successful challenge where everyone gets a win. - Grab your book bonuses when you preorder Cathy's book! - Jadah's Free 5-Step Challenge Roadmap - Jadah's podcast Lead With Love
October 14, 2019
How do you remember your forgotten ideas, characters, stories, parts of yourself - and release them back into the world? Brad Montague, writer, artist, doodler, bestselling author, and creator of the viral Kid President video series is an expert when it comes to listening to kids and nurturing the wonder that's within all of them and us. He shares how to celebrate the brilliant imagination in every soul, why you don't need to be spectacular but just be there for someone else, and how you can better humanity by constantly creating and making from a place of love. - Get your book bonuses when you preorder Cathy's book! - Preorder Brad's book and get his awesome book bonuses! - Thanks Kabbage! to get money you need for your small business. - Thanks Skillshare! 2 Free months at - Thanks Honeybook! for 50% off your first year - Thanks Bombas! 20% off your first purchase at
October 10, 2019
How do you deal with the doubts and negative voices that are constantly in your head? Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, hosts of the hit podcast Almost 30 found each other during an uncertain transition of life, and they're on a mission to share what they've learned in this journey. They explain how they show up and serve their massive audience, what has helped them get over 12 million podcast downloads, how to deal with rejection and criticism, and how to listen to your intuition and allow yourself to be divinely guided to your purpose. - DM Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller or email if you want to come to Cathy's holiday party + join the private day long mastermind or get a 1:1 private coaching session with Cathy! - More details about the book bonuses at - Listen to the Almost 30 Podcast!
October 7, 2019
What's the recipe to a thriving business that revolves around the simple, classic treat of a cupcake? Candace Nelson, co-founder of Sprinkles, Pizzana, pastry chef, podcaster, and Sugar Rush producer & judge never knew where her food entrepreneurship would take her when she started baking in her tiny condo kitchen. She shares how she found the right customers for her $3 cupcakes, how Sprinkles got into the hands of Oprah, how story educates your audience about your product, and how to let the voice of fear guide you to your next adventure. - Message Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller for more details about her private 1-on-1 coaching or the partial scholarship for the Glow Retreat! - Thanks Kettlebell Kitchen!, code dreamjob for $50 off your first 2 orders - Thanks to Netsuite! for your Free guide - Thank you Zapier! Try Zapier free at - Thanks Honey! Get Honey for Free at
October 3, 2019
We're all the go-to expert for something, but how do we discover what that thing is? Jaclyn Mellone, entrepreneur, podcaster, and coach founded her business Go-To Gal to help people get clarity on that area where they can shine and serve the most. She shares how to find your biggest strengths, what you need in your business plan, how to build your brand, and how to believe in your go-to identity so you can own your authority. - Reserve your spot in the Inspired Action Pack Membership! - Reserve your spot in the Rocket Launch Lab! Watch the full interview on YouTube! - Get Jaclyn's Free 30 Days of Authority Building Action Plan!
September 30, 2019
What's the biggest reason you aren't doing outreach right? Cathy shares a deep talk from her Immersion Workshop about what you need if you want to get results, how to proactively charge your own personal battery, and how to reframe your approach to outreach so you can stop pitching and instead, successfully build relationships with the people who need your contribution. - Preorder Cathy's book! - Thanks Hello Monday! Listen on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts- Thanks Figs! code dreamjob for 15% off your first order- Thanks ShipStation! code dreamjob for 60 days Free
September 26, 2019
How do you let go of your ego and return to yourself as a Super Attractor? Gabby Bernstein, bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and spirit junkie lays out the roadmap to feeling good again in her newest book, Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams. She teaches you how to stop suffering by using the Choose Again Method, connect with a higher power to find worthiness and love, take spiritually aligned action, and let the universe catch up with your dreams. - Preorder Cathy's book and enter the giveaway here - Read Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein! - Thanks Care/Of! 25% off your first order at, code dreamjob - Thank you Honeybook! for 50% off your first year
September 23, 2019
What is the first step to become a success with your life's work? Evan Carmichael, entrepreneur, author, speaker, YouTuber, and mentor has made it his mission to help entrepreneurs reach their potential by ultimately believing in themselves. He shares his honest wisdom on how to evolve into the bolder, more confident version of you, why you need to schedule something challenging in your calendar, how to lean into the messy first version, and how to let your core values guide you to where you are built to serve.  - Follow Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller for updates on the 200th episode giveaway! - Preorder Cathy's book! - Preorder Evan's book Built to Serve! - Thanks Clearbanc! Get your 20 minute term sheet at
September 19, 2019
How much action can you take when you realize what is possible in your future? Cathy helps a listener who is struggling to make sales with her sticker business, and another listener who is feeling depleted from juggling too many passion projects. She shares her advice on how to cultivate engagement around your creations, how to grow through collaboration, how to raise your upper limit, and why creating a space for breakthroughs is priceless. - Apply to the 4 Week Intensive! - Preorder Cathy's book!
September 16, 2019
What is possible when you change your reality? Mark Gober, author of An End to Upside Down Thinking and podcast host of Where Is My Mind? let his curiosity lead him into a new world about the way our consciousness really works. He shares the fascinating discoveries and evidence he gathered about how we are all interconnected, how to let the challenges transcend you into your evolution, and why each one of us is truly significant. - Apply for the Intensive Mastermind! - You can still preorder Cathy's book and join the Immersion Experience! - Thanks Kabbage! to get started - Thanks Gusto! Get 3 months free at
September 12, 2019
How can you flip the negative beliefs you've created around money? Ramit Sethi, bestselling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to find the idea that'll grow into a financially flourishing business. He helps Cathy break through her limiting mindset around money, shares his advice on charging and pricing your work, and gives you the next steps on how you can start dreaming guilt-free about your rich life. - Apply for Cathy's Intensive Mastermind! - Preorder Cathy's book and join the Immersion Workshop!
September 9, 2019
What are the essential lessons to a successful career and life that you didn't learn in school? This year we revisit the topic of What they didn't teach us in school, but this round features some important advice from the experts we've had on the show, including Seth Godin, Amber Rae, Danielle LaPorte, Susie Moore, Kate Northrup, and many more. Find out how to release your need for perfection, face your fears, give yourself a vacation, and exceed in your work without being an A+ student. - Help us light up the world through Cathy's book & join the Immersion Experience!  - Thanks Kettlebell Kitchen!, code dreamjob for $50 off of your first 2 orders! - Thanks Honey! Get Honey for Free at - Thank you Peloton!, code dreamjob for $100 off accessories when you purchase the Peloton Bike - Thanks to Native! Get 20% off at, code dreamjob
September 5, 2019
How do you break free from the expectations that other people have for you, or the self-sabotaging expectations you've created for yourself? This episode features a sneak peek of Cathy's book about how to trust that you will be led, how to find worth and joy in your existence, and how to come home to yourself. - Preorder Cathy's book and sign up for the 5 Day Immersion Workshop! - Thanks Literati!, promo code dreamjob for $20 off your box
September 2, 2019
How can you stay focused on your big vision goals when you're feeling discouraged or hopeless? Cathy shares her advice on how to prevent yourself from quitting in the dip, how to set yourself up to ensure you take the next step forward, and what you should really focus on as you move through this journey of life. - Preorder the book today (Sept. 2, Labor Day!) at and then fill out the form so we can give you some super special bonuses! - Thanks Figs! Get 15% off at with code dreamjob - Thanks Skillshare! Get 2 free months at - Thank you Netsuite! Get your free guide at - Thanks Fab Fit Fun! Get $10 off your first box at with code dreamjob
August 29, 2019
How can you keep yourself accountable to follow through on your dreams? Blogger Lauryn Evarts and entrepreneur Michael Bosstick, the husband and wife power team of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast made a commitment to start their show, no matter how many trips and falls they would take along the way. They share how to define your own formula, how to create content that makes your audience come back for more, and how to show your gratitude for the community you already have. - Preorder Cathy's book and join the Immersion Experience! - Thanks Crest! $20 off your first Crest Whitening Strip Kit at and code dreamjob - Thanks Netsuite! Get your free guide at
August 26, 2019
How do you find your ideal audience, speak their language, and get them to like the true you? This episode features 5 mini masterclasses with expert entrepreneurs including Tracy Matthews, Emily McDowell, and more about discovering the person you are meant to serve, developing a relationship by telling your story, crafting emails that grow your business, and redefining what it means to have a successful life. - Preorder Cathy's book! - Sign up for updates on the DKYDJ Immersion Experience! - Thanks Frank and Oak! Get $25 off at - Thank you Billie! Get 10% off your razor at - Thanks Clearbanc! Get your 20 minute term sheet at
August 22, 2019
How do you figure out the signature offer that people will pay you for? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to package your menu of prices, how to make money when your customers have different incomes, why it takes money to be more selfless, and how to prove that you can create results. - Preorder Cathy's book! - Thanks Honey! Get Honey for Free at
August 19, 2019
How do you get creative when you're feeling blocked and discouraged by your inner critic? Danielle Krysa, artist, author, and creator of the popular art blog The Jealous Curator had abandoned her love for creating art for 15 years because of her inner critic. She shares how she overcame the negative voices to return to her passion, how to show up every day when you don't feel like a master of your craft, and how to find creative inspiration anywhere you go. - Join Cathy's 6 Figure Songwriting Course! - Thanks Honey! Get Honey for Free at - Thanks Mighty Networks! 3 months Free at - Thanks Gusto! 3 months free at - Thanks Clutter! $50 off your first month at
August 15, 2019
How do you find a new path after your dreams have been crushed? Cathy shares how she made six figures through songwriting after believing her music career was a lost hope. You'll also learn the key strategies that helped her build her business, including how to generate results instead of excuses, why an artist in business needs to tell someone else's story, and how to show up and be the person who cares the most. - There are still a couple days left of the Songwriting Challenge! Join here - Enter the giveaway for a free coaching call + $500 gift card!
August 12, 2019
How do you transition into a creative career when you've already dedicated decades to different day jobs? Lisa Congdon, artist, illustrator, and bestselling author didn't discover her passion for art until her 30s, and made the leap to become a full time artist when she was almost 40. She explains how she reached out and landed her dream clients, how to stop running from your fear and give it a hug, and why you could actually have an advantage in finding your artistic voice later in life. - Sign up for the 5 Day Songwriting Challenge! - Thanks Native! Get 20% off at and code dreamjob - Thanks Peloton! and code dreamjob for $100 off accessories with purchase of Peloton Bike - Thanks Billie! Get 10% off at
August 8, 2019
How can you identify what truly lights you up and where to direct your focus? Cathy shares a piece of her exclusive Dare to Dream Workshop, including 4 activities to help you get clearer on what passion project to pursue and 4 ways to monetize that idea into a business. - Preorder Cathy's book! - Join the Dreambassadors! - Thanks Gabi! to start saving money - Thanks FIGS! and code dreamjob for 15% off your first order
August 5, 2019
How can your resourcefulness lead you to where you can serve the most? Jenné Claiborne, YouTuber, vegan chef, and author always had an entrepreneurial spirit but she never would've imagined the impact she would have through her popular YouTube food and lifestyle channel, Sweet Potato Soul. She shares her best tips on how to grow an audience on YouTube, how to listen to your followers but also stay true to yourself, and how to pivot towards a new opportunity that feeds your soul. - Sign up for the 5 Day Sync Songwriting Challenge! - Preorder Cathy's book! - Thanks Skillshare! 2 months free at - Thank you Clutter! $50 off your first month at, code dreamjob - Thanks ShipStation! Free trial at, code dreamjob - Thank you Netsuite! Download their Free guide at
August 1, 2019
How do you make the time and space to replenish when it seems like there's so much to do and so many thoughts running through your head? Cathy reads a special preview of her book about the significance of slowing down, the art of doing less, the breakthroughs that arrive when you hit pause, and the questions to ask your soul in order to come home to your true self. - Follow Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller for upcoming details on the giveaway! - Preorder Cathy's book!
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