Game Changer... Impactful!
It’s hard to describe just how amazing this show is! I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon Impact Theory but I’m so glad I did. I pretty much binged listened to it! Lol The information is priceless and life changing! I love how Tom interviews! He’s thoughtful and prepared and gets the most out of his guests (who are always amazing btw) by asking such thought provoking questions and then... actually waits and listens for their response, digging deeper when need be. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts where the interviewer interrupts with their own story and seems to make it about them, but it always feels like Tom steers it right back to the audience even with his own stories. Love that! I also appreciate the time and effort that goes into the details/notes section of the interview. They break it down with time stamps for the topic at that time, to quotes and books mentioned. I’m usually driving while listening so it’s nice to know the info is there and I’m not missing out bc I can’t stop and write it down. I was looking for the books mentioned section though in the “Conversations” episode (Jason Silva... super dope interview! Highly recommend!) but didn’t see it (and I know there were plenty mentioned) maybe bc that’s new they didn’t add it, but definitely hope they do! But I’ll be listening to it again bc it was loaded with just mindgasms! Lol Thank you so much Tom and the entire team! You have definitely made an impact on my life and I’m quick to share episodes with anyone who will listen! Lol Can’t wait to see what else you will do! Thank you! Thank you!
Tom is a legend!
Steve Stavs
So good! So easy to listen to!
Success leaves clues!
Tom Bilyeu is a powerhouse of not just insanely large amount of information and laser focused on delivering value, but also wonderfully astute at finding incredible people to interview. I have yet to come across a podcast that I haven’t listened to multiple times and then followed up with going on you IT’s YouTube channel to SEE these people talk with deep conviction. Thank you Tom, and also the lovely Lisa!
Passion and Information
3 Awesome dudes
These are two reasons why I listen to this podcast. Tom’s passion, enthusiasm, and thirst for knowledge shows in the guests he attracts to his show. Mindset, health, nutrition, achievement, happiness, and much more. Love it! Thank you Tom!
Knowledge Bomb!
Greg Garcia
Tom takes some deep dives into some amazing topics, extracting some intense theory and tactical application of said theory. He takes the time to explain his point of view and why he’s asking the questions, and creates some solid conversation. 10/10 for personal development
Awesome Ideas too much Swearing
This show is a wonderful idea and I honestly love listening to most the guests. Tom is good at what he does but cannot resist the urge to drop F bombs in just about every show. If that isn’t bad enough- he also started using GD. This show would be shared and listened to so much more without all the swearing. Not necessary.
A great podcast! Fantastic interview skills, well-defined goal and purpose, and truly interesting and inspiring guests. Awesome work each and every time.
Be Legendary
Thank you Tom, you are such an amazing human being. You wisdom and passion inspiring me to pursuit more in life. Your podcast and YouTube channel are my favorite.
Both challenging and riveting
Great podcast, primarily helpful to me in providing extraordinary perspective on a variety of topics, which in turn provides clarity and enables me to take a hard look at things and make the necessary steps in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who is a part of making this podcast amazing.
I love this
I am currently fixing my life and I have listen everything and watch it on YouTube
No F**k word please!
I heard one episode and I like the content. But I would really appreciate no F**k.
Would be five stars, but F-bombs ruin it
Tired of picking a nickname 55
I love the interviews and content. I don’t know why he wants to drop the F-bomb so much. It would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for language.
Critical to my motivation and goal setting
I came across impact theory a few months ago and these have been hugely influential and motivating to me as I have been thinking about my goals and wanting to make more progress on them.
Loved this episode!
I feel very empowered and intrigued after listening to this episode. Emotions have always been a topic that I hold dear to my heart given their complexity and their impact on our being. Thank you for the perceptive insights.
Andy Kickass
My dude Andy is better than the USPS. Always delivers. Thank you Sir!!
Reyes Allan
This podcast is amazing!! I listen to it everyday, every morning. I love all the work you do and all the content you put put there. It helps me a lot to get to know a lot of people who has inspiring stories, I love that they share their life and their struggles and how they overcame them. Keep up the good work Tom! I freakin love this!
Enough with the advertisements already!!
Used to be a fan until the non stop paid ads..officially had to unfollow the podcast now. It’s a shame a good thing was lost over a few extra dollars.
Almost perfect
More only suggested improvement would be to feature more female guests and people of color. Otherwise this is a fantastic podcast and so inspiring!
There are a lot of choices, choose Impact Theory
I follow a lot of podcasts: Tim Ferris, Brendon Burchard, Chase Jarvis, etc. Tom Bilyeu has developed the best interview tactics of them all. He asks strong questions and then gets out of the way to let the guest answer. Then, you know Tom is listening because he reacts to the response and digs deeper at a given aspect of it. Many of the others out there just nod their head to an answer and then continue plowing through their list of questions. Tom’s entire interview flows and builds all the way to the end with such ease it makes listening such a joy. Other podcasts in this genre feel like riding in the passenger seat of a manual car with a new 15 yr old driver. They feel jerky...stop and...go stop....and go.
Love it all, but...
Obie Vast
Don’t get me wrong, everything about the show is great, I absolutely don’t mind the ads, but when you have to stop in the middle to bring them back up again, definitely ruins the rhythm and momentum of the conversation. Only providing the one star to hopefully raise awareness and consideration of moving the ads from the middle of the conversation. Thank you for all you guys do.
Amazing show
This show has helped me change my life for the better, like tom said he pull me out of the matrix!!! This great show has introduced me to amazing people that only help me every day. Thanks Impact Theory!!!
Always insight & value
Thank you for impact, health, and relationship theory. I’m always learning from you and the incredible guests you bring on the show. You’re passion for wanting to show the average person that we have limitless potential is humbling and inspiring. You’ve helped activate my potential and I’ll forever be grateful for hero’s like you. If it wasn’t for you interviewing Gerard Adams, i wouldn’t be working for him. The universe never has coincidences! Thanks again Tom, the omnipresence is real! I know our paths will cross someday!
Highly recommended!
One of my favorite shows. It gives me so much insight and perspective on many different things. Great listen for anybody who’s interested in positivity, achievers mindset and being inspired.
Life Changing Podcast
Impact Theory has such an amazing rich source of information it’s incredible. Regardless if you feel stuck in your life right now or killing it everyday. This podcast will give you the knowledge on how to be great from within (mentally). Do yourself and those that are around you a favor because you’re definitely missing out.
Impact theory is great!
kool aid beans
I love the realness of the interviews. Tom is great and has amazing guests, I feel like it’s straight shooting all the time.
Great podcasts
Coachella Luxury
Such great podcasts. Thank you for putting this out into the world.
Next Level!
I stubled across Impact Theory about four months ago and everyday I wait for a new podcast. All of his guest are so knowledgeable and interesting. Tom is so insightful and really digs deep into topics that are so important. I have never written a review before, but if I could give him more then five stars, I would!
Impact Theory
Been listening to Impact Theory for over 2 years now. Everything life style, culture relevenace, to tapping into business mentality hacks, to box breathing, to mindset is everything, to what we put into our body is a direct correlation to what we get out, to taking full ownership of where we are in life is based on the choices we made, impact theory goes places other’s won’t by making you want to take action and transforming your life!! -Corbin Bennett
I love listening to the show it opens my mind and i learn something new every episode. I often go back and listen to them again to keep it fresh in my mind.
Thank You Deeply
I have been listening to Impact Theory for about two years, and I've been intending to write a review for a while. After listening to the recent show with Sadhguru, I simply couldn't wait any longer. Impact Theory delivers in every way: depth and breadth of content; inspiring guests; a balance of intensity and humor; no wasted air time; and, of course, a host that is charismatic, passionate, unapologetically true to himself, and who serves as a great example of someone who is constantly seeking improvement across personal, professional, and interpersonal domains. My life is different as a result of listening to this show. By practicing techniques that I've learned for improving my mindset, my health, and my relationships, I've changed the quality of my life--and the way I PERCEIVE the quality of my life--for the better. I have quit smoking, grown to outshine the shadow of sexual assault, chosen a job that allows me to express the current definition of my life's purpose, and become a better friend and partner to important people in my life. "Thank you" doesn't come close to the capturing gratitude that I feel for Tom, Lisa, and the others who work together to make this podcast a reality. It has had a substantial impact on my life, and I am still learning something new with every show.
I like the guests on this show, but Tom’s ego is a huge turn-off. Furthermore, the relationship episodes are the same thing over and over. They’ve run out of ways to talk about how perfect they are and the show is stale and boring.
This podcast has quack guests
I decided this podcast looked interesting, so I listened to the beginning of a recent podcast, which showed up on my feed under the title "How to Stay Healthy Until You're 105". That sounded like a good episode to start with. It turned out to have Dr. Steven Gundry as a guest. Gundry is a quack, pure and simple. A little searching via Google will make that quite clear. He sells worthless supplements and promotes baseless medical theories. Any podcast host who has Gundry as a guest has lost credibility with me. Period. I don't care that Tom Bilyeu may have some good guests or may have some worthwhile things to say. I can't trust him to exercise good judgment with respect to how he selects his guests. Having someone like Gundry as a guest is reckless and an abuse of the influence he has as a podcast host.
If you're a Keto person who wants to clog their arteries with saturated fat and cholestrol then this is the podcast for you! This podcast has tons if fiction based science and doctors that say eating plants will kill you (Steven Gundry). Don't get me wrong, Tom is a great speaker and there are some interesting episodes up here... it's just hard to listen to someone who believes in keto and other farce health schemes.
Super insightful
Great podcast, super insightful content and guests. And Tom’s high energy is inspiring.
Life changing mindsets
Love your podcast Tom keep up the great work!!
My favorite podcast so far!!!
Thank you, Tom Bilyeu for creating such an amazing and life-changing podcast! You and your many guests have helped me get out of a mindfunk, and be inspired to change my situation for the better! I am climbing up a metaphorical mountain, and you are absolutely guiding me like a veteran sherpa! If you are looking for something to help motivate you to be a better version of your self, listen to this podcast daily! Implement Tom’s words of advice, and watch your life change in some amazing ways!!!
Changed my life
Joeby Joe
This podcast has changed my life for the better by giving me a new positive mindset.
Cursing just for the sake of cursing
Probably a good podcast, but host Tom Bilyeu often throws in curse words to add emphasis. Instead, it comes off as distracting.
Slightly addicted
I have discovered so many amazing people and received the inspiration and bravery I’ve needed to start getting my true gifts out to the world. Couldn’t do it without what you’ve created Tom. Maybe one day I’ll even be in your show. 😁
Grateful for Impact Theory
Thank you so much Tom, Lisa, and the whole Impact Theory team. The podcast provides enormous value to my life and has become a key part of my routine. Thank you for all of the amazing content. I used to be motivated, but now feel more inspired.
The BEST podcast ever!
I was introduced to Tom and Impact Theory by a friend and this podcast has literally changed my life!!! Tom offers so many great concepts and science behind them. I can’t say enough about Tom and his guests that are so interesting. Love, love, LOVE Impact Theory!
One of my favorite Podcasts out there! There is SOOO MUCH value in each episode it’s unbelievable! Not only is the advice sound and philosophical but it’s also ACTIONABLE!!! Love listening to Tom because he has so much wisdom and just one episode can change your week!
Great podcast, would love less ads
This podcast is great but I would really love if the ads in the middle were spread out a little bit more, OR just put at the end of the podcast. I understand you guys need these for revenue but they are a little excessive and the music is very repetitive.
Segments overlap AMA
I’ve been loving your podcast recently and I have been listening to your AMA nonstop. Just wanted to point out there are some questions that the recording repeats. I’m not sure if this in intentional or not. But I just wanted to let you all know because I love your podcast and love what you’re doing. Keep it up
Legendary! Live Forever!
This is the first review I've left for a podcast. I stubbled on "Impact Theory", YouTube, a couple months ago while searching motivational and inspirational content for the entrepreneur. Tom conducts seriously great interviews which (thank God) last longer and dig deeper than any other interviewer I've seen. Besides a great interview, Tom also gives his own valuable insights and tips for anyone running, or involved in running, a business. Tremendously intelligent and continually questioning the "why", I learn something and come away wanting to be a better person after each episode. Thanks, Tom and Lisa, and please, please keep up the good work!
This podcast has had an Impact on me
This podcast has had the biggest impact on me of all the things I’ve listened to or read for the last few years. It’s definitely changed my general mindset and made me much more excited and positive about facing challenges and learning from my failings. I love the way Tom and Lisa think, and I especially love their relationship and the relationship advice they give out in Relationship Theory. Even when single, their Relationship Theory episodes helped me foster better communication and understanding with my friends, colleagues and family members. I seriously recommend this podcast to so many people all the time!
Sir RyMcFly
The impact theory umbrella has the best content hands down and the best curator and thought provoking interviewer in Tom. 💪🏾👊🏾🙌🏾
Tom Bilyeu level research
When you said that (Tom Bilyeu level research) on the last podcast I listened to, automatically I thought- I wish I had that level of skill. Because out of all of the many skills you posses, research has been the one thing that you’ve consistently been complimented on and also a skill you know you’ve perfected. I’ve always struggled with research. It would be awesome if you could share how one could reach Tom Bilyeu level research status! Thanks for all the content that you share!
Been listen since Tom had Inside Quest. Impact Theory is the only podcast I listen to daily and consistently. I listen before I give a big talk or need to have a hard conversation to psych myself up. Epic, totally epic.
Great listen
Thank you for all your hard work. Awesome to listen to. Amazing insight
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