A rare gem among divorce podcasts
Animal lover 913
I’ve been so grateful to stumble upon Gina’s podcast in the wake of my divorce. Her approach is centered on healing and emotional regulation, which is so important during such an intense life transition. Gina, thank you for being one of my rocks!! 💖
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Gina, host of the Divorce With Heart podcast, highlights all aspects of divorce, co-parenting and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Gina Gets It
Gina has an empathic, educated and even humorous approach to the many emotional and legal layers of the divorce process. You can hear the years of experience in her words. It's clear Gina's goal for anyone enduring divorce, is to ultimately cross over to a better, healthier life, free of resentment. She gets specific on the tools and behaviors needed to make this happen. Thank you, Gina. You've made a very positive impact on my divorce experience.
Lifeline and IV for survival
[this] podcast has been my lifeline and IV at work and getting me through my divorce. It has been dragging for over a year and it’s been a battle every step of the way. This was not what I wanted and I still don’t understand what happened. I cling to every podcast you have and truly appreciate your rawness and genuine care for the broken-hearted. Thank you thank you for your podcast! Lien
Divorce with Heart
Thank you Gina for your enlightening work . I didn’t think it could be possible for me to get out of my abusive 30 year relationship . Now I see there is respectful way to do with grace & dignity. And you are there to help if I need . So grateful Roberta Waller
Thank you
Lee, T
All your episodes have been empowering and enlightening. Especially episode #35. Like Gina said, we want what is best for our children as parents. Thank you for showing an unbiased prospective.
G Spizzy
These podcasts are such a breath of fresh air! In a world where all we are encouraged to have is bitterness and grudges, these podcasts show us a different way, a far better way for US, for our children, for all. Thank you, Gina Marie DePrima.
The best divorce pod cast!
I love hearing Gina’s words of wisdom and knowing that she is also a divorce lawyer helps me so much. I have set the tone for my divorce based on her advice. Thank you Gina!
Great information!!!!
Cool light79
I love this podcast! So much great information on how to better handle an emotionally abusive ex and also how to be a co-parent myself.
Nothing Else Compares!
When my husband asked for a separation, I desperately searched iTunes for podcasts about divorce and found a slew of episodes and shows about divorce. While searching, I was blessed to find Gina’s podcast. The title stood out from the others: Divorce With Heart. I have been a subscriber and supporter since the very first episode I listened to. Gina is helping to change the way people get divorced - in a healthier, more positive way for all parties involved! She encourages you to go through this painfully difficult time in your life by listening to your heart’s wisdom rather than get caught up in the drama and power struggles most divorces entail. This podcast has been invaluable in walking the path of my own separation, divorce and co-parenting journey. Thank you for this podcast, Gina!
Must listen!
I can’t say enough how much these podcasts have given me new perspective, strength & courage with my coparenting struggles!! Gina definitely has wisdom & such valuable information for anyone feeling defeated in the battle of coparenting!
Divorced? Here's the perfect podcast for you!
Emerge N See Coach
This podcast is an absolute MUST listen! Gina DePrima brilliantly touches upon the challenges we all face while trying to pick up the pieces after divorce. She's funny and a joy to listen to.
Divorcing a person with NPD
All of your episodes have been extremely enlightening and empowering for me. Specifically the episode with Atty. Hope Jay. This episode was the answer to my prayers. It gave me the precise perspective I needed to free myself from a dark cycle marriage to a person with narcissistic personality disorder brings. It’s has only been one week since the release of the episode; however, I feel a veil has been lifted away from my eyes and a new path, a peaceful path has been revealed to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.
Thank you!!!
Elizabeth Macoul
I cannot thank you enough for this podcast !!! I no longer feel alone . A must listen for those who want to create a loving life for all through separation , divorce or after .
Such a great listen!!!
This pod cast helps me control my feelings and allows me to accept everything that is going wrong with my divorce! Gina helps keep me level headed and makes me think before acting. Most importantly she helps me cope with all the nasty things my ex says and does to me. Gina’s pod cast is a must for those going threw tough times. Keep your heads up everybody, divorce is tough to go threw.
paying it forward
Gina DePrima is a colleague and a friend. Thank you for sharing your invaluable advice with your listeners. Gina has the accumulated knowledge, skill and compassion of a great lawyer and counselor. Do yourself a favor and listen to her podcast you will come away with a greater understanding of your struggles with real world suggestions to help you navigate through them.
Great advice!
A must listen for anyone looking for help with difficult relationships.
What an incredible listen
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your most recent podcast. Please keep them coming!
Thank you!
3 buoys
Thank you for having this podcast - as a coach who counsels moms in contentious divorces and as a mom of 3 who went through her own divorce from an emotionally abusive man, I love love love that this is out here as a resource. #togetherwerise
3B Swag
Amazing Podcast!! Keep up the great work
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