So Disappointed!
I’ve followed Allie for a long time. She has an amazing de-cluttering program and gives lots of great de-cluttering and self care tips. What I’ve really enjoyed is that she has always kept the politics out of her podcasts and instagram but now she is trying to tell me how to be a better “white” person. There’s no doubt that there is racism everywhere but against ALL races, I hear enough of this kind of thing every time I turn on the TV or radio and I don’t need to hear it here either. So disappointed! I really enjoyed her other stuff but can’t listen or follow anymore. 😟
Just at the right time
I don’t even know how I stumbled across Allie’s Minimalism for kids course a few weeks ago (sponsored FB post maybe🤷🏻‍♀️), whew, but it was exactly what I needed right at that moment. With 5 kids between the ages of 1-16, our stuff was out of control, The house was always messy, I was constantly cleaning (but it looked like I wasn’t), I was stressed, anxious and feeling like a failure as a mom. We are a work in progress but are slowly and surely making progress room by room! I’m enjoying the podcasts as well! Thanks Allie for making it simple and for rooting for us overwhelmed moms/women!
It’s a must!
Dhani C.
I have heard of Allie for the longest time, and finally subscribed to this podcast. I love it. It’s become one of my faves. I’m going to binge listen to catch up. She is full of great, helpful ideas to make our lives better.
Carmel beach girl
carmel beach girl
She has some good content but can become very repetitive. My issues are that she thinks that her way is the only way and she makes a big deal about how she runs her business (not sure why she sees this as an area of interest). Honestly my biggest issue is that Allie becomes so negative. She feels like she has to defend herself to her audience and it would be more engaging as a listener if she just ignored the negative comments and led with more positivity. Her negativity is a major drain.
Life Giving
Mel Mde
This podcast is truly life breathing, back into your momma soul! Just what I needed when I needed it!
Came back to change my review...
I used to love Allie’s show but it’s apparent she has sold herself out to the liberal left and forsaken a biblical foundation for truth. For someone who claims freedom in her life she sure has shackled herself to the unbiblical, subjective, and ever-changing truth of the day. True freedom is found in Christ and His word alone.
Kinda Super Helpful
Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your little love fest with Kendra. You girls made me laugh and tear up in the same episode. Love how REAL you both are!! So glad I discovered this podcast and keep the SKH episodes coming.
Uplifting, Helpful, and Encouraging
If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, this is the podcast to listen to. Allie encourages you to be the intentional wife and mom you can be by sharing attainable ways to declutter and purge your home, mind, and life; and focus on what really matters in life.
Speaks to what I’m going through
I love how real Allie is and the things she talks about resonate with what I’m going through as a Mom. I just found her and have been binge listening to episodes because it is such a breath of fresh air. She gives real actionable steps to make your life better and it has already impacted my live. I will be a life long listener!
Life changing
I have been listening to podcasts for awhile and have some of my favorites already but this made the top of the list quickly!! She’s so personable and relatable and really inspires me to me intentional in making choices about my life and my children’s lives!
Little Bits Of Goodness
I look forward to this show each week because I know I’ll get manageable, bite-sized action steps that I can use to make life better. Thank you for being both useful and enjoyable!
Living an ABUNDANT life
I love how Allie focuses on how to make life with children simple, meaningful and joy-filled. As a work-from-home mom, I’m always looking for help in streamlining my life and finding ways to have an abundant life with my kids and husband. I’m always sure to get excellent guidance from Allie.
Allie is such a breath of fresh air. Authentic and spirit led. Love this podcast!
Non-religious mom here
I am not “of faith”, however, Allie has brought such a light in my life. It started with me just trying to find a positive podcast and stumbling across The Purpose Show. Hearing that introduction of not counting down the minutes until bed time hit me hard. Growing up, my mom always just told me that tired and no time for yourself came with the territory of motherhood. This podcast has changed my life. It has made me realize that yes, I love my family but I also have to love me. It’s made me work harder to be a better mother and wife and friend. I’m more present and confident and happier than I’ve ever been. Allie truly has a way with words and her message is so amazing.
I have hope!
I love the content on parenting. I feel hope!!!
Love this podcast!
Allie is so sweet and genuine! This podcast encourages me weekly!
So much great info! Love to listen while I'm folding laundry!!
Love this Podcast!
I really enjoy this podcast— great practical advice with lots of encouragement. I would definitely recommend listening!
Inspirational and uplifting
I love you so much! I have been in a slump the past few days and today I chose to just listen to your podcast while I clean the house... your slump episode was just what I needed! Thank you so much for all you do! Thank you for the energy and ideas you bring to the “mommy world” ❤️
Helpful Podcast
This podcast has helped me in my marriage and as a parent. It has helped me be able to start organizing my house as well as my life. Allie is full of life and great at brining helpful guests to the show.
Such practical advice
ACP family
Love listening to the podcast and implementing minimalism in my home and motherhood! Thanks Allie and team!!
Actionable and full of insight
I’ve been following Allie for a couple years and always enjoy these episodes. I appreciate that they’re always short, sweet, and right to the point!
Great podcast with tons of ideas, advice and inspiration! Love it!
I always end these podcasts feeling encouraged and empowered. I love Allie's heart and all that she shares in these podcasts! I cannot wait to listen to more!!!
Allie is motivating and gives gentle encouragement for living simply, and other everyday life situations. I love her podcast!
Great podcast
I return often to Allie’s podcast for inspiration and ideas. I love her straight scoop, authentic approach to life, and her contagious positive spirit. Love what she’s doing!
I started listening to the purpose show when my son was 7 mos old and I’m so glad I did. The first few episodes really break things down into practical and attainable steps. Listening to this episode before I had another baby made it so much easier to adjust to a new baby and still have motherhood that I love.
Encouraging and Motivating!
Really appreciate all Allie’s encouragement and advice. Love that she’s vulnerable and shares her heart. This is my go-to podcast when I want some encouragement and motivation.
Love the content, but
I love the content and the encouragement, but the amount of the use of the word “like” is so distracting.
A life-giving message!
I am so thankful a friend pointed me to this podcast. Allie is direct and to the point and her message is truly life-giving!
Life changing advice!
Tabytha Goode
Thank you ALLIE for these amazing podcasts! I can’t help but to be so thankful. Moments in the week my brain constantly replays the advice given and along with my bible studies to go along. It shows me that this is where I need to be right now. God has a purpose! It is just so fitting! I’m not a big TV person. I’ve chosen to listen to your podcasts for my stimulation for the day. It’s my own self-care time. I’ve realized just how much I need less stuff, more positivity and getting ready for the day I go home with the Lord. This stuff isn’t going to make its way with us so why would we spend our time being so obsessed with stuff?! I’m greatful for you Ms. Allie ❤️
Inspiring and accessible!
jessica eschbach
I stumbled on Allie’s podcast and now I can happily say I’ve gone back and listened to all episodes. I’ve never been so excited to make changes in my life. I especially love that the ideas she gives on the podcast are reasonable for women in every stage or season of life. I’m not rich and my background is so different than hers but I can still apply the core concepts into my day to day routine immediately. Give this a listen, you won’t regret it!
Love this podcast!
I love this podcast!! It’s so uplifting and makes me feel like there will be a day where my house is decluttered and life is much less stressful! Can’t get enough! If you’re a stressed out mama it’s totally worth listening to! Can’t wait to try the courses!
Loved her on Jamie Ivey’s podcast
She was one of my favorites on Jamie Ivey’s podcast, but maybe they edited out all her “likes”. I’m so sorry, I want to love this so much more than I did but the word “like” is used to such an insane amount. I’ve been there, I’ve used the word a lot, I’m not trying to be too mean. I probably would hate listening to myself on a podcast for the same reason. But just a helpful tip from someone who could potentially really love your podcast: declutter your vocabulary from the word “like” and you’ll be golden 👌❤️
Complete Gem of a Podcast
Allie does not waste time. This is 100% what I appreciate the most- every other podcast I’ve ever listened to has some unrelated chit chat, ads,etc- and everything on her podcast is 100% related to what she has said her podcast is about! Just absolutely love this gem. ...please continue to speak your truth, Allie! ♥️
In Love
As a fellow mom who also has four young kids, I truly believed cleaning up ALL DAY LONG was just going to be my life for the next decade. I am so glad to know that it doesn’t have to be. A few days after discovering Allie, our house is so much lighter and happier, and I’ve even found myself enjoying playing with my children! Thank you!
Positive, uplifting
I started listening to Allie about a year ago and always find her encouraging and uplifting. I have began a journey to minimalism during that time. I pop in my ear buds and listen while I exercise or clean. It’s motivating and encouraging to hear from a mother, like myself.
Love it!!
Just found Allie from The Happy Hour and I love the practicial tips that she shares. Can't wait to listen to more!
Amazing info!
I stumbled upon Allie’s podcast and it’s led to a snow ball of life changing achievements. I love how I get actionable items from each episode. I don’t miss a week!
Can’t listen anymore
I used to enjoy this show, but now I have caught on to Allie’s repeated showing of her mean girl streak. She degrades listeners who have different viewpoints than her or who may offer a different perspective. As she says, her mouth gets her in trouble.
Finally found my new favorite Podcast!
Katie Hewitt 11
Allie is amazing. Her advise. Her encouragement. Her confidence. Mamas you need her in your life! Seriously give her a listen. You will be hooked! 💜
So glad I came across this podcast!!
Love Allie!
Bethany Jeanne
I love listening in to Allie’s podcast. She offers such practical, useful advice that is always easy to implement. Her ideas have helped me in several areas of my life and I will always look forward to a new episode!
Love it!
I’ve been binge listening to this podcast on my work commute since I found it in July. Allie is very relatable and talks in a way that makes you feel as though you’ve been friends for a long time. I love that she encourages taking action and provides free printables to help you get started in simplifying your life.
Inspiring and Helpful
I really appreciate this podcast! The topics are relevant for my life and I love that Allie gets very nitty gritty and practical. I typically leave each episode with things to think about, decide on, and actually DO!
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Allie, host of The Purpose Show, highlights all aspects of health, fitness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
My favorite!
So much encouragement and positivity here! Practical and mature wisdom. Love her
This. Is. Everything.
Vet Mom Ashley
Today is the first day off from work in 4 years that I haven’t had to spend significant time scrubbing my kitchen, doing laundry and picking up my house thanks to Allie, The Purpose Show and Your Uncluttered Home! My kitchen has stayed clean for weeks and there is no laundry mountain waiting for me. Allie - you have helped me totally change me and my family’s course - thank you!!! ❤️
Tangible help for overwhelmed moms.❤️
She helped me recover post mental break-down with small, applicable things I CAN do. A free recourse to a wealth of knowledge on simplifying the crap in your life, (tangible and otherwise) so you can do more of the stuff you actually LIKE to do! 💃 It’s like cheating. -ADHD homeschool mama of 4
Inspiring & Life Changing!
I found Allie for almost a year ago as I was adjusting to life as a mom of a newborn & toddler. From the first episode, I was hooked. Her words have had such an impact in all aspects of my life; and while I’m always a work in progress, I now feel like I’m living abundantly in my motherhood and my life! Thank you Allie!
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