Ep 121: #AllieReadsOctober "Rise of the Truth Teller" by Ashley Abercrombie
Published October 2, 2019
55 min
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    I absolutely cannot wait for you to listen to this incredible, powerful conversation with Ashley Abercrombie. Ashley is a beautiful, amazing woman, and the author of the book, Rise Of the Truth Teller: Own your story, tell it like it is, and live with holy gumption.

    Ashley's story is powerful, and is also really heavy. You'll hear a lot of it in the podcast episode, but I would not recommend this book if rape or abortion are triggers for you. I want to be honest about that up front so that you can be aware of that. 

    Even if you haven't experienced trauma or you're not one of the many, many women who have been raped or had abortions, come into this conversation with headphones, first of all, for your little ones to not hear, and with an open heart because there's so much goodness in here. I'm really honored that I get to air this conversation on my podcast.

    Everything we talk about in this episode can be found HERE: alliecasazza.com/shownotes/121

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