Sounding like Fox News
This podcast is moving decidedly to the right politically. Most of the guests and Joshua are very obviously conservative and slant the news in that direction.
Great topics
Goooooodmaaaaaan Luke
I love the topics that 1A covers but I could do without the obvious political bias. They’re not overwhelming with it but it’s very clear. Wish the podcasts were longer but I know this is a radio show as well so that’d be hard. Overall a great podcast and if not for the political bias I would say 5 stars.
Love it!
I’ve been listening to 1a for a few years and still enjoy tuning in multiple times a week. Joshua is a respectful and personable host and the panelists are informative and charismatic. I love the variety of content that doesn’t always revolve around politics; however the political talks are in-depth and have proven to be a reliable news source. One of my favorites!
My main source of info
I really enjoy the conversations . World class content. Not sure how high the bias is, but hosts are pretty rational and fair in their analysis
Variety Plus
I love the variety of different different topics discussed on 1A. I especially like the weekly News Roundup an the Movie Club.
I only subscribe to a few podcasts and this one made the cut. Joshua Johnson is a consummate professional and an amazing host. Great guests, relevant topics and I love the respectful, yet thoughtful and probing interview style that Mr. Johnson utilizes. A top notch production all around!
Love Joshua Johnson
Great host with a great variety of topics. I listen several times a week.
my favorite podcast
I never thought anyone could replace Diane Rehm. I was wrong. 1A is balanced, broad, and insightful. My favorite podcast. Thank you.
Guest Speakers
Very informative. However, some of the guests are horrible speakers. Hearing someone say “um-uh” every other word results in me turning the podcast off regardless of the topic.
Great job Joshua
I thought nothing could replace Diane Rehm but you are doing a wonderful job choosing topics and guests. Please go light on politicians and more on life topics.
On the run
I listen to the news roundup on my weekend runs. The perfect running partner.
Informative Show
I work a later shift and 1A is always on during my commute. I like the way issues are approached and topics are chosen. Joshua Johnson is a very adept interviewer. The show covers topics I would not know about otherwise.
Same thing 2/2
Just listened to first 6 minutes of podcast and again the Trump bashing begins. Pathetic.
My favorite NPR segment
Salma (shopaholic)
I love the 1A. I listen to both segments daily. Joshua Johnson is not only knowledgeable but also entertaining. I learn so much from this show and recommend it to all my friends and family.
1a and false equivalencies
Sadly this show is devolving with false equivalences. It seems as if the host, J, on the Friday roundup wants to make sure to equate both sides at all costs. I like it better when he has a replacement host because they show respect with out suggesting equivalence. Those who fail to make the distinction only make those who seek to destroy the fabric of this country stronger. Although I do not agree with much of this author i quote below, she summarizes what has been happening on this show: “When thinkers accept those who deny the existence of thinking, as fellow thinkers of a different school of thought - it is they who achieve the destruction of the mind. They grant the enemy's basic premise, thus granting the sanction of reason to formal dementia.” Ayn Rand
I <3 1A
1A is the kind of podcast where I’m always learning something. As a person who isn’t on social media and doesn’t have TV, this is a great way to get a good summary of what’s going on in a way that makes sense and cuts past the crap while remaining unbiased. Also, the interview topics are really fascinating. I’m learning so much are history, laws, and other black and brown and oppressed persons. Kudos to Joshua Johnson with his butter smooth voice. I could listen to him talk allll day. And I love it when he slips some code switching in for us #ForTheCulture
One of the best!
k thomas d
Josh, Todd, and other guest hosts have become my daily go to "voice" to carry me through the news of the day. My only hopes is that they begin publish each day's full two hour long episodes as podcasts, because what gets posted now are generally jus 30-45 min experpts from the day. Please please begin posting these!
Bad show
This show is quite bad. They seem to be concerned with hitting “both sides” and the resulting politics is pretty terribly right: center-right. No need for such compromised analysis.
News, without the drama
The only place I go to for news.
Best news show ever!
I simply LOVE Joshua Johnson and the 1A crew! I enjoy Joshua's interviewing style, his tone, the topics 1a covers, and the way Joshua is able to pivot when there are akward moments or tough questions to be asked. He sounds natural but also extremely prepared. I download all the podcasts so if I miss a show, I can stream it later and always learn something new. I like the fact that he is very respectful of other's opinions, even those who sometimes get snarky on the program. I would LOVE to work with a team like that. Never a boring day and always fresh and engaging. Kudos to you all for the incredible work you do every day!
Not Very Factual...Sensational
I Take Great Issue with the recent Episode in Hurricanes and the Caribbean. I think producers need to vet your guests prior to release. Several points by your guests were grossly incorrect including the description of the Jones Act, geography, and Federal response. The story was sensational and low on facts.
A Fresh Take on Pervasive Issues in America
Rtolps (also Instagram name)
A fantastic podcast that highlights often undervalued perspectives on a large swath of different topics and responds to the shrill criticism of outraged members of the public. I am very pleased with it.
All viewpoints
Love that the series included episodes on alcohol use and abuse along with Minnesota craft breweries. Covering both viewpoints! Thanks 1A!
Fantastic show!
Joshua rocks! Smart, engaging, great flow and interaction with guests, and one of my faves!
Terrible host
I've tried, really tried, to stay with this show, but there is too much Joshua. The panelists and guests are the reason I tune in, but they barely get a word in between Joshua's long-winded questions and commentary. For the past few months, I've listened to the first minute or so every day hoping for guest host, but when there isn't, I delete the episode. I'm now switching to other podcasts where I can hear someone besides the host.
Too much Joshua
Thanks, but the show has grown tired and tedious. Gonna’ look elsewhere ...
Daniel Claes
dan claes
Kinda wish this could a one hour show. Too often the second hour is a non issue to most us. Diane R. had a similar problem. That second hour can be tough to fill. Kindly find something more pertinent and interesting. If nothing else consider more use of guest hosts with their choice of what the content would be. All that said, thanks for the Friday news roundup...all two hours of it
Right on point!
This show is right where josh/Todd n his guests are, skewing younger n therefore more liberal. Duh Diane’s great!! But her time is over of her own accord(she still has a great podcast!). Nprs flagship needs to be current n headed towards the future, covering the concerns n topics of the next leaders n problems of this country. If the topics n hosts “perturb”, it’s possible you may need to open your mind to what the rest of us are doing n r interested in. Because this is now! This is current It’s pointed toward the future- It’s needed n valued Thanks 1A n npr!!! It woulda been easier, I’m sure, to put on a mimic show. I’m glad u all had the courage to do something fearless, current, n excellent!!!!
Prettt good
This is a pretty good pod
Fantastic News Podcast
Great way to keep up on what's happening in the world!
One of my very favorite podcasts!
I totally love listening to Joshua Johnson! He is extremely bright, knowledgeable, and fair. He asks great questions, explains things clearly, and offers thoughtful analyses. Plus, he has one of the best radio voices ever! And I absolutely love his tag line “stay close”!
Long time listener unsubscribing...
But not totally leaving. I’ll still listen to the Friday News Roundup but the regular shows have lost their interest to me (a little too obviously left leaning) Joshua is stellar. The perfect combo of fun and energetic, but clearly very knowledgeable and able to push back on guests that need it. I am very sad and will literally just skip the episode if Todd is hosting. Too many mistakes and too biased. (Bring back Kimberley Adams if Joshua is on assignment!)
Asking me how I think instead of telling me what to think
Since the 2016 election, I have been looking for sources of real news that will let me know how people think in this country. Along with a few other sources, 1A is what I was looking for. They talk to real people from Minnesota and West Virginia as well as to pundits who tell you what they think. There is respect for diverging opinions, but also an attempt to get at some truths. I felt betrayed by the media in 2016. Now I feel like someone is trying to help me understand what real life is like in 2019 America.
Josh is in his groove but...
Another guy 123
I’m finding that the show frequently skews further to the left than it had in the past in the capable hands of the venerable Diane Rehm. The guests are often showing an obvious bias to which there is little balance offered from reputable representatives with contrasting opinions. If nothing else, Diane was able to point out these leanings and counterpoints before they became a problem, which Josh often does not do with his guests. It is much worse, however, when there is a stand-in while Josh takes a well deserved vacation.
Came for ‘Game Mode’ series & stayed because of the host
As the title says, I was listening to NPR’s ‘Code Switch’ when I heard an ad on it for this podcast about the ‘Game Mode’ episodes. I’m a gamer & interested in gaming so I downloaded the episodes & listened. The host of the Podcast, Joshua Johnson, is fantastic. The way he talks to his guests and switches smoothly from one guest to another, because the show is similar to a debate show, is great. I like how he shares some info about himself according to the topics of the episodes like for example him being a gamer and so on… One of my favorite aspects of the show is them reading social media posts from fans/listeners for topics or subjects in their episodes. Also, I like how diverse the show’s guests are & how it serves as a platform for the marginalized like people with disabilities, POC & the LGBTQ+ community. Y’all gained a new subscriber!
<3 you Joshua!
1A is an outstanding source for current commentary, interesting stories, and windows into the worlds of others. Joshua is THE BEST! Todd is... not so good...
Great I am nine years old and it really helps
torh torh torh 567
It’s pretty good my brother actually got addicted to like spending money on like loot boxes i’ve never got addicted but anyway love the podcast keep making more
Enables liars
Doesn’t challenge interviewees who lie. For example Jason Rezaian said the Iran nuclear deal completely prevented Iran from weaponizing it’s nuclear program. Lots of little lies along the way, but the kicker was he failed to mention that the deal only lasted for ten years. So when he said Trump was potentially allowing the weaponizing that wasn’t true, as it was going to be allowed in 9 years anyway. Johnson just went along with all the mischaracterizations and seconded some of them. No honesty or critical thinking here.
A solid meh
I still listen to the week in news roundup but find the other days to have pretty uninteresting subject matter. The listener emails always seem to be given a snarky inflection also.
Stop using “stay close”
I miss the breadth and depth of Diane’s interviews. Joshua shows his bias far too often, and the “stay close” tag line is downright creepy.
So sad to say it, but......
Wendy in NOLA
I listened to The Diane Rehm Show - both hours - religiously for many years. Her presence in my life in this form was incalculably valuable in many ways. Together, Diane and Terry Gross (Fresh Air), buoyed my sense of hope for our country and world, while keeping me informed of news good and bad. She was incisive, always on point, and ultimately reassuring that no, we weren’t the only ones feeling that certain acts and statements of our leaders were unacceptable. She was always fair and generous to differing views, but she wasn’t afraid to take sides and express the outraged indignation so many of us felt through the Bush years and beyond. In the final year or two, she shared the mic with a small cadre of excellent guest hosts, notably Susan Page. All were excellent, and though none were Diane, who was always missed, maintained the tone, priorities, and structure of this remarkable radio show. It seemed obvious than any one of these erudite commentators familiar to listeners and “pre-blessed” by Diane would become her successor. WHY DID THIS NOT HAPPEN????!!!!!!!! I literally grieved the loss of Diane’s daily presence, wisdom, goodness, and for lack of a better word “normalcy” in an increasingly frightening world. How precious it would have been to have the transition be smoother and more familiar, more reassuring, and more respectful of Diane’s legacy and her listeners. Instead, we were given a host that to my knowledge had no involvement on Diane’s show, and was apparently charged with completely revamping both show content, guest commentators, and priorities of topic. I tried, very very hard, to embrace Joshua and the new show. After many frustrated hours trying, I sadly gave up and went in search of other podcasts to keep me informed and sane. After years listening to many other podcasts (no one of them even approaching the quality of The Diane Rehm Show), I tried again to dip into 1A (what the hell kind of a name is that btw?!?! Are you ashamed to put your name on the line Joshua?). Nothing was better, nothing had changed. This podcast that once was a comprehensive airing of national and international issues with erudite, informed and articulate guests became a soapbox for “identity politics” and little more. The one familiar remnant of the DR Show- Friday News Round-up, I listen to sometimes, but only rarely. Guest commenters are excellent. The choices made in how to move forward with Diane Rehm’s widely loved news show (it was so much more than that as her many awards demonstrate), were and remain baffling, and to me represent a still painful loss. I was and am bewildered, flummoxed, and really really sad.
Please List Shows Separately!
try again1
Please list each 1-hour show as a separate podcast. I miss a lot of them because I don't always want to listen to the one that is listed for each day (I'm guessing it's the topic that's discussed during the first hour). Thanks.
Joshua is amazing.
Joshua is one of the most charismatic personalities on NPR right now, and his reporting is phenomenal.
Joshua is fantastic.
Only Sane Floridian
I prefer his hosting to Diane’s. This is an excellent show.
It’s so annoying to listen to a show live and then go to register here only to find large portions cut out. What’s the goal there? To change the tone of the show? It seems very fishy.
Bernie sanders episode @ 19:38
Anybody else notice someone whisper to Bernie sanders at 19:38 minutes into the interview about the name of the “Workplace Environment Act” that they were discussing? I don’t know why it turned me off so much. It just fell in-authentic to me
Half good. Half not
Some episodes are great. Some are not. But anything not about a musician or artist of some sort (which I always skip because they end up being a pretty niche genre) is getting even more Liberal by the day. I don’t mind. But the obnoxious, sarcastic, arrogant laugh of one of the females is too much. Keep your opinion a little more bottled up. 1A titled or not NPR has always been my favorite news outlet for less biased news. Every NPR though is going this way including Up First. Unsubscribing today.
Worthy Replacement for daily Diane Rehm Show
Although no one can replace Diane Rehm, Joshua Johnson is going a great job hosting 1A. I like the wide range of topics and the even-handed, let's get to the essential truth approach Joshua uses with all the topics and guests.
Well Presented and inclusive
Joshua Johnson and the team producing this podcast do a fantastic job of raising and exploring profound questions important to our local and notional conversations. Thank you.
Exceptionally Biased — Unsubscribe
Deleted this game
I could not listen to this one sided,clearly partisan discussion.
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