March 27, 2019
Brian Sletten: @bsletten | 00:30 - Brian Sletten Introduction 02:01 - What is WebAssembly? Search=webassembly Google Native Client (NaCl) NaCl and PNaCl asm.js 11:58 - The Popularity and Attraction of WebAssembly 21:44 - Will WebAssembly kill the desktop? 33:00 - The Synergy Between Rust and WebAssembly Mozilla 40:38 - Getting Started with WebAssembly, Additional Resources, and Advice Twitter: #WebAssembly Learn WebAssembly | PACKT Books The Pragmatic Programmer: Programming WebAssembly with Rust “Lin Clark WebAssembly” Google Search @WasmWeekly
October 31, 2017
Simon Brown: | @simonbrown | Software Architecture for Developers | Simon blogs at Coding the Architecture This episode is sponsored by Pivotal and ThoughtWorks. 02:13 - Simon’s Background and Career Path Thus Far 04:20 - Structurizr and Software Tooling The C4 Software Architecture Model 08:44 - Architecture Concepts in Programming Languages and an Architecturally Evident Coding Style 12:24 - Organization of Code and Software Systems; Microservices The Moose Technology Platform 23:32 - Lack of Design Thinking Distributed Big Balls of Mud Simon's Modular Monoliths @ Devoxx Belgium 2016 This episode is sponsored by The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference and ArchConf 2017. 29:08 - Cargo Culting Ideas and Testing Strategies Martin Fowler’s PresentationDomainDataLayering 39:36 - Problems with Terminology 44:37 - Tooling “for the right thing” 52:59 - Advice for an Aspiring Software Architect
October 3, 2017
Neal Ford: @neal4d | This episode is sponsored by Pivotal and ArchConf 2017 01:36 - Neal’s Background and Career Path Thus Far Clipper Development Delphi Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) 11:52 - Evolutionary Architecture and Evolvability Neal and Rebecca Parsons on Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture Neal’s Evolutionary Architecture Podcast Episode on Software Engineering Daily Neal and Rebecca Parsons Discuss Evolutionary Architecture on the Thoughtworks Tech Leaders Podcast Neal’s Webinar on Evolutionary Architectures Docker - Dynamic Equilibrium Arrival of the Fittest: How Nature Innovates by Andreas Wagner 26:56 - Fitness Functions; Ensuring Resiliency 31:19 - Microservice Architecture and Complexity 40:57 - Data Ownership: Who owns customer? Logical Cohesion 50:44 - -ilities: Tradeoffs
September 6, 2017
Michael Nygard: @mtnygard | Wide Awake Developers (Mike’s Blog) | The Cognitect Blog | Release It! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software This episode is sponsored by Pivotal. 01:42 - Mike’s Background and Career Path Thus Far 02:59 - Complex Systems The Complexity Explorer 06:22 - Continuous Partial Failure and Looking at Microservices Mike’s New Normal Blog Series 11:23 - “Agile”: Why? 14:03 - Antifragility Blog Post: From Resilient to Antifragile Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile Normal Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies by Charles Perrow 20:18 - Evolutionary Design Blog Post: The Art of War, Maneuverability, and Microservices Sun Tzu’s The Art of War Matt’s Antifragile Architecture Talk Evolutionary Architecture by Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons, and Pat Kua 29:05 - Redundancy and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) YAGNI (You Aren’t Gonna Need It) 37:11 - What services should I actually have? 41:00 - Contracts Between Services 48:29 - Advice for Someone Getting Started as an Architect: Ward Cunningham’s c2 Wiki The Pattern Oriented System Architecture Series
January 26, 2017
My guest today is my good friend Mark Richards. Mark is an independent hands-on software architect, with 20 of his 30 years of experience in the industry playing some type of architecture role on a myriad of different software projects. He is the author of several books including Java Message Service, 2nd Edition, and is featured in the book 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know. In addition to that he is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit (which is how we met), and gives various extremely popular software architecture trainings around the world. In this episode we discuss his keynote from the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London, which took place in October 2016.
January 11, 2017
My guest for this episode is Tudor Girba. Tudor builds tools and techniques for improving the productivity and happiness of software teams. He currently acts as a software environmentalist at feenk gmbh, a coaching and consulting company that he co-founded. In 2014 he received the Dahl-Nygaard Junior Award for his work on modeling and visualization of evolution and interplay of large numbers of objects. He leads the work on the Moose platform for software and data analysis, he initiated the work on the Glamorous Toolkit project for reinventing the software development environments, and he is a board member of the Pharo programming language and environment. He also authored the humane assessment method for making software engineering decisions, and the demo-driven approach to embedding design thinking in software development.
December 19, 2016
My guest for this show is Tim Berglund, Vice President of Developer Education at DataStax. We start by discussing the unique challenges of distributed systems for architects, eventually landing on the most important piece of distributed systems advice a software architect can receive. We then dive into types of distributed systems and how to build up one's skill set in this important area.
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