Podcast perfect
Great guests, short format, enough depth to make you want to look up detail online (podcast perfect). But most critical, questions I would ask! Now this isn’t an in-depth dissection, but it is at the right level for a naturally slow and linear format like a podcast. My favorite podcast!
Variety and Substance
Nerd Hero
Enjoy the discussion about AI. These interviews stay on subject - I like it a lot better than other podcasts where interviews become all about the interviewee. This podcast is about the tech and human responsibility involved in it too. Great baseline in these episodes, and I love the referrals for more information at the end. Recording quality will increase with time I’m sure!
My goto Podcast for inspiration
I like these podcasts. Sometimes I think these guys smoke doobies before this show, but it’s a really source to inspire me to keep pushing to get involved and learn this technology.
Priceless Information podcast
Awesome topics very deep and insightful discussion which leads one to research further to understand the world of AI.
Very interesting and a great intro...
... to what seems to be a very complicated technology Looking forward to going through as many as I can. Looks like if lots of very interesting problems are being looked at and solved.
Recommended guests
Hi, could you please consider having Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and/or Thomas Ramge, the authors of Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data...I think it would be very interesting to see how big data is influencing the economy and the monetary system
Great way to stay up to date on A.I.
I found this show to be a great way to keep up to date with trends and tooling around A.I.
AI Enthusiast
A researcher
Great to hear so many experts in the field sharing their work, ideas and experiences. The host is very knowledgeable and doing a great job making the conversation very entertaining and informative at the same time. Please keep it up!
AI application is better adopted in china
Excellent example that AI application is more advanced and well adopted in China.
Great podcast with inspiring guests
This podcast features guests with great examples from all angles of artificial intelligence. The good thing is that the guests get most of the allocated time to talk, the moderator/host guides the conversation really well. Five starts!
Great mix of technical detail and fun
Listening to this makes me feel a little more prepared for the future. It removes some of the mystery of AI while stoking my excitement for its possibilities.
Amazingly Awesome!!
Plug-in, and learned the many ways artificial intelligence and machine learning will change your life. Simply a wonderful podcast to educate yourself on these rapidly advancing technology.
Easily one of the best DL podcasts
Digging this right now
Simple, smart, straightforward podcast that puts great mix of guests -- who are either at the forefront of the field or using AI to tackle interesting real world problems -- in front of a lively, engaging interviewer.
Interesting topics and discussions around AI
Each episode has an interesting topic with unique guests...plus episodes are short and sweet - the perfect length for a commute!
Great AI Overview and Discussions
Informative and intelligent discussion of potential applications of artificial intelligence. High-value concepts and advanced discussions, but not over your head. Recommended.
Great start to learning AI
Must listen for any developer interested in getting ahead in industry movements.
Really worth listening to
Practical applications for ML are discussed as well as new approaches to training. THese are worth a listen for anyone curious about the evolving technology.
Thoughtful interviews with legit guests
One of the best AI focused podcasts on iTunes right now. Good guests and interviews questions that don't shy away from the science.
Great intro to the field of AI
Great podcast!
Good but not Great
I enjoy this podcast but it sometimes comes off a bit amateurish.
Good, informative AI podcast
Yankee Bob
In an area where these are rare.
The podcast seems to finally be finding its footing, with the latest (fourth) episode being a really interesting and thought provoking episode.
Clearest explanation of deep learning I've heard yet. Will Ramey is a natural. Great job, guys.
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