Very Insightful
Josh and Christi are great!
Honest Review
I truly enjoy the content that Dr. Josh and Christi offer on their podcasts however the delivery comes across as a little dry and textbook-y. The struggles of life, parenting, and marriage and how we handle our emotions with navigating each of those areas is stressful and overwhelming at times. I’d encourage you both to add in some humor or lightheartedness back into your content. I’d also pose the question of is producing this podcast something you’re both passionate about?? It doesn’t really come across as such 🤷🏻‍♀️.
Thank you
I’m listening to core decision #3 right now and we are also doing a connect group with your Safe House workbook and I just want to say THANK YOU!! Your book and these podcasts are giving me hope and helping me more than I can put into words. Thank you so much 💕
So helpful!
Incorporating this podcast into your weekly routine is a great way to center and get back on track with living intentionally for your partner and kiddos. Josh and Christi provide tangibly helpful tips on how to be the best you for your family. Love it!
Pretty Good but...
Live Life for God
This podcast is really good. # 26 will not play for some reason, has it been removed?
Rhythms make sense to me
Core decision number 2 podcast with Jefferson Bethke was a game changer. It helped me identify that out family really lacks rhythm! I think we are going to make some changes, starting with the Sabbath. Thanks for doing this work!
Thank so much for the Seven Core decisions booklet. It really helps those of us feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start or where to continue where to keep going. This helps a lot just to move forward and feel like we are helping our families! This program is a great way to help when we are overwhelmed and not sure where to start making changes Jessica Pennebaker
Love you guys
Blockburg promblem
Hi! My name is Nicole a single mother of two and let me just say, What you guys are doing is just fascinating! So many parents need guidance and a community to help us raise our children. The past year I have accepted God and introduced him to my family. Growing up in a catholic home, Church was not implemented everyday. After I received confirmation, that was the end of church for us. I love the fact that you guys give guidance on how to teach our kids about God. Being a parent is vey difficult, and I am so happy you guys help me stay focused. Also thank you for the discount for the 22:6, I really needed it. The women’s group is much needed as well. A church friend of mine, has also started a single mothers group which I am apart of. To raise health stable children we must start to fix ourselves first! Thank you guys! You guys are truly a gift from God , and helping us is your purpose. 😘😘😘
Excellent podcast!
I love that my favorite podcasts collaborate with others then I go check out and end up enjoying the new podcast just as much. I started listening to Jeff and Alyssa Bethke, then Ryan and Selena Frederick and now Josh and Christie and they have excellent conversations that help me grow spiritually independently and in my marriage and all have similar directives but each have their own identity to learn from.
Famous at Home
My husband started listening, and he recommended me to. So I have as well. It is such a cool one to listen to. We just recently celebrated 2 years of marriage. We view marriage to be a sacred thing and we strive to be better each and every day. I am thankful for this podcast as they speak of real things and provide very down to earth truths and practical application. Stories are also wonderful. So glad my husband found this one! We love it so far!
My go to podcast for marriage support
I absolutely love the vulnerability and real talk from Josh and Christi. Every time I listen I leave feeling closer to God and my husband. I am so grateful for the PRACTICAL TOOLS they give. Applying these things strengthen my marriage and create unconditional love and fulfillment... “Even when we fall out of like from time to time.” ;) Thank you for sharing your struggles and teaching others how to overcome. MUCH LOVE!!!!
A “Must Listen” Podcast!
I have been following Joshua and Christi Straub for a few years and I LOVE them! I love their sound theology, empirically supported evidence, and heart for the Lord and their family! This series about being famous at home is awesome! I have shared so many of their podcasts with friends who are in numerous different seasons of marriage and parenting. I strongly recommend this podcast!! You WILL be encouraged and strengthened!!
My new favorite podcast
I heard about this podcast through the Dad Tired podcast, and now I can’t get enough of either one. I love the practicality and my wife and I are already having good conversation about what’s discussed. Telling all my friends about it too! Love it
Growing right along with The Straubs
I’ve been tuning in to this podcast for awhile now, and it’s been such a breathe of fresh air. The genuineness and authenticity that comes from these two has a way of just reaching your soul. I have the opportunity to work with children & their families for work, (I’m a therapist) and I’ve actually used their children’s book as a reference before and parent’s love it. I have a almost one year old and a three year old, and there is so much in these podcasts that resonates with my own life. Especially when our family hit a rough patch with a daycare situation over the course of the last couple months. As life got hectic I would remember “survival years” and somehow that just put all the chaos back into perspective. This podcast gives me such the intentional break I need sometimes to realign my heart for Jesus, my husband, my kids, and others! Thank you Christi and Josh for all your infinite wisdom for those of us who are listening. Andrea Herrera
My favorite podcast
I found out about Dr Josh + Christi from a Lifeway Women’s conference I attended a couple of years ago where they were speaking and leading a break out session. I attended their break out session, and I was so encouraged and inspired by their marriage, their parenting, their ministry, and their passions. Since then, my husband and I have listened to SO many of their podcast episodes, and we often reference and practice what we’ve learned from them in our day to day living as we navigate gospel centered marriage, parenting, and ministry. Thank you Dr Josh + Christi!
Should be called best podcast ever!
Great podcast to stretch and grow as a husband and father! Love the podcast and talking through the podcasts with my wife.
Love This Podcast
Lindsay T Cali
I have been listening to this podcast for several months now, and I really love their honest, careful and gracious perspective. They are very real in their answers and come from different, but complementary angles as a couple. Helpful thoughts and suggestions for both raising kids and marriage. Highly recommend it!
Really enjoying!!!
Erin Geuke
My friend Rebekah introduced me to your podcast! Excited to order your children’s book!!
So incredible!
Josh & Christi have done it again and it’s INCREDIBLE!!!! From 22:6 Parenting to the In This Together podcast, they have given words and actions to my feelings for years. Now, with Famous at Home, I am already incredibly encouraged to know that so many people go through what I am and there is support and encouragement! I am so excited to see what Famous at Home has ahead. Let’s dive in!!!
Solid & encouraging.
So appreciate the tools you provide to foster a Gospel centered home. Thank you!
Caughron Family
Amazing podcast, biblically based life strategies, that helps you become a better person, spouse, and parent.
Emotional Safe Home
Dr Josh and Christie have really opened my eyes to the importance and significance of emotional safety in the home and how to be a safe place for my children. They are helping me to fill our home with love and laughter and grace. Such a wonderful and impactful podcast!
Red Carpet Podcast
Gwendy Gregory
Love this podcast and the dynamics between husband and wife. Real and authentic and focusing on God and family. This is where I am at.
Grade advice for people who are seeking a Christ centered marriage and practical parenting advice. I haven’t stopped binge listening since I found it!
You deserve it
You don’t need it
This is my first listen and I love it! This is what I needed. Great advice for becoming the best version of yourself to show up for those around you! Thank you for being so inspiring! I am so excited my sister shared this with me!
Long time listener
Helping Daddy Ray
I have listened to Josh and Christi since the begining. I guess I should say we. It's about the only podcast my husband will listen to with me. We love it. I loved it when it was "In this together" and I already love Famous at Home. The first episode is just what this momma heart needed to hear. Josh and Christi are real and raw. When Christi talks, sometimes I shout "preach it sister" ... I feel like we are cut from the same cloth. I love Dr. Josh's Biblical and physcological view points ... it helps make so many connections and light bulb moments as a wife, mom, sister, friend, teacher, Bible study leader and 3rd grade teacher. Prayers for this new journey and I love your mission. "Keep on spurring" as we say in Texas!
So Excited!
I have been listening to your podcast for a while and found so much valuable, biblical wisdom in what you share. I am so excited for this new season and the new vision you are sharing of “famous at home”. It puts words to how I feel my heart has been tugged for some time. Can’t wait to dig and go through this all with you guys!
Thank you!
I have been listening to your podcast for a couple years and just wanted to take a minute to thank you for investing your time to help others! After I listen I am encouraged and motivated to grow my marriage and parenting.
My husband actually found the podcast and asked me to listen to it. I’ve heard a lot of the In This Together podcast so I’m excited to see the direction of Famous At Home has to offer
Encouraging and empowering
I deeply appreciate and need this podcast. It empowers me to follow Jesus and make hard choices to resist being formed by our culture and love my husband and children well.
Worth your Time!
This show helps me to refocus and reframe my thoughts and mindset towards my family & family life. It is so encouraging and uplifting. The things that they teach and talk about not only teaches and uplifts me, but it moves into my family and church life.
Fantastic podcast for parents
Deb Meyer
I started listening to In This Together and love the rebranding to Famous at Home. Dr. Josh and Kristi speak such wisdom and truth in a meaningful way. They share some of their own struggles to foster a deeper sense of community. I highly recommend this podcast to any parent seeking better relationships.
Love Famous at Home!
What an awesome podcast. My wife and I have been listening for awhile now! Thank you for allowing God to work through your lives to help nourish others. We can’t wait to make our “daily gratitude journal”! Can’t wait for the next episode! - Chuck Sawyer GA
Amazing Content & Thought Process
This podcast is awesome in my opinion. It's very relevant, practical and enjoyable. Famous at Home is a unique journey that flies in the face of culture and gives encouraging insight into how to be unique and uninfluenced by the world around us. Everything I've ever encountered in my lifetime has supported the cultural idea of obtaining "MORE." Even if it meant that your family had to suffer; you were celebrated for your achievements. This never sat well with me and now "Famous at Home" gives encouragement to defeating this lie. If you have not embarked on the "Famous at Home" journey, I encourage you to get on board. You will look back weeks, months and years from now; and be glad that you did. Versus, looking back years from now and wishing that you had. Let's enjoy the journey together. AJ
As a child therapist, I put a lot of time, effort, and energy into helping kids and families grow healthier. Now, cut to a couple weeks ago when I found myself feeling lost and without purpose as a wife and mom in my own family. God, in His sovereignty, led me to Famous At Home a few days after I asked Him to help me find my purpose again. Josh and Christy’s authenticity, vulnerability, and humor, as well as their encouragement and call to “vector” to a new destination, are already leading to new conversations, renewed motivation, and clarity of purpose in my life, marriage, and parenting. I am excited for what’s to come and so very thankful.
Famous at Home
My home is in desperate need of help! I know after listening to two episodes that Josh and Christi are going to help me transform and become Famous at Home!
Enlightening and inspiring
Love this couple, they speak vulnerably and give such insightful and practical wisdom to live healthy lives and lead our families well.
A Must Listen for Christian Families
Dr. Josh & Christi are honest, transparent and realistic in their approach to helping families live and grow as God designed us to function. I always leave the show feeling validated, a little convicted, and most importantly —filled with hope for continued growth as a family. I love the “Famous at Home” concept and it’s stating to establish itself as a guiding mindset as I am making choices. Bravo Straubs! Keep at it!!
Your children will thank you one day!
If you want to make an impact on your family that will leave a footprint for generations to come plug into every episode of this podcast! Josh & Christi provide listeners with practical and tangible tools and/or steps to take that will improve your marriage, and your relationships with your children. Take and apply the wisdom this power couple for Christ imparts generously. This podcast is truly a blessing!
Josh and Christi encourage me as a father and husband. My wife now also listens to Famous at Home and we have had some great discussions from their podcast!
Excellent people, Excellent Content - worth the time
Everyone knows that writing reviews for anything takes time. We’ll normally write reviews for something that is bad/awful or something that is GREAT. Even the great things don’t always get a review because we just don’t have the time. Well, I am taking the time to say - This is WORTH it. Everything Dr. Josh and Christi talk about hits “home”. If you have kids, had kids, have grandkids, want to have kids, want to be better at home in general. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. I can tell 100’s of stories about how God’s timing is perfect, but the Lord introduced my wife and me to Dr. Josh and Christi one year before one of the biggest events in our lives would take place. Their pod cast got us talking and then we met them face to face several times. Their love of the Lord, their counseling and their wisdom helped my wife and I prepare for what was coming (even though we didn’t know it at the time). I can’t give this podcast enough stars!
No more bandaids and pacifiers...
I’m truly at a loss for words when it comes to expressing my gratitude and the value of josh and Christi’s podcast to me and my family. I spent over 7 years parenting from a very confusing place. I struggled and muddled through every milestone and challenge with my kids throwing every quick fix and band aid at them and pacifying myself with stories of other moms struggling and wallowing. A friend recently suggested this podcast to me and I skeptically tuned in and I couldn’t stop listening. The Straubs approach to parenting, marriage and faith is relevant, reforming and SO refreshing! It was like a warm cozy blanket wrapped around my heart that kindly challenged me and encouraged me. Dr Josh and Dr Christi come along side us in this crazy parenting journey and pour into us in a way that renews our spirit and endurance. My husband and I listen once a week together and it has really opened our minds and hearts to a new way to do this life. We are currently in a very trying season with my husbands career and we are clinging to this podcast as it helps us stay grounded in truth and what matters...being famous at home...not at work. 🙌🏼 Thank you Josh and Christi! So grateful and excited to have y’all on this parenting journey with us.
Incredible and from the heart - amazing podcast!!
Josh and Christi know their stuff, and are committed to providing you the tools to become a better parent. Clear, straightforward, and said with such knowledge and wisdom, this podcast has the ability to change your life. I can’t wait for each new episode to help me learn and grow. Listeners, please subscribe - as this podcast will help you with the tools to become your best selves!!! Thank YOU for being brave enough to share your hearts with us so we too can be, “Famous at Home.” This listener is indebted to you for encouraging growth and purpose in my life!
This podcast has (without sounding dramatic) changed my life! My husband and I are in the “trenches” of raising 3 kids and this has been a great compass for us! Great place to seek wisdom and to make you feel not so alone.
Choosing to BECOME famous at HOME!
Dr Josh & Christi, TOGETHER, are two of the most beautiful people I have ever came across. Their genuine spirits and engaging conversations are so enlightening and encourage us to walk out this life on purpose! I respect them, honor them, and celebrate who they are and their seat in the Kingdom to share their wisdom with us all! You will most defintely be inspired for change...... #Idontthinkivemissedonepodcast #pureawesomeness
So practical! Brings the gospel to parenting!
I am single but an educator so I am very familiar with family dynamics and kid/parent struggle. Josh and Christi are compassionate and understanding but they bring truth. Their topics are so relevant and their guest interviews are filled with fun, love and truth. They connect with the exhaustion, the fears, and the desperation to parent well in the messiness of life. A must listen for parents, especially those that want to bring Jesus into the center of their home and family in practical, tangible ways.
So Encouraging
I have listened to Josh and Christi now for at least a year and have gained so much insight from their personal and professional insight into parenting and relationships! I’m so excited to join in on this new journey with Famous at Home!
I wish I’d heard of this podcast sooner!
I’m a 28 year-old dad with two kids and a wonderful wife who stays home with them. I have a 1.5 hour commute and try to use it to better myself. I was SO glad when I heard about Famous at Home while listening to Dad Tired. It’s a great resource full of godly advice from people who know what their talking about. Check it out!
Best Christian Parenting Podcast Ever
Briana Welch
Josh and Christi have blessed many couples and families with this podcast , including myself. As a fellow professional in the mental health field, I am quite pleased with how Josh integrates psychology and research with spiritual principles. Christi provides another layer of depth with her transparency in sharing real life experiences and examples of how they journey through their parenthood and marriage. The tangible resources , insightful conversations and genuine content have provided invaluable knowledge and encouragement as I navigate managing my own family and embracing my role as a mother. Thank you !!!
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