#84: How Not to Dread Bedtime with Your Kids
Published November 21, 2018
30 min
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    Bedtime–it’s that sometimes elusive and dreaded time of the day, especially if you have young kids. Yet, bedtime can be the most significant time of the day to connect with your kids, and even your teens.
    In this episode, we discuss the spiritual and emotional significance of bedtime. We also get super practical about turning it into one of the most memorable–and maybe even enjoyable–parts of your day. Even more, bedtime could be the environment that shapes your family and child’s story for years to come.
    We talk about:

    * Why even Moses championed bedtime
    * When it’s okay to call an audible
    * Practical ways to keep our kids in bed and not dread the process
    * Guilt free and emotionally safe ways for either laying with our kids to help them fall asleep or making them stay in bed
    * Questions we can ask our kids to draw out what’s happening in their inner world

    Click here for 15 Conversation Starters for Tucking Your Kids into Bed.
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