#54: Your Questions: Parenting Teenagers, Managing Technology, and Raising Teens to Be Self-Motivated
Published April 25, 2018
42 min
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    Welcome to our third Q & A episode! As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to journey with you. Thank you for submitting your questions.
    In this episode, we address questions specifically related to parenting teenagers, dealing with respect, the reasons for increasing anxiety and depression in teens, and managing technology in the home.
    Here’s a review of the questions we discuss in this episode:

    * What to do with a teen who is rude and disrespectful when spending too much time on technology.
    * How to manage our own anxiety and depression and not pass it onto our children.
    * Why anxiety and depression are increasing in kids and teens.
    * When to say yes to our teens (so they can prove their trust to us) and when to say no (without overprotecting them).
    * How to encourage our teenagers to be self-motivated.

    The questions:
    I am a Christian, and I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am going to counseling to work through these struggles, and my goal is to hopefully not pass them on to my children. Do you have any advice or resources you would recommend?  – Ashley
    My 15 year-old is rude when he spends too much time with his technology. My husband and I have set boundaries and he continues to break these boundaries. When we enforce consequences by taking his technology (all of it) away for periods of time, his attitude changes. However, this is a cyclical pattern that has been reoccuring for 2 years now. He uses his technology for good purposes. He’s learning to speak 3 languages online. He’s very bright, but sometimes his intelligence gives way to pride and disrespect.
    What advice can you offer us?  -Jen
    Depression in teenagers appears to be on the rise. What are the causes? How do we as parents help our teenager?  -Teresa
    I have 2 teen girls. They have been raised in the church and learning God’s word. Yet, they battle the temptations of this world via social media and public school life. I try to keep them centered on being in the world but not of the world. To rely on God’s word and not the lies of the world. With that said, I struggle with how much slack I give to let them make–and learn–from their mistakes so they will be refined and grow, yet keep them from falling off the cliff (so to speak).  Bottom line, as their guide, I struggle with when to speak up, put my foot down, say “NO,” VERSUS when to be silent, say “YES,” and trust them to make some decisions (even if I do not agree 100%) hoping they will learn as they go.  -Michelle
    I have an adopted daughter age 14 and I feel that I have missed the mark on a few things. I need your help and would like a do-over on some things. For example technology, respect, and responsibility. I’m married to a wonderful man and we have to move forward and make some changes.  -Helena
    Show Notes: 
    Parents –> This episode is super practical -> Episode #47: Screaming Data: How to Hear Your Kid’s Passions and Strengths by Observing Their Actions with Frank Tate
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