#47: Screaming Data–How to Hear Your Kid’s Passions and Strengths By Observing Their Actions with Frank Tate
Published March 14, 2018
58 min
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    If you love stories that lead to practical truths, this episode is for you! Frank Tate is one of Josh’s closest friends on the planet. Even more, his insights as a dad have revolutionized the way we parent our kids.
    Growing up as a foster kid, Frank came to know “invisible Jesus” as his dad. During that time, Frank began asking Him what good dads do. Then, in Sunday School as a little boy, Frank remembers learning that wisdom cries aloud in the streets (Proverbs 1:20). With this newfound truth, Frank ventured into the world looking for “screaming data” on what it takes to be a good dad, because he never wanted his own children growing up the way he did.
    The “screaming data” Frank learned through the years and the stories he tells will leave you wanting more. One of the most invaluable truths Frank discusses is that, as parents, we can’t hear screaming data if we’re screaming data. Too often, we don’t listen to our kids’ passions or see their strengths. That’s because we’re too busy trying to make them into the people we want them to become.
    In his upcoming book, Foster Kid, Frank tells his riveting story and leaves behind nuggets of wisdom he’s picked up from the screaming data of raising his own two kids. Here’s a few nuggets he discusses with us in this episode:

    * How to listen to your kids’ screaming data
    * Why parents should be editors, not authors
    * How to avoid GPS (Generational Peer Stress) Parenting
    * What “goodwill shaming” is and why we do it
    * Why you should give data-based praise
    * How to champion your child’s inner genius (and potentially save lots of money on a college education)

    If there is one episode that will change how you think about parenting, this is that episode.
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