#39: Overcommitment in Marriage – Dealing with the Stress of Always Saying Yes
Published December 6, 2017
30 min
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    When is the last time you and your spouse argued about being too busy? Or maybe you didn’t argue. Perhaps the busyness meant you just passed one another by, like ships in the night. That’s how overcommitment usually begins in our home. It’s not until we feel the stress of trying to manage it all that we begin to argue. That’s when we “see” one another floating by.
    Let’s face it, overcommitment is plaguing today’s families. Unfortunately, the first casualty is usually our marriage. Whether it’s finances, work, kid’s school activities, or even church, we all feel stretched. Without intentionality, our family life will simply go wherever the winds take it.
    That’s why we decided to make this episode a special one!
    We were invited to talk about overcommitment in marriage as a part of “marriage week” on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk. This is a conversation we want to invite you in on, especially with the demands of the holiday season upon us.
    Our hope is that after you listen, you and your spouse are able to recognize and talk more openly about when saying yes is adding too much stress.
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